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Gal Pals Sarah and Stephanie share stories of the paranormal, eerie, and generally outrageous.

Deadtime Storiez Deadtime Storiez

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Gal Pals Sarah and Stephanie share stories of the paranormal, eerie, and generally outrageous.

    E106 Just Kidding...He Dead

    E106 Just Kidding...He Dead

    Here's to 2 years!!! This week's episode marks our 2 year anniversary of telling weird, spooky, eerie, whatever we want stories -- and we're so glad you've all been along on this journey with us! Stephanie starts us off with a little history lesson about the famous "Mona Lisa". Did you know it was stolen....and it was gone for hours before anyone noticed?? Learn about that, and more! Sarah follows up with the true crime tale of Florida-(young)Man Tyler Hadley. Tyler just wanted to have a party, too bad his parents wouldn't let him.....and we'll let you fill in the blanks on this story - or just listen!!
    On our 2 year anniversary we want to thank all of our listenerz, supporterz, and friendz. We wouldn't be here without all of you, and to be honest we're surprised we're still here (so kudos to YOU for keeping us going!). Here's to 2 more years of your favorite 2-star content!!!!
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    E105 Kurim, I Barely Know Him

    E105 Kurim, I Barely Know Him

    Stop trying to make Fetch happen!! This week Sarah tells us about the Irish folklore of a "Fetch". It's kind of like a doppelganger...except it almost always means death.
    CONTENT WARNING*** Stephanie's tale this week deals with the Kurim Case. Warning that this story contains graphic description of child torture. Tune in, because this case has EVERYTHING you could imagine (and somethings you couldn't).
    Remember! We're selling merch on our website: deadtimestoriez.com be sure to check it out and pick up some while supplies last!

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    E104 Thank You 3-Months

    E104 Thank You 3-Months

    We tried something a little different this episode and we live-streamed the entire recording process! We had fun doing it, and we hope you had fun watching (let us know, and we might do it again in the near future!) But, here's the final edited copy of this week's episode, with all the (most of the) shenanigans left on the cutting room floor. Stephanie goes first this week and tells us the true crime story of Betty Broderick. Betty's story is also the basis for the next season of Dirty John. Sarah follows up with some personal Reddit ghost storiez. These 3 people have quite the storiez to tell, and even some audio to back it up. Tune in to hear all of this and more 2-star content.

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    E103 Is This Growth??

    E103 Is This Growth??

    Are you there listeners? It's us, Deadtime Storiez. And we're baaaccckk!! Episode 103 coming at you with some really uneasy storiez this week. We start off with Sarah telling us about the Iroquois Theatre Fire tragedy of Chicago. In 1903 a stage fire erupted and almost 600 people perished. It shouldn't have happened, and yet, it did. Listen to why and what mistakes were made that led to this tragedy, and also led to many safety precautions we see today. Stephanie follows that up with an even heavier story about Tania Head a 9/11 "survivor". Without giving too much away, this is absolutely a story you have to hear to believe. This episode is heavy, though not with ghosts, but plenty of unease.
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    E102 Guy Fieri & A Top Knot

    E102 Guy Fieri & A Top Knot

    Ain't no turning back from the triple-digits now! Are ya'll still listening? Do you care now that Episode 100 has come and gone? We sure hope so, because we're still here bringing you that quality 3-Star content. This week Stephanie brings us a good-ole-fashioned Pennsylvania ghost story (see, told ya'll we were going back to our roots!) This one is about the only civilian casualty during the Battle of Gettysburg...and their ghost. Sarah follows up with the true crime tale of the murder of Peter Porco. You will NOT believe the twists and turns in this tale!

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    E101 This Sh** Still Slaps

    E101 This Sh** Still Slaps

    Episode 101 is here! We're officially in the triple-digits (and season 2 now...maybe?...probably not). But, back in full swing over here at Deadtime Storiez with an old-school ghost story from Stephanie about Myrtle's Plantation in Louisiana. The plantation has been featured on numerous ghost hunting shows, and appears to house multiple spirits, along with a bloody past. Sarah follows it up with an unsolved mystery (insert theme music here) about the Circleville letters. In 1976 the residents of Circleville, Ohio began receiving strange letters and things really took a turn when one resident became the authors focus and another resident met a grisly demise. To this day the writer is still unknown.
    This episode feels like we're getting back to our Deadtime Storiez roots - so listen today!

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

Retro Late Fee Carol ,

Love It!

Not only do I live the genuinely strange and creepy content from these ladies but I love their energy! Listening to them helps me get past that 2 o’clock feeling at work 😘

philamydelphia ,

If you don’t know, now you know!

Ghosts and haunted things✔️✔️
True Crime✔️
Comedy and great story telling ✔️✔️
This show has it all! I was so happy to come across this podcast. I’ve been binging it ever since! Keep up the great work, ladies! Philly is the better for having you here!

socially_sarcastic ,

Scary (but not TOO scary)

Hey girlz!

I’m binging all the episodes. I had heard y’all’s promo on Southern Spirits and came over to check y’all out and I’ve been hooked ever since! You guys are exactly what I would think it would sound like if my best friend and I started a podcast! Keep rockin on! 💩💩💩💩

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