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Podcast by Rees Finlay

    Episode 37: Brentt Harshman

    Episode 37: Brentt Harshman

    Episode 37: Brentt Harshman by Rees Finlay

    • 1 hr
    Episode 36: B.J Mendelson

    Episode 36: B.J Mendelson

    In the first of the two 'lost episodes' that weren't released during the podcast's original run. Author, Speaker and comic book creator B.J Mendelson is on the podcast to discuss his works, social media etiquette and how to approach pitching and selling both your product and yourself.

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    • 45 min
    Episode 33: Juice Aleem

    Episode 33: Juice Aleem

    Juice Aleem is a rapper from Birmingham, England. After putting years of energy into the Birmingham Hip Hop scene, Juice's "Ghetto Grammer" Freestyle rap sessions started featuring such other future stars as Ty, Skinnyman and MPHO. In 1996 Will Ashon starts up his new Ninja Tune backed label Big Dada and plans a roster of performers. Bandit of Birmingham's MSI/Asylum crew informs Will of Juice as he is contemplating who can truly represent the ethos of the new label. Ashon is impressed with the music and agrees to have Aleem on board. The results of this is the first release of the now iconic record label.

    In 1997 Juice features on Big Dada record label's first ever release, "Misanthropic", under the pseudonym "Alpha Prhyme", a collaboration between himself and Luke Vibert.

    As a regular compere and host for Ninjatune and their events Aleem ended up working with the true veterans of the label, Coldcut and touring with them around Russia, China, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Ukraine.

    He joins Rees on the podcast to talk about The upcoming B-Side Hip Hop festival in birmingham, as well as some deep talk about egos, mental health and afrofuturism.

    Find more from Juice here:

    And the B-Side Hip Hop Festival here:

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    Episode 32: Roger Langridge

    Episode 32: Roger Langridge

    Roger Langridge was born in New Zealand, where he studied English at the University of Auckland. In 1990, he moved to Great Britain, where he settled for good in 1993. His comics work includes 'Art d' Ecco' and 'Zoot!' for Fantagraphics, and 'Fred the Clown' for Les Cartoonistes Dangereux, plus occasional odd jobs for DC, Deadline, A1, Dark Horse and Fleetway. He has often worked together with his younger brother Andrew Langridge. One of his notable works was the series 'The Straitjacket Fits' in Judge Dredd Megazine.

    He lives in London with his wife Sylvie Joly, who has translated some of his work into French. He earns his living by doing illustration work for educational textbooks and the odd magazine, with occasional comic work. He had his own webcomic, 'Fred the Clown', which he self-published as small press titles and which was also collected in a book by Fantagraphics in 2004.

    Langridge then drew the 'Fin Fang Four' with Scott Gray, first for Marvel Monsters and in the digital comic Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. He also gained fame with his 'Muppet Show' artwork for the comic books published by Boom! Studios. He later got his own title, 'Snarked', and wrote a series of comic books starring 'Popeye' for IDW.

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    Episode 31: Aubrey Aguilar

    Episode 31: Aubrey Aguilar

    Rees has ran out of friends. So aubrey is kind enough to endure a chat for the 2nd time. As we discuss the muppets, the infinity war between pepsi and coke, and how to summon dead celebrities to be guests on the podcast.

    • 37 min
    Episode 30: Yen Quach

    Episode 30: Yen Quach

    Yen Quach is an artist, illustrator and regular contributor to/maker of zines and comics.

    In 2015 she graduated from Coventry University with a BA in Illustration & Animation.

    When not drawing for herself or clients, she moonlights as the 'Astral Assistant' for Al Davison

    and attends conventions under the banner of The Astral Gypsy Studio.

    Yen's website:
    Buy Future Echoes here:
    Buy yen a coffee here:

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So Many Great Artists & Conversations

This is easily one of the most enjoyable podcasts currently, regardless of topic or genre.

Rees Finlay has eclectic guests from comics, art, music, and film, with eclectic personalties which makes every episode a surprise in the best way :)

As a final emphasis, the coversations are a direct result of some timely and important issues, such as Mental Health, being brought into the open and shared in a way that can leave you nothing but a hopeful feeling. This is highly recommended.

Red642345 ,

Rees is great!

Rees is one of the most inspiring creators in the indie market and it's great to hear him bring so many creators to the forefront.

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