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Seth Greene,Five Time best-selling Marketing author (and America's Ultimate Marketing Magician - the Only Back To Back Marketer Of The Year Nominee In History) and his guests share direct response marketing thought leadership that will double your sales in 12 months!

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Seth Greene,Five Time best-selling Marketing author (and America's Ultimate Marketing Magician - the Only Back To Back Marketer Of The Year Nominee In History) and his guests share direct response marketing thought leadership that will double your sales in 12 months!

    Direct Response Marketing Interview with Luis Congdon

    Direct Response Marketing Interview with Luis Congdon

    http://www.lastingloveconnection.com/ founder and relationship expert Luis Congdon. Luis devoured books, seminars, videos, and started teaching the work of renowned marriage researchers Drs. John and Julie Gottman. As a Marriage Success Coach and Marriage Education Facilitator for the largest federally funded research project in the US, Luis fast tracked his understanding of couples.

    His passion for helping couples has led him to interview practically every relationship expert in the field. Luis has been fortunate enough to learn the techniques these experts provide their clients.

    Luis is interviewed by http://www.PodcastMarketingMagic.com com founder Nationally Recognized Done For You Direct Response Marketing Expert & Five Time Best-Selling Author Seth Greene

    • 13 min
    Joel Boggess Direct Response Marketing Interview

    Joel Boggess Direct Response Marketing Interview

    Joel is a podcaster, a bestselling author, a seasoned media pro, and an expert in helping authors, podcasters, and content creators become known in their niche.

    Joel Boggess is half of the broadcast team behind the creation, development, and explosive growth of ReLaunch!

    Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Joel earned his undergraduate degree from Texas Tech and his MBA and master's in counseling from Amberton University.

    His latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon in three categories - success, self esteem, and happiness; on the same day, in the same hour.

    Joel is interviewed by http://www.PodcastMarketingMagic.com com founder Nationally Recognized Done For You Direct Response Marketing Expert & Five Time Best-Selling Author Seth Greene

    • 19 min
    Interview with Karl Krummenacher

    Interview with Karl Krummenacher

    Karl is a lifelong entrepreneur who caught the bug while growing up in the back of his dad’s camera store. 40 years and a few successful ventures later, Karl loves investing in companies that help people live better, happier, healthier lives.

    He’s the CEO and founder of Wellness Media Group, Inc., a publisher of fitness, health and wellness information for consumers, providers and experts. Karl also hosts Your Best Life Podcast, hosted on the Wellness.com radio network.

    Karl has enjoyed successful engagements as CEO, COO, President, Director of Product Development in early stage ventures and established companies, responsible for a variety of business functions including:

    - Direct Marketing
    - Online Lead Generation
    - Marketing Funnel Planning & Development
    - Product Integration, Positioning
    - New Business Development
    - Business Process Improvement
    - Team Development
    - Debt Structuring, Leveraged Partnerships, Equity Funding
    - Public Relations, Marketing Communications
    - Strategic Assessment and Planning

    When he's not interviewing a health or fitness expert for the podcast, working on content or app strategies, Karl enjoys writing (he’s on his first book) and guest lecturing at B-Schools on the joys and perils of Entrepreneurship.

    • 21 min
    Interview with Jon Benson

    Interview with Jon Benson

    http://sellerator.com founder Jon Benson is interviewed by Nationally Recognized Direct Response Marketing Expert & Five Time Best-Selling Author Seth Greene.

    Born to biological parents in Ugasandor, Malaysia, Jon Benson began his career at the age of 4 tending sheep and fur-­bearing mammals. His father, Akkmar Hollester Benson, invented the manhole cover.

    None of that was true.

    However, Jon is well-­recognized as one of the top sales copy strategists in the world.

    He is also the CEO of 3X Formulas, Inc., and the creator of the video sales letter, which ushered in a new form of selling on the web.

    To date, Jon's 3X style of video sale letter has generated over 11 billion dollars in sales for hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses.

    His Sellerator System, which helps automate VSL and sales page copywriting by using online software and training, has helped Jon’s customers earn close to a billion dollars in revenue.

    Jon also partners with his wife as Co-­CEO of Fitology.
    He is a 4 time bestselling author on the subject of fitness and nutrition, including "Fit Over 40", "7 Minute Body", and "The Every Other Day Diet.”

    Jon and Andrea reside in Malibu, California... and both of them really want a monkey.

    • 16 min
    Interview with Will Duquette

    Interview with Will Duquette

    Master of Powerful Communication and Super Achievement. Duquette not only Trains you in this mastery, he Programs you to help guarantee your Success in ALL Areas, Mind, Body, Relationships, and Business while making more money Fast! He Calls This Wealth Attraction Mastery!
    Like many people, Will Duquette came from very humble beginnings and through dedication, education and hard work; he created financial freedom for himself. Will knows he can help you create that very same success for yourself and Your Family. He will tell you the truth about how to make money! He knows because he’s done it from nothing! But it will take something from you … it will take commitment, hard work and the right tools and mindset. That’s why Will is sharing everything he learned on his journey to wealth and success with you. He wants YOU to Succeed with the same must have mind set and programs.
    Through his Control of the Subconscious Mind, Will Duquette turned his world around. He is a Respected Business and Personal Consultant and a Master Trainer of Human Personal Development Programs. Today, Will is recognized as a leading expert in Subconscious Reprogramming & Persuasion and Influence skill sets which is crucial to your success.

    As a Hypnotist, Will Duquette has entertained and educated audiences on stage for many years. He is the creator of the most Powerful, Funny, and Impactful Hypnotic Stage Show in the world! He has countless success stories of people just like you and have trained with him and have transformed their lives forever! (YOU CAN TOO!) Come watch, learn, and experience this mostly misunderstood power we all have within us and learn how you too can achieve anything you set your mind to, when trained how to properly from Will Power Duquette. Learn to Take Control of your Mind, the outcome of life, and your future.
    Most people think they need more “HOW TO” information in order to achieve wealth, but this simply is not true, most people need the proper mind set to achieve their dreams and goals and that is exactly what Will Duquette will show you how to achieve.
    Will Duquette will teach You to create a Millionaire Mindset and how to be programmed for a Massive SHIFT in YOU and your daily life and lifestyle! Learn to conquer your Fears and become limitless and start Taking Actions TODAY on what you know you should be doing and not be stopped anymore. Become unstoppable so you can attract and build wealth faster and easier than EVER before. Double your income and live a rewarding, empowered life. Explode your self-confidence “at will” and instantly commit to your success. Will Duquette created a powerful and permanent shift in his life and now he will show you how to create your own Personal Power SHIFT!

    • 23 min
    interview with Dr.'s Darwin and Karen Perkins

    interview with Dr.'s Darwin and Karen Perkins


    Since Darwin’s first training session in 1978, the Doctors have been helping participants & organizations recognize & fulfill their potential. Both Dr. Darwin and Dr. Karen do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with organizations & individuals, and utilizing real world experiences.

    They began their careers on the belief that people have the desire & the ability to grow. Everyone needs someone who can identify their missing information & deliver it in a way that’s understandable, acceptable, and meaningful to them personally.

    Over the past three (plus) decades, the two Dr. Perkins have trained, coached and mentored more than 600,000 individuals worldwide. As a result, these same people have had great success in their personal growth, improved their communication & relationship skills, and have grown in self-esteem & confidence. Most of these individuals have improved their work performances, annual reviews, enhanced their company’s bottom line & improved their financial standing.

    • 24 min

Customer Reviews

Jimwj ,

I can't wait to read his book!

Wow ... a plethora of solid advice! I can't wait to read his book.

Joel Reiner ,

Review of Podcast with Brian Horn

Seth Greene’s 7/16/2014 podcast interviewing Brian Horn provided insightful tips on marketing from the perspective of someone apparently quite experienced in the field. Horn stressed the importance of continuity, or the need to have clients that you could consistently market, in order to keep your business thriving. He admitted that his largest challenge in the field of marketing was staying focused on the fact that he needed to make money, as opposed to what he really liked to do. Horn emphasized that in order to be successful, in marketing one really needed to stay up to date as to what was on the internet and in trade journals, as well as being aware of what other marketers were doing as far as strategies. Overall, Greene’s interview with Horn was very informative, particularly for one possibly interested in entering the field of direct response marketing.

adamfarmertv ,

Master Magician

Seth is a genius at getting people to open up and share useful, inspiring and practical information. Super Podcast! Great Value!

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