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K-Pop and Korean Culture Podcast

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4.4 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Lone Wolf Howling ,

It's like talking about K-Pop with your buddies

I've been listening to DaebakCast since the first episode, and I think these guys really deserve a lot more exposure than they've been getting. They do album reviews, latest releases reviews, special topics related to K-Pop. The three hosts feel like college buddies you can sit down and talk K-Pop with, and they cover a pretty wide range, including K-Indie music, which many K-Pop podcasts/Youtube channels don't. The bantering is fun and they're nice guys even when they are being opinionated. They are also such big fanboys and love K-Pop so much that it's infectious (as opposed to some podcasts that can feel like the hosts are jaded). If you are the kind of K-Pop fan who is constantly in a state of bliss due to new releases blowing you away and are dying to share that bliss with others, then this is the perfect podcast for you, because these guys genuinely love the songs and discuss why they love each of the newly released songs and albums, getting into the melody, arrangement, production, vocals, the MV, group dynamics, etc.

For the most part they keep it on-topic, and when they veer into non-K-Pop topics it's usually short (such as sports, gaming, and what not). I used to write them and bug them about putting timestamps in the podcast description so listeners can skip to the topics they are interested in, and they've gotten a lot better at that. I've also written to them a couple of times with advice on how to make the audio quality better (using compression and limiting audio effects to even out the volume of the three hosts, so it's easier to listen to, instead of one person sounding way too loud but the others too quiet), and they've improved in that area too.

Overall, this is one of the must-listen K-Pop podcasts for me, and I almost never skip episodes (unless the entire episode is about a topic I just have no interest in--for example, I'm into girl groups/soloists, and listen to very little male K-Pop, so if they do an entire episode on a boy group I don't listen to, I would skip the episode).

ViperFive! ,

Best k pop podcast EVER!!!!

Out of the 6 Kpop podcast I listen to this is 100% my bias out of all of them. I really enjoy how they do full album reviews and actually mention some of the lesser known groups. I love the vibe they give off and it just feels like your chilling and talking to friends about the wild world of Kpop and Korea.
Thank you Hwasa'̵s̵ ̵t̵h̵i̵g̵h̵s̵ for making this podcast possible lol

Ps actually join their discord its live af in there

bucoybrown ,

Why does it sound like a chore for these guys?

This is a podcast. And as such, you might expect the hosts to show up with their show-time voices—two out of three of them just don’t. They speak with a monotone drone that belies their actual interest in k-pop—assuming the interest is still there. Over 90 episodes later, it would be understandable if they’re over it, but they clearly still care, even if they sound blasé about songs they almost always give high ratings to. The amount of audible huffing and sighing as well as moving on to new topics with “whatever” or “anyways” just makes an hour hard to listen to. The third host, Andrew, makes up a lot for the otherwise dull recordings—his voice is bright and cheerful, and he has an excitable laugh that punctuates most of his sentences, especially when he is particularly happy about a song or topic. He is truly enjoyable, and if the other didn’t sound so morose or could contribute with better notes and critiques (and play clips!) this would be a much better show.

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