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The First Podcast Dedicated to Deadzone

Deadzone The Podcast Rob Harper and Jack Fyke

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The First Podcast Dedicated to Deadzone

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3.9 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Plague 3A ,

Good cast.

I am happy to see a Deadzone focused Podcast. That said, this is an audio medium that most of us listen to while painting, driving or doing other things. So requiring us to follow along on the website to look at photos is a bit annoying. If you could focus on describing the important points of the photos you are referring to it would be easier to follow.

I enjoy your views and ideas on the game and look forward to a bunch more!

NickEvancich ,

Hard pass -> podcast poison

This podcast is annoying. They use a character "Georgie" that speaks in a falsetto, which is podcast poison.

This character is poorly voiced and acted. That wouldn't be bad but it pops up for long stretches of time.

Georgie would almost be bearable if the podcast contained a bunch of content about Deadzone. Spoiler alert: the podcast doesn't. So, the episode is filled with an annoying character talking about pointless nonsense that has little to nothing to do with the game.

Great for:
People that enjoy being annoyed by pointless characters on podcasts

Bad for:
People that enjoy hearing about Deadzone

Blackjack Ohare ,

Needs a lot of work

I appreciate the effort put into this podcast. That said, it needs a lot of work. There is precious little information on the actual game presented. No faction overviews, no unit analyses, no tactics or strategy discussions. Deadzone is new and could use insight into to these things. If the current crew can't do that, they should add a person who can. The pacing is also slow and the "Wintergreen" bit is just painful and a non-sequitur with the subject matter.

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