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Creative Culture is about art and how it influences culture. Conversations with an eclectic mix of creative people: makers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors, comedians and more.

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Creative Culture is about art and how it influences culture. Conversations with an eclectic mix of creative people: makers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors, comedians and more.

    Is Fast-Fashion Destroying Culture? With V.Birchwood (Episode 84)

    Is Fast-Fashion Destroying Culture? With V.Birchwood (Episode 84)

    This episode of Creative Culture is a look into the enchanting world of historical fashion with the talented Vasi Birchwood who not only dons but also meticulously crafts her own historical attire that she wears daily. We explored Vasi's journey into hand sewing and her passion for bringing the clothing of the working-class Victorian era and her Volga Tatar heritage to life. Our conversation touched on the practicality and comfort of historical garments, debunking common misconceptions about corsetry, and the deeper connection these clothes offer to our ancestors and past cultures. Vasi's approach to living intentionally, through sustainable fashion and a deep respect for craftsmanship, offered a refreshing perspective on the significance of what we wear and how it connects us to history and identity.
    Key highlights of the episode include:
    Vasi Birchwood's expertise in creating authentic historical fashion by hand, focusing on working-class Victorian and Volga Tatar garments. The practical benefits and comfort of wearing historical clothing, challenging modern perceptions of discomfort associated with it. The significance of historical attire in connecting with one's heritage and the broader cultural implications of fashion throughout history. The importance of sustainable fashion practices and the critique of fast fashion's impact on society and the environment. Vasi's personal journey into sewing and the therapeutic aspects of handcrafting garments. The role of clothing in living intentionally and fostering a deeper connection to the materials and processes involved in garment creation. Visit Vasi's YouTube channel 
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    Why is everyone getting tattoos? What you need to know. With Electric Linda (EP 83)

    Why is everyone getting tattoos? What you need to know. With Electric Linda (EP 83)

    In this episode of Creative Culture,  I talked with Electric Linda, a master tattoo artist hailing from Norway about tattoo art. With over two decades of experience, Linda brings a rich tapestry of stories, insights, and artistic wisdom to the table. Known for her dynamic and colorful photorealistic tattoos, as well as being a specialist in coverups, Linda has won over 50 international tattoo awards. Beyond her tattoo mastery, she's also a passionate entrepreneur, running both a successful tattoo studio and an online store inspired by tattoo art. This conversation explores the depths of tattoo culture, artistic expression, and the personal journeys intertwined with every inked piece.
    Main takeaways from the show include:
    The evolution of tattoo placements and societal perceptions over the past two decades. Insights into the personal and emotional significance tattoos hold for individuals. The intricacies of tattoo artistry, from photorealism to coverups, and the technical skills required. The importance of artist-client relationships in the tattoo process and how it shapes the final artwork. The impact of social media and television on the tattoo industry and individual artists' careers. Help support the show! https://www.patreon.com/creativeculturepod 
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    How magic tricks work: The secrets behind the illusions. With Lloyd Barnes (Episode 82)

    How magic tricks work: The secrets behind the illusions. With Lloyd Barnes (Episode 82)

    Welcome to Creative Culture, a podcast that explores the myriad ways people express their creativity. In this episode, I spoke with Lloyd Barnes  @LloydB   a professional magician and illusion creator. Lloyd not only develops magic illusions for magicians globally but also shares his expertise through detailed tutorials on his YouTube channel. His approach to magic combines ingenuity and creativity, and in this conversation, he dives into the intricacies of his craft, offering a unique perspective on magic and illusion.
    Main Takeaways:
    • The Art of Illusion Creation: Lloyd discusses his process of developing new magic tricks and the challenges of balancing technical skill with presentation.
    • The Impact of Technology on Magic: Insights into how advancements in technology have shaped modern magic and illusion.
    • Ethics in Magic: Lloyd shares his views on the ethics of revealing magic tricks and the distinction between exposure and education in the magic community.
    • Personal Journey into Magic: A look into Lloyd's personal journey and how he transformed challenges into a thriving career in magic.
    • Magic as a Universal Language: Exploring how magic transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, connecting people worldwide.
    Listeners of this episode will gain a deeper appreciation for the art of magic and the creative process behind illusion creation. Lloyd Barnes's journey from overcoming personal challenges to becoming a renowned illusionist is not only inspiring but also a testament to the power of creativity and perseverance. Whether you're a magic enthusiast or simply curious about the world of illusion, this episode offers valuable insights and an engaging conversation.
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    Why tarot is more effective than you think. With EsoTarot (Ep. 81)

    Why tarot is more effective than you think. With EsoTarot (Ep. 81)

    This episode of Creative Culture, features Madison from  @EsoTarot. https://www.youtube.com/@EsoTarot The episode explores the art of tarot reading, its cultural significance, and its comparison to psychology. Madison shares her journey into tarot reading, discussing the personal and broader implications of tarot, its misconceptions, and its role in self-reflection and personal growth.
    This conversation will give you a deeper understanding of tarot reading beyond common stereotypes. Madison demystifies tarot, presents it as a meaningful practice for self-discovery, and showcases its relevance in modern culture. Her insights offer a fresh perspective on tarot's role in personal and psychological growth.
    Key takeaways from the episode include:

    • Tarot is more than just card reading; it's a tool for self-exploration and reflection.
    • Misconceptions about tarot often stem from lack of understanding or religious and cultural biases.
    • The process of tarot reading varies among individuals, blending intuition and structured meanings of cards.
    • Madison discusses the ethics in tarot reading, emphasizing the importance of boundaries and responsible practices.
    • The podcast highlights the parallel between tarot and psychology, both serving as tools for understanding human behavior and emotions.
    • Madison's YouTube channel offers accessible, long-form tarot readings, emphasizing community and collective experiences.
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    Why is food so important in anime? With ChefPK (Ep. 80)

    Why is food so important in anime? With ChefPK (Ep. 80)

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    Chef PK on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@CHEFPKR 
    Paul Karyakos, also known as Chef PK, combines his love for cooking with his passion for anime. In this episode of the Creative Culture Podcast, Paul discusses his unique approach to creating content that blends culinary arts with anime and video games. He shares his experiences filming in Japan, the significance of food in anime, and the influence of Western cuisine on Japanese culture.
    Paul also talks about his journey as a chef and how he found success on YouTube by combining two niches. Overall, his story highlights the power of creativity and the importance of embracing one's passions.
    In this conversation, Paul discusses his approach to creating new ideas for his content and the challenge of keeping it fresh. He shares his goal of providing unique experiences for convention attendees and involving the community in his videos. Paul also talks about balancing health and food content, managing caloric intake, and the concept of rare and appropriate food indulgences. 
    He expresses his dislike for food waste and the joy he finds in cooking for others. The conversation concludes with a mention of Paul's upcoming book release, which features recipes and stories from his travels in Japan.

    • Food plays a significant role in anime, often reflecting the culture and emotions of the characters.
    • The depiction of food in anime has evolved over time, with dedicated studios now specializing in creating realistic and appetizing food scenes.
    • The pandemic has led to an increased interest in cooking and food-related content on YouTube. Creating new ideas for content can be challenging, but involving the community and providing unique experiences can help keep it fresh.
    • Balancing health and food content is important, and it's possible to enjoy indulgent meals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    • Finding joy in cooking for others can create lasting memories.
    • Paul has an upcoming book release that features recipes and stories from his travels in Japan.

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    How to stay creative throughout the (ENTIRE) year, with Jacqueline Suskin (Ep 79)

    How to stay creative throughout the (ENTIRE) year, with Jacqueline Suskin (Ep 79)

    A Year in Practice is available here: https://amzn.to/3NdFJp0
    Jacqueline's website: https://www.jacquelinesuskin.com/
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    Jacqueline Suskin, a prolific poet and writer, discusses her work and the importance of poetry in human culture. She shares her experience running Poem Store, where she writes personalized poems for people on the spot. Jacqueline emphasizes the need for vulnerability and authenticity in creative expression and explores the impact of seasons on creativity.
    Her latest book, A Year in Practice,  offers techniques and prompts to guide creative individuals throughout the year. In this conversation, Jacqueline Suskin discusses the importance of reconnecting with the earth and recognizing our connection to it. She emphasizes the need to disconnect from technology and spend time in nature. Jacqueline also encourages people to approach poetry with a sense of curiosity and to use it as a healing practice. She provides tips for writing poetry and emphasizes the value of sharing one's work. She concludes by discussing the need for poetry in today's world.
    • Poetry is a powerful form of self-expression that allows for exploration of the macro and micro aspects of life.
    • Writing poetry for oneself can be a valuable practice, but sharing it with others can create a deep connection and resonance.
    • Creativity and inspiration can come from various sources, including other poets' work and the natural world.
    • The seasons can have a profound impact on creativity, with each season offering its own rhythm and energy. Reconnecting with the earth and recognizing our connection to it can provide a sense of wholeness and vitality.
    • Taking time to disconnect from technology and spend time in nature can help us find depth and clarity in our lives.
    • Writing poetry can be a healing practice that allows us to express our emotions and experiences in a unique and creative way.
    • Sharing our poetry with others can be a powerful and rewarding experience.

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98 Ratings

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