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Vulnerable sharing leading to breakthroughs. I am sharing with the world the lessons I've learned from this amazing journey called life.

Davidson Hang Reflections and Lessons from a life worth living Davidson Hang

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Vulnerable sharing leading to breakthroughs. I am sharing with the world the lessons I've learned from this amazing journey called life.

    Episode 57: Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power from Within (Powerful Takeaways from the 4-Day Long Conference)

    Episode 57: Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power from Within (Powerful Takeaways from the 4-Day Long Conference)

    These are my powerful takeaways from his 4-day conference with 12,000 other people.
    1. See it as it is, not worst than it is
    2. Energy is everything
    3. Bring certainty to the table
    4. If you don't measure it you can't manage it
    5. Would you ever date a 5? (energy level wise)
    6. The quality of your emotions is the quality of your life
    7. You can train your energy level
    8. Energy like a little kid not like a boring ass adult
    9. Getting people pumped is a valuable skill especially doing COVID
    10. Find the blessing even in what you perceived is the worst moments
    11. Be spiritually and relationship Rich
    12. Happy people get happier- Surround yourself with people with a positive mindset and it will transform your life
    13. We love people who change our state
    14. Faith/ belief is missing from the success cycle; Good with Potential, action, results
    15. Faith imagination directs towards an outcome you want
    16. What are you going to focus on? Focus = feeling
    17. Live Lucky
    18. Do you focus more on what you have and what's missing?
    19. If your software is looking at what's missing? Always going to have scarcity
    20. Achievers tend to focus on the future: instead of being present and appreciating what you have
    21. Life is happening for me not against me
    22. 100% responsibility
    23. List of why you failed lack of resourcefulness
    24. Know who your ideal client- know the needs of your ideal client create an irresistible offer
    25. The dance between what you desire the most and fear the most
    26. Focused on the future instead of being in the present
    27. Clarity is power
    28. Model what they are doing differently than me
    29. Success leaves clues
    30. Grace-faith
    31. Commitment and focus: you can achieve anything
    32. Master the art of fulfillment
    33. Everyone loved Robin Williams 98% loves him
    34. Success without fulfillment
    35. Diversity is powerful different perspectives
    36. Abundance doesn’t make us happy because our expectations change and grow
    37. Faith- everything happens for a reason. 
    38. How you spend time when you are with yourself
    39. Who is in a beautiful state all of the time? Surround yourself with people like that.
    40. I do have to do anything. It's all a choice. Take action on your commitment.
    41. In order to be enough I need to achieve- when you first walk everyone gets excited.
    42. Dance with the fear
    43. Being able to shift your energy quickly
    44. Everything happens for a reason, it's all a gift
    45. How fast can you change your state
    46. All progress comes from Breaking up patterns
    47. Learn NLP, Conditioning
    48. Shoulding on myself
    49. I should change now instead of it should change now
    50. Disney was rejected by 302 banks. Past does not determine your future
    51. Change is never a matter of ability, it's always a matter of motivation Change= Massive, extraordinary amount of pleasure (Leverage)

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    Episode 56:Davidson Hang Reflections: Tony Robbins Unleash The Power from Within

    Episode 56:Davidson Hang Reflections: Tony Robbins Unleash The Power from Within

    Today I'm attending Tony Robbins 4 day event called Unleash the Power from Within. I'm excited to learn some new things. These have been the reflections for the week. 

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    Episode 55: Davidson Hang Reflections: Networking 101 and Building Relationships

    Episode 55: Davidson Hang Reflections: Networking 101 and Building Relationships

    My good friend Gina asked me to share tips on networking and how to approach building relationships.
    I want to share the following tips that have served me well in cultivating new relationships and making it a priority to stay in touch with friends and family.
    Figure out who you want to surround yourself with. Who lights you up, and who makes you happy? Double down on those relationships. Ryan Johnson, Emily Linder, Zack Mulhall, Edwin Aristor, and Ivana Pham are some of the people who come to mind whenever I catch up with them, I immediately feel lifted. We all have people who come to mind that automatically brighten the room when they enter it. 
    Intentionally block off time on your calendar to dedicate to coffee chats.
    Don't be afraid to proactively put time on their calendar. Obviously, ask for permission first but take the initiative and be the one to look through their calendar to eliminate any friction. 
    Not every conversation has to be productive. Some of my most connected 1on1 coffee chats were trying to get to know each other better. Not everyone would agree with me here, but until they understand you, they won't be able to help you. 
    Write hand written cards- getting birthday cards in the mail and even a thoughtful voicemail or voice msg saying Happy Birthday can make someone's day and is not too time-consuming. 
    Manage your energy- if you are burnt out and are too tired or if you label yourself an introvert. Make small little habit changes. You don't have to jump off the deep end tomorrow. Just add one more coffee per week if that's your cup of tea. 
    Update your mentors and let them know what's going on. People love it that you are implementing the feedback that you are getting from other managers and leaders. That's the whole reason why people get into executive positions so that they can ultimately mentor, coach, and help ICs get promoted and progress in their careers. 
    Have fun- networking is fun. If you relate to networking has something you hate of course, you are going not to like it. Meeting new people is fun. You get to learn something new, and you get to hear another person's perspective. Everyone has value to give- even if you don't necessarily agree, those are often the conversations I've personally learned the most. For instance, when I meet someone who is process driven and is very systematic in their thinking, I can save time as someone who would instead go with the flow and be in the moment. 
    Have relationship goals- think of ways to brighten someone's day, even if it sends them a quick gratitude video or something different. The more impact you have in the world, the more purpose and driven you become. 
    Make it a game- sometimes at networking events or anything involving meeting new people- I'll have a goal to build three stronger relationships throughout the hour event. Do something that pushes you outside your comfort zone, and you will grow tremendously because of it. 

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    Episode 54: Davidson Hang Reflections: Top ten investments I've made in my life so far

    Episode 54: Davidson Hang Reflections: Top ten investments I've made in my life so far

    Thanks for listening to my podcast.
    Subscribe if you enjoyed these tips on living a meaningful fulfilled life.
    These are the best ten investments I've made in my life so far.
    1. Engagement Ring/ Wedding Bands
    2. Lasek Eye Surgery
    3. Accomplishment Coaching
    4. Landmark
    5. Next Level Training
    6. Hiring full-time coaches- Shout out to Jason Dukes, Alex Terranova, Laura Westman, and Mark Hunter for helping me reach so many of my life goals.
    7. Podcast subscription (Podbean and Podomatic)
    8. Amazon Kindle
    9. My Website and Blog
    10. Transcendental Meditation
    Here are the links to everything I just described above.
    1. https://www.facebook.com/eddiehsaio- Reach out to him he hooked me up with a beautiful custom ring. (Reach out to me if you want me to introduce you directly)
    2. https://www.sightmd.com/locations/manhattan-office/?utm_source=GMB&utm_medium=Yext&y_source=1_MTUwOTE1NTktNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLmdvb2dsZV93ZWJzaXRlX292ZXJyaWRl (I used SightMd and Dr. Jonathan Ellant was my surgeon)
    3. https://www.accomplishmentcoaching.com/ (The World's Finest Coach Training Program)
    4. https://www.landmarkworldwide.com/
    5. https://www.nextleveltrainings.com/shift
    6. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-hunter-mcc-a216126/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexterranova/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/beyourcaptain/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurawestman/
    7. My Spotify Podcast
    ITunes: A Life Worth Living
    8. https://www.amazon.com/All-new-Kindle-Paperwhite-Waterproof-Storage/dp/B07CXG6C9W/ref=sr_1_5_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=kindle+paperwhite&qid=1604938439&s=digital-text&sr=1-5-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExNVpGMk1VVlNHSVY1JmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwNzYwMDA0SjlUU0lVMDdXWjExJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTAxOTExNzlVUklER1haTE9LTlQmd2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9tdGYmYWN0aW9uPWNsaWNrUmVkaXJlY3QmZG9Ob3RMb2dDbGljaz10cnVl
    9. DavidsonHang.com
    10. https://www.tm.org/
    Reach out to me if you want to discuss any of these more thoroughly. DH@DavidsonHang.com

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    Episode 53: Davidson Hang Reflections on a Life Worth Living- 10 reasons why I love my beautiful wife

    Episode 53: Davidson Hang Reflections on a Life Worth Living- 10 reasons why I love my beautiful wife

    Sharing with you all ten reasons why I love my wife
    1. Her Big Beautiful Heart
    2. Innocence and purity in thoughts and emotions.
    3. Video Games- We love playing co-op games together and shout out to Pierson and Sharon for the PS5 gift. You both are amazing friends to us and we are lucky to have you two in our lives.
    4. Family
    5. Fashionable, Style, and her Design thinking
    6. Great memory and listening skills
    7. Being a true player and her partnership
    8. Foodie Adventures!
    9. Being the Ying to my Yang
    10. Music, concerts, festivals
    + bonus: Her love for board games and want to win at everything! Competitive nature.
    My call to action is that you write that ten things you love about your partner and for people who aren't in a relationship- write down the top ten things that you would be looking for in a relationship.

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    Episode 55: Davidson Hang Reflections: 10 actions you can take to increase your mental health

    Episode 55: Davidson Hang Reflections: 10 actions you can take to increase your mental health

    I know it was on October 10th, but I wanted to relax on my weekend, and I went on a long hike, which was extremely relaxing and much needed after being cooped up inside of a house for this long.
    These are ten ways and things I have done to help me cultivate a positive mental state.
    1. Journaling exercises- I purchase Moleskine journals because I enjoy the look and feel. Journaling every day allows me to process things think about the good, the bad, and what I can improve on, and what I appreciated about my day. A journal entry can contain everything from gratitude for the mentors and people who have made a positive impact in my life, or it can be a running to-do list that I haven't completed, and when I wake up in the morning, I can tackle these unresolved items/ emails.
    2. Gratitude practices: I have a gratitude journal, and I create videos on things that I am grateful to share with the world to spread positivity and acknowledge people who have impacted my life.
    3. Couple's Journal/activities- being able to block off time and intentionally do things that we enjoy together, like playing video games, helps us connect with each other and unplug from our work. We have been playing the mobile League of Legends, and it's been a lot of fun. She’s really a pro, and we win so many games together. It helps bring us closer when we do cooperative games like Borderlands and League.
    4. Create a space to reflect and gather your thoughts- I work with therapists, coaches, and mentors to talk through some of the issues and talk through some of the anxieties we have and that I come up against. Everything from imposter syndrome and working in a remote environment. Processing the loss of my workplace working in the beautiful Empire State building is something that I had to come to terms with. It sounds silly but losing that was a big part of my life but then realizing how much of my identity was tied to work that I made a commitment that I will be dedicated to my job but it will not define me to the point of losing my true identity.
    5. Meditation practice- Luckily, we have cool support structures like Scott’s Month of October Mindfulness challenge, where we do 20+ mindfulness meditations. We run a daily meditation group every morning at 9:15. One of my favorites is Transcendental Meditation. I’ve tried many different types of meditation, and this has been my favorite so far. I always feel a sense of calm, and it helps me tap into my intuition.
    6. Doubling down on relationships and friends- The men's group that I created we meet every month and have a buddy system where we get closer to our buddies. That has served me so much in being able to have deeper connections and create separation. We can be vulnerable and talk about our insecurities and our life story. It’s a beautiful thing when men come together to share vulnerably about what it means to be a father. You don’t feel alone when you have a group of men who talk openly about their feelings and what they are out to create in the world.
    7. Creating boundaries- being able to turn off helps so much- With everyone working from home. Well, a large portion of us is. Turn off notifications when you leave for the workday and make sure you aren’t overloading your calendar so that you still make time for yourself is crucial- remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. I can do a much better job at this, but I did take 3 PTO days the last three workdays, which helped unwind going for a long hike.
    8. Block off time for just you- Self-time for me looks like a reflection, doing what I love to do that sources me.
    9. Reading a lovely book and biography helps me relax. I enjoy a nice story or reading about these past great leaders like Ben Franklin, Tesla, and Leonardo Davinci’s lives that inspire me and takes me away from thinking all of the time. I can truly unwind and be myself.
    10. The top t

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