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IT talk with a healthy dose of empathy: Hosts Matt Yette & Matt Cozzolino draw on their combined 40+ years of infrastructure experience as they discuss the ever-changing technology landscape – from virtualization to storage, security to networking, and everything in between.

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IT talk with a healthy dose of empathy: Hosts Matt Yette & Matt Cozzolino draw on their combined 40+ years of infrastructure experience as they discuss the ever-changing technology landscape – from virtualization to storage, security to networking, and everything in between.

    #067 - Security vs Home Automation: FIGHT!!!

    #067 - Security vs Home Automation: FIGHT!!!

    Time flows strangely in the era of the pandemic.  Sometimes you go out on what seems like a four hour walk, and barely two hours have passed.  Or you might sit down on the couch in what you thought was the morning and suddenly it’s 4PM and you have no idea how that’s even possible.  Here on this podcast episode is a rare change up for Data Center Therapy; there’s almost no mention of the datacenter!  Instead, Matt “Bonjour” Yette and Matt “You have a Rendezvous with a uPnP problem?” Cozzolino melt away thirty-five minutes into what feels like a quick ten minute catch-up with a friend about their home automation adventures.  The Matts talk about Home Assistant and HomeKit here, but this time, it comes loaded with stories about compromises (for the sake of home automation) and the “buyer beware!” security implications of the technologies they’ve played with.  We promise: it’s still a fun one.
    You, our curious listeners, also get to hear:
    Which robotic vacuums and mops have the Matts looked at (and bought?) How automating things can truly just shift around tasks that you do instead of eliminating them. What happened at a bank inside of a grocery store that made Cozzolino rethink what duties workers have nowadays? For the network propeller heads, you’ll get to hear about some of the backend technologies and protocols (like mDNS, or the Avahi daemon on Linux) powering some of the newer devices and applications emerging.  Gadget-loving listeners who love a good debate can rest soundly knowing the Z-wave versus Wi-fi tech battle continues unabated.  Listen in for the latest on cutting-edge home tech with the Matts, and as always, be sure to like, share, and subscribe wherever finer podcasts are found.  Stay safe, get automated (but stay secure!) and keep a lookout for our all-new episodes, DCT friends!  

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    #066 - The Man in Black, from VMware’s Carbon Black

    #066 - The Man in Black, from VMware’s Carbon Black

    We know, we know, EVERYbody’s talking about ransomware lately.  Given that there’s so many bad actors, and so many easily tricked users, though, how can we not talk about it?  At least talk about a different technical approach to anti-virus and anti-malware software, we say.  Tell us what makes it different and how it can be proactive, and not just reactive like most solutions out there.
    Ask and ye shall receive!  Matt “The tinfoil doesn’t seem to be working!” Yette and Matt “I DROPped that packet, didn’t I?” Cozzolino welcome to the virtual studios a very special guest with a highly unique background.  John Nelson, Global Field Solutions Engineer from VMware’s Carbon Black acquisition joins the Matts and shares his experiences.  Were you expecting a Pennsylvania State Police Corporal, or a Computer Forensics specialist for the United States government to join Data Center Therapy for an episode?  Neither were we!
    John and the Dynamic DCT Duo talk about:
    When companies talk about Machine Learning with respect to endpoint scanning, what does that REALLY mean? How is Carbon Black different than anti-virus or anti-malware scanning software? What kinds of bad-guy methodologies are out there to subvert typical scanning strategies, and what kinds of counter-strategies are there to harden or secure endpoints? This one’s both entertaining and a shockingly deep dive into the somewhat dark, but not-so-mysterious-anymore world of cybersecurity.  Give it a listen and be sure to like, share and subscribe at all the usual doobleydoos.  If you’d like help implementing or learning more about Carbon Black in your virtual infrastructure and more, please reach out to your local IVOXY Account Manager.  Stay safe, stay ahead of the baddies, look into this Neuralyzer, and do join us on our next episode of Data Center Therapy!

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    #065 - No Silver Bullets: Security Series, Part Two

    #065 - No Silver Bullets: Security Series, Part Two

    Welcome back to Data Center Therapy’s second security episode of late summer 2021.  With your hosts Matt “Fragged due to network latency!” Yette and Matt “Raspberry PIs 4 Life!” Cozzolino, the DCT Duo get into the nuts and bolts of how firewalls have evolved over the years (ASA to PIX and well beyond those), and the DCT Duo also discuss how your company’s most critical data can be corralled INSIDE your network with the right set of tools.
    In this episode the Matts ask and answer:
    What information can be extracted from seemingly encrypted communications? What did the first generation of firewalls not have that modern, next-generation firewalls do? What’s the value in implementing outgoing web proxies? Keep the security party going, give this episode a listen and if you dig it, please like, share, and subscribe wherever finer podcasts are found.  Should you have questions about the security in your networks and applications, do reach out to your IVOXY Account Managers so we engage the right folks in our conversations.  Thanks for listening and stay safe, lock it down when you need to, and stay tuned for yet more totally fresh episodes of Data Center Therapy!

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    #064 - No Silver Bullets: Security Series, Part One

    #064 - No Silver Bullets: Security Series, Part One

    Welcome back to another episode of Data Center Therapy where the topic this week is all things security related.  With your hosts Matt “You sure you wanna kick that can down the road?” Yette and Matt “The answer is: It Depends!” Cozzolino, the intrepid DCT Duo has a quick and fun but also informative podcast all around Information Technology Security this week.
    In this episode, the Matts answer a few white-hot, timely and relevant questions such as:
    Is the sole purpose of SD-WAN to reduce costs by eliminating proprietary networking circuits? Is there a way to implement a SIEM without full time engineers manning a security NOC 24x7? In a zero-sum budget game, what’s the solution to security issues - endpoint protection, firewalls, multi-factor authentication (MFA), or microsegmentation? Join us on this fast and light run through the landscape of security technologies, where you’ll get a high-level overview of the technologies and solutions that the Matts work with and prescribe for the folks they help.  As always, the Matts keep it funny and refreshingly frank, so give it a listen and if you like it, be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever finer podcasts are found.  Thanks for listening and stay safe, stay informed, harden those security postures, and we’ll catch you on the next episode of Data Center Therapy!

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    #063 - Brand Protection with Cisco

    #063 - Brand Protection with Cisco

    Who doesn’t love a good procedural cop show? 
    Welcome to a very different episode of your favorite I.T.-themed podcast, Data Center Therapy, where your hosts Matt “Football is Life” Yette and Matt “Now the Hunted becomes the Hunter!” Cozzolino welcome to the virtual studios Doug Abbott, Senior Investigator for Brand Protection at Cisco.  Doug and the Matts talk about many of the different ways Cisco gear can be counterfeited, and they cover topics on this show such as:
    How Cisco counterfeit products are created, “upgraded” or modified and how they’re trafficked, including on the Grey Market. What product diversion fraud is, and examples of how it happens. How stolen and counterfeit units enter the various markets and how unauthorized resellers play into those scenarios. With over 13 years of experience in his role at Cisco, Doug shares his thoughts and glimpses of how his team stays vigilant, engaging in the fight against counterfeit gear.  Yette and Cozzolino also share their views on dial-home technologies, how that plays out into the future and how long-term assurances of functioning gear are still important after companies sunset solutions.  Give this shaking-things-up edition a listen for its unique guest and a prescriptive action item on making sure your I.T. gear stays supported and powers your networks and infrastructure for years to come. 
    Please be sure to like, share and subscribe wherever quality podcasts can be grokked.  Stay informed, stay genuine, avoid those knockoffs and get ready for another exciting DCT episode in the coming weeks!  Thanks for listening.

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    #062 - Smart Homes, Backyards, and Surviving Heat Waves

    #062 - Smart Homes, Backyards, and Surviving Heat Waves

    After a short summer hiatus, hosts Matt “If you’re from Chicago, fight me!” Yette and Matt “Free Chimenea” Cozzolino return to the virtual Data Center Therapy studios to record another fun and casual podcast about all things Smart Home.  Commenting on Cozzolino’s continued updates to his new-to-him log cabin, our intrepid hosts cover a wide amount of topics such as:
    Core technologies that power automation, such as Node Red, IFTTT (If This Then That), MQTT and Message Brokers, and Home Assistant. Z-wave sensors and clever programs to integrate changes in motion, temperature, humidity and luminosity. Corded and cordless electric chainsaws - their surprising utility, as well as speculation on motor and battery innovations over the years. Ubiquiti products such as UDM Pro, USG and the possible decline in the quality of their solutions. And musings on proper pizza (including opinions on both pineapple-on-pizza, as well as deep dish, by Mr. Matt Yette). You, our valued listeners, also learn the true name of Yoshi from the Mario Series (Therapoda Yoshisaurus Munchakoopas, surely a future discount code for IVOXY classes!) and find out just how flammable old Christmas trees can be.  Blow some steam off, crack open your favorite beverage, give it a listen and have some fun learning about everything BUT datacenter technology on this episode.  
    If you like this podcast, please be sure to like, subscribe and share wherever quality podcasts are found.  Thanks for tuning in and as always, stay safe, stay informed, and catch you on our next podcast drop, DCT friends!

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4.9 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

cirouser ,

Containers and Automation

Excellent resources for the latest on containers and automation.

LDB in SEA ,

Great depth of content.

I enjoyed the range of topics. The hosts have a substantial understanding of their subject matter and play off each other nicely, when they agree as well as do not agree about a topic or idea. I would be suprised if a system admin, network admin, developer or someone in devops did not find multiple topics of interest in their gamut of podcasts.

JTB678 ,

Great content

Love the variety of content. The post trade show episodes do an amazing job of distilling down a ton of content to concise, useful, info with some non technical fun mixed in.

Keep up the great work!

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