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Are you a horror fiend with no one to talk to? Join directors Ryan McDuffie and Tim Aslin as they "dismember” a horror film each week and breakdown what worked, what didn’t work, and anything interesting or noteworthy. New episodes every Thursday.

Dismembering Horror Dismembering Horror

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Are you a horror fiend with no one to talk to? Join directors Ryan McDuffie and Tim Aslin as they "dismember” a horror film each week and breakdown what worked, what didn’t work, and anything interesting or noteworthy. New episodes every Thursday.

    Episode 117 - Climax (with special guest Carly D. Weckstein)

    Episode 117 - Climax (with special guest Carly D. Weckstein)

    Put your hands together for our special guest Carly D. Weckstein, who helps us dismember this week’s film “Climax”! What a perfect addition to help us cover such a rich and complex story, one that explores themes of consent and so much more. This “dance horror film” sent us on quite the trip with its intensity, insanity, irreverence, and imagery. Earning a triple “rent” that verged very nearly on a triple “buy,” this one is definiteley worth the watch (and then a listen)!

    Where we watched: Amazon Prime

    Climax (2018)

    Written and Directed by Gaspar Noé

    RecommenDEADtions: American Beauty (album) / Haunt / The Vow (TV show) and Children of Blood and Bone (book series)

    Next week’s film: Tideland

    • 2 hr 12 min
    Episode 116 - Mirrors

    Episode 116 - Mirrors

    Look out, it’s Jack Bauer back again to take down a new mysterious enemy threat in 24’s Halloween Special! What’s that? This isn’t actually an episode of 24? Well you could have fooled us, because Keifer Sutherland is as Jack Bauer as only Keifer knows how to Jack. Allowing us to “reflect” on some interesting ideas, and fully embracing being a scary movie about mirrors, “Mirrors” is true popcorn fare from this now classic, aughts-era of horror. It may have left us wanting more, yet delivered on its title, leading the guys to give it a solid double “stream”.

    Where we watched: Amazon rental

    Mirrors (2008)

    Directed by  Alexandre Aja

    Written by Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur

    RecommenDEADtions: Hostel 2/ Hole In The Ground

    Next week’s film: Climax (with special guest Carly D. Weckstein)

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Episode 115 - Piercing

    Episode 115 - Piercing

    REDEMPTION! Not that Nicolas Pesce really needed it, but we are here to make clear that the 2020 “Grudge” film can not and will not be a reflection of this filmmaker’s talent. Here’s why: “Piercing” is amazing and so so so so deliciously twisted and beautiful and disquieting and fun. This visually and emotionally wonderful piece of filmmaking taps into the underbelly of psychosis, sex, kink, pleasure, pain, and guilt, among many other themes. Ryan and Tim go deep beneath the perforated skin of this one, rating it a double “rent,” and make it as clear as possible why it was very close to a “buy” but didn’t quite get there. Nonetheless, it’s a movie well worth the watch.

    Where we watched: iTunes rental

    Piercing (2018)

    Written and Directed by Nicolas Pesce

    RecommenDEADtions: Basket Case 1-3 / Scare Me

    Next week’s film: Mirrors (2008)

    • 1 hr 23 min


    Our friend and previous guest Peter Warden (from the podcast Retro Reviews) gives his thoughts on the Scream franchise, specifically why he prefers the third installment over the sequel. Happy Halloween everyone, and thanks for joining us this "Scream-tober!"

    • 24 min
    Episode 114 - Scream 4

    Episode 114 - Scream 4

    Boy oh boy, we are back and nailing it with “Scream 4!” We’ve got a mix of new and old coming together to cause havoc in the little town of Woodsboro, where once again everyone’s favorite Sydney is at the mercy of Ghostface (or as proven time and time again, Ghostface is at the mercy of Sydney). What a great note to end our spooky-Halloween-horror-film-month-Scream-a-thon! Both Ryan and Tim were fully on board with the new life breathed into the “Scream” franchise, showing that a little time away lends itself to doing a lot. Not to mention, bringing Kevin Williamson back on to write really drove home the perfect meta-meets-meta-ness we’ve grown to love so much. Double “buys” all around. Here’s hoping that when “Scream 5” arrives, it keeps up the tradition.

    Where we watched: Blu-ray

    Scream 4 (2011)

    Directed by Wes Craven

    Written by Kevin Williamson

    RecommenDEADtions:  Yi Yi / Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein

    Next week’s film: Piercing (2018)

    • 1 hr 48 min
    Episode 113 - Scream 3

    Episode 113 - Scream 3

    “Scream” goes Hollywood! …though the trip didn’t quite hit (or stab) the way we had hoped. BUT, that doesn’t mean there still wasn’t plenty to thrill us in this intended-finale of the “Scream” series. Missing the influence of the great Kevin Williamson on writing duties may have largely been a source of our issues, but that doesn’t mean the reigns were in bad hands. We go deep into why “Scream 3” comes close to being as great as the others, and with plenty to love it still earned it a “rent'' from Tim and Ryan.

    Where we watched: Blu-ray

    RecommenDEADtions:  Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge / Coco

    Scream 3 (2000)
    Directed by Wes Craven
    Written by Ehren Kruger

    Next week’s film: Scream 4 (2011)

    • 1 hr 35 min

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4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Rcastillojr ,

Great Horror Podcast

I’m a huge horror movie fan and this is a great podcast to discover what more there is out there. The hosts are great and know a lot about the films they talk about each week 👍🏽

KimmyBeeeee ,

They know what they’re talkin’ about!

Love this pod. So great to hear from filmmakers and people who know and love the genre.

Jimmy lives. ,

I disagree with almost everything these guys say

Half the time, Ryan and Tim are complete goons who don’t know good horror from a hole in the ground. But then other times they’re spot on in their critique and make points that I’d never have considered myself. So, speaking as an insufferable know-it-all, this podcast can be incredibly frustrating for me to listen to. I will say, though, that they’re consistently articulate and entertaining, they choose good movies to discuss, and the podcast has a nice format that keeps things moving at a brisk pace. They don’t waste the listener’s time (with anything other than their often wrongheaded opinions on movies like The Strangers: Prey At Night), and that’s a HUGE plus for a podcast of this type. Luckily, I don’t listen to horror podcasts to have my own opinions affirmed, so I keep coming back to these two idiots. It’s a good show. Five stars, dummies!

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