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Gal Pals Sarah and Stephanie share stories of the paranormal, eerie, and generally outrageous.

Deadtime Storiez Deadtime Storiez

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Gal Pals Sarah and Stephanie share stories of the paranormal, eerie, and generally outrageous.

    E184 Waco Pt. 1: The Miracle-Off

    E184 Waco Pt. 1: The Miracle-Off

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING for those in the states that celebrate - for everyone else: HAPPY THURSDAY!
    Over the next 2 weeks Sarah will dive into an event that is a black stain on America's (recent) history - The Waco Siege (Massacre)

    In Feb. 1993 the ATF pulled up to the Mt. Carmel compound in Waco, TX to conduct what should be a routine search and arrest warrant. Due to the ATF's actions this routine task turned into a 51-day standoff that resulted in the deaths of 76 men, women, and children at the hands of the US Govt.
    Part 1 will give you the history of Mt. Carmel, the Branch Davidians, and Mr. David Koresh himself; leading up to the initial raid.
    Part 2 will be the timeline of the 51 day standoff and the actions and events that lead to so many American citizens losing their lives at the hands of their own government.

    This series is {not} sponsored by Dr. Pepper

    • 1 hr 7 min
    E183 'Til She Was Yeet'ed From This Mortal Coil

    E183 'Til She Was Yeet'ed From This Mortal Coil

    Are you ready for Pt. 2 of the Happy Face Killer saga? Have you too been on the edge of your seat since last week? Well, have no fear because Pt. 2 is here! With minimal banter this episode, we jump right into the 2nd and final piece of the (un)Happy Face Killer story. And believe us when we say.....it's going to take a turn that no-one expected.
    Sarah wraps up with a good ol'fashioned folklore. Picked specifically for Stephanie, this is the tale of "Screaming Jenny". If you're ever in the Harpers Ferry Station in W. Virginia keep an eye out for a ball of light at the end of the tracks. That just might be the ghost of Jenny pleading for help once more.

    • 35 min
    E182 It Doesn't Sound Happy...

    E182 It Doesn't Sound Happy...

    We're back from Guestoberfest and back to our regularly scheduled programming. It's just the two of us, but we're bringing you some jam packed scary storiez, including some real-life real-time jump scares! (you'll know what I mean by that when you listen)

    Sarah starts us out with the spine-tingling tale of Navajo 'Skin Walkers'. Though the term 'skin walker' is exclusive to the Navajo tribe; Sarah will be covering all entities umbrella'd under the term. Get ready for some spooks including personal storiez, and some eerie TikToks (which will be posted on our insta for you to see...if you dare)

    Stephanie wraps up the episode with the beginning of a 2-part seriez!!! She's telling us all about the "Happy Face Killer" and don't let the name fool you....this story will do anything BUT give you a happy face.

    • 54 min
    E181 Not Quite The Holidays - Not Quite An Episode

    E181 Not Quite The Holidays - Not Quite An Episode

    We're taking a break this week - but we would NEVER want to leave our listenerz empty handed. So please enjoy a bonus-content episode of "I SEEN'T it!"
    This episode is all about the 1999 Tim Burton film "Sleepy Hollow". We all know the cast is loaded, but did you know the real breakout star of the movie....it was Christina Ricci's wig. Sarah labels this movie in the "I want to seen't it" category - so stay tuned to see if she follows through and actually watches it.

    If you like this bonus content, head over to our Patreon page and sign up for the $5 tier to get a new episode every month!

    • 33 min
    E180 Guestoberfest: You HAVE To Have A Ghost Light

    E180 Guestoberfest: You HAVE To Have A Ghost Light

    It's the last installment of GUESTOBERFEST!! And what a better way to wrap up than by having our last episode feature our first-guest-ever: Mariangela!!!!!
    She found her way upstairs and for our last Guestoberfest episode, she will be taking us on a tour of haunted Theatres. Listen as Mariangela tells us of the spooks from the stage that have never left. Live Theatre is back, and so are the ghosts!!

    Mariangela has also started a radio show with Eric (yes, our awesome sound designer Eric! - and her husband) called "What Do You Know About That" Check them out on Instagram and Facebook @whatdoyouknowaboutthat

    • 52 min
    E179 Guestoberfest: We Don't Want No Scrub

    E179 Guestoberfest: We Don't Want No Scrub

    We're over halfway through Guestoberfest can you believe it?? We definitely can't!
    To celebrate we thought we would bring back our guest that's always been comin-for-that-numba-one-spot: Kristina!!!!!!
    We're always so excited to have Kristina on the show, and we're doubly excited to welcome her back to Guestoberfest and back for her 13TH EPISODE (spoookyyy).
    Like usual, Kristina comes prepared with a very unsettling - unfun - super spooky - prime Guestoberfest story: the missing persons case of Susan Cox Powell. And, subsequently, the murder of more of the Cox-Powell family. This story has a TRIGGER WARNING for domestic violence and violence toward children.
    As our second-to-last episode of Guestoberfest - this one will definitely leave you with chills up your spine and an unsettled knot in your gut. Thanks Kristina for the spooks! And tune in next week for our final episode of Guestoberfest!!!

    • 1 hr 2 min

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4.8 out of 5
83 Ratings

83 Ratings

KillaKyle ,

Amazing show, great content!

I first heard about this show thru Paranormality’s monthly Top 25 paranormal podcasts for June 2021 and as of today I’m 120 episodes into the show. The hosts are hilarious and have amazing chemistry; they definitely make you feel as if you’re hanging out with a group of friends. I’ve listened to a lot of different paranormal pods over the years, and this one is by far one of my favorites because of the variety of topics they are willing to discuss from true crime to the paranormal even just controversial topics in general. Can’t recommend this pod enough!

Jmmercer ,

Funny Pod!

Love this podcast. Very funny and well put together. Keep up the good work! ☺️👍🏻

The ODDentity Podcast

BluDreamer ,

It’s very goooooood

This show is freakin hilarious

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