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Welcome to “Cut to the Chase:” where we talk about compelling legal, regulatory and public interest information and news. Your host is Gregg Goldfarb, an attorney, entrepreneur, investor and activist.

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Welcome to “Cut to the Chase:” where we talk about compelling legal, regulatory and public interest information and news. Your host is Gregg Goldfarb, an attorney, entrepreneur, investor and activist.

    Forever Chemicals: How they are impacting the planet and how lawyers can get involved.

    Forever Chemicals: How they are impacting the planet and how lawyers can get involved.

    Did you know that 98% of the U.S. population has PFAS chemicals in their blood at levels that could possibly cause cancer or other serious medical issues?   PFAS are everywhere, from Scotchgard, rainwater, to the Antarctic.    PFAS are also commonly referred to as “forever chemicals” because they were made to last forever.   Thousands of companies have manufactured or distributed these products starting back from the 1940s till today and it is projected that these companies might face $1 trillion of compensation to those injured or whose property was damaged by these chemicals.  Over $10 billion has already been committed by some of the bigger manufacturers to several water agencies to clean up our drinking water.  
    So let’s Cut to the Chase and dive into the alarming world of "forever chemicals” and the legal implications behind them.   If you’re a lawyer, this is a massive opportunity for you to change the world!   Even if you are not that well-versed in how to land clients, finance this kind of litigation, or even a mass tort specialist, opportunity abounds.
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg is joined by two major forces in the world of mass torts, Ed Lake and John Ray, to talk about this environmental catastrophe, who might be affected, and how lawyers can get involved in representing those injured by these chemicals.   Ed and John have created a consortium for lawyers to join and collaborate on representing those injured by the forever chemicals.  Listen in to see how you can get into this litigation with Ed and John and their consortium.
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg, Ed, and John discuss: 
    - What are PFAS and their health risks?
    - What consumer products contain PFAS?
    - Key information manufacturers are hiding about PFAS.
    - PFAS Legal Implications: Key defendants and scope of litigation.
    - Cases and examples of PFAS contamination.
    - Strategies for handling mass tort cases regarding PFAS.
    … and more!
    Key Actionable Takeaways for Law Firms:
    - Financial support, mentorship, and marketing are provided by a consortium for law firms tackling these cases, with potential payouts for affected individuals and property damage claims.
    - The potential for PFAS litigation is vast, with millions of cases expected and over 9 million cancer cases attributed to PFAS exposure.
    - Water providers are suing for clean water, individuals are already suing for personal injuries,and many property owners have sued for property damage damage emerging from widespread contamination.
    - PFAS litigation is expected to exceed $1 trillion and involve thousands of defendants, spanning over multiple decades across various states.
    To learn more about Ed Lake, visit: https://thelakelawfirm.com/blog/team/edward-j-lake
    Email Ed: edlakelaw@yahoo.com
    To learn more about John Ray, visit: https://masstortsuccess.com/about#

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    Mastering Law Firm Marketing: SEO, PPC, & Local Ads with Travis Hoechlin

    Mastering Law Firm Marketing: SEO, PPC, & Local Ads with Travis Hoechlin

    Did you know 73% of people hire the first attorney they speak to? That’s why in today's digital age, having an online presence is no longer optional for law firms; it's a necessity. But how do you break through the noise and ensure your firm's website isn't just another page lost in the vast sea of Google search results?
    If you’re wondering why your law firm's website isn't generating the leads you expected, you’re in the right place.
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg is joined by Travis Hoechlin, CEO of RizeUp Media, a premier marketing company specializing in law firms. Travis joins us to shed light on strategies that can transform your website from a static brochure into a dynamic client-generating tool.
    You’ll learn proven SEO tips, the key metrics you need to track, and how to achieve a strategic, tailored marketing approach that leads to long-term growth.
    Ready to boost your conversion rates and land more clients? Tune in!
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg and Travis discuss: 
    - SEO and web strategies for law firms
    - Why tracking your KPIs is critical for success
    - The pros and cons of local vs. social media advertising
    - Why your website needs regular maintenance (and what that means)
    - How to make your website SEO friendly so you can rank on Google’s first page
    - Signs you should hire a professional marketing team
    - RizeUp Media’s tailored marketing solutions: Are they right for your law firm?
    Key Actionable Takeaways for Law Firms:
    - Learn which key performance indicators (KPIs) — impressions, clicks, visits, phone calls, and emails — are critical to understand the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
    - Being on page two of Google is not enough to get seen by potential clients! It’s important to target hundreds of relevant keywords in your marketing and website to create better business visibility.
    - Websites need regular maintenance and updates. Make sure you’re checking your website consistently and updating it with accurate and relevant information, keywords, content, and backlinks.
    - Professional inbound marketing efforts yield the best results while helping you focus on your practice. Consider outsourcing your marketing to the pros!
    - Increase conversions by 30-40% by adding chat or text options on your law firm’s website.
    - Utilize local service ads and pay-per-click campaigns wisely to maximize your marketing budget.
    Learn more about RizeUp Media: https://www.rizeupmedia.com
    To learn more about Travis Hoechlin, connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/travishoechlininternetmarketing

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    Addressing Sexual Abuse: Insights with Micha Star Liberty [Part 2]

    Addressing Sexual Abuse: Insights with Micha Star Liberty [Part 2]

    In this compelling episode of the "Cut to the Chase: Podcast," host Gregg Goldfarb continues his in-depth conversation with Micha Star Liberty from Liberty Law. 
    In the second part of their discussion, they delve into the disturbing prevalence of sexual abuse, especially among young workers and within institutional settings. 
    Micha shares her insights on the critical need for accountability, the impact of the #MeToo movement, and the challenges victims face when coming forward with their stories. 
    The conversation also explores legislative changes and the importance of trauma-informed approaches in dealing with victims and perpetrators alike. 
    Micha highlights ongoing legal efforts and provides valuable advice on navigating the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases.
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase: Gregg and Micha discuss: 
    1. Prevalence of Sexual Abuse:
    Sexual abuse is alarmingly widespread in environments assumed to be safe for children, such as schools, youth detention centers, and organizations like Boy Scouts and churches.
    The conversation references current articles in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times highlighting the issue.
    2. Importance of Accountability:
    Micha emphasizes the necessity of holding perpetrators accountable to reduce recidivism and prevent future abuse.
    Institutions often fail to protect victims due to systemic issues and a lack of stringent enforcement of rules.
    3. Impact of the #MeToo Movement:
    The #MeToo movement has increased awareness and enabled more victims to come forward, although not enough progress has been made in institutional responses and credibility of victims.
    Victim blaming and disbelief remain significant barriers for those seeking justice.
    4. Institutional Sexual Abuse:
    Perpetrators often seek positions where they have access to children. The discussion includes the Boy Scouts’ attempt to implement safer practices.
    Progress is incremental, as perpetrators frequently find ways to bypass rules.
    5. Legal Perspectives and Statute of Limitations:
    Micha explains the complexities surrounding statutes of limitations across different states and discusses look-back windows that allow victims to file claims even after many years.
    California has made notable legislative advances, including abolishing limitations periods for child abuse cases.
    6. Government and Law Enforcement Role:
    There is inconsistent progress among authorities in addressing sexual abuse cases, with some departments taking more proactive stances than others.
    Micha shares specific examples from Los Angeles and highlights the need for improved training and accountability within law enforcement.
    7. Legislation and Future Outlook:
    Micha discusses important legislative efforts, including the federal "Earn It" Act and California's SB 6, aimed at providing better legal recourse for survivors.
    The episode concludes with a hopeful outlook for future advancements in protecting victims and combating sexual abuse.
    Contact Information for Micha Star Liberty:
    - Phone: 510-645-1000
    - Website: [libertylaw.com](https://libertylaw.com)
    If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, especially in California, you may still have legal options, regardless of how long ago the incident occurred. Contact Micha Star Liberty for more information.
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    The Fight Against Sex Trafficking: Micha Star Liberty's Advocacy [Part 1]

    The Fight Against Sex Trafficking: Micha Star Liberty's Advocacy [Part 1]

    Are social media companies doing enough to prevent sex trafficking and protect vulnerable individuals online?
    In a world increasingly reliant on social media for connectivity and communication, how can the legal industry and advocacy efforts combat the rising threats of exploitation, discrimination, and violence in the digital realm?
    Today, we have a very special guest on the show, Micha Star Liberty, the CEO and Founder of Lionhearted Leader and Founder of The Soaring Center. These two
    organizations dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to overcome injustice and discrimination in areas such as sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and employment discrimination.
    Did you know that Micha Star Liberty was awarded "Street Fighter of the Year" for her unwavering dedication to seeking justice for survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation? 
    This passionate advocate has made waves in the legal industry with her relentless pursuit of accountability and empowerment.
    In this episode of the Cut to the Chase: Podcast, Gregg and Micha discuss: 
    - The prevalence and methods of sex trafficking
    - Insights into the role of lawyers in assisting victims and holding perpetrators accountable
    - The potential responsibilities of social media companies in preventing trafficking
    - Challenges and potential solutions in combating online exploitation
    - The impact of legislation and advocacy efforts on addressing human trafficking
    Key actionable takeaways for Law Firms:
    - Stay informed and engaged in legislative efforts to combat human trafficking
    - Collaborate with advocacy organizations to support survivors and prevent exploitation
    - Utilize legal expertise to seek compensation and justice for victims of trafficking
    - Advocate for accountability and transparency from social media platforms in addressing online exploitation
    To connect with Micah Star Liberty check out her content on the following sites:
    https://michastarliberty.com / https://libertylaw.com / https://thesoaringcenter.com / https://lionheartedleader.com 

     Join us in advocating for a safer, more just world by educating ourselves and taking action against exploitation and injustice.
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    The Secret to Navigating Business Development & Marketing Like a Pro with Julie Cropp Gareleck

    The Secret to Navigating Business Development & Marketing Like a Pro with Julie Cropp Gareleck

    There are many layers to running a business and it’s getting more complicated each year. With technology advancing, AI becoming sharper, and marketing strategies evolving more rapidly than ever, let’s just be honest - we all need help!
    That’s why agencies exist. Whether you need help navigating business development or marketing, working with an agency will always teach you something new and help your business reach new heights. So, is it time for you to hire an agency? Tune in to find out!
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase, Gregg is joined by Julie Cropp Gareleck, Founder/CEO of Junction Creative Solutions and Partner at Experience Synergy, two award-winning strategic agencies that combine the intellectual capital of a business consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency.
    Julie has helped more than 350 companies establish their brands, engage audiences, and drive revenue. Today, she’s sharing her wealth of experience with you to ensure 2024 is a year of growth and success for you and your company.
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase, Gregg and Julie discuss: 
    - Marketing mistakes businesses are making & How an agency can help you avoid these mistakes.
    - The #1 thing you should look for in a marketing agency.
    - How Junction Creative helps businesses improve their PR, branding, advertising, and digital marketing strategies.
    - Where marketing is going in the next 3 years.
    - Do traditional ad agencies still exist?
    - Why business owners are confusing operational problems with marketing problems.
    - How Experience Synergy helps businesses define strategies and internal processes so they can thrive long-term.
    - Common mistakes owners make when preparing to sell their business.
    - What business owners should focus on before selling or seeking out investors.
    - How to know what marketing metrics you should keep track of.
    - Is posting on TikTok worth it for my business?
    Key Actionable Takeaways for Law Firms:
    - ChatGPT is an incredible resource, but it’s not sophisticated enough to provide the quality or depth of knowledge needed to produce great marketing content.
    - What to look for in a marketing agency: Great communication, highly responsive, and highly collaborative.
    - Business owners often confuse operational issues for marketing issues, so it’s important to know the difference.
    - Setting up simple internal processes for communication can increase your revenue ~30% with your existing client base.
    - Investors are looking for sustainable and stable businesses to buy or invest in, not just an innovative product/service. It’s crucial to get professional advice and guidance when seeking out investors or preparing to sell your business.
    To learn more about Julie Cropp Gareleck, connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliecroppgareleck
    Learn more about Junction Creative Solutions: https://junction-creative.com
    Learn more about Experience Synergy: https://experience-synergy.com
    To book Julie for speaking engagements or corporate training programs, visit: www.juliecroppgareleck.com
    Pre-Order “Dare to Become” by Julie Cropp Gareleck: https://www.amazon.ca/Dare-Become-Corner-Booth-Office/dp/1611884012 

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    How to Protect & Scale Your Law Firm Through Specialized Accounting with Jayden Doyé

    How to Protect & Scale Your Law Firm Through Specialized Accounting with Jayden Doyé

    Did you know thousands of lawyers lose their license each year because of IOLTA mismanagement? On top of that, studies show the average lawyer is spending 2.5 hours per day on billable work. We don’t want you to become one of those lawyers, so tune in to learn how you can protect and scale your business through specialized tax services.
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase, Gregg is joined by Jayden Doyé, a best-selling author, international speaker, Certified CPA, and President of Prestige Accounting & Consulting. Jayden helps law firm owners reach new heights, catch more flights, and pay less to the IRS. He’s also hosting a conference, Raise the Bar Live, on June 18th-21st in Atlanta, GA, where you can learn how to scale a seven-figure business without burning out and losing your soul.
    After seeing a huge gap in the market, Jayden realized how desperately law firms need specialized accounting services… including you! Lawyers have unique needs in tax planning, deductions, profitability, billing, IOLTA management, and so much more.
    Are there accounting mistakes you’re making that are holding you back from success? Tune in to find out!
    In this episode of Cut to the Chase, Gregg and Jayden discuss: 
    - What is tax planning and how does it benefit law firm owners?
    - Why lawyers struggle with IOLTA management (Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts).
    - Are lawyers eligible for Qualified Business Income deductions (QBI)?
    - What you should know about claiming vehicle depreciation on your taxes.
    - Can a CPA amend my past tax returns?
    - What to do when you receive your tax return.
    - What you’ll learn at the Raise the Bar Live Conference 2024 + Jayden reveals some exciting keynote speakers and panelists.
    - What you’ll gain from a free consultation with Jayden.
    Key Actionable Takeaways for Law Firms:
    - Tax planning benefits lawyers by helping them save money on taxes through strategies like hiring family members, medical reimbursement plans, identifying which vehicles have the greatest tax advantages, and much more. There are tons of ways to save money on taxes, you just have to talk to a professional.
    - Most of Jaydens clients are benefitting from QBI deductions, so don’t forget to ask your accountant if you’re eligible!
    - When you get your tax return, don’t just sign it and move on. Review it with your tax professional and make sure the numbers in your accounting software reflect in your business tax return. You also want to have an explanation of the numbers on your personal tax return.
    - In order to reach the next level in your business, you have to have a plan. At Raise the Bar Live, Jayden is creating a space for law firm owners to mastermind with other like-minded lawyers and create a plan that they can implement in the next quarter. Plus, the conference is tax deductible!
    *Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.
    To learn more about Jayden Doyé, connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaydendoyecpa
    Follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegreatjayden
    Book a complimentary consultation with Prestige Accounting & Consulting: https://accounting-atlanta.com
    Don’t Get Disbarred - 7 Financial Mistakes Law Firm Owners Make That Put Their License At Risk: https://lawofficecpa.com/7mistakes-home
    Buy his book, Raise the Bar: https://www.amazon.com/Raise-Bar-6-Figure-Revenues-Profits-ebook/dp/B0BPYX25YB
    Attend Raise the Bar Live 2024: https://raisethebaratl.com

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27 Ratings

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Informative and fun to listen to

Gregg is a great host. He covers a lot of interesting topics, not just those pertaining to the law. I learn something every time I listen and the time flies by. Looking forward to what comes next! Thanks Gregg!

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very informative and entertaining

I was really impressed with his science and law shows. Gregg has a lot of pizzaz and does a great interview.

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