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A podcast of politics and culture, from the editors of Current Affairs magazine.

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A podcast of politics and culture, from the editors of Current Affairs magazine.

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4.8 out of 5
288 Ratings

288 Ratings

Thevfeelsthebern ,

Laughing Leftist Save the World

It’s wonderful to listen to learned, loving, open-minded leftists. These aren’t your grumpy, persnickety twitter leftists.

Start Trek socialists are the best. #garak2020

thedwils ,

Ivy League Chat Club

I remember how excited I was at the launch of this podcast. I’d long been a fan of Nathan Robinson’s writing and of the Current Affairs project in general, and I was excited for another leftist podcast. However, over time both the magazine and the podcast have abandoned leftism for the dull and uninspired identity politics that have taken over the internet.

My concerns had been building for some time, but they became concrete during an episode where a listener wrote in to ask about the power + prejudice definition of racism. The panel had a laugh at this listener and why he didn’t understand this academic definition of racism that is frankly of little use to working people. Needless to say if this listener is ever treated in a racist manner, it will be little consolation to him that in some aggregate fashion his perceived racial group holds more power than that of the person treating him poorly.

Of course, this Ivy League children have for the most part never had real jobs, where a bosses power is absolute. They own a portion of their business and their “boss” insofar as they have one is an old friend. Capitalism and its excesses are not as urgent a problem to them as whatever internet slap fight they can participate in. Nathan J Robinson interviewed one of the greatest Marxist thinkers of the past 40 years and spent the first 20 minutes of the interview badgering him about reparations, of all things.

This isn’t a leftist podcast. It’s a club for privileged children to complain together. If I wanted to listen to Ivy League grads be charismaticly wrong, I would watch old Barack Obama speeches.

LezDuke ,

Amazing podcast!

The ONLY political podcast with empathy, intelligence and humor!

Edited to add: except for the fact that Pete Davis is from Virginia. Screw Virginia. #marylandpride

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