Dementia Caregiving for Families Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
67 Ratings

67 Ratings

ShanaNute ,

Lizette is amazing!

With both my parents being diagnosed with dementia, our family knew we needed help to understand it, how to help ourselves and our parents navigate through the unknown “adventures” ahead.

We found Lizette and her vast expertise, resources and calm, caring nature made it a no brainer to hire her as our coach.

We are now 6+ months into her coaching and I’ve learned so much.

Not only about dementia, but the stages my parents are in now, what’s coming up next, what will be in the future. How to help them and ourselves through this, prioritizing ourselves while helping them. Resources to help us create a better, healthier living environment for their minds. How best to work the healthcare system to get what our parents need when they need it. How to have difficult conversations, what questions need to be asked and things need to be put into place now, while their minds are in a place to tell us what they want done as the decline progresses.

Lizette is by our side through all the ups and downs. Her weekly group coaching is invaluable as we learn at a deeper level from listening to her coach others in the group as well as ourselves.

While I love this podcast (thank you Lizette for doing this) her coaching will make the biggest difference if you have a loved one with dementia.

She is truly an expert, cares about you and is the lifeline you need to navigate the rough waters ahead in your and your loved ones dementia journey. ❤️

Lizlikesthebirds ,

Wow! This was timely

I’m so happy to have found this podcast. My grandmother has her. Diagnosed and my mom is her full time care taker. It’s been hard and this is so valuable I’m sharing with my mom!!

Lou Campasano PT ,

Needed Info When Caring for Someone with Dementia

As a physical therapist who has worked with the elderly in there homes over the past 12 years, I find Lizette’s podcast extremely valuable. With Lizette not only working as an occupational therapist in this population for many years, but reversing the roles and acting as primary caregiver has given her an insight that many professionals do not offer.
I have learned much I’m the past few episodes that I have already found helpful when working with my clientele.
Great Job!

Estelle Avbuere ,

Amazing resource!

This is such a powerful and amazing resource for so many people with family struggling with dementia! Thank you for sharing your expertise and experience to truly help so many!💜

kimandfaith ,

Wonderful information

Wow you are helping so many people who need to hear this information- keep up the good work!!

Kori Ann Faith ,

Lizette is so Compassionate

I love how Lizette is deeply convicted and compassionate in the caregiving arena. She offers practical advice through a Christian lense. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us. You love people so well.

{C_H} ,

5 STARS!!!

It’s rare to find someone with this level of expertise, even rarer to find someone who can communicate it effectively, and unheard of for someone in that position to be caring an compassionate enough to give this away for free. Absolutely exceptional podcast, couldn’t recommend it higher!

LC19091970 ,

Love the passion!

I listened to the hour long episodes from Chatting with Betsy and I am so excited to find this podcast. Lizette is so passionate about helping people just like me who are helping two parents. Don’t wait too long to get help. We don’t have to struggle alone. Thanks! Can’t wait for more episodes.

R Alejandro ,

Wow! What a great and needed podcast!

Lizette you do a fantastic job in this podcast bringing out real practical information and tips to help families that have a member with dementia. i’m so glad I found this podcast! I will share with friends and family, who I know can benefit from this at this time in their lives. your new friend and fellow Podcaster, 💖 Rosie of the Intentional Christian Woman podcast and the Her Teacher Voice podcast.

Csingletary45 ,

Speaks with her Heart

Lisette speaks not only with kindness and caring for her listeners but with authenticity as she is traveling this same road. She is definitely someone to listen to for advice in this journey.