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A Disney podcast dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Disney Vacation. Hosted by Traveling Dad

Don't Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over! - A Disney Podcast Vader & Mufasa

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A Disney podcast dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Disney Vacation. Hosted by Traveling Dad

    Is Disney Hollywood Studios Broken?

    Is Disney Hollywood Studios Broken?

    Picture This:  A Theme Park without a theme.  It’s sad, we know.  “Disney Hollywood Studios is BROKEN!”  claims Vader.  “I respectfully disagree, and you sir are a moron!”, retorts Mufasa.  “How Dare You!” shouts Vader as he slaps Mufasa with a white glove across his right cheek.  If you think that dialog like this is excellent, than don’t listen to the podcast, because none of that actually happened.  Kevin (Vader) does believe sincerely that Disney Hollywood Studios is currently broken.  There is hope with all of the changes and additions coming between 2018-2020.  John (Mufasa) thinks that while Vader has some good points, that he’s being too nit-picky and granular with his argument, and that there’s plenty to love about this theme park in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World.  Check out the timeline below to be able to skip to your favorite parts in the podcast.  Click that play button at the top of this article to listen to our points, witticisms, and stock tips guaranteed to make you millions!!! ***
    ***You will not make millions listening to our podcast…
    Disney Podcast Timeline
    0:23  This podcast is dedicated to the Golden Age of Hollywood
    1:00  We’re starting a new series called John is right, and Kevin isn’t!  This is the start of John trying to convince Kevin that Disney Hollywood Studios is not a broken park
    3:08  Disney Hollywood Studios is broken up into 7 areas and we’ll tell you a little bit about some of them, as Kevin continues to try and make his case for why the park isn’t working in it’s current state
    5:05  When you got from one area of Disney Hollywood Studios to the next, there’s no obvious transition like there is in other parks, like Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.  Does this matter?
    6:42  We give an example of an attraction that was originally in Hollywood Studios, and was replaced with something popular, but didn’t make sense thematically in that part of the theme park.
    8:20  Mufasa jumps into the argument with how the replaced attraction actually does fit, and Vader is focusing too narrowly, ruining his own experience.
    10:33 Where will Disney move the Star Wars experiences once Galaxy’s Edge opens?
    Is Disney Hollywood Studios Worth an Entire Day
    11:25 The debate continues.  Kevin doesn’t think that DHS is worth an entire day of his time.
    12:31 Mufasa lists his personal favorite attractions in Hollywood Studios, and states that these alone justify an entire day in the park.
    13:32 Do you want to know what ride each host thinks is the best in DHS?  You’ll have to tune into this part of the podcast to find out
    14:34 Mother Nature ruined what should have been a spectacular viewing of Fantasmic, and we reminisce
    15:10 Mufasa kicked Kevin’s ass at Toy Story Mania, and rubs his nose in it…just a little
    Are there Food Options at Disney Hollywood Studios Worth Your Visit
    16:22 We can’t wait to try the Baseline Tap House restaurant that just opened in late 2017.  Craft Beers, and Flights of Beer, and more beer, and more words with beer…sounds good to Mufasa!
    17:08 The Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater can be a little divisive on people’s meals, but you simply can’t beat the theming.  That alone makes this worth your time.
    18:12 Was it Enough?  Is Kevin convinced that DHS is worth an entire day?  We didn’t even elaborate on the Brown Derby, or the 50’s Prime Time Café!
    19:52  Vader tries to argue futilely against Mufasa, who is clearly right, and rebuts all of his points as completely rubbish.
    21:50  How much would your teens and tweens enjoy Disney Hollywood Studios?
    25:33  You won’t believe Vader’s final argument against DHS.  Seriously, if he were reaching more in this argument, I’d have to nickname him Inspector Gadget
    28:45  Vader is now the one with the win streak that needs to be broken by Mufasa.

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    Disney + Waterparks = Blizzard Beach Fun

    Disney + Waterparks = Blizzard Beach Fun

    Summit Plummet looks pretty epic!                     Photo courtesy of TravelingDad Tim Jones
    It’s almost summer!  Well…it’s almost summer when this article was first published, and in Florida, it’s a bit summery all year long, so let’s not quibble over small details.  What does this podcast have to offer you?  Thrilling stories of near-death experiences by not one, but BOTH podcast hosts.  And, it was the same would-be murderous Blizzard Beach waterslide for each host.  The story is a harrowing tale of wedgies, bruised egos, and recovery time spent in Cross Country Creek.  It’s a Disney tale as old as time, and it’s time to get on with this blog post, so click that play button at the top, or use the timeline below to browse for specifically what you need.  Just know, that when you don’t listen to the entire podcast, 1 less pet is adopted from an SPCA near you.
    Disney Podcast Timeline
    0:22 This podcast is dedicated to Life Insurance.  It’s important to have your life insurance policy in check before you head to Disney’s Blizzard Beach.
    1:39  Kevin gives a break-down on Blizzard Beach and it’s history
    3:22 The lazy river at Blizzard Beach in Orlando, Florida goes around the entire 64 acre park, and has some great features, including a well loved one by Kevin’s daughter, which we talk about here.
    Blizzard Beach Waterslides
    5:10 Slush Gusher tried to kill Vader and Mufasa on separate visits.  The story is worth listening too.  Mufasa still has a dent in his rear end from landing on the slide.
    7:37 Summit Plummet was a much more fun experience for John.  Kevin avoided this ride like the plague, but his wife did ride it, and really enjoyed it.  John shares his story, and something he enjoyed even more than the drop itself.
    10:55 There’s an order to things at a waterpark that we think makes for a much more enjoyable day for everyone.
    11:52 Blizzard Beach has the world’s longest family white water rafting waterslide?!  
    13:22 Do you have a competitive streak and enjoy water parks?  Blizzard Beach has exactly what you need.  Listen here to find out about the slide that may fulfill all of your competitive water-sliding dreams.
    See if you can find this cutout of Blizzard Beach’s mascot, Ice Gator!               Photo Courtesy of TravelingDad Tim Jones
    Blizzard Beach Food Finds
    14:55 We’ve never thought about wanting a Turkey Leg while at a waterpark, but if we ever got that itch, Blizzard Beach is ready to scratch that itch by serving them up at Avalunch.
    16:08 There’s an Orange Dole Whip, and it sounds like heaven.  Kevin needs to compare it to a Chick-Fil-A offering that sounds similar
    17:27 Have you heard about the mini donuts?  These legendary treats can only be gotten at one location in Blizzard Beach, and they come with dippin’ sauces!
    18:00  There’s a speciality hot dog stand in the park at Avalunch, and they serve a pretzel cheese dog….pretzel bun + hot dog + cheese = YES PLEASE
    18:45  The last food find, but certainly not the least, is called the Sand Pail.  It comes with a forklift operator to take you away when you’re finished eating it.  
    Blizzard Beach Wave Pool
    19:53 It’s not a waterpark without a wave pool.  Endless hours of fun can be had here. 
    20:30 The nearby miniature golf course is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy that sort of thing.  Called Disney’s Winter Summerland.  36 holes of mini golf fun awaits!
    21:34 Mufasa’s kids, 12 and 11, give their personal wish lists for this park, on what they can’t wait to enjoy.
    22:55 Are you concerned about going to Blizzard Beach in the winter?  You shouldn’t be, because the water is heated!  
    24:29 STUMP THE HOST
    This multi-part stump the host focuses on Disney’s FIRST EVER water park.  Three opportunities for Mufasa to crush Vader’s hopes and dreams.
    Stay in Touch

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    Disney Value Resorts Podcast

    Disney Value Resorts Podcast

    Tim was like “Whoaaa”                               Photo Courtesy of Traveling Dad Tim Jones
    We like saving money.  You like saving money.  We like Walt Disney World.  You like Walt Disney World (why would you be reading this otherwise…?).  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you’ve got all the reasons you need to click that play button at the top of this post, and learn all about Walt Disney World‘s value resorts.  How much value did they lose when Disney started letting non-Disney-resorts in Lake Buena Vista get extra magic hours?  We discuss this, and much more, in 31 riveting minutes of Disney podcast fun.  Use the timeline below to skip to your favorite parts, or just listen in entirety, which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Disney Podcast Timeline
    0:22 This podcast is dedicated to take-out food.  Why?  Your guess is as good as ours, but if you listen by clicking the play button at the top of this post, you’ll find out.
    1:07 We’re focusing on Value Resorts at Walt Disney World in this podcast
    2:40 There’s a magical dollar amount where you go from Value Resorts at Disney World to Moderate Resorts.  This helps you budget, and when you budget properly, you save money!  If you don’t want to save money, then don’t tune in here, and just book a Deluxe Resort over at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We’re both Disney Vacation Club owners there and can give you all the details if you send us a tweet (twitter link at the bottom of this post).
    3:36 When deciding how nice of a resort you’d like to stay at, it’s important to think about how many full days in the theme park you plan to spend, compared to how many nights you’ll be in your hotel.  Kevin has a great explanation of why this is so important for your Disney theme park visits, and how it can save you some hard earned cash.
    5:39 Our listeners gave us some great feedback on what value resorts they’ve stayed at, including an endorsement of the family suites at one of the resorts.  Does Disney do a great job with handling food allergies, even at their value resorts?  You’ll also hear some personal stories about listeners food court experiences.
    7:07  What the heck is a murphy bed, and why is Disney installing them in seemingly every refurbished standard room at their value resort hotels?
    9:46 Why stay at a value resort at all, when compared to staying off-property in nearby Orlando, Florida?
    Disney Value Resort Perks
    10:39 Kevin breaks down the perks that you get for staying at a Walt Disney World resort, including extra magic hours, fastpass plus, and early dining reservations.
    13:28 One of the biggest time savers, which leads to more time in the theme park, is revealed here.  You might not realize just how important this is.  Click the play button at the top of the post!
    15:46 Free MagicBands for staying at a Disney Resort!  Vader and Mufasa argue over how much they cost.  Turns out at the 16:19 mark of the podcast, that John’s guess is only off by 4 cents.  Suck it Kevin.  They’re $12.99 on https://www.shopdisney.com/collections/magicband
    18:23 Some of the perks we listed for staying at a Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, are being offered to non-Disney resorts.  This devalues staying on property to be sure.  We discuss just how much this matters, and why you may consider staying off property at one of the 8 hotels currently being offered these benefits.
    Ranking the 5 Disney Value Resorts
    21:10 If you’re listening at this point in the podcast, you’ve decided that you want to stay at a value resort.  We break down your options, and which ones we think take the mickey shaped cake.
    21:22 Disney’s Pop Century resort has gotten some great reviews from our listeners.  For what you pay, there’s tremendous value at this resort with excellent theming,

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    Top 5 Disney Bucket List Experiences Podcast

    Top 5 Disney Bucket List Experiences Podcast

    If you’ve made it to this page, that means you’ve thought about Disney, and possibly kicking the bucket one day.  How these two tie together is why we made this podcast.  Life is finite, and from our podcast hosts point of view, that means that we need to maximize our Disney, while minimizing our cholesterol, so that we can have more Disney.  That brought us to today’s topic choice:  What is on each of our lists for Disney Bucket List items.  Each host was challenged to only select 5 experiences they haven’t individually done yet.  As a special treat, we even brought on an extra Disney fanatic to share his Disney Bucket List items as well.
    00:22 This podcast is dedicated to Wall Street…
    1:00 We’ve got our first guest on the show ever!  We welcome Traveling Dad Joe Cheung to the show, who brings with him top-notch dad knowledge, and massive Disney knowledge.
    4:44  Mufasa kicks off the list with EPCOT Dive Quest’s adventure.  Tune in here to find out more about this adventure, and what you need to know before you sign up.
    6:30 Joe’s confidence is SHATTERED by John’s first choice, and he shares a great story about his daughter actually having met a Dive Quest SCUBA diver at EPCOT.
    7:40 It’s time for Joe’s first choice, and it actually lines up with an experience that Vader has already done!  Victoria and Albert’s might be on many of your bucket lists too.  Listen to hear Joe’s reasons for this excellent first choice.
    10:57 Vader contributes his first choice, which is stays on the restaurant theme started by Joe.   This special event, Celebration at the Top, held at the California Grill, combines an extraordinary meal, and incomparable views of the nighttime fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom.  What a choice!
    15:35 Mufasa opens the floodgates with an obvious choice.  It was so obvious in fact that it was also on Kev and Joe’s lists.  If you’re a Disney fanatic, you must visit every park in the world, at least once.  All three are missing Hong Kong and Shanghai, and Joe and Kevin are both missing Tokyo.  Joe’s choice actually combines his Points and Miles knowledge, and he’d like to do all the parks in a special way.  You’ve got to listen to the podcast to find out more!  Click that play button at the top of the post
    18:57 You might not know this about Vader, but he’s quite a golf fan, but has never golfed at Walt Disney World (or any other Disney theme park for that matter).  He’s too busy being a great dad to ever fit it in, but it’s worth a listen if you want to hear how he’d like to fulfill this great bucket list item.
    22:45 Joe has calculated how many miles you’d need to fly to every Disney park.  
    24:00 Our guest is a bit of a Star Wars fan!  His third choice is excellent, and not even built yet!  Talk about a bucket list item.  Galaxy’s Edge and their hotel sound too tempting to pass up.
    27:28 Who wouldn’t want their own Keys to the Kingdom?  Walt Disney World has a behind the scenes tour that Mufasa couldn’t pass up putting on his list.  
    29:39 Inspired by Mufasa’s choice, Kevin switches the order of his next Disney bucket list item and tells us about his dream tour.  It only requires him becoming filthy rich.  Eazzzzzzy  Peeeeeeeazy.  In fact, he stole one of Mufasa’s choices!!!
    32:08 Do you know how to spot the VIP castmember tour guides?  It’s worth knowing if you enjoy celebrity sightings.  Would you believe that Vader saw one of these A-list celebrities at his recent visit to Walt Disney World?  Listen to the podcast to find out who it is, and if he asked for an autograph.
    36:45 Joe’s penultimate experience will get your heart racing.  He’s never made it to a runDisney event for a very specific reason.  Will he ever break his rule, and make this bucket list item happen?!?  What’s the rule?

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    Disney Podcast – Top 9 Favorite Restaurant Experiences at Disney Theme Parks

    Disney Podcast – Top 9 Favorite Restaurant Experiences at Disney Theme Parks

    The Scallop Forest at Raglan Road was one of the food highlights of Mufasa’s Pandora trip
    In this week’s episode, we’re each retelling our top 5 favorite Disney theme park restaurant experiences.  Hear stories like you’ve never heard before, such as a chicken breast theft at Animal Kingdom, and how Disney managed to turn seafood into a forest.  If that makes no sense to you, then click the play button at the top of this post to listen to the best Disney podcast that we’ve produced since our last Disney podcast!  Alternatively, you can use the timeline below and skip to your favorite parts.  If you do skip parts of the podcast though, Pinocchio turns back into a wooden puppet.  Could you really live with yourself knowing that happened?
    Disney Podcast Timeline
    0:22s It finally happened!  Vader cheated on Mufasa with other podcasters.  Is Enchanted Tiki Talk trying to steal Vader?!
    2:25 We’re talking about food, restaurants, favorite meals, and favorite restaurants.  Walt Disney World gets quite a few nods, and Disneyland Paris actually gets two restaurant selections!
    4:32 Signature Dining at Walt Disney theme parks will definitely cut into your budget.  Many of Kevin’s restaurant selections are fine dining and we talk a little about this.
    Flame Tree BBQ at Animal Kingdom
    6:00 Mufasa shares his first memory from Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, where I warn you to guard your food, because a bird just might swoop in and steal if right off your plate.  You’ve got to listen to this hilarious story from Mufasa, which may or may not make you visit this great restaurant.
    Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs
    9:30 Vader’s first pick is tough to top.  The Iron Chef staple Morimoto’s restaurant at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World does not disappoint.  If the edamame and california roll starters impress you, then you know they’re doing something right.  Even Vader’s kids gushed about this restaurant.  Tune in to this section to hear about the mouth watering entrees.  Be prepared to open your wallet for this restaurant though.
    Raglan Road at Disney Springs
    15:50 Mufasa sticks with the Disney Springs trend and chooses his Irish favorite.  When you combine fantastic theming with a Scallop Forest, you know you’re in for a treat.  Top it all off with live bands, and authentic Irish touches, and you’ll leave with a booking for your next visit.  
    Victoria & Alberts
    18:30 Kevin gets into two of his signature dining selections, one of which is the BEST meal he’s ever eaten in his entire life.  Victoria and Alberts not only didn’t disappoint, it actually exceeded all of his expectations.  If you can fit this into your budget just once in your life, you will not be disappointed.  You’ve got to tune into the podcast to hear the adoration in Vader’s voice, as he retells briefly his outstanding experience at this Walt Disney World dining fixture.
    Walt’s at Disneyland Paris
    20:46 Second in castmember service only to Victoria and Alberts, this is a can’t miss restaurant at Disneyland Paris.  From the views and ambiance, to the snow that happened during his visit, listen here for Kevin’s retelling of his magical experience.  He describes it as an elegant “Disney Nerd’s Dream House”.  
    Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show at Disneyland Paris
    22:55 Mufasa was pretty surprised how much he enjoyed the food at the Wild West Show.  The portion sizes were American, to say the least, and it was a welcome change.  John could not get enough of the ribs on the Texan Skillet.  The show was great, but the food was even better.
    Believe it or not, the food was excellent and plentiful at this show. Listen to the podcast for the full rundown.
    Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland Paris
    26:42 We know, we know!  It’s a chain.  I DON’T CARE.  My kids loved this restaurant, and that’s really why it made t

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    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park: Hidden Secrets

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park: Hidden Secrets

    Are you too tired to find the Hidden Gems in Animal Kingdom? Lucky for you, we weren’t.
    What do you do when your newest Disney Files magazine comes in the mail?  Grab your favorite Stitch mug, sit back, and enjoy the read, I’m sure.  Well, we here at Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over podcast studio and shawarma factory (patent pending) do things a little differently.  Where you saw a leisurely read, we envisioned a whole new podcast series.  A series-within-our-series if you will.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World offers many well known adventures, but there are so many details within and throughout the park that you may be missing.   There’s more than the famous Tree of Life in this Orlando, Florida Disney park.   Click that play button at the top, and let the enlightenment begin.  Everything you didn’t know that you wanted to know, but need to know, might be discussed during this slightly-over-30-minute podcast.  What are you waiting for?  Click play!
    Disney Podcast Timeline
    0:20 This podcast is dedicated to Emoji Blitz, and Mufasa catching up to Vader’s level.  
    1:55 What was the impetus for starting with Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park for the hidden gem series?  How kind of you to ask.  Listen to the podcast and we’ll tell you all about it.
    3:30 Disney sends their imagineers on research trips to exotic locations, just to make sure they can make their parks as authentic as possible
    4:35 Vader mentions head-imagineer Joe Rohde, for the first time in this podcast.  We shall call him Vader’s Joe-mance.  Keep reading to see just how often Vader invokes his name
    Discovery Island and Africa in Animal Kingdom
    6:00 Tiffin’s, a signature dining restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some beautiful animal carvings.  What’s the hidden gem?  It has to do with the specific animals chosen, and how they relate to the restaurant’s name.
    8:32 Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island has some unique features, including wagon wheel hubs used in various decorative ways.  These were chosen specifically and purposefully.  Tune in to find out why and what they have to do with the animals.
    10:55 The landscape throughout Animal Kingdom’s Africa section changes to match over 500 miles of actual African territory.  From Harambe to Kilimanjaro Safaris, we’ve got you covered.  How do these details matter to your experience in the park?  Listen up and give us some feedback.  
    12:08 Mufasa goes into details on exactly why he feels that Disney’s immense attention to detail is what separates them from all the other theme parks.
    There’s a Hidden Gem in this photo. Can you spot it? Email us if you found it and we’ll give you a shout-out on Twitter!
    Disney’s Pandora in Animal Kingdom
    13:44 Pandora, Disney’s newest section within Animal Kingdom, exemplifies their attention to detail.   We look beyond the Na’vi River Journey and the Avatar Flight of Passage adventure to reveal what you’ve been missing.
    15:15 Vader mentions his Joe-mance, head-imagineer Joe Rohde.  This is time number 2…
    16:41 The Truman Show, a Jim Carrey film, is compared to Disney’s concept of immersion.  The 
    19:15 Vader mentions his Joe-mance….That’s THREE!
    19:46 Even the manhole covers in Disney’s Pandora are disguised to keep you invested in the story of the park.
    21:40 Vader mentions his Joe-mance…That’s FOUR!
    21:41 There’s a great story in the podcast here where Joe Rohde talks about the design decision to remove weld-marks from an amp suit inside Pandora.  It ties into his childhood memories of bore-guns on Waikiki beach, and how they were welded so that they could never be used for violence again.  
    23:45 Do you care that Disney’s imagineers chose to remove weld-marks from an amp suit?  You should, and I’ll tell you exactly why at this part of the podcas

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Lindsay Swift❤️ ,


really great podcast! my best friend recommended it to me and it’s so good! i recommend to anyone!

AwesRix24 ,

Everyone's got an opinion, but these guys have seemingly hacked Disney.

Who'd of thought planning a trip to Disney could be so complex. I've never been a huge fan of Disney, but I do remember that one time I got to go to Disney World/Epcot as a kid-it stuck with me. So, now being the parent looking to take our kids who are right in the window for maximum impact, I was suprised to see how complicated it was to plan.

Having asked friends/co-workers done Disney recently for advice, I'm finding that everyone's opinions seem different. But these guys are clearly genuine, and clearly know what they're talking about. You get past the fact that they're die-hard Disney fans pretty quick, and can actually take away a few nuggets you can use yourself.

I also appreciate that both of these guys are so invested in their podcast. Like any other working parent, I can't imagine they have vast amounts of time. Yet, they've kept at it...so I'll keep listening.

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Entertaining Disney Expertise

I'd probably listen to this even if I didn't love Disney. Great stories about their trips to Disney properties filled with tips that will help you make the most out of your visit!

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