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Chris Parkison is the Group Program Manager at VIDA Fitness (Yards) in Washington DC. He teaches Yoga, Pilates, and Group Fitness classes. He is Director of the Yoga Alliance RYS-200 school at VIDA Fitness The DC yoga Podcast is offered as an additional resource for yoga students and teachers who want to expand their studio experience. A place for yogis all over the DMV to find out more about their local studios and favorite teachers.

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Chris Parkison is the Group Program Manager at VIDA Fitness (Yards) in Washington DC. He teaches Yoga, Pilates, and Group Fitness classes. He is Director of the Yoga Alliance RYS-200 school at VIDA Fitness The DC yoga Podcast is offered as an additional resource for yoga students and teachers who want to expand their studio experience. A place for yogis all over the DMV to find out more about their local studios and favorite teachers.

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    John Schumacher Part II Final

    John Schumacher Part II Final

    DC Yoga Podcast Episode 37b- John Schumacher "Deep relaxation without force."

    - "I do yoga and people have come to call it Iyengar Yoga."
    - Bringing Iyengar yoga to the DMV area
    - Opening Unity Woods in 1979 on 40 acres in MD
    - Letting the Universe decide
    - The parallels between music and yoga
    - Opening Unity Woods Bethesda in 1985- the first yoga studio in the area
    - Apprenticeship instead of Yoga Teacher Training
    - The traits of a good yoga teacher: strong and disciplined personal practice
    - Becoming a nationally recognized yoga teacher
    - Leading annual retreats to Jamaica...for the last 37 years
    - The daily morning practice
    - Urban legends
    - What is fitness? The purpose of an Asana practice
    - The explosion of yoga industry in the US
    - Pranayama
    - Pratyahara
    - Meditation
    - Sitting instead of meditating
    - Quiet in a full sense
    - Changing people's consciousness instead of changing the world
    - The 8 limbs of Patanjali's yoga

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    DC Yoga Podcast- John Schumacher Part 1

    DC Yoga Podcast- John Schumacher Part 1

    DC Yoga Podcast Episode 37a- John Schumacher "The body as a vehicle to awaken our true nature."

    - Looking for health in the early 1970s
    - Swami Vishnudevananda
    - An hour a day asana for health straight from the book
    - Working as a musician
    - Yoga Institute of Washington
    - Teaching for $8 a class
    - Yoga classes at the DC Rec department in the 1970s
    - Learning yoga from your elders
    - Hustling as a yoga teacher
    - Finding Light on Yoga
    - Beat, Kick, and Slap Iyengar
    - Learning with Victor Van Kooten
    - Traveling to Pune to study yoga with BKS Iyengar
    - Sheep Skin, Tiger Skin, Deer Skin yoga mats and purple speedos
    - Three weeks with Iyengar (with mixed feelings)
    - and then back for more :-)
    - The Iyengar "system" of postures
    - Pranayama
    - What was a BKS Iyengar class like?
    - Weaving philosophy into asana class
    - Rooting asana classes in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
    - How Iyengar developed the poses in his system
    - Yoga as an adaptable practice


    John Schumacher has practiced yoga for 50 years. He is the founder and Director of Unity Woods Yoga Center, serving the DMV area since 1979. For 33 years, he studied in India with B.K.S. Iyengar, who personally certified him as an Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Only 14 teachers in the US hold certificates at this level.
    John’s clear, precise style and his engaging sense of humor have made him one of America’s leading yoga teachers. In 2015, Yoga Journal awarded him its prestigious Good Karma Award for spending “40-plus years sharing [his] practice to help authenticate yoga in America today”.

    John has written for a variety of publications, has appeared in numerous local and national media, and speaks about the practice and benefits of yoga across the country. He conducts workshops for students and teachers throughout the world.




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    DC Yoga Podcast- Siobhan Troy-Carranza

    DC Yoga Podcast- Siobhan Troy-Carranza

    DC Yoga Podcast Episode 36- Siohban Troy-Carranza

    - Tranquil Space
    - Yoga in the church (with mosquitos!)
    - Kim Wilson
    - Teacher Training
    - The Art of Sequencing
    - Yoga for Tots and Tykes
    - The Art of Touch
    - Seeing bodies
    - Always remembering your first down dog
    - Owning a studio versus not owning a studio
    - Managing Teachers
    - Vinyasa Yoga
    - Practicing yoga/doing anything other than working and raising your kids/motherhood
    - YogaWorks


    Since May 2002, I have been teaching vinyasa yoga in Washington, DC. After falling in love with the practice and wanting to learn more, I completed my 200-hr teacher training with Kimberly Wilson at Tranquil Space. I get to teach students of many levels and backgrounds to move their body and explore how the practice of yoga can positively influence their lives both on and off the mat. I teach group classes, privates, workshops and I am a teacher trainer at Tranquil Space which became part of the YogaWorks Family in August of 2017. I am a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance. In 2014, I completed my 500-hr training and have over 9,000 hours of teaching. I teach five classes per week at YogaWorks in Dupont Circle.



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    DC Yoga Podcast- Joe Miller

    DC Yoga Podcast- Joe Miller

    DC Yoga Podcast Episode 35- Willow Street Yoga Director Joe Miller "yoga is how to die well"."

    - Anusara
    - Iyengar
    - Kung Fu
    - Kripalu
    - Amrit Desai
    - Depression and Demons
    - Rags to Riches
    - Potatoes and Pot
    - Self-esteem
    - Masculinity
    - Anger
    - New Mexico
    - John Friend
    - The teaching voice
    - Yoga sutras
    - The Trantric Tradition
    - Regardless of if you come to a yoga class for peace or for a tight ass, you get more than you bargained for.
    - Bhagavad Gita


    Joe Miller, E-RYT500, draws upon his 20 years of yogic exploration and study of anatomy to recognize and celebrate our endless potential to align with the intelligence of the body. With humor and lots of individualized attention, Joe uses his deep understanding of Hatha Yoga, Tantric Philosophy, and Ayurveda to give students practical tools to experience fully this gift of life. Joe co-leads Willow Street's Teacher Training program, and continues to deepen his own practice by studying with his principal teachers and his amazing family.



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    DC Yoga Podcast- Sun and Moon Yoga owners Annie And Amir

    DC Yoga Podcast- Sun and Moon Yoga owners Annie And Amir

    DC Yoga Podcast Episode 34- Annie and Amir "Paying fierce attention to whatever arises in the moment."

    - Yoga Studios as community centers
    - Asana to help alleviate back pain and correct body imbalances
    - Alignment based yoga classes
    - Economics of Yoga Studios
    - Psychoemotional benefits of yoga
    - Learning to weave philosophy into asana practice
    - Yoga in the DMV in the mid to late 1990s (the outfits definitely were not as nice)
    - Offering a real life alternative to instagram
    - Specificity when cuing poses
    - The value in naming or not naming poses
    - The Heart of the Bhagavad Gita
    - Dharma talks
    - Teaching with authenticity
    - Creating the schedule for a yoga studio
    - How being a yoga studio owner has changed over the years
    - Competition with small box gyms


    Amir stands at the helm as the most senior and followed teacher at, as well as the owner of, the nationally renowned Sun & Moon Yoga Studios in Northern Virginia. In his packed weekly public classes and private one-on-one yoga therapy sessions, he works attentively with students who want an enhanced quality of life through a plainspoken and sensible approach to health and well-being. His innovative techniques blending traditional Indian and Thai yoga influences with restorative postures, therapeutic applications, and somatic movement help students move gently forward on a path of healing, and encourages taking the mindfulness of yoga practice into everyday life. He holds Yoga Alliance’s highest certification level and is also a practitioner of Thai Yoga Therapy.

    During her former career as a high school English teacher, Annie began practicing yoga in the 1990s in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C., in a casual apartment setting with a small group of neighbors and one devoted teacher.

    After her twin daughters were born in 1999, Annie moved to Arlington, VA, and completed teacher training in 2002 at Sun & Moon Yoga, with the intention of bringing yoga philosophy back into the high school classroom.

    Along the way, Annie has taught yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy to thousands of yoga students in public classes at Sun & Moon, in corporate settings, in private one-on-one sessions, as part of basic and advanced teacher trainings, and on retreats. Annie’s regular weekly classes at Sun & Moon are organized by a quarterly theme, and each week presents a short philosophical talk on the theme, followed by a well-rounded physical practice of postures and breathing tied to the theme. Relaxations are long and luxurious. Discussion and questions are welcome. Laughter happens.



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    DC Yoga Podcast- Catherine Marquette

    DC Yoga Podcast- Catherine Marquette

    DC Yoga Podcast Episode 33- Catherine Marquette "Elevating voices instead of owning the conversation."

    - Coming to yoga from athletic injuries
    - Thinking about opening yoga studio
    - Leading 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT)
    - Working in professional sports
    - The beginning of Yoga Alliance (YA)
    - Broad overview of YA
    - Commodification of yoga
    - Yoga Alliance as the credentialing body for yoga teachers
    - How does a Yoga Alliance Registered 200 hour YTT work and where does YA fit in?
    - 200 hour YTT program as the foundation for teaching
    - How do we incentivize yoga teachers to keep learning after the 200 hour certification?
    - YA as advocate for all yoga teachers
    - How do YTT programs work in other countries?
    - How to start a Yoga Alliance YTT school
    - What are the standards for a YA YTT school and how are thy changing?
    - Who approves the programs at YA?
    - What makes a good yoga teacher and how do we evaluate that?
    - Making requirements for yoga schools and teachers without defining yoga
    - YTT programs vs. other group fitness trainings
    - New Code of Professional Conduct


    Catherine S. Marquette
    Vice President of Marketing & Communications | E-RYT 500

    Catherine Marquette is responsible for all of the marketing and communications efforts on behalf of Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Foundation. In addition, she leads Yoga Alliance’s efforts in public relations, member education, and member benefits as well as government relations and advocacy. She has 20 years of marketing experience with organizations including Pepsi, New Balance, D.C. United, the New York Mets, and New York Road Runners. Her expertise spans community, grassroots, brand, partnership, and experiential marketing. Catherine holds Bachelor of Arts Degrees in both Economics and Communications from the University of North Carolina, where she ran varsity track and cross country, and an MBA from Georgetown University. An Iyengar student for more than 15 years, Catherine has been a member of Yoga Alliance for 10 years as a Registered Yoga Teacher (currently E-RYT 500), became a Level 1 Certified YogaWorks instructor in 2016, and took part in her first YogaWorks teacher training program as an Assistant Teacher Trainer in 2018. She teaches classes and workshops in and around Washington, D.C.

    For more about Catherine:


    For more about Yoga Alliance:


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