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Crime has been apart of the social fabric since the beginning of time. Society draws the line between acceptable behavior and deviance. Since the dawning of the internet, we have recorded history every second of the day. The horrors of humanity being stored byte by byte — an evolving archive of the cruelty of humanity. As the Curator of Crime Wave, I will provide an escape from your reality by taking you into a darker truth, a fact, already experienced by your fellow man. This is the human experience, and this is Crime Wave. Presented in a documentary no holds barred style.

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Crime has been apart of the social fabric since the beginning of time. Society draws the line between acceptable behavior and deviance. Since the dawning of the internet, we have recorded history every second of the day. The horrors of humanity being stored byte by byte — an evolving archive of the cruelty of humanity. As the Curator of Crime Wave, I will provide an escape from your reality by taking you into a darker truth, a fact, already experienced by your fellow man. This is the human experience, and this is Crime Wave. Presented in a documentary no holds barred style.

    the community

    the community

    From the time humans evolved from individuals to social animals. We have increasingly grown dependent on our cohorts. We rely on them for support through life's most challenging obstacles. We depend on those closest to us, and when that is not enough, our circle of trust expands to meet our needs. We establish cohorts within our families, houses of worship, our neighborhoods, and places of work. Whatever the specialty, you will likely find a community to support. Podcasting is no different. We help each other by sharing each others' shows along with any tips and tricks we may have learned along the way. As podcasters, sometimes, we have the opportunity to help more profoundly.
    In today's episode, we will feature a community that has rallied around one of our own to raise awareness about child abuse and how it can lead to devastating consequences when unchecked. Eric Carter Landin from the podcast True Consequences will be with us today. He shares the tragic death of his brother Jacob Jeremiah Landin and why justice eludes his family until this day.
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    the tulpa

    the tulpa

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    Hello, and welcome to the Crime Wave archives. I want to take a few mins for some housekeeping, it has been almost a year since the podcast launch, and today's episode will be the season 1 finale. Season 2 will be back early next year,  so follow me on Twitter, or you can check the website cimewavepodcast.com to find out when season 2 launches. Of course, you can always subscribe to the podcast to get notified when the latest episodes drop. All links are in the show notes. I want to take a moment to thank this season's sponsor iNetGuardian, your support has blown me away, and I am truly grateful. Lastly, I want to thank the shows' biggest supporter to date, listener Jonathan in New Zealand. Your support is overwhelming, and please accept my sincerest thanks! Okay, this one will be a wild ride, let's get to it, buckle up!
    The human mind is nature's most potent force. We can dream up unlimited ideas to solve problems. The adaptive and fluid nature of our minds has allowed us to evolve rapidly. We are in a constant state of learning, and with that comes adaptability. The malleable nature of our exposure to experience leads to the adaptation of our intention. We have the ability to focus our intention and to generate change from that focus. But can the power of intention affect reality? We have all heard stories of extraordinary phenomena like telekinesis (the ability to move objects with our minds)or the apparatus of spiritual practices like using a voodoo doll, which is used to affect the spirit of the target of your intentions. Now, there are less extraordinary beliefs but no less supernatural like the power in the belief to heal oneself, then we have a placebo effect. Other uses of our intentions include having imaginary friends, with their personalities, likes, and needs. There are so many anecdotal accounts of the paranormal, countless tales of the extraordinary, and there's got to be something to it, right? Is it possible for our minds to manifest a thoughtform? Do we have the power to make the supernatural a reality? 
    In today's episode, we will examine the story of the belief in the power to manifest a supernatural being. And how this belief blurred the lines between reality and fantasy in the attempt to bring to life a horrifying figure standing 8 ft tall with long, rangy arms and no facial features, a creature otherwise known as the Slenderman.
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    the agent

    the agent

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    Since technology has become more readily available,  we have had to adapt. Many argue that social media has made us less social. Crowds of people with their eyes laser-focused on the dim blue light emanating from a mobile device as they go about their daily lives.  This scene plays out in almost all environments and has become the norm.
    Human interaction is vital to our survival as a species.
    What is the human connection but a series of data exchanges via the subtle interpretation of our vocal inflections, what we feel, what we see, smell, and taste? The continuous amalgamation of interactions between people. The intricate combinations of social interaction as the sum of data points captured by our five senses. For the next hour, If you suspend the belief that technology has driven a wedge between us, then you will see how it could be argued that we haven't lost our ability to connect because of technology. Instead, we have evolved to allow an agent to hijack our senses. This technology agent acts as a proxy, serving as a conduit of information between us. It allows us to connect with anyone in the world, it documents our interactions, it opens a door for those compelled to do harm. This agent has conditioning algorithms designed to elicit behaviors similar to addiction.
    We are at the genesis of our relationship with technology, and we vastly underestimate those willing to exploit it to do us harm.
    In today's episode, we will examine the story of how a tech agent can be used to seduce, mislead, and evoke the feelings of deep human connection. To dismantle adolescence and how this inveterate agent is already ingrained in all of our lives.
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    the stalwart

    the stalwart

    Most of us would like to think that if the time comes when we need to exude strength and maintain purpose, we can do it. To demonstrate the resolve needed to make split-second decisions to save lives. The fact is, it takes a special person to pull this off under the most extreme circumstances, and few of us are capable.
    In today’s episode, we will examine the story of a teenager forced into an extreme situation that reveals a remarkable valiance.
    Episode Sources and Music can be found here: https://crimewavepodcast.com/the-stalwart

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    the oath

    the oath

    It takes a village to raise a child. We accept this as fact. The essence of the meaning is that kids learn from their environment, and the more situations they are exposed to, the better equipped they will be to handle them once they're adults. To achieve this, we put our trust in institutions, institutions like our community schools, religious organizations, and youth organizations. 
    We have all heard stories of the creep who watched kids on playgrounds, at malls, or any public place.  Parents are keen to this behavior and protect at all costs. Sexual offenders with pedophilia have no limits, and underestimating their desire, can prove to be tragic. They pose as model citizens cloaking themselves in kindness and authority. They groom their community, parents, and children alike. 
    Imagine for a moment, tough as that may be, what the perfect environment would look like for a sexual offender. It would be a secluded place away from parents, like the woods or a camp. A place where life skills are taught to build trust, to gain access, to reduce suspicion, to groom. Now I know what you're thinking, "there is no way I would let a child of mine go to such a place with someone I don't trust." For those of you well versed in true crime, I know that as I described the perfect environment to you, your Spidey sense went off, and alarm bells were blazing. I was shocked to find out that the ideal environment exists, not only in our nightmares but also nestled within a historic institution, hidden in plain sight, one known for its oath.
    In today's episode, we will examine one of the largest cases in history of documented sexual abuse that went unreported. We are going to look at how one of the world's most respected and trusted youth organizations became a beacon for pedophiles. We are going to look at how they documented the sexual abuse of their scouts, and why it was never reported to authorities, let alone parents. Today's episode will prompt you to reassess the confidence you place in trusted community organizations.
    Episode Sources and Music can be found here: https://crimewavepodcast.com/the-oath

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    the maternal instinct

    the maternal instinct

    The maternal instinct, is it fact or fantasy, we all know someone who's a mother, we see them interact with their kids, and at times it seems uncanny how they can know when their child is in trouble and just how to soothe them when the time comes. Almost as if an automatic response is triggered by something they see in their kid. They follow a sequenced set of behaviors that manifest in a way that almost always results in protecting the well being of their child. Some dads are said to have the maternal instinct, but we will leave that for another show! Now, researchers debate whether or not the maternal instinct is real, looking for scientific documentation of the phenomenon, conducting studies about brain chemistry to studies that involve social development, and everything in between. 
    Today's episode will shed light on how there are more powerful forces in nature that can sever that imperceptible instinct.
    Episode Sources and Music can be found here: https://crimewavepodcast.com/the-maternal-instinct

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4.6 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

GrillMasterFlex ,


The storytelling in this podcast is unparalleled. Anyone who likes a dark immersive story will absolutely love this show.

tryhatd4vewers ,


The way that this podcast immerses you fully into the crime and story is captivating. It presents gut wrenching content that is true and raw. BRAVO!!!!! you have an amazing podcast going on!

mommawareness ,


Favorite crime podcast by far. Love the storytelling & love how the departed are honored every episode. Episode “the line” was so gut wrenching. I’m totally riding this crime wave! Great work!

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