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Bringing you amazing interviews with business women who are working in their zone of genius and inspiring others to take action. Listen in to hear their stories and what you should be focusing on to accomplish your big goals.

Creative Conversations with Marylin Marylin DeLaHoz

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Bringing you amazing interviews with business women who are working in their zone of genius and inspiring others to take action. Listen in to hear their stories and what you should be focusing on to accomplish your big goals.

    Trust the Timing with Angie Morales

    Trust the Timing with Angie Morales

    “Crash and burn until I learn.” - Angie Morales
    Timing really is everything. Angie Morales, the Real Food Mama, started out in entrepreneurship, realized she wanted more “stability” and then found her way back to entrepreneurship. Each step in her journey has led her to where she is and now she knows to trust the timing. Listen in to learn more. 
    After dealing with some health issues, Angie took it upon herself to clean up her eating. She became fervently passionate about using food to support her health and her goals. She built an Instagram following sharing her journey and her recipes and created a movement. 
    But life happens. She and her ex-husband separated and in the chaos that follows huge life changes, she felt too adrift. Her new goal became finding stability and checking off all the “shoulds” on her life to-do list. 
    Then Covid happened. 
    She was off work for several weeks because her children were home from school and decided to sell some of the recipes she’d created for Real Food Mama and in two weeks made more than she did in a month at her “stable” job. 
    Listen in to hear her whole story and why her foray into being a corporate employee has strengthened her knowledge and understanding of running her business. Angie is an inspiration and her passion for healthy living is contagious! You won’t want to miss out on all her nuggets of wisdom.
    In this episode: [00:32] Wish you had more control over your time? 
    [03:18] Welcome Angie, the Real Food Mama!
    [06:16] When did Angie have her creative spark? 
    [10:45] Sometimes it’s all about being ready for that next step in entrepreneurship. 
    [11:58] Everyone is on their own journey. Just share what you know!
    [13:57] Your experiences help inform your growth. 
    [16:19] How does she incorporate healthy eating with her kids? 
    [20:13] Angie shares her tips for planning and prepping for busy seasons. 
    [23:53] Don’t keep the crap food in your house. 
    [26:16] The Real Food Mama exists to help people exactly where they are. 
    [28:43] Give yourself grace and trust the timing. 
    [30:33] What is one good meal to try to start getting your health on track? 
    [32:37] Connect with Angie.
    [33:49] My episode takeaways. 
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    Working Through the Pain

    Working Through the Pain

    There are no prizes given out to the person who works the hardest. So often we hear that we need to push through when it hurts and we need to keep going at all costs. I say no! Instead we need to learn how we can work through the pain and grow through our experience. 
    Why has this come up you ask? For the last 30 days, as of this recording, I have been dealing with debilitating pain. Somehow I managed to pinch my sciatic nerve and I have been laid out. Nothing that I have done so far has even begun to touch this pain, and it has caused me to really reflect on various aspects of my life and business. 
    Before we get into any of those reflections though, I have to say, for all of you out there who deal with pain on a daily basis, I want to support you. Let’s connect on Instagram. For too long I’ve taken my health and pain-free existence for granted. I get it now. 
    Now, what I’ve learned is that constant pain makes you see the world in a different way. It completely changes your outlook on life and how you show up each and every day. But there are ways to productively deal with pain. 
    Listen in to hear all of my tips, but the best one is to take the time to sit with yourself. Evaluate the good days and the bad days. Take this time to learn more about yourself and what it is that you truly hold dear. Work through the pain and find ways to make those good moments great. 
    In this episode: [00:00] Listening in November of 2021? Grab a free 1-hr strategy session!
    [02:51] Did you miss me? Here is your permission slip to put yourself first!
    [03:37] Why I’ve been away for the past month.
    [05:14] Pain is real and we need to stop trying to push through. 
    [06:09] What does it mean to work through something versus push though?
    [08:25] Have you been struggling with pain? I’d love to connect on Insta and help support you.
    [09:12] We have the power to choose what we focus on.
    [10:31] Ways to feel and express the emotions that the pain brings up. 
    [12:38] Also explore how you feel when you have a good day. 
    [15:06] Learn how to look inward, ask yourself the questions, and start journaling. 
    [16:50] Let’s connect!
    Links & Resources: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
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    Email Automation Magic with Your Personal Tech Fairy Bev Feldman

    Email Automation Magic with Your Personal Tech Fairy Bev Feldman

    Have you ever struggled with email marketing? Perhaps you struggle with the blinking cursor or setting up automations seems like it’s impossible? Then you need your own tech fairy! Bev Feldman joins me to chat about all things email automation magic and the myths that surround this marketing tactic. 
    Bev started her entrepreneurial journey through making jewelry, but she quickly realized that her product-based business wasn’t sustainable or immediately scalable. Even after she switched her business model, she noticed that her website still got quite a bit of traffic. 
    It was all coming from two how-to videos on her blog. She kept digging deeper and in this process realized that she really loved the tech aspect of her business. 
    Convertkit was her go-to email service provider, so she became an expert at how to use it to nurture relationships on auto pilot. Now she works with her clients to automate their lead gathering process and nurturing them into paying customers. 
    She’s sharing three of the biggest myths surrounding email marketing as well as how you can move past them and start connecting with your list in a deeper way. Listen in to learn more.
    In this episode: [01:07] Learn all about Bev Feldman, the tech fairy!
    [02:10] Bev shares more about her background and how she started on this path. 
    [04:26] How she moved into the tech space from making jewelry. 
    [07:39] You aren’t going to annoy people if you send them emails. They want to hear from you!
    [10:47] Myth number two is that email marketing automation is impersonal. It’s simply not true. 
    [12:03] If you want your emails to be more personal, invite them to respond to the email. 
    [15:07] The third myth is that it’s going to take too long and it’s too complicated. 
    [16:28] Email marketing and automation doesn’t have to all be done at one time. Start small. 
    [17:44] What’s the best first step when starting email marketing and automation? 
    [20:47] Is it okay to start on a smaller platform?
    [22:27] Do templated emails convert as well as completely unique emails? 
    [25:07] Ways to move past writer’s block for your emails. 
    [27:03] What would you say to that one person? Write your emails to them. 
    [28:15] How does Bev empower her clients to use their email service provider? 
    [32:05] Connect with Bev. 
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    Niching Down with Janice Garcia

    Niching Down with Janice Garcia

    The riches truly are in the niches. Janice Garcia is a real estate agent who has found amazing success by combining her experience as a mom and early childhood education director with her real estate knowledge. She helps families find the absolute right home for them considering all factors.   
    She started her real estate career much like anyone else. She joined a firm and started working under a colleague, but their niches just weren’t the same. She ended up on an IG Live with another colleague talking about the importance of factoring in school locations when buying and the response was huge. 
    That’s when she knew she’d found her place. She was able to marry her passion and knowledge of the local schools with her need to help families find the right fit for their children. 
    It’s clear that she’s building in the right way for her, which is what is most important when starting and running your own business. Listen in to hear her story and why she is so happy that she’s chosen to be extremely specific in her niche. 
    My challenge to you, find your specific niche in your industry. Who do you really want to serve? 
    In this episode: [01:25] Welcome Janice Garcia to the show. 
    [02:18]  Janice shares her background as a preschool director and how it has helped her realtor career. 
    [03:51] Why did she niche down into families with children? 
    [07:22] Reasons you may need support when you realize that your home no longer works for your family.
    [09:43] Population growth in your area is another thing to consider. What takes minutes now may take hours later and those commute times are a factor in home buying. 
    [12:18] How does school choice work in the Miami-Dade area? 
    [15:15] Don’t forget about after school activities, birthday parties, play dates, etc. 
    [17:25] It’s time to reflect on your business to better understand who your ideal client is. 
    [20:56] What was the first success after she niched down that helped her realize she’d made the right choice? 
    [24:43] It’s the ultimate compliment when peers are asking you about your work and strategies. 
    [27:15] If you show up just as you are, you'll build stronger relationships. 
    [29:03] How showing up pays off. 
    [31:03] Facebook groups are the perfect place to figure out your niche and speak to them. 
    [33:56] Why her commute is making Marylin think about buying a new house. 
    [34:41] Janice’s AHA moments about what her specific niche is. 
    [37:38] There are so many different ways to approach business that it can be overwhelming. 
    [41:29] Connect with Janice. 
    [41:50] My takeaways from this episode. 
    Links & Resources: Episode 4: The Power of No with Elizabeth Garay
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    The Power of Accountability

    The Power of Accountability

    The power of accountability is huge. If you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, creatively tapped, or just aren’t sure where to go next, an accountability partner can help keep you moving forward. Listen in to learn the three things that hold us back from having accountability partners and what you can do to build more of those relationships. 
    The number one thing holding us back from building lasting accountability relationships is our ego. That’s right. Our own egocentric psychology keeps us stuck. We are raised to believe that we can do it all, and realizing that we can’t is a huge blow. 
    Ditch the ego and you’ll be well on your way to lasting support. 
    Do you fear rejection? So often we don’t even ask someone to hold us accountable because we fear the possibility of them saying no. Push past the fear. Most people would love to have an accountability partner themselves. Just ask!
    Sometimes we actually fear accountability itself. We have to lose the excuses and actually do the things. This in and of itself keeps us from reaching out. You don't want to let anyone down so instead you never ask in the first place.
    Does any of this sound familiar? 
    If you’re nodding your head yes, check out the like below and join us in one of our weekly co-working sessions. Each week like clockwork me and around 10-15 motivated ladies get together to get things done. If you want to baby step into full on accountability, this is the way!
    Listen in to hear all the amazing nuggets and join us! We’re ready to help you move forward in business and life!
    In this episode: [01:28] Learn the power of accountability. 
    [01:43] Your ego is holding you back. Learn more. 
    [03:57] Do you fear rejection? Is that fear keeping you from thriving? 
    [05:19] Join our co-working sessions!
    [05:51] Sometimes we fear when people actually hold us accountable. 
    [08:48] Ways you can dip your toe in the pool of accountability. 
    [09:35] Don’t just write down the goal, begin to write out the steps to achieve it.
    [11:47] It’s important to dig into the reasons why you think you can’t do something. 
    [14:30] Asking for help and support is not a sign of weakness. 
    [16:22] I challenge you to ask someone to keep you accountable. 
    [16:56] Learn more about our weekly co-working sessions. 
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    Brain-Based Business Breakthroughs with Jen Casey

    Brain-Based Business Breakthroughs with Jen Casey

    Jen Casey is a brain-based business coach, speaker, & host of the top-rated CEO Psyche Podcast. Through her signature program, Programs that Profit, Jen teaches her brain-based approach to build, sell, & effectively facilitate a profitable online coaching program. She’s joining me to explain subconscious programming and how it affects our businesses. 
    Her spark came when she realized she was done living life by other people’s rules. She graduated with a degree in psychology and knew that there was a better way to do life than the status quo. 
    She has learned how to marry subconscious reprogramming with helping women build soul-aligned businesses that feed their families and their hearts. Her clients break through generational programming to build lives they love. 
    Listen as she shares some of the research around how our brains process the world and retain programming over generations. She also digs into ways we can rewrite our programming and overcome the stories we have told ourselves. 
    In This Episode: [00:01] We’re making some changes on the Creative Conversations with Marylin Podcast!
    [02:02] Welcome Jen Casey to the show to talk about all things brain-based business breakthroughs. 
    [03:29] Jen shares the spark that illuminated her purpose in brain-based business building. 
    [08:45] The first thing I purchased of Jen’s was the hypnosis and it was life-changing. 
    [10:00] Learn more about the foundation of Jen’s approach to business building. 
    [13:04] We’re all always filtering whatever is happening around us. 
    [17:00] How does she find her alignment amongst all of the “shoulds” of business? 
    [19:13] Why you have to stay away from the “shoulds” and do things that align with you.
    [21:52] What does Jen have coming up that she’s super excited about? 
    [26:10] The first steps you should take on shifting your subconscious programming. 
    [30:10] Jen explains subconscious programming through a study done with monkey’s and behavior. 
    [33:51] Your thoughts and energy are imprinted through generational programming and genealogy.
    [38:43] When did you decide that? 
    [39:51] Connect with Jen.
    Links & Resources: Connect with Jen: Jen’s Website
    CEO Psyche Podcast
    Primed to Buy
    Jen on:
    Instagram | Facebook
    CEO Psyche on:
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Lucysmom1109 ,

What I’ve needed all my life!!!

This podcast is not only uplifting, informative, and inspiring but also amazing to hear someone that so naturally is caring and supportive. I feel as though I have my own personal cheerleader. Reminding me to keep on going and what matter and what doesn’t. I only wish we can get two a week instead of one!!

BrittneyA06 ,


Marylin and her weekly guests bring simplification and relatable stories to women entrepreneurs looking for guidance. I have literally just binged every show and each gave me new and refreshing perspectives in different areas of business. Super excited to continue on this journey. SUBSCRIBED! 😉

giannie1 ,

Great ideas

This podcast is a great way to learn about different businesses and the creativity behind it.
I learn so much but listening to them.

I highly recommend for those who are looking to innovate their creative side.

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