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Social Engineer specializing in Jungian Analytical Psychology Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/csjoseph/support

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Social Engineer specializing in Jungian Analytical Psychology Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/csjoseph/support

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4.3 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

infprincess :p ,

Very insightful

I’m an INFP and like you said the old me would have balked at the morality of social engineering but I’m waiting for my episode because I want to use it to social engineer myself. As you said this tool can be used for good or evil but the value is two fold, one to give the people that love you means to better motivate you and motivate myself, but also to be aware of it so that you can guard against people with ulterior motives. I think what you have to say about social engineering is very unique. I think your content is great and you can only be true to yourself, but some points are made repeatedly which may magnify some of your bluntness without adding as much to the message. Keep up the great work.

SeatMechQ2 ,

Informative, Blunt and Brutally Honest

Thank you, Chase, for finally helping me see the difference between an INFJ and an INFP. Your brutal honesty is actually very kind in the long run and I have seen where my life and environment had me believing I was a type that I was not. I am now 100% convinced and have since been devouring the rest of your Podcast content.

You thump me over the head like a Baptist Preacher with a Bible with the information you are putting out. There is no danger of falling asleep in the pews of your philosophical church. I work graveyards and listen to your podcasts to and from work. There is no danger of me falling asleep at the wheel. You are definitely not boring to listen to.

Potential intuitive-feeler listeners. Get past the tone of voice on occasion and pay attention to the content.

Chase has a great way of explaining the cognitive functions with real examples instead of the generic flowery descriptions that everyone borrows. The real examples are what finally cleared up my own confusion.

Lastly, Chase, you pretend like you don’t care and are neutral, but I see that you are moral, principled and really do give a sh*t. You wouldn’t take up a cause otherwise. Keep up the good work.

One more thing: Dial it back a little on the exaggerating to make a point. It detracts a little bit from the good stuff you are putting out.

Smurphy67 ,

Worth it

He has his own style and the content is totally applicable for today. I’m grateful that the information is available. Thanks Chase!

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