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Deeper Digs in Rock is the companion show to the Rock N Roll Archaeology Podcast.

We conduct interviews, go on field trips, and comment on special topics with rockers, writers, academics, artists, photographers, producers, engineers, and more.

It all ties in with our very big central theme: Rock N Roll History and how it created a feedback loop with the culture and grew into a global phenomenon.

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Deeper Digs in Rock Christian Swain

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Deeper Digs in Rock is the companion show to the Rock N Roll Archaeology Podcast.

We conduct interviews, go on field trips, and comment on special topics with rockers, writers, academics, artists, photographers, producers, engineers, and more.

It all ties in with our very big central theme: Rock N Roll History and how it created a feedback loop with the culture and grew into a global phenomenon.

We’re part of the Osiris podcast network. Osiris is creating a community that connects people like you with podcasts and live experiences about artists and topics you love.

    Marcus King

    Marcus King

    Christian Swain, THE Rock N Roll Archaeologist, celebrates show 100 with hot new singer/guitarist Marcus King! First, Christian thanks all who have helped him get to 100 and remind everyone who has been on the show. We find out the real secret sauces that make DDIR what it is and what is the real mission! And then it is a short interview from the road with Marcus.
    A 23-year-old guitar phenom and innovative songwriter, Marcus King can simultaneously switch from swaggering rock to supersonic soul – with his vocal powers taking center stage on debut solo record El Dorado, out now. The album is a Dan Auerbach produced, genre-bending release from a world-class young talent, that will establish him as one of the most soulful voices of his generation.
    Marcus started learning guitar at age three or four. He has played professionally since he was 11 and always knew he wanted to make music his life. A fourth-generation musician, Marcus has followed in his family’s footsteps. His grandfather was a country guitarist, and his father continues to perform live. The Marcus King Band founded in Greenville, South Carolina in 2013, is his tight knit group. Drummer Jack Ryan, bass player Stephen Campbell, trumpeter/trombonist Justin Johnson, sax/steel guitarist Dean Mitchell along with Marcus—bring an irreplaceable combination of commitment, craft and soul to their work and are one of the hardest working bands today. They have played 140 shows in the last year and sold out countless venues, including Brooklyn Bowl three nights in a row and Marcus’ namesake festival, The Marcus King Band Family Reunion. This year, the festival featured acts such as Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Yonder Mountain String Band, Josh Ritter, Amanda Shires, and many more. 
    From the start, Marcus earned rave reviews for his kinetic musicianship with The Washington Post describing him as a “guitar phenom” at age 20. Carolina Confessions, helmed by GRAMMY-Award winning producer Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson), topped the Americana radio charts and received critical acclaim from the likes of VICE Noisey, NPR and Rolling Stone, who described him as an “electrifying rock performer.” Marcus also recently embarked on a string of dates with Chris Stapleton, who called him “one of his favorite artists” when he recently joined him onstage. Marcus King continues to re-write his fast moving and surprising story. You can hear change in the wisdom of his lyrics and deeply soulful vocals, bringing sheer musical command to every performance. 

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    Let’s Rock N Roll Archaeology some EDM Diggers! Christian sits down with Goldroom, aka Josh Legg.  They go deep into his SoCal chill EDM beats and how a kid from Boston created the new laid back sounds of L.A.
    Josh Legg, known professionally as Goldroom, is an American electronic musician. egg grew up in Wellesley, Massachusetts and studied psychology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He and classmate Kyle Peterson formed the synthpop band NightWaves and co-founded the record label Binary Entertainment, although the former went on hiatus in 2011. From its establishment in 2007, Binary has worked with artists including Anoraak, Bag Raiders, College, Futurecop!, Miami Horror, and The Twelves.
    Legg began producing music under the name Goldroom in 2011, with remixes of tracks including Niki and the Dove's "Mother Protect". He took his stage name from the name of a bar in Los Angeles' Echo Park area. He released his debut EP, Angeles, the same year, followed by the EP Embrace in 2013. Although Goldroom had performed vocals on all Angeles tracks (he also sang harmonies and backing vocals in NightWaves), for Embrace he enlisted vocalists including Chela, Ariela Jacobs, Mereki, and Say Lou Lou.In 2014, Goldroom released the single "Till Sunrise", the music video for which was directed by actress Dianna Agron. In 2015, he issued the EP It's Like You Never Went Away via Downtown Records. Accompanying the EP, music videos for each of the tracks were premiered via the video messaging application Snapchat. It's Like You Never Went Away includes a newly recorded version of "Embrace" featuring the song's co-writer, George Maple.
    Goldroom's musical influences include Alan Braxe, Daft Punk, Bob Dylan, Fred Falke, Al Green, LCD Soundsystem, Nirvana, and Tom Petty. He describes his output as "modern dance music production incorporating live instrumentation" and "dance music for the backyard, dance music for the beach".

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    Ritchie Valens: His Guitars and Music with Ryan Sheeler

    Ritchie Valens: His Guitars and Music with Ryan Sheeler

    A timely bonus episode of Deeper Digs in Rock! Christian sits down with Ryan Sheeler, lecturer in the music department at Iowa State University where he teaches the History of American Rock ‘n’ Roll. He has a new book out from Hal Leonard Press called ‘Ritchie Valens: His Guitars and Music’.
    On February 3rd, 1959, Valens, along with the Big Bopper and Winter Dance Party tour headliner Buddy Holly, climbed into Roger Peterson’s Beechcraft Bonanza for what should have been a short flight from Clearlake Iowa to Moorhead City, Minnesota. As most rockers know, the plane crashed shortly after takeoff in poor weather, killing all on board. The infamous “Day the Music Died”.
    Ryan's quick read book is less biography and more detailed on the 1950’s vintage equipment Valens used in his very, very short career (less than one year). He also provides transcriptions (tablature and notation) on the song La Bamba, both as originally recorded and covered by Los Lobos for the biopic released in 1987.

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    The HU

    The HU

    It’s a Rock N Roll Archaeological Dig as Christian sits down with the hot new band out of the Mongolian Steppes, The HU! 
    Meeting just a few minutes before their Oakland California show in December, the four primary members, who play the traditional instruments and perform the incredible throat singing, Gala, Temka, Jaya and Enkush tell us all about Hunnu culture and how it is infused in all their music, what they like about touring the States and how they are being received in the Western world.  Conducted with their translator Tuga backstage at the New Parish.
    The HU is a band from Mongolia that blends heavy metal and traditional Mongolian throat singing.  Their first two videos (“Yuve Yuve Yu” and “Wolf Totem”) immediately went viral garnering the band over 30 million views.  The explosive reaction to The HU resulted in a number of features about the band in international media such as NPR, ET India Times, Playboy Mexico, Jack Canal+Fr, Hong Kong 01, DW News Germany and others. 
    If you are a video gamer or Star Wars fan and played the recent Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game, you would hear a song early on called "Black Thunder" and it's by The HU. The fact that their music is featured in a Star Wars video game is huge - no other real-world music has ever existed in the universe. And since Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is confirmed Star Wars canon, that means that The HU rock band is now also Star Wars canon.
    The band’s name The HU, is the Mongolian root word for human being.  They call their style “Hunnu Rock”…inspired by the Hunnu, an ancient Mongolian empire, known as The Huns in western culture. Some of the band’s lyrics include old Mongolian war cries and poetry. 
    Founded in 2016 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by their producer Dashka, along with the members Gala, Jaya, Temka, and Enkush. The HU combines Rock Music with traditional Mongolian instrumentation like the Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle), Tovshuur (Mongolian guitar), Tumur Khuur (jaw harp), guttural throating singing and the bombastic bass and drums of rock.  All four members have earned Bachelor’s or higher degrees in music and have several years of touring experience throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.  
    Since the formation of the band, they’ve been working on their first album, The Gereg, out now.  The word "Gereg" was used as the first Diplomatic “Passport” by the Mongol empire during the time of Genghis Khan.
    The album contains nine songs including viral hits “Yuve Yuve Yu” and “Wolf Totem”, and was released on September 13, 2019 via Eleven Seven Music. 

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    Ed Sheeran with Sean Smith

    Ed Sheeran with Sean Smith

    It’s 2020! We begin the new year with a newer artist! Ed Sheeran is the subject of famed U.K. celebrity biographer Sean Smith who we sit down and discuss in detail his latest book, simply called, “Ed Sheeran”.
    Ed Sheeran is a true inspiration. His moving and uplifting songs forge a lasting connection with the millions of people around the world who love him and his music.He was the thirteen-year-old guitarist in a school rock band when he decided to become a singer-songwriter, even though he could barely hold a tune and had never written a song. Within a year, he had recorded an album in his bedroom.Bestselling biographer Sean Smith traces the astonishing journey of the shy little boy with a stammer who, avoiding flashy showmanship, grew up to be a global phenomenon.Through compelling new research and interviews, he tells the story of Ed's remarkable mum and dad who gave their son the courage to pursue his dream, the friends and mentors who encouraged him and the lovers who inspired his most famous songs.Smith describes the setbacks Ed faced before his fortunes were transformed by Elton John's management company, a record deal and a song that changed everything - with a little help from Taylor Swift.Ed found it difficult to cope with the world at his feet, but a new relationship with a girl from his home town has brought him happiness and a fresh purpose in life.Now he is the most successful solo star on the planet, earning £83 million last year. Yet in the middle of his record-breaking 2018 UK tour, he played for just 400 people at a charity night to raise money for the homeless.As this captivating book reveals, there's no one quite like Ed.
    Sean Smith is the UK's leading celebrity biographer and the author of five Sunday Times best sellers including Cheryl, the definitive biography of Cheryl Cole.
    His books about the most famous people of our times have been translated throughout the world. His subjects include Robbie Williams, Kate Middleton, Tulisa, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Alesha Dixon,Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and J. K. Rowling. The film Magic Beyond Words: The J. K. Rowling Story was based on his biography of the Harry Potter author.
    Described by the Independent as a 'fearless chronicler', he specializes in meticulous research, going 'on the road' to find the real person behind the star image.

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    Allan Clarke of The Hollies

    Allan Clarke of The Hollies

    It’s the Holiday Deeper Dig!  Christian gets in deep with Allan Clarke, one of the founders of an original British Invasion band, The Hollies! The Hollies are a British rock group best known for their pioneering and distinctive three-part vocal harmony style. The Hollies became one of the leading British groups of the 1960s (231 weeks on the UK singles charts during the 1960s, the 9th highest of any artist of the decade) and into the mid 1970s. The band was formed by Allan Clarke and Graham Nash in 1962 as a Merseybeat-type music group in Manchester, although some of the band members came from towns further north in East Lancashire. Graham Nash left the group in 1968 to form the supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash.
    They enjoyed considerable popularity in many countries (at least 60 singles or EPs and 26 albums charting somewhere in the world, spanning over five decades), although they did not achieve major US chart success until 1966 with "Bus Stop". The Hollies had over 30 charting singles on the UK Singles Chart, and 22 on the Billboard Hot 100, with major hits on both sides of the Atlantic that included "Just One Look", "Look Through Any Window", "I Can't Let Go", "Bus Stop", "Stop Stop Stop", "On a Carousel", "Carrie Anne", "Jennifer Eccles", and later "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress", and "The Air That I Breathe".
    The Hollies are one of the few UK groups of the early 1960s, along with the Rolling Stones, that have never disbanded and continue to record and perform. In recognition of their achievements, the Hollies were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.
    Harold Allan Clarke is an English pop rock singer, who was one of the founding members and the original lead singer of The Hollies and as inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010 . He retired from performing in 1999, due in part to ongoing medical problems with his vocal cords, while at the same time his wife since 1964, Jennifer Bowstead Clarke experienced a recurrence of Cancer. 
    In the autumn of 2019 Allan returned with a new album on BMG, appropriately titled ‘Resurgence’.

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