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Tips for Credit Unions Success on the NCUA Examination. Brought to you by Mark Treichel's Credit Union Exam Solutions.

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Tips for Credit Unions Success on the NCUA Examination. Brought to you by Mark Treichel's Credit Union Exam Solutions.

    NCUA Conserves 1st Choice Credit Union of Atlanta

    NCUA Conserves 1st Choice Credit Union of Atlanta


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    Document of Resolution & Examiner Findings: What You Need to Know

    Document of Resolution & Examiner Findings: What You Need to Know

    odcast Show Notes
    **Episode Title:** Understanding Examiner Findings, Supplementary Facts, and Documents of Resolution
    **Host:** Mark Treichel
    **Guests:** Steve Farrar and Todd Miller
    Welcome to another episode of "With Flying Colors." I'm your host, Mark Treichel. Today, we're diving into the intricacies of NCUA examinations, focusing on how to handle examiner findings, supplementary facts, and documents of resolution (DOR). I'm joined by two esteemed guests, Steve Farrar and Todd Miller, who bring over six decades of combined experience with NCUA. 
    **Episode Highlights:**
    **1. CAMEL Codes Deterioration:**   - Recent NCUA board briefing highlighted a decline in CAMEL codes.   - Implications include tougher examinations and more complex reports.
    **2. Guest Introductions:**   - **Steve Farr:** 30+ years at NCUA, former problem case officer, and writer of the enforcement manual.   - **Todd Miller:** Nearly 35 years at NCUA, with extensive experience as a capital market specialist and director of special actions.
    **3. Examiner Findings:**   - **Definition:** Problems identified by examiners that need addressing but don't threaten the credit union's viability.   - **Implications:** Multiple minor issues could signal broader internal control problems.   - **Regulatory Citations:** Findings should be tied to regulations or supervisory guidance.
    **4. Supplementary Facts:**   - **Purpose:** Used to provide additional context and alternatives for addressing problems.   - **Specialist Input:** Often includes insights from various NCUA specialists.   - **Advice:** Utilize the supplementary facts to gain a broader understanding of potential issues.
    **5. Documents of Resolution (DOR):**   - **Significance:** Represents more serious issues that, if left unaddressed, could harm the credit union.   - **SMART Principle:** Actions required should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented, and Timely.   - **Challenges:** Achievability and timeliness can be problematic, especially with delayed final reports.
    **6. Real-World Application:**   - Examples of how credit unions have managed large volumes of DORs.   - The importance of addressing issues proactively to avoid escalation.
    Thank you for tuning into this episode of "With Flying Colors." If you're looking to optimize your results with NCUA and save time and money, visit us at marktreichel.com. Stay informed, stay prepared, and you'll pass your exams with flying colors.
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    **Sponsor:**This episode is sponsored by Credit Union Exam Solutions by Mark Treichel. Optimize your NCUA results with our expert support.
    **Additional Resources:**
    - [NCUA National Supervision Policy Manual](https://www.ncua.gov/regulation-supervision/manuals-guides)- [ECFR - Electronic Code of Federal Regulations](https://www.ecfr.gov/)
    **Contact Information:**
    - **Host:** Mark Treichel- **Website:** [marktreichel.com](http://marktreichel.com)- **Email:** info@marktreichel.com
    Be sure to tune in next week for more expert advice on navigating NCUA examinations and optimizing your credit union’s performance.

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    CAMEL Codes Get Worse - AGAIN

    CAMEL Codes Get Worse - AGAIN

    For the 10th or 11th quarter in a row, NCUA reports that CAMELS code ratings get worse AGAIN.
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    Chris Call on DOJs Plans to Classify Marijuana as Less Dangerous Drug & What that Means for Credit Unions

    Chris Call on DOJs Plans to Classify Marijuana as Less Dangerous Drug & What that Means for Credit Unions

    In this episode of With Flying Colors, host Mark Treichel talks with Chris Call, CEO of North Bay Credit Union in California, about the challenges and developments in banking for the cannabis industry. Since California legalized recreational cannabis in 2017, North Bay Credit Union has successfully banked cannabis operators, growing its portfolio and expanding services nationwide. They discuss the evolution of cannabis banking, the impact of regulatory changes, and the implications of recent DEA announcements on the industry. The conversation also covers the Safe Banking Act, the process and significant hurdles for financial institutions in cannabis banking, and the potential effects of rescheduling cannabis on research, investment, and the overall industry. Chris Call highlights the ongoing complexities of cannabis banking despite possible legal and regulatory reforms, emphasizing that a complete normalization of the cannabis economy still faces several challenges.
    00:00 Maximizing Success with NCUA: Insider Tips00:40 Special Guest Introduction: Chris Call, CEO of North Bay Credit Union01:19 The Evolution of Cannabis Banking in California02:28 Challenges and Learnings in Cannabis Banking06:37 Expanding Services: The Journey into Cannabis Lending09:12 Navigating the Legislative Landscape: Safe Banking Act and DEA Announcements14:24 The Future of Cannabis Banking and Industry Impact20:47 Closing Thoughts and Future Prospects

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    NCUA's May Board Meeting Word for Word

    NCUA's May Board Meeting Word for Word

    Here is a link to NCUA's Briefing on the insurance fund:
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    The Thick Red Line with Tory Haggerty

    The Thick Red Line with Tory Haggerty

    Conquering Redlining and Achieving Fair Lending in Credit Unions
    In this episode of 'With Flying Colors', host Mark Treichel invites Tori Hagerty to discuss the challenges and solutions surrounding redlining in American communities and its impact on fair lending practices. Hagerty, with a background in FDIC examination and the founder of Tuscan Club Consulting, shares insights from his career and his new book 'Thick Red Line'. The conversation delves into the history of redlining, the importance of education, and strategies for credit unions to improve their lending practices. Hagerty emphasizes the need for deliberately anti-racist policies, community needs assessments, the formation of community partnerships, and the development of special credit programs to combat redlining. The podcast also addresses the roles of appraisal bias and real estate agents in perpetuating discrimination and suggests practical steps for credit unions to identify and rectify blind spots in their services.
    00:00 Maximizing Success with NCUA: Insider Tips and Resources00:44 Introducing Tori Hagerty: Insights on Fair Lending and Redlining05:05 Deep Dive into Redlining: History, Impact, and Solutions07:52 Identifying and Addressing Redlining: Strategies for Financial Institutions12:46 The Role of Advertising in Combating Redlining15:41 Exploring Solutions: From Community Engagement to Special Credit Programs20:27 Appraisal Bias and Its Connection to Redlining30:08 The Broader Impact of Discrimination in Lending and the Path Forward34:27 Closing Thoughts and Resources

    • 36 min

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12 Ratings

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