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Chelsea Johnson is a performer and lifestyle entrepreneur who has a passion for connecting with people and helping them find their light. Cue to Cue is a space where artists openly share their experiences. The goal of the podcast is to create an environment where people can come to be inspired, encouraged to take risks with their creativity and embrace their authenticity.
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Chelsea Johnson is a performer and lifestyle entrepreneur who has a passion for connecting with people and helping them find their light. Cue to Cue is a space where artists openly share their experiences. The goal of the podcast is to create an environment where people can come to be inspired, encouraged to take risks with their creativity and embrace their authenticity.
Learn more at http://www.thisischelseajohnson.com

    You. Are. Canceled.

    You. Are. Canceled.

    I am not certain of many things these days but there is one thing that has become very clear to me. That the pervasive cancel culture that has become prevalent in our culture is a threat to art. If we are not careful it will prevent us  ( society) as a whole from exploring meaningful ideas and impede the making of art. I believe canceling people is dangerous.
    In today's episode, I am exploring the ramifications of cancel culture and the effects it has on the creative process, artist, and our art! 
    Spicy episode! enjoy!
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    Omari Newton On Sustainable Anti-Racist Policies And Practices In The Arts, The Power of Financial Literacy, And Mastering Self-Tapes

    Omari Newton On Sustainable Anti-Racist Policies And Practices In The Arts, The Power of Financial Literacy, And Mastering Self-Tapes

    Joining the conversation on Cue To Cue today is Artist and Educator Omari Newton! I came to know of Omari while attending a self-tape webinar hosted by Casting Workbook where by Omari was the guest speaker. I not only found his webinar to be informative but I was drawn to his kind and truthful nature and I knew he would have so much to add to the conversation we have on Cue To Cue about creativity, personal growth, hot to hone your craft, and living the creative lifestyle. He did not disappoint!
    Grab a notebook, a pen, your favourite beverage, and get comfy! Enjoy!
    In this episode:
    his involvement in helping The Arts Club Theatre to Decolonize and implement sustainable, Anti-racist policy and practices what the potential blind spots areas that we may be missing or failing to bring to light, as society and the entertainment industry move foreword in allyship with the Black Lives Matter movement? How do we be a useful ally to POC and not get stuck in performative allyship How to ensure you are setting yourself up for success when you self- tape when submitting for auditions How to handle fear and doubt in your career and not let it overwhelm you How being financially literate has been one of the best things he did for his career as an artist  
    A little about Omari:
    Omari Newton is an award-winning professional actor, writer, director andproducer. As a writer, his original Hip Hop theatre piece Sal Capone has receivedcritical acclaim and multiple productions, including a recent presentation atCanada’s National Arts Centre. He has been commissioned by Black Theatre Workshop (BTW) in Montreal to write a companion piece to Sal Capone entitled Black & Blue Matters. The new piece is set to premiere at BTW in 2019. Omari and his wife, fellow professional playwright Amy Lee Lavoie, recently received a generous grant from the Canada Council to co-write a new play:Redbone Coonhound. Their latest collaboration is a bold and innovative satirical comedy that confronts instances of systemic racism in the past, present and future.
    Newton’s work in Speakeasy Theatre's production of Young Jean Lee's TheShipment earned him a 2017-2018 Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor, as well as a nomination for Best Direction. Notable film & TV credits include: Lucas Ingram on Showcase’s Continuum,Larry Summers on Blue Mountain State, and lending his voice to the Black Panther in multiple animated projects (Marvel). Most recently, Omari has a recurring role as Nate on Corner Gas (the animated series) and a recurring role as Corvus of Netflix’s hit new animated series The Dragon Prince.
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    Mentioned in the episode:
    How To Self Tape.

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    Mark Cassius: How To Keep Your Creativity And Career Moving Forward!

    Mark Cassius: How To Keep Your Creativity And Career Moving Forward!

    I am elated that Mark and I were finally able to make this conversation happen! I have been after mark for over a year to get him on Cue To Cue! Today is the day!
    One sentiment that really stuck with me after my time with Mark is how necessary it is to be in pursuit of what you love in order to stay passionate. Evolution is not something that just comes with time or age, it is something we need to actively pursue. Moving forward and staying curious about the “whispers” we receive, as creatives beings,  is the only way to ensure our growth. It can feel unsettling as artists because it means staying extremely present and tuned with ourselves. No checking out! Being ready and willing to let go of who we think we are as artists and courageous enough to allow ourselves to continually evolve.
    To talk to Mark is to be inspired by this idea and to think about it as one of the most exciting journeys as an artist we get to embark on. This is the life of an artist.
    In this episode:
    Why he decided to go back to grad school to get his masters in music Composition after having a successful career for decades The importance of valuing our sift skills as creatives and how to make sure you are bringing them into all areas of your life. How to ensure as a teacher of performers in post-secondary education you are supporting them in their transition into the entertainment industry How to use the rehearsal period as a learning opportunity to hone your interpersonal skills. The importance of learning to put the project first and the ego last.

    A little about Mark:
    Mark Cassius is a graduate of Sheridan College’s, Music Theatre Performance program. He has been featured on Broadway, in the original Ragtime and revivals of Jesus Christ Superstar and Shenandoah. He was most recently featured in the Toronto premiere of the new musical, Sousatzka. He has starred in Drayton Entertainment's Damn Yankees, The Little Mermaid and Sweet Charity. Other credits include, the Toronto Premiere of the Off- Broadway Musical, The Musical of Musicals, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (with Donny Osmond), Miss Saigon, Showboat and Cats. He has also been featured on the stages of both the Shaw and Stratford Festivals.
    He holds an ongoing position, as a Performance Instructor at The Randolph College for the Performing Arts, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    He spent eight years touring with the world-renowned acapella group, “The Nylons”, from 1997 to 2005.
    He is a Songwriter, Music Producer/Director and Teacher, who is presently doing a Masters in Music Composition at York University, where he intends to continue his tireless pursuit of creative excellence.
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    Does Shame Have Your Artist In A Chokehold?!

    Does Shame Have Your Artist In A Chokehold?!

    The performances I find most compelling t watch are truthful. Not only to me but I can see that this is how the artist feels too.
    They are born out of the uninhibited expression and allowing of one's bassist and unfiltered emotions in reactions to the current circumstances in the moment.
    Today's episode explores the different areas of shame and fear and how it shows up in our work and how the inability to teIl truth and shed shame in your life will keep you from honing your craft and keep your work static. 
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    Rob Preuss: Allow Your Curiosity To Fuel Your Passion

    Rob Preuss: Allow Your Curiosity To Fuel Your Passion

    This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Musician/Composer Rob Preuss. Rob has had an incredibly diverse career and believes that part of the reason is due to his sense of curiosity and absolute love for all genres of music. Whether he was talking about his time spent as a keyboard player in the band ‘Spoons’ or Honeymoon Suite or teaching the vocal track to a new member of the cast of Mamma Mia, he seemed to always find something that about the experience that satisfied his passion and also made him want to dig deeper into his love of music.
    In this episode:
    what has enabled him to change genres and take on different roles in his music career Why it is important to look at every creative endeavor as a novice What he does when he is feeling uninspired or stuck Why listening is the most important skill he continues to embrace as an artist, How to follow your curiosity and not fear failure A little about Rob:
    Rob is a musician/composer.  He’s worked professionally in the recorded/live music business since he was 15 years old and has written, recorded, produced, conducted, rehearsed, played, bought, listened, loved, and learned music all of his life. Rob has worked alongside performers, producers, managers, accountants, agents, record company staff for decades.
    He started playing classical piano at age 5 and joined his first rock band at age 10, and had some top 10 records in Canada with his band ‘Spoons' when he was 16-19 years old. They recorded their first album when he was 15, with Daniel Lanois, at his studio in Hamilton Ontario. With the band he recorded with other producers such as Nile Rodgers, toured and did shows with The Police, Culture Club, Simple Minds  to name a few. ‘Spoons’ were on Quality/A&M Records in Canada, and Jordan Harris signed us to A&M US.
    Rob has also played in a Warner Bros. band called ‘Honeymoon Suite’ who was produced by Ted Templeman and recorded the title song for the first ‘Lethal Weapon' film in '87. Honeymoon Suite went on to Tour the world and did shows with Journey, Status Quo, Starship.
    Rob has done music for corporate jingles, television/online spots, and many recording sessions for a variety of musical situations. In 1989 he also began working in Musical Theatre, in Toronto, playing many different shows, including Tommy, Miss Saigon, Beauty & the Beast, and Phantom of the Opera.
    In 2000 Rob had the opportunity to work on Mamma Mia!, in Toronto, as Associate Musical Director, working with Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus from ABBA, along with the whole British creative team, to help create the international production of the show. It's been successful, to say the least! He made his way to NYC in 2001 with the show and was Associate Music Director on Broadway until September 2015. 
    From 2011-13 he was Associate Music Supervisor for ONCE the Musical, off- and on Broadway, and we recorded the Grammy-winning cast album, produced by Steve Epstein. He studied composition in Germany with the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, in 2007, a few months before he passed away. “I'm always discovering great new music, in every genre, and I'm probably the most open-minded person I know when it comes to music!”
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    Julia Juhas: How To Take Care Of Your Artist Through Mindful Movement Practice

    Julia Juhas: How To Take Care Of Your Artist Through Mindful Movement Practice

    Have you ever had an injury? How did you deal with the pain? Did you panic?
    This week, Performing Artist and Mindful Movement Facilitator Julia Juhas will take us through her journey on how she found gentle self-care techniques and habits which helped her relax when she was injured. She will remind us to not to max out ourselves in pain and not always be in a "flight or fight mode".
    Have you ever been frustrated with yourself? Consistently pushing yourself until you hit the wall? Injury is something that almost all performers go through at some point in their careers. Question is will you be ready when that time comes? Don't fear the pain! Stay calm and listen to today's episode with Julia Juhas!

    In this episode:
    How the fear of the pain can activate pain the effect of giving yourself a chance to relax amidst the pressures of the world and how it relates to your craft How to manage pain and tension through gentle self-care techniques and habits The impact of proper stretching to your muscles A little about Julia:
    For over 20 yrs Julia has been performing alongside some of North America’s finest, both onstage and on the big screen. Last spring Julia played the role of Halina in the Segal Centre’s Production of Indecent for which she won a Broadway World Award for Best Performance by a Female in Featured Role. Recently she appeared in Lil’ Red Robin Hood at the Winter Garden Theatre in her 4th Ross Petty Pantomime.
    Julia has performed at the Stratford Festival, Mirvish Productions and in theatres across Canada and the U.S. She has appeared in films and TV shows such as Frankie Drake, Beauty and the Beast, Remedy, Cracked, In Contempt, Hairspray, and Amelia
    Julia’s first passion has always been dancing. According to her, there is nothing more expressive than moving the body through space, listening, and following the unique language of your individual body. This is why Julia not only touches lives through her storytelling as a performing artist but through her approach to yoga and movement. As a longtime practitioner and teacher of yoga and dance, Julia helps people unravel and manage their chronic pain through mindful movement modalities. She has choreographed and taught dance, art, and yoga in many schools as well as shelters across the GTA.
    She offers online private mindful movement sessions and complimentary yoga practices via her YouTube Channel - Live With Ease which is a wonderful creative outlet for her. It’s her way of giving back and being of service to others especially during these unprecedented times.
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11 Ratings

Ancientfreemason ,

Amazing Chelsea!!!

Awesome pod cast 🔥. I had the pleasure of spending 3 days getting to know this young lady at a work shop🤗! And wow she is talented, smart, and beautiful! She really is one of a kind! I am thankful to call her friend 😎! 4’S 4’S

Bill Widmer ,

Chelsea is awesome!

I love this podcast! Chelsea is inspiring and her guests are fantastic. Definitely recommend!

lay-zzzz ,

Love it!

Chelsea is a GREAT interviewer. I really enjoy listening to her conversations with such diverse artists. Keep up the great work!

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