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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".

Don't Mom Alone Podcast Heather MacFadyen

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".

    Going on a Soul 30 :: Kay Wyma [Ep 326]

    Going on a Soul 30 :: Kay Wyma [Ep 326]

    In a world that seems to bring more and more division every day, how do we connect with other people in a deep, human way? Kay Wyma takes us into her story of how seemingly small acts of kindness, thankfulness and mercy have made all the difference for her and her family. 
    “There are so many ways you can practice kindness that are outward acts of kindness. And then you'll start to realize kindness is picking up the laundry for somebody that I'm frustrated with, you know, that they could have done it themselves.There are kindness opportunities everywhere. Be kind to yourself for Pete's sake. At least one day a week. Actively do something kind for yourself.”
    Learn about what Kay calls a Soul 30 and her new book The Peace Project. I love that this isn’t another thing for your to do list, it is more about HOW you do the things on your list. And when we practice kindness, thankfulness and mercy we can’t help reflecting the goodness of God to a world that needs it more than ever.   
    Connect with Kay Wyma:  Website: kaywyma.com  Facebook: facebook.com/kaywillswyma   Instagram: @kaywyma   
    Links Mentioned:   BOOK: The Peace Project: A 30-Day Experiment Practicing Thankfulness, Kindness, and Mercy Featured Sponsors: 
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    Owning Your Motherhood :: Erin Moon & Courtney Cleveland [Ep 325]

    Owning Your Motherhood :: Erin Moon & Courtney Cleveland [Ep 325]

    Long-time friends Erin Moon and Courtney Cleveland join me to share their motherhood stories and how they’ve found their identity as moms separate from motherhood stereotypes. 
    “There are so many ways to be a good mom and what it looks like for you doesn’t look like it does for me. And I really had to let go of the idea that I had to be the same kind of mother as everyone else... It was so freeing and it seems so simple. I mean, that's not even how humanity works. So why would motherhood be that way?”
    We talk about mom superpowers, viewing dinner as optional food exposure and the ridiculousness of keeping track of socks for multiple kids. Listen and laugh along with us as we take light hearted views on the daily grind of motherhood. I’m sure you will relate. 
    Don’t Miss: Near the end Erin shares a great idea for creating your own “fake Mother’s Day” on a different day from the actual holiday that I’m totally going to try. 
    Happy Mother’s Day to you all! I pray you feel celebrated for all the unique gifts you bring into motherhood. 
    Connect with Erin: 
    Website: https://bio.site/fA7Uk5  Instagram: @erinhmoon  Connect with Courtney: 
    Website: https://www.allthebestdays.com   Instagram:  @courtclarkcleve Links Mentioned: 
    Silk Pajamas Bluetooth headband Fancy Sardines Summer Strategies :: Laura and Courtney [Ep 249]  Preparing Our Hearts for Easter :: Erin Moon [Ep 236]  Featured Sponsors: 
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    Walking Thru Divorce :: Lara Williams [Ep 324]

    Walking Thru Divorce :: Lara Williams [Ep 324]

    The daily grind of marriage, parenting, and life wears on us all, but when your relationship with your spouse is no longer a healthy one, how do you choose to walk away? My guest and long-time friend Lara Williams brings us into her story of working through marriage infidelity with her husband and her long, painful journey to divorce.
    “And it was a process, but I think I finally got to that place where I could accept that divorce was happening in my life, but that's just it. It's happening. It doesn't mean that's who I am. And it doesn't just because God hates it. It doesn't mean he hates me. He loves me and I went through a process of washing those lies with the truth of what God says and he's so gracious to transform our minds.”
    We talk about all the ways Lara and her husband worked to save their marriage, what it was like when saving it was no longer an option and how God met Lara in that place. Lara shares about parenting when you are walking through divorce, dating after divorce, and how the church can both help and hurt during this painful experience. 
    I’m so thankful for Lara’s heart and how bravely she shares her story. She has graciously given permission to publish her email address if you or someone you know would like to reach out on this topic. 
    Connect with Lara: 
    Website:  tooverflowing.com  Instagram:  @laragwilliams  Email: laragwilliams@gmail.com Amazon Author Page Links Mentioned:  
    BOOK: To Walk Or Stay [Ep 246] Rebuilding from an Abusive Marriage :: Jeni B [Ep 195] Sinners Married to Sinners–How God Refines Us :: Cheryl Scruggs & Jae Carpenter BOOK: How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk  Lara’s New Project: Think True Things Lara’s Spoken Word—“That’s Not My Name”  Featured Sponsors:
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    Inner Healing Prayer :: Jennifer Barnett [Ep 323]

    Inner Healing Prayer :: Jennifer Barnett [Ep 323]

    There is often a disconnect from what we read in scripture and how we experience life. God say, “I have not given you a spirit of fear,” but we keenly feel fear and anxiety. We know that God has taken away our sins, but we still feel like it comes between us and hearing His voice. 
    One powerful way to work towards freedom in these areas is through a biblically-based program of inner healing prayer. My guest Jennifer Barnett of Freedom Prayer joins me to talk about inner healing prayer or freedom prayer, a powerful process that helps restore individuals to a more fruitful and fulfilling walk with God.
    “Inner healing prayer is its own sort of type of prayer. If you're not familiar with it, we would say it's some really intentional time devoted to allowing God to remove anything that would hinder someone from a full abiding relationship with him. That could look like sin, wounding, ungodly beliefs, or lies that we believe about ourselves, God or other people.”
    My experience with inner healing prayer has been so powerful and I believe it can be for you too. For more information on Freedom Prayer visit their website at https://freedomprayer.org. 
    Connect with Freedom Prayer:  Website:  freedomprayer.org  Facebook: facebook.com/freedomresources  Featured Sponsors: 
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    Six Needs of Every Child :: Amy and Jeffrey Olrick [Ep 322]

    Six Needs of Every Child :: Amy and Jeffrey Olrick [Ep 322]

    As moms we are often looking for parenting formulas and quick fixes to solve our latest parenting problems. When they are babies, following formulas for sleeping and eating makes sense, but as they get older and their needs change it gets a lot more complicated. 
    We often turn to friends and mentors for advice, but that doesn’t always work or what works for one of our kids doesn’t for another and it can make us feel lost. 
    Jeffrey Olrick, Ph.D. and his wife Amy Olrick join me to share a different way to interpret our kids needs using some practical tools and the science of connection. They offer an alternative question to “What do I do?”, asking instead: “How can I be with this child?”. They go through the six needs of every child and a helpful compass to help you find your way when it gets challenging.
    “I think some of it is a fear that we have parents. If we lose the trail for even a moment that our children will be put in imminent danger. And we want to set parents free from that and say, no, actually that's actually going to be pretty normal to lose the trail. But you are still together and you're going to find your way back to firm footing with these six needs.”
    This approach is teaching me a lot in my own parenting and I know it will help you on your parenting journey. To learn more from the Olricks, check out their podcast!
    Connect with the Olricks:  Website: growingconnected.com Facebook: facebook.com/growingconnected  Instagram: @growingconnected  Links Mentioned:   The Growing Connected Podcast BOOK: The 6 Needs of Every Child. Featured Sponsors:  Hello Bello— Go to hellobello.com/DMA to get 25% off your diaper bundle order and 15% off any add ons like vitamins or wipes! StoryWorth—Give your mom the most meaningful gift this Mother’s Day with StoryWorth. No shipping required. Go to StoryWorth.com/DMA and get $10 off your first purchase. 

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    Healing from Broken Friendships :: Shundria Riddick [Ep 321]

    Healing from Broken Friendships :: Shundria Riddick [Ep 321]

    On a recent Instagram survey I learned that 68% of y’all have experienced broken friendships. I knew we needed an episode to help.
    The last year has not been easy for any of us. So many things in our lives changed in response to the pandemic, political and racial tensions, and the loneliness of quarantine life. In the midst of everything, it has been hard to keep friendships healthy.
    Licensed professional counselor Shundria Riddick is here to walk us through some healthy ways to work toward reconciliation and how to know when to walk away from friendship that is hurtful. We talk about setting healthy boundaries, having clarifying conversations, and how to analyze the health of relationships.
    Connect with Shundria: 
    Website:  shundriariddick.com  Facebook: facebook.com/shundriariddick  Instagram: @shundriariddick  Links Mentioned:  
    Relax Relate Release Group Therapy with Shundria [Ep 159] Healing Friendship Wounds :: Lisa-Jo Baker [Ep 289] Strengthening Our Friendships :: Susan Seay  Featured Sponsors: 
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4.9 out of 5
1.9K Ratings

1.9K Ratings

Truth Seeking Mama ,

Life giving!

This podcast has helped me tremendously throughout the years! Don’t mom alone!

marylynnkirby ,

So encouraging!

No drama! Just godly wisdom! Well done!

Ash134678 ,

Wonderful for a mom literally, feeing alone!

Love this podcast. Really has made me feel better about so many things I’ve been going through as a mom/wife. Keep it up, Heather! Keep bringing us the good topics!

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