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The geek-driven podcast where a group of film industry pros and Special Guests discuss all aspects of genre entertainment. So expect a lot of talk about classic horrors, dinosaurs, black lagoons, monsters from the Id, time lords, final frontiers, galaxies far, far away and, of course, planets where apes evolved from men.

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The geek-driven podcast where a group of film industry pros and Special Guests discuss all aspects of genre entertainment. So expect a lot of talk about classic horrors, dinosaurs, black lagoons, monsters from the Id, time lords, final frontiers, galaxies far, far away and, of course, planets where apes evolved from men.

    Julie Ann Emery Part 2: Star Wars, Catch-22 and more!

    Julie Ann Emery Part 2: Star Wars, Catch-22 and more!

    Part 2 of our special in-depth episode with amazing and prolific actor Julie Ann Emery continues with fun and insightful discussions on her work in PREACHER, FARGO, PREACHER, CATCH-22 and her lifelong fandom of all things STAR WARS.

    This part begins with Julie Ann talking about her complex character Joanna in I HATE KIDS, the feature film comedy co-written by our own Frank Dietz and project partner Todd Traina. This discussion extends with personal insights into how Julie Ann finds relatable aspects in all her character roles, possibly based in tragic life elements or the comedy of character juxtaposition.
    Julie Ann addresses the impact of character partnership in light of the final season of PREACHER, and how well she paired with her series co-star Malcolm Barrett. Julie Ann also tells the tale of how she took an unusual approach in casting for the Hulu series CATCH-22, and how her against-the-odds approach eventually inspired director/co-star George Clooney to cast her as Marion Scheisskopf.
    Our STAR WARS talk with Julie Ann continues as she and the Geeks discuss the closure of the Skywalker saga episode films and streaming STAR WARS series -- all before they happened. Then we dive into some deep cuts in the Extended Universe novels and define what a Star Wars story means to us as fellow franchise fans.
    As we Damn Dirty Geeks hope you'll enjoy the second part of this fun, entertaining talk with Julie Ann Emery, this will also be our final regular podcast episode.

    As creator Frank Dietz announces at the top of this show, the Damn Dirty Geeks are suspending our podcast adventures for the best of reasons, as each of the Geeks have become very busy and prolific in our own careers and projects -- often still including each other when available!

    So from all the Damn Dirty Geeks along with our many friends and podcast guests, we thank you -- our listening audience -- for your support and participation over the past four years of Geekdom. New DDG ventures may appear in the future, so we welcome you to continue following us on social media for announcements of new projects, appearances and events.

    For now, we'll say good night, Geeks...

    Good night, Geeks!

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    Julie Ann Emery Talks PREACHER, Star Wars and more Part 1

    Julie Ann Emery Talks PREACHER, Star Wars and more Part 1

    In Part 1 of a special two-part episode, the Damn Dirty Geeks welcome the amazing Julie Ann Emery! Having appeared on such hit shows as FARGO, BETTER CALL SAUL, CATCH-22 and the insane AMC series PREACHER, this versatile actress has demonstrated an ability to slip into all kinds of different characters.

    We start off talking about the absolutely bonkers show PREACHER, currently in its fourth and final season. Julie Ann enlightens us about the creators' decision to end the series by barreling full speed towards the Apocalypse. She also discusses how much she enjoyed playing Agent Featherstone and the multiple disguises her character takes on. A tardy Jack Bennett arrives to join us discussing Julie Ann's role as the scheming Betsy Kettleman on BETTER CALL SAUL, and as the terribly unhappy Joanna in the feature comedy I HATE KIDS (written by DDG co-host Frank Dietz).
    Things really get going when we segue into one of Julie Ann's favorite subjects, STAR WARS movies. Yes, Julie Ann is an actual Geek! She talks about how Princess Leia and Han Solo impacted her youth, as Trish agrees that those original movies changed her life. This leads to a discussion with Scott about the zealous side of fandom, particularly on social media. We finish off the episode talking about the fun of playing villains -- and this is only part one!

    Our next episode will cover more of Julie Ann's career, including a fun story of first meeting with her CATCH-22 co-star George Clooney!

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    Pruitt Taylor Vince and Jennifer Lynn Warren: Part 3

    Pruitt Taylor Vince and Jennifer Lynn Warren: Part 3

    In the third and final installment, we resolve our Part 2 cliffhanger with our in-depth conversation with Jennifer Lynn Warren and Pruitt Taylor Vince. We also begin with an emotional discussion about the BBC Dr. Who series. Jennifer is moved to tears by the character River Song (played by Alex Kingston) and explains how she puts that emotion to good use.

    Next Frank Dietz and Jennifer compare notes on having to appear naked on screen and on stage. We talk about the difference between being nude in front of a live audience (as in the play “Equus”) and the experience of stripping down for a feature film.

    Following a lively round table discussion of the current state of television series, Pruitt admits that he has never seen a Julia Roberts movie and can’t make it all the way through CADDYSHACK – which prompts some questionable Rodney Dangerfield impressions.

    Jack wants to know from our distinguished guests what movies they saw when younger that impacted their decisions to become actors. We close out by paying tribute to two genre giants who left us last year. First actor and friend James Karen, who starred in POLTERGEIST, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and the Trish Geiger produced DARK AND STORMY NIGHT. This leads to a sidebar discussion with Scott about Karen's dear friend, the great Buster Keaton. Then we honor Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-man and lord and master of the Marvel comics universe whose work and collaborators have made a huge impact on popular culture.

    It’s another episode filled with laughs and surprises, with two terrific actors who are so entertaining we couldn’t squeeze them into just two episodes.

    Look for photos and show notes on this episode at our Damn Dirty Geeks website.

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    Pruitt Taylor Vince and Jennifer Lynn Warren Part 2

    Pruitt Taylor Vince and Jennifer Lynn Warren Part 2

    In Part Two of our conversation with actors Pruitt Taylor Vince and Jennifer Lynn Warren, we tackle the trickier aspects of film and stage acting. Jennifer discusses the difficult transitions of taking on an emotionally challenging character, and Pruitt talks about surviving some of the more physically demanding roles.

    The Geeks get to geek out about some of Pruitt’s high-profile television and movie appearances, from THE WALKING DEAD to STRANGER THINGS to DEADWOOD to THE X FILES and more. Pruitt also tells the gang about working with the legendary Paul Newman on NOBODY’S FOOL, and Jennifer doesn’t get to finish a story…which will be continued in our next episode, Part Three of this amazing discussion! Our first cliffhanger!

    Visit our website www.damndirtygeeks.com for episode show notes and more photos from Pruitt and Jennifer's work.

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    Get ready to make the clingiest friend you’ll ever meet! It’s the most absorbing Cross-Stream from Damn Dirty Geeks and The Revival Leagueyet: “What About Blob?”
    A satire inspired by Irvin Yeaworth's 1958 film THE BLOB and Frank Oz's 1991 film WHAT ABOUT BOB?, this radio play tells the story of a neurotic ooze monster (played by honorary Damn Dirty Geek Brian Howe) who comes to Earth and envelops the life of his new psychologist (played by Damn Dirty Geek’s own Frank Dietz).
    Also featuring Trace Beaulieuand Frank Conniff(MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000), Carolina Hidalgo(SiriusXM) and The Revival League as The Not Ready For Slime Time Players! With original theme song “What About The Blob?” by Storm DiCostanzo(Paul and Storm)! Written and directed by The Revival League’s Robb Maynard!
    For more parody radio plays from our associates at The Revival League, go to their Soundcloud site.
    And stay tuned for more comedy specials in the months to come here on Damn Dirty Geeks!

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Pruitt Taylor Vince & Jennifer Lynn Warren: Part 1

    Pruitt Taylor Vince & Jennifer Lynn Warren: Part 1

    The Damn Dirty Geeks had so much fun talking career projects, favorite movies, geek inspirations and monsters with our two special guests, Jennifer Lynn Warrenand Pruitt Taylor Vince-- we recorded for over three hours -- that we had to split their podcast episode into two parts! We open 2019 with Part 1 of this great episode, recorded just before the DDG went on holiday break, talking with these terrific and successful actors.
    You've seen Pruitt most recently in BIRD BOX on Netflix, among his many TV appearances including STRANGER THINGS, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., THE MENTALIST, TRUE BLOOD, DEADWOOD and THE WALKING DEAD to name a few. Fans of Pruitt's film work will know him from memorable feature roles in JFK, JACOB'S LADDER, NOBODY'S FOOL, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, ANGEL HEART and DOWN BY LAW.
    DDG listeners will likely know Jennifer's work best from AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 3 as Borquita LaLaurie opposite Kathy Bates, the Fox series THE GATES, and the short film CREATURE which inspired a harrowing tale of her unintended interaction with a wild alligator!
    Our Part 1 discussion also delivers great insights from Jennifer and Pruitt on the beginnings of their careers, and what moments and influences in life helped set them on the path to "find their tribe" among actors on stage and film. This includes Pruitt's story about how he got into acting by accident, and how the group considers Boris Karloff's performance in FRANKENSTEIN as one of the most influential acting performances in cinema. Then we all get into a fascinating exchange about the history of horror movies, classic and modern, and how their mythologies play into franchises and sequels -- and how horror cycles transition into comedy and parody film cycles.
    Enjoy our first hour of great discussion on acting, filmmaking and entertainment with Jennifer and Pruitt in our first Damn Dirty Geeks episode of 2019 -- with Part 2 coming soon!

    • 1 hr 8 min

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5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

SeanKana ,

Taking a break to write this

There is so much good stuff to this podcast, the episodes I’ve heard, that I am taking Great review and let my mind digest what I have heard so far. Thank you for this podcast.

Tannycaity ,

You don’t have to be a geek...

...to enjoy this pod cast. A bunch of funny people regaling us with entertains stories about monster movies, sci fi and more.

jndfn ,

Listen, Laugh and Learn

DDG is informative and funny. The Geeks are extremely knowledgable, thus their questions bring out guest responses that actually inform the listener. You learn something everytime you listen to a podcast. I truly enjoy their show.They are not damned. They are not dirty, but they are great geeks!

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