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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform for inspired interviews from SInger/Songwriters, Authors, Speakers, and Thought Leaders, Music and Film Producers, Fashion Models, Life coaches, Social Media experts and mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!

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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform for inspired interviews from SInger/Songwriters, Authors, Speakers, and Thought Leaders, Music and Film Producers, Fashion Models, Life coaches, Social Media experts and mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!

    307. Chara Rodriguera, an instrument of Universal “LOVE”

    307. Chara Rodriguera, an instrument of Universal “LOVE”

    We’ve got a fabulous guest today, as we usually do! She is an inspirational and best-selling author, facilitator, Self as an artist, and the Creator of Sol Path Yoga. Since 1995, she has been a student and teacher of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Inspired living. She specializes in sharing life-changing practices, and programs that empower us to live with more awareness, skill, peace, and love. She's known for her intuitive, poetic, and loving style. She inspires people all over the world to shine their divine light, live their unique magic, and honor their authentic path.
    She’s a Mama, a Mystique, a Master of holding sacred space for personal evolution and spiritual practice. We’re going to New Jersey today with Chara Rodriguera.
    In this episode, we’ll learn more of Chara’s stories, experiences, and life lessons that led her to the love that she found. She also leads us to meditation towards the end – this is an awesome experience even for those who haven’t tried meditating before. Get excited and tune in for this episode of dHarmic evolution with Chara.
    Check out Chara’s previous interview here as well: https://dharmicevolution.com/old-blog/de170-chara-rodriguera-live-your-own-kind-of-magic-its-chara-tv-the-ultimate-creator/
    More about Chara Rodriguera
    Check out www.chara.tv, Chara Rodriguera’s website. She shares a wonderful gift that you can get for free. This is called “BREATHE and Let the Magic Begin” – a guided life-changing meditation.
    Catch Chara’s online yoga classes as well at moxie.xyz every Wednesday, 9:30 PM EST.
    “I think we're all on a healing and a blossoming journey. We're all on a journey of learning to give and receive love… To give, and receive, and embody love.”
    “As I became more aware and intentional about creating an inspired life, a heart-centered life, I started making more empowering choices, as to mindset messages that I was going to surround myself with the types of people, the types of organizations that I want to be a part of. And so, little by little I started gravitating toward other heart-centered, God-inspired people. And little by little, as the light started coming in, my life started to be a reflection of my deepest truth. And I call that walking our Soul path.”
    “Sometimes, when we are dealing with something that's upsetting us, that we feel angry about, or we're in a negative state about, we try to fight the negativity and we try to get rid of it, which causes a lot of resistance. And I have found – and this is what the practice of yoga and spiritual practices taught me – that by inviting the light in, inviting the love in, inviting spirit in, the forgiveness, the healing starts to happen automatically.”
    “I can have a lot of intentions throughout the day, but my one guiding intention is to be an instrument of universal love.”
    “…Maybe they're not singer-songwriters, or an author or a writer, maybe they're calling us something different. I would like to share with you that that doesn't mean you're not a creator. Your life is your greatest art form. I believe our life is a creation, we create through our thoughts, words, our actions, and our choices.”
    00:54 Introducing Chara Rodriguera
    04:38 Check out Chara’s new book, “Love”
    06:51 How Chara started out in Yoga.
    11:11 Why “Breathe” is important.
    13:07 Chara shares the three magical benefits of intentional deep breathing.
    17:03 Chara has a complimentary gift for EVERYONE.
    18:43 What happened along the way after Chara started teaching Yoga?
    21:46 What led Chara to the love that saved her?
    29:07 Did Chara find the forgiveness in her path, and did it help her get through the challenging part of her life?
    36:14 Adding more to forgiveness.
    41:33 Chara Rodriguera: For listeners who

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    306. Time to make a “Midnight Escape” with Indiana’s Jazz Singer, Barbara Santora

    306. Time to make a “Midnight Escape” with Indiana’s Jazz Singer, Barbara Santora

    Time to make a “Midnight Escape” with Indiana’s Jazz Singer, Barbara Santora
    We have a phenomenal jazz singer on today’s episode of the dHarmic evolution. She became known not only for her pure voice in exceptional five-octave range, but for her ability to connect with her audiences emotionally and draw them into the music. She has played in Las Vegas for 14 years, sharing the stage alongside talents like Frank Sinatra Jr. and Billy Preston. She also was a featured entertainer for USO, lifting the spirits of our men and women in uniform for three years. From the great state of Indiana, let’s welcome Barbara Santora!
    Today, Barbara shares to us her great experiences in Las Vegas and the time she did USO tours. Get to know her more and of course, her music! We’re featuring some of her amazing songs such as “Micky’s,” “Midnight Escape,” and “That’s Just the Way It Goes”. We’ll get to listen to them, know their stories and go behind the scenes.
    More about Barbara Santora
    John Michael O’Leary –pianist, singer, and composer. Barbara’s duo called Side by Side.
    Check out their Facebook page and website to keep up to date with their awesome songs and new releases. All links are provided below.
    “I really hope James that I never reach a point in my life in my career, that I don't think I can learn something from someone. Because, I believe that if you reach that point where you feel that you cannot learn anymore, then you're really done.”
    “I really think that that's the whole inspiration behind the whole thing is that, push the other stuff aside, stay true to yourself, and move forward. And somewhere, someone along the way, is finally going to realize who you are and what you do.”
    “I go back to the fact that I don't believe that it was my talent that stopped me; from our lack of talent that stopped me from making it a long time ago. If what we call making it is what we call like, being known all over the world. But I really believe it was because I believed that you had to keep the principles. If I cannot look in the mirror and like who I am, then I'm not gonna be happy.”
    “It doesn't really make any difference if you've got 100 people or you've got 10,000 people. You are there to do what God gave you the gift to do and do it. Go for it. Go for it. I don't care how big your crowd is how little your crowd is. Give them all you've got because that's what God gave you.”
    “For all of those out there that have given up. Put your career in God's hands, and in His timing, and let Him decide when it's right for you to do it. Because you're going to go through obstacles all along your way. But if you love it, and it's what you're driven to do, put it in His hands and watch his miracles happen.”
    03:18     Introducing Barbara Santora
    04:38     Barbara’s music – has it always been jazz for her?
    07:33     Barbara’s time in USO
    11:14     Listen to “Micky’s” by Barbara Santora
    13:54     How was Micky’s put together?
    16:29     Where did they record Micky’s?
    17:40     For Barbara, what is the best process when putting a song together?
    22:37     Listen to “Midnight Escape” by Barbara Santora
    26:41     The story behind the song “Midnight Escape”
    28:52     Barbara shares her journey in Vegas, and some stories
    with the people, she shared the stage with.
    35:31     For Barbara, what is her best chapter in life?
    39:55     Listen to “That’s Just the Way It Goes” by Barbara Santora
    43:43     Barbara takes us to the studio when recording “That’s Just the Way It Goes”
    47:38     How are they doing in Indiana and how they handled the pandemic?
    51:31     Barbara’s favorite places to play.
    56:18     Barbara Santo

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    Kate Magdalena, a Singer-Songwriter with a Purpose to “Rebel” for the Truth.

    Kate Magdalena, a Singer-Songwriter with a Purpose to “Rebel” for the Truth.

    We’ve got an awesome lady on the show today who is a celebrated singer-songwriter. We had her on the show before and I am happy to have her back featuring her new songs. All the way from North California, it is the wonderful, ubiquitous, and captivating voice of Kate Magdalena.
    Kate Magdalena gets deep on what’s going on in the world right now and how she sees her purpose as a singer-songwriter. She shares a lot of interesting views on the current situation and the pandemic.
    Also, get to hear these new songs featured today, “This is My Rebel Song” and “I Know A Heartache When I See One”. She shares her plans of going into Pop music and that’s something we would definitely look forward with. So, don’t forget to check out the links to her website and other social media pages below to keep you updated.
    More about Kate Magdalena
    Kate’s best place to connect with would be on her Instagram and Facebook. Links are provided below. Also, check out her website where she uploads a blog at least once a month and there are new songs to look forward to.
    “What I have is simply, you know, I want clean water clean air. I want honest government. I want a constitutional government.”
    “Our task, I believe, is to go deep within, is to reassess everything now, and to find out should we even be singing? Should we even be producing art? And if the answer is Yes, then it's got to be something that speaks now to the to the new music industry to the new time that we're in for however long that is.”
    “I think there is a purpose, I don't exactly know. I think it has to do with spiritual healing through music, and not only that delighting through music and entertaining through music, and just being marvelous through music. And music will never lose that power.”
    “I think that's what really lit my fire again. That, you know, I have to feel that I do have something to bring this world through my art, something to give. Not just that I want to receive the glory of it.”
    02:09 Welcome back on the show, Kate Magdalena
    07:54 Talking about the COVID-19 Vaccine
    12:39 Listen to “This Is My Rebel Song” by Kate Magdalena
    16:29 Is Kate a Rebel?
    18:19 Kate’s take on depression as a singer-songwriter.
    22:47 Is there a certain place that Kate thinks she belongs to or somewhere she is comfortable to play in?
    25:15 The music industry’s purpose.
    29:29 Kate’s take on COVID-19.
    33:08 Kate talks about going back to her purpose.
    38:06 Listen to “I Know A Heartache When I See One” by Kate Magdalena
    41:57 Going back to the studio and talking about her producer Billy Smiley
    44:46 What inspires her to go out of the music that she normally does?
    47:09 Kate mentioned she was in a cult in the 80’s.
    49:25 What would be the best version of Kate's new career?
    55:00 Kate’s favorite platform to connect with fans.
    56:32 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor
    Spotify Playlist:
    Don’t forget to check out the dHarmic Rising stars playlists that we have, named Aquila and Orion. Don’t miss out on the amazing and talented artists that have been featured on the show.
    dHarmic Rising stars: Aquila
    dHarmic Rising stars: Orion
    Special Links and Mentions:
    Robert Koch
    Dr. Francis Boyle
    Anthony Fauci
    Judy Garland
    Barbra Streisand
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Eydie Gormé
    Bill Gates
    Melinda Gates
    George Soros
    John Keats
    Percy Bysshe Shelley
    Lord Byron
    Billy Smiley
    Joni Mitchell
    Stephen Stills
    Crosby, Stills & Nash
    Sinéad O'Connor
    Cyndi Lauper
    George Gurdjieff
    Connect with Kate Magdalena:

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    What’s “Out of the Void” with Dream Aria’s Ann Burstyn from Canada

    What’s “Out of the Void” with Dream Aria’s Ann Burstyn from Canada

    It feels like I’m back where I belong and that is here on the dHarmic evolution hanging out with you. We’ve got an awesome, young Spitfire lady today on the show. We got to chat with her before and it’s amazing to hear from her again. She is a singer, a lyricist, and the star performer of the band Dream Aria, Ann Burstyn!
    Dream Aria is one of the best Canadian Progressive rock bands that I know. They were already great before, but there has been a lot of growth and development that you can hear in their sound. The playing and the vocals have jumped way up. As they said, their motto is “No rules, no boundaries.” They don’t limit themselves to evolving their sound. We’ve got two amazing tracks featured on the show today but there are a lot more to hear from them, so check out the links below on where you can find them.
    Ann updates us on how they are doing right now in Toronto, Canada – also with her daughter, health-wise, and of course, with their music. She also shares some of her hobbies and something that can help you with de-stressing.
    More about Dream Aria 
    Other Members:
    Donald Stagg – Keyboardist, Composer, and sometimes lyricist Garry Flint – Drummer, Producer/Engineer, Co-composer and main Composer Andrew Berezowsky – Guitarist, Violinist, Vocalist Dream Aria is virtually everywhere, but the best place to check them out is on their Facebook page. Ann and Don are both on it, checking your messages for whatever you need to reach out to them with. Also, check out their YouTube channel, they’ve got new videos waiting for you. All links are provided below.
    "Every day that's a studio day is the best day. For me, it's heaven and I don't like being away from the studio, in fact. I find it difficult." 
    We want to be together. The real magic is actually being together.
    "Being outside in nature, and doing the photography and seeing all this beauty that I really didn't know existed. I mean, I knew it was there, just not to the extent that I've now seen, has been very healing for me. And it helped take away a lot of my physical pain, emotional pain, mental stress, it's a good de-stress. "
    "The fresh air alone. I mean, anyone can do this if they're feeling low, or just, you know, clutters in their head. Just go outside, just for five minutes. It's so feeling just the fresh air or there's a certain vibe." 
    "I think my main thing lately is seeing that people are quite depressed, isolated, lonely, and sad. And when I speak with personal friends about this, I urge them to try something new to get out of there, that feeling of isolation."
    "Honestly, everyone has something in them I think that they can tap into, and then they can develop into this gift they never knew and that they can share it with others. I mean, how great would that be?"
    02:18 Introducing Ann Burstyn of Dream Aria
    05:02 How Dream Aria got together
    13:30 Listen to "Out of the Void" by Dream Aria
    17:24 The story of "Out of the Void"
    19:15 Ann's daughter
    20:47 How are they doing in Mississauga?
    23:32 Health-wise, how are they doing right now?
    25:40 With everything that she's doing besides music, how does Ann manage her day and week?
    31:18 Listen to "The Professor" by Dream Aria
    35:00 The story of creating "The Professor"
    40:38 Other hobbies that Ann is into.
    44:50 Ann Burstyn's send-off message to the fans
    47:14 The best place to connect with Dream Aria
    49:30 Listen to "Connected" by James Kevin O'Connor
    Spotify Playlist:
    We’ve got two of the many playlists to look out for. They are named after the constellations, Aquila and Orion. Check out these links to hear the amazing and talented artist that we’ve featured on the show before.
    dHarmic Rising stars: Aquila

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    It’s good to be back home here in the dHarmic Evolution. It has been a few weeks and I want to thank everyone for continuously supporting the show even in my absence. You guys are great!
    In this episode, we’re going to talk about the horrible dreaded disease, COVID-19. I’m going to share with you my personal experience with it. I will discuss how it started, the symptoms I felt, and what I did about it. I hope you get something from this and hopefully will help you out.
    00:18     Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution
    03:47     A short thank you message
    05:16     How I got sick over the holidays?
    07:19     How it started?
    10:03     Loss of Smell and appetite
    11:58     Freezing
    12:41     No energy
    13:15     Headaches
    13:55     Rattling Cough
    16:01     Rashes
    16:36     The backslide
    17:21     The Psychological Warfare
    17:50     What to do about it?
    23:43     Wrap up message
    25:31     Listen to “Like I’m Home” by James Kevin O’Connor
    “But for me, I will trust in the Lord's grand design of my own apothecary that cured me.”
    “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”  2 Corinthians

    Connect to my blog
    Just go to the dHarmicevolution.com and click on the “Sign me up!” button on the audio player to be on my mailing list immediately.
    Spotify Playlist
    Don’t forget to check out the Spotify playlist “Rising dHarmic Stars: Aquila”
    Featuring amazing and talented artists who have been guests on this show!

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    Jason Damico, throws us back to the greatest “Rock & Roll”

    Jason Damico, throws us back to the greatest “Rock & Roll”

    Today we've got a really unbelievable guy, he is like a throwback to yesteryear. This young man is a tribute to the best rock music you've ever heard in your life. His music is like a rework of the whole sound of the classic rock icons of years gone by and made it even better.
    Check out this gentleman! He is a musician, producer, singer-songwriter, and mixing engineer. Moreover, he is an actor for a couple of decades now. All the way up from North Carolina, Jason Damico!
    A little background on Jason Damico
    He grew up with great parents who have been supporting him in both music and acting. He started out as an actor when he modeled as a calendar baby at 18 months old. At 2 years old, he was holding a plastic guitar, making the couch as the amplifiers and it is for him as a vision quest and that’s how everything started. He was raised music-wise with a little bit of the faith-based Christian raw community and the secular music – from the classic rock icons.
    At 15, he won the battle of the bands with some friends. Recording his music fueled his creativity in producing and as a mixing engineer to create sounds. During his freshman to sophomore years, he went to jazz camps at colleges. He was in college-level theory courses as a drummer, his main instrument.
    He also shared with us his injury back when he was 14 which instead of being a setback became a supernatural experience on understanding the context of soundscape both from a structural standpoint and also melodic theory.
    Jason as an actor, musician, and producer at this time
    Jason’s honest answer when asked how he managed to balance his acting and music career is “Barely”. He really got a lot on his plate. But from his standpoint, he considers acting and music as not as much different.
    Due to the current situation, Jason just did house concerts, but he is mainly focusing on all the projects he is going to roll out in 2021. He also did mix a couple of records for other artists. As of the moment, he is still in the process of elimination and is waiting to unfold what is in store in the future.
    More about Jason Damico
    Jason got good news on what he’s been working on and the best place to stay tuned is through his website, jasondamico.com. You can also catch him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. All links are provided below.
    I really didn't see any problem in not pursuing it. It seemed like a problem if I didn't pursue it.
    If I can just take a second to try and encourage anybody out there who has been through any type of physical trauma. You know, there's light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes it could be your greatest asset later on. It just takes time.

    You're just trying to be authentic and be present at the moment and have the best performance possible.
    I would say, just stay true to yourself, and really take the time to meditate, spend time in prayer, whatever that means for you. And really settle down within yourself and just be okay with the silence.


    01:07 Introducing Jason Damico
    04:18 Jason shares his musical influences
    06:28 Listen to “Green Eyed Blonde” by Jason Damico
    10:41 Jason’s take on bands and how he started producing
    15:28 A little story on his eye surgery when he was a kid
    20:05 Listen to “Hold Me A Little Closer” by Jason Damico
    23:34 Continuation of Jason’s story on his surgery
    28:01 Jason as an actor, how did it start?
    30:49 How is Jason managing everything – as an artist, producer, and a singer-songwriter
    32:55 Listen to “Old Soul” by Jason Damico
    37:58 Jason’s take on being an actor vs. a musician
    42:17 What are Jason’s aspirations for his career
    47:11 Listen to "My Rock & Roll” by Jason Damico
    52:56 What is Jason busy with right now?
    55:52 Jason’s best wishes and parting words to the audience
    58:22 Best place to kn

    • 1 hr 4 min

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197 Ratings

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