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A Classic Doctor Who podcast presented by a brother and sister who are podcasting together despite living a world and many time zones apart. Andy in England, Alex in New Zealand. They play quizzes, review old episodes, and are joined by the Callieach (a crow who is rubbish at predicting things)and a cat called Janet Fielding (who wants to eat the Callieach).

Doctor Who: the World Enough and Time podcast Doctor Who: the World Enough and Time podcast

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A Classic Doctor Who podcast presented by a brother and sister who are podcasting together despite living a world and many time zones apart. Andy in England, Alex in New Zealand. They play quizzes, review old episodes, and are joined by the Callieach (a crow who is rubbish at predicting things)and a cat called Janet Fielding (who wants to eat the Callieach).

    Episode 21: The Myth Makers

    Episode 21: The Myth Makers

    In our first episode of this new decade (gosh!)Alex and Andy adventurously start to explore the world of missing Doctor Who, beginning with the 1965 Hartnell historical The Myth Makers. Along the way they consider tragicomedy, Shakespearean overtones, Vicki's exit, artifice, horse fetlocks, and why Bill Hartnell was in such a bad mood throughout! And - newsflash - they actually work the latter out. And it has nothing to do with Max Adrian being gay or Jewish, so there!

    Andy is a self-confessed 'Myth Makers nut', while Alex struggles to feel the story is hers, but they both agree that there's a great deal of fun to be had in this missing chapter of early Who.

    As well as their review of The Myth Makers they are also visited by the Cailleach, play the 'Jack or Jill' quiz and worry whether the new BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials will pronounce Mrs Coulter's name correctly.

    Happy New Year and happy new Jodie Who day!

    We love you all,

    Andy and Alex xxx

    • 2 hr 5 min
    Episode 20: Vengeance on Varos

    Episode 20: Vengeance on Varos

    In our twentieth episode Alex and Andy are side-by-side again in NZ due to circumstances that neither would have wished for. Thanks to everyone who sent messages of love and support after hearing about Alex's car accident. She is now well on the road to recovery. Towards the end of my time there Al decided she was well enough to record an episode, so here it is.

    Our focus du jour is Vengeance on Varos, arguably one of of Colin Baker's finest stories. As we assess its value we reflect on the parallels with UK politics and the binary nature of the world we currently live in, the quality of the supporting cast, the guys in the nappies, the use of fear tropes, and whether Alex was ever the intended audience for Doctor Who?

    Along the way we find time to sidestep into Miss Marple, Harry Hill's badger parade and that cosy family film Swallows and Amazons, all of which have significant ties to this story. Ok, not that significant, one of them is particularly tenuous!

    As well as the Cailleach, a quotes quiz and Dressed for Success we introduce a new segment 'Claim to Fame'. Gosh!

    What are you going to do after listening to this podcast?

    Next time: We're throwing our story choice over to a Twitter poll. YOU decide! Get ready to punch your viewstat buttons!

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Episode 19: Anniversary Special

    Episode 19: Anniversary Special

    Celebrating 56 years of Doctor Who (and Joe Ahearne)this special episode reunites us with our old mate Brian Bowen as we trawl back through classic Doctor Who picking our favourite stories and runners up. There are plenty of surprises along the way and more divergent opinion than one might imagine. Gosh!

    There's also a Hartnelly quiz and a visit from the Cailleach.

    Enjoy lovely people. We'll be back on 1st December with our next regular monthly episode exploring: Vengeance on Varos.

    • 1 hr 55 min
    Episode 18: Planet of the Spiders

    Episode 18: Planet of the Spiders

    All praise to the Great One!!! Episode 18 sees us celebrate the epic six-part Jon Pertwee swansong Planet of the Spiders as we 'Om Mane Padme Hum' alongside those burnt-out city types in Deepest Mummerset. Andy and Alex cast their minds back to their first memories of the story in 1991 before fast-forwarding some 28 years (gasp!) to share how they feel about it today.

    Along the way they muse as to whether the Doctor really did steal the crystal from Metebelis III, whether that chase sequence is too long, and what hobbies the Eight Legs enjoyed at the weekends. In a startling turn of events Alex also likens the Great One to Nessa from Gavin and Stacey and praises Lupton's choice of outfit in Dressed for Success. Meanwhile Andy says 'Bus Stop' so many times that they don't feel like real words anymore.

    Alex's fiendish quiz has Andy try to guess the correct ages of 10 different companions for which he has to use 'maths and everything.' You will hear all of his brain cogs whirring. You'll also learn what Jackie Lane is cockney rhyming slang for.

    All this and an excerpt from the first chapter of Terrance Dicks' superb novelisation of 'Spiders'. The fiendish cunning of the man!

    If poetry is your thing, you may also enjoy the Cailleach's contribution. Alex didn't and spent the time making a sandwich instead. Rude.

    We love each and every one of you. Honestly we do! Well done.

    Next time: our 23 November anniversary special! Excite. Excite!

    • 1 hr 57 min
    Special #WhoForSchools episode

    Special #WhoForSchools episode

    A special extra episode to promote the wonderful #WhoForSchools initiative set-up by Graeme and Joy of the Reality Bomb podcast. Both Alex and I have recorded special commentaries with other Who podcasters on episodes of Season 26 for this project. You can listen to these if you donate. All the details are in this episode and here: https://www.realitybombpodcast.com/whoforschools/

    Our next regular episode comes out November 1st.

    • 19 min
    Episode 17: The Seeds of Death

    Episode 17: The Seeds of Death

    This month, in an episode dedicated to late great Doctor Who legend Terrance Dicks, Andy and Alex look back at one the very first Troughton stories they ever saw: The Seeds of Death. The rewatch prompts them to ask heaps of questions about the the impact of T-Mat on the Earth of the time, as they worry not unduly about the size of T-Mat cubicles, transport infrastructure, obesity and why you’d bother to ship food anywhere if you can control the weather.

    Before they get to the story though there’s a Janet Fielding-themed quiz to tackle (as suggested by Ian Chambers): ‘Janet or Janot’, and a chat about the relative merits of Wentworth and Prisoner Cell Block H. The Cailleach meanwhile valiantly tries to bring us up-to-date with your Hall of Fame votes but only gets us up to episode 14.

    Back to Seeds and Andy and Alex are on the Fewsham and Phipps trains respectively, while they both heap praise on Gia Kelly and Zoe. Dressed for Success inevitably focuses on the underpants suits and we reveal which actor in this story ended up paying towards their outfit!

    We also ask whether you have ever played Doctor Who Pictionary and if Susan ever did anything more significant than befriend Ping-Cho?

    All this and cocking-a-snook at NASA and the space race. What more could you possibly want? Spacesuits? Gravity? Backwards projected countdowns? Space madness? Another space museum?

    Next month: Planet of the Spiders

    • 1 hr 58 min

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the guy leaving this comment ,

Wonderful Hangout

Nice casual atmosphere as we go back into Classic Who stories with two siblings that Actually watched when they were children! You not only get to listen to them talk about the show, you hear their experiences with the show back then. Absolutely put this on your list of Doctor Who podcasts!!! Maybe their likes, and dislikes, are yours, too.

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