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Podcast by Rogue Snr WH Advisor

Deep State of the Union Rogue Snr WH Advisor

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Podcast by Rogue Snr WH Advisor

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4.0 out of 5
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6 Ratings

Cjburt128 ,

Love your tweets.

I love your tweets, dude. But the podcast isn’t telling us anything we didn’t know.
You have a rambling way of speaking that I’d love in person, but isn’t so great for passive listening. It was kind of hard to listen. No new good juicy news.
I think you were much better on Twitter.
You’re preaching to the choir, you know. And you say “you know” a lot. Without new information, this might not be your best vehicle.
Not that I don’t love you - I do. And maybe you’ll get better at it. But you lost credibility here, because people think no one highly connected would use his voice.
I disagree with the analysis that Trump is only a small part of the problem. I also disagree with your totally discouraging message. As one of our best presidents taught us, we must not lose hope.
I also do not believe that other presidents were in any way comparable to Trump. Most had some noble characteristics, most were more good men than bad. Trump is evil and he is not comparable to any previous American president. As for Pence, yes, he needs to be gone, too! If Trump is wrongly in office, so is Pence.
But don’t stop tweeting - you’re famous for that!

Gibbyusnr ,


How is it legal for trump to charge the government when the secret service has to stay at his golf courses. How is it legal to tell the postal service to raise the prices for amazon? How can he keep doing illegal things. I am excited to listen to your podcast every week.

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