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Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people, by creative people. Artists, musicians, small business owners, and more talk about themselves, the awesome things they create, and their creative processes.

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Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people, by creative people. Artists, musicians, small business owners, and more talk about themselves, the awesome things they create, and their creative processes.

    Ep.106 | Shayna “Akanke” Marie - Creativity, Culture, & Community Activism

    Ep.106 | Shayna “Akanke” Marie - Creativity, Culture, & Community Activism

    Shayna is a writer, poet, activist, radio host, filmmaker, and—in her words—a “textbook weirdo trying to figure things out."
    Shayna uses her creative powers to entertain as well as uplift. She’s a teaching artist with The Diatribe, runs an open mic, and is working on having a birthday party with Oprah Winfrey.
    We talk about creativity, culture, community activism, and more. Shayna is a fun person to hang out with and has a lot of good things to say. Enjoy.
    Check out:
    Shayna on Instagram (follow her for updates on her goings-ons)
    The Diatribe (where she teaches)
    Reaching Beyond Bias (a project she started)
    All Shayna's other links (she does SO much!)

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    Ep.105 | Dante Cope Returns - GRAMMOTONES Grand Opening & Creating Cultural Spaces

    Ep.105 | Dante Cope Returns - GRAMMOTONES Grand Opening & Creating Cultural Spaces

    Dante Cope—previously on Ep.84 | Dante Cope does EVERYTHING—returns to discuss the grand opening of Grand Rapid, Michigan's newest business and cultural space, Grammotones.
    Grammotones is located at 120 S. Division in Grand Rapids, MI, and it is part clothing store, part music store, all cultural space. You can shop, listen to records, enjoy beautiful art, and pick up high quality used clothing as well as new clothing from local brands both big and small.
    (You can also buy a copy of my book there!)
    We talked about a lot of things and a lot of people. If there's something you heard about that you want to know more about, all the links are below.
    Email Grammotones for inquiries: info@grammotonesmusic.com
    Dante’s World of Winter Ghost Town app in the App Store
    GR's go-to DJ: Adrian Butler aka AB
    Sir Manley
    "Library" by LILEL (ft Dante Cope) on YouTube
    LILEL on IG
    Artsauce Quartet on IG
    Travis Treadway (music/art)
    Lady Ace Boogie
    George Eberhardt (muralist)
    Anthony Carpenter (illustrator)
    My sincere apologies if I missed anyone. You're all amazing, creative people and we're lucky to have you in this world.
    Be creative, be kind, and take care of yourself.

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    Goodbye, folks! (For now...)

    Goodbye, folks! (For now...)

    Find me, Christopher Tallon, slinging my novel Switchers in-person the next few weekends:
    September 8 & 9, 5p-11p, After Dark Art Market, Canal Park in Grand Rapids, MI (shout out to Lions & Rabbits Center for the Arts for the event)
    September 16, 10a-1p, Author's Alley, Hyne Alley, Brighton, MI (thank you to 2 Dandelions Bookshop for the opportunity)
    .   .   .
    Goodbye, folks! (For now...)
    I'm not "ending" the show. Let's be clear there. I just need to free up time. I'm in the middle of writing another novel and I still have yet to record the audiobook for my first novel. So I'm going to be doing those two things mainly in the time previously spent booking, recording, editing, and promoting the podcast.
    HUGE THANKS to all the listeners who got a copy of my debut novel Switchers. You guys are amazing, creative, supportive people. I appreciate you very much. For the first few months, you were the only audience I had. I hope you'll stay subscribed so we can catch up when the show returns. And I might do an episode here or there while on hiatus. There are people and things I still want to talk to and/or about. And I'll probably use the podcast to give updates on the new book as it progresses and whatnot.
    Stay creative. Thanks for listening. I'll talk to you again.
    Your friend in creativity,
    Christopher Tallon

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    Ep.104 | Tara McCrackin - ”Crisis President” of Kendall College of Art & Design

    Ep.104 | Tara McCrackin - ”Crisis President” of Kendall College of Art & Design

    Nothing is impossible if you have dreams, ideas, and a willingness to work towards them. And my guest, Tara McCrackin (president of Kendall College of Art & Design (KCAD) AND vice president of Ferris State University), has an inspiring creative journey which showcases that.
    She shares a bit about what her school has coming up, then we dive into her professional background, how she became a teacher, and how she then became president of a college just before the pandemic. Some cool and wild stuff.
    Check out Tara and KCAD:
    Tara's school profile
    KCAD homepage
    Tara's (short) bio:
    Tara McCrackin was named President of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) in the spring of 2021. She concurrently holds the office of Vice President of Ferris State University. Her design career began in 1997, working in corporate office interiors. She designed spaces for Steelcase, Inc., and was the lead designer on the initial WorkSpring in Chicago, Ill., a co-working space incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and focusing on hospitality in the corporate environment. Pursuing her passion for sustainability, President McCrackin had the pleasure of working on the Rackspace Headquarters space in San Antonio, Texas. Most recently, she worked on the interior for the Kids’ Food Basket building in Grand Rapids.

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    Ep.103 | Adam Truckey (AJT Design) - A Figure-It-Out Mindset

    Ep.103 | Adam Truckey (AJT Design) - A Figure-It-Out Mindset

    After this one, this idea will resonate with you: You can figure it out; it's only over when you quit.
    Whether or not you're an engineer, thinking like one can help you as an entrepreneur, a creative, or just as a person. Adam Truckey's story embodies that. Adam is an engineer who successfully started his own business, AJT DESIGN, centered around something he's passionate about. But it wasn't all downhill. Listen for the ups, downs, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.
    If there's something in this world you love and/or love to do, go for it. Keep figuring it out and moving forward!
    . . .
    Adam Truckey
    WEBSITE: www.ajtdesign-llc.com
    INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/ajt_design
    . . .
    Christopher Tallon
    WEBSITE: www.christophertallon.com
    INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/tallonwrites
    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/tallonwrites
    ALL OTHER LINKS: linktr.ee/tallonwrites

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    Ep.102 | ART & CANNABIS - The July Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market 2023

    Ep.102 | ART & CANNABIS - The July Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market 2023

    If you were in Grand Rapids and you missed the Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market in July, may god have mercy on your soul...
    Here's a some of what was going on, via 6 interviews conducted outdoors at my booth. If you hear people in the background, that's just the toke tent folks having fun. Make sure you don't miss the next Pharmhouse Market AUGUST 19, 2023!!! (10a-3p)
    Pharmhouse Wellness is the ONLY 100% locally owned dispensary in Grand Rapids, MI, and they are located at 831 Wealthy St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Go to www.pharmhousewellness.com for more.
    . . .
    Follow Christopher Tallon on social media: @tallonwrites
    Check out the website and blog: www.christophertallon.com
    Buy Switchers
    . . .
    Ben W: wood artist - www.thespartanartisan.com 
    Alby Blazo: romance writer (aka Leesa Mason) - www.lovelunapress.com; @albyblazo (look her up on Kindle and Vella)
    Henry: collage artist - facebook: @henryarthurbrown
    Eva Finley: fantasy writer - @thatwritinglife; www.evafinley.wordpress.com
     Maude Winters: princess fiction - tiktok @thatbikemom; www.linktr.ee/maudewinters 
    Jason: artist/graphic novelist/market goer - @strutzart; www.strutzart.com

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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Jodwriter ,

Great, Engaging, Honest, Inspiring

The production alone makes this show better than so many I’ve listened to. The monologue episodes are especially inspiring and fun. Guest interviews are all over the board and range from heady to comedic. Absolutely worth a listen for anybody in the creative arts.

TheBoyFromMarsella ,

The perfect podcast for creatives!

This is a terrific podcast for people that enjoy hearing about the creative process, which I am! Chris has a down-to-Earth approach with his guests and gets them to open up about how they conceive of their ideas and what it takes to have a finished product. Highly recommend!

Clay Alchemist ,

Delightful tangents

Loved the former teachers episode the most so far. ;)

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