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Destination Eat Drink brings you delicious dishes and tasty beverages from the world's great foodie cities. Join us for a culinary adventure as we explore the world one plate at a time.

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Destination Eat Drink brings you delicious dishes and tasty beverages from the world's great foodie cities. Join us for a culinary adventure as we explore the world one plate at a time.

    Destination Eat Drink – Cape Town, South Africa

    Destination Eat Drink – Cape Town, South Africa

    Beignets with a Senegalese flair, a bunny dish with NO rabbit, and the best drink to keep away the mosquitoes. This week we’re in Cape Town, South Africa with Elsje Erasmus of Cape Town Culinary Tours for all that plus coffee touba and a dish called bobotie. [EP63]

    Show Notes:

    Cape Town Culinary Tours https://www.capetownculinarytours.com/

    Cape Town Culinary Tours coupon code DEATDRINK2020 (15% off on our tours)

    Black Mirror episode filmed in Cape Town https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Junipero

    Eastern Food Bazaar http://www.easternfoodbazaar.co.za/

    Miriam’s Kitchen http://mariamskitchen.co.za/

    Bo-Kapp neighborhood https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bo-Kaap

    Fatima Sydow https://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/food-drink/cape-malay-cuisine-gurus-fatima-and-gadija-sydow-release-new-cookbook-21430562

    Cafe Charles https://www.charles.capetown/

    Gold Restaurant http://goldrestaurant.co.za/

    Marco’s African Place https://www.marcosafricanplace.com/

    African Cafe https://www.africacafe.co.za/

    Long March to Freedom https://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/western-cape/monumental-long-march-to-freedom-exhibition-opens-in-cape-town-37194665

    The Beer House https://www.beerhouse.co.za/

    Openwine http://openwineza.co.za/

    Froggit & Vonkel wine bar http://www.frogitt.co.za/


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    Destination Eat Drink – Palermo, Sicily

    Destination Eat Drink – Palermo, Sicily

    Rice balls in different shapes, gelato in a brioche bun, and a market named for yelling, this week we’re in Palermo, Sicily for all that plus a trip to the restaurant with the best dishes made from local mushrooms and pasties made by a former nun. Marco Scapagnini of Niche Italy tells us the best places, best plates, and best drinks in Palermo. [EP62]

    Show Notes:

    Niche Italy tour company http://www.nicheitaly.com/

    Caffe Svlelato Naples https://www.facebook.com/caffesvelato

    Moccia Naples https://www.mocciapanificio.it/

    Pizzeria di Matteo Naples http://www.pizzeriadimatteo.com/

    Ortigia outdoor market https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/italy/ortigia-sicily/#Ortigia_Market

    La Vucciria Market – Via Coltellieri 46, Palermo

    Ballaro Market – Via Ballaro 1, Palermo

    Il Capo Market – Via Cappuccinell, Palermo

    Sfincione https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/italy/ortigia-sicily/#Pizza

    Frutta Martorana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frutta_martorana

    Bar Alba http://lnx.pasticceriaalba.it/

    Medieval Laundry Cefalu https://www.cefalu.website/en/what-to-visit/lavatoio-medievale/itm/161/

    Nangalarunni restaurant http://www.hostarianangalarruni.it/

    Maria Grammatico https://www.mariagrammatico.it/

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    Destination Eat Drink – Rio

    Destination Eat Drink – Rio

    A dish named after Romeo and Juliet, Brazillian moon shine, and how to best enjoy Carnival, this week we’re in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition, we’ll visit Rio’s famous beaches as we talk with Rio foodie tour guide Tom Le Mesurier. [EP61]

    Show Notes:

    Eat Rio https://eatrio.net/

    Bar do Momo https://www.facebook.com/bardomomotijuca

    Difference between Brazil and Portugal (comedy video-in Portuguese) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSLIO2l8QHI

    Aconchego Carioca https://www.facebook.com/aconchego.carioca/

    Hop Lab Pub https://www.facebook.com/hoplabpub/

    Marchezinho https://www.instagram.com/marchezinho/

    Magnifica cachaça http://www.cachacamagnifica.com.br/en/our-history.html

    Noo Cachaçaria https://noocachacaria.com.br/

    Bar Da Gema https://www.barcariocadagema.com.br/

    Bar Madrid https://www.facebook.com/barmadrid11/

    Galeto Sat’s https://www.facebook.com/galetosats/

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    Destination Eat Drink – Budapest and Sicily

    Destination Eat Drink – Budapest and Sicily

    A fried bread called Langos, Hungarian moonshine and suitcases full of paprika. We’re in Budapest, Hungary for thermal spas and delicious desserts, too with Eszter Vajda of You, Me & Silicy. Plus, we talk some cool things to do in Sicily and Eszter’s exciting new venture. [EP60]

    Show Notes

    You Me & Sicily https://you-me-sicily.myshopify.com/

    Budapest Christmas Market http://budapestchristmas.com/

    Budapest Central Market http://www.piaconline.hu/new/index.php?pageLang=angol

    Margaret Island https://www.thecrowdedplanet.com/7-things-margaret-island/

    Thermal Baths of Budapest http://www.bathsbudapest.com/szechenyi-bath

    Scacciata https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWnjXQpvy6A

    Saint Agatha Festival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bktwJlL-BJU&t=7s

    Taormina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxwKWyE1fRg

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    Destination Eat Drink – Vienna, Austria

    Destination Eat Drink – Vienna, Austria

    Schnitzel, opulent coffee houses and the best thing to eat after a late night of drinking, this week we’re in Vienna, Austria where it’s much more than fancy palaces and classical music. We talk with Melinda Borzsak-Schramm of Vienna Food Tours. [EP59]

    Show Notes:

    Vienna Food Tours https://viennafood.tours/

    Lugeck restaurant https://www.lugeck.com/en

    Vienna Food Tour Guide picks her favorites https://viennafood.tours/vienna-food-tours/blog/ellas-favourite-vienna-picks

    Bastei Beisl http://www.basteibeisl.at/

    Café Engländer http://www.cafe-englaender.com/

    Cafe Central https://www.cafecentral.wien/en/

    Cafe Demel https://www.demel.com/en/

    Cafe Sacher https://www.sacher.com/en/restaurants/cafe-sacher-wien/

    Cafe Museum https://www.cafemuseum.at/en/cafe-museum.html

    Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner http://feuerwehrwagner.at/english/home.html

    Obermann https://www.weinbauobermann.at/

    Vienna Opera House https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/

    Musikverein https://www.musikverein.at/

    Vienna Philharmonic Summer Concert https://www.sommernachtskonzert.at/index_en.html

    Haus der Musik https://www.hausdermusik.com/en/

    Schönbrunn Palace https://www.schoenbrunn.at/en/

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    Destination Eat Drink – Lisbon, Portugal

    Destination Eat Drink – Lisbon, Portugal

    Custard tarts, cherry liqueur, and soulful Fado music, we’re in Lisbon, Portugal for sheep’s milk cheese, wine bottles opened without a corkscrew, and lots and lots of climbing of the Seven Hills. [EP58]


    Show Notes:

    Lisbon Foodie Travel Guide https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/portugal/lisbon-portugal/

    Pasteis de Belem https://pasteisdebelem.pt/en/

    Pastelaria Santo António https://www.facebook.com/Apastelariasantoantonio

    Manteigaria https://www.facebook.com/manteigaria.oficial/

    Terra https://www.restauranteterra.pt/English/Welcome.html

    Ao 26 – Vegan Food Project https://www.facebook.com/ao26veganfoodproject

    Francesinha  https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/portugal/porto-portugal/#Francesinha

    Mercado da Baixa https://www.adbaixapombalina.pt/mercado-da-baixa.html

    Time Out Market https://www.timeoutmarket.com/lisboa/en/

    Chef Miguel Castro Silva http://miguelcastrosilva.com/restaurante/2/mcs-mercado-da-ribeira/

    A Ginjinha https://www.facebook.com/GinjinhaEspinheira/

    Lisbon Winery https://www.lisbonwinery.com/

    Cafe A Brasileira https://abrasileira.pt/site/

    Carmo Archeological Museum http://www.museuarqueologicodocarmo.pt/info_en.html

    Fado Museum www.museudofado.pt

    Commerce Square https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/portugal/lisbon-portugal/#Praca_do_Comercio_Commerce_Square

    Via Viagem Card https://www.metrolisboa.pt/en/buy/viva-viagem-card/

    Lisboa Card https://www.lisboacard.org/

    Jeronimos Monastery http://www.mosteirojeronimos.gov.pt/en/

    Belem https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/portugal/lisbon-portugal/#Belem

    Elevators and Funiculars http://www.carris.pt/en/elevator-funiculars/

    Sintra https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/portugal/lisbon-portugal/#Sintra

    Evora https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/portugal/lisbon-portugal/#Evora

    Coimbra https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/portugal/lisbon-portugal/#Coimbra

    Porto https://destinationeatdrink.com/europe/portugal/porto-portugal/


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