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    Clearing the Air!!

    Clearing the Air!!

    Guys there is one person I've gotten asked about every single day for years.. why we've never had him on the show, or done a collab, etc. and today we break down the whole situation to clear the air!!
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    • 2 hr 15 min
    Couples Counseling w/ Rosie & April

    Couples Counseling w/ Rosie & April

    You guys have been asking for this episode for a LONG time and it's finally here!! Rosie & April are this week's guests for a WILD Couples Counseling session!!
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    • 2 hr 21 min


    Welcome back to another episode of DOPE AS USUAL, hosted by your boys Dope as Yola and Marty. You know we always bring the heat, and this week is no exception. We've got a special guest straight outta the UK, none other than the YouTube sensation himself, TRAP LORE ROSS!
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    With over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and nearly 200 million views, TLR is crushin it! You can really sense the dedication for his videos, in this wild new episode where we dive deep into the stories of some of hip hop's most notorious artists, including NBA Youngboy, King Von, Young Thug, Lil Durk, and many more!
    Thank you for watching The Trap Lore Ross Episode | Hosted by Dope as Yola & Marty
    #dopeasusual #traploreross #podcast #kingvon #lildurk #nbayoungboy #eminem #50cent #jayz #griselda #stormzy #centralcee

    • 2 hr 33 min
    Deadly Situations!! Story Time

    Deadly Situations!! Story Time

    This week's episode has some of our most ridiculously funny moments, AND highly intense stories where you realize how quickly your life can change. Buckle up guys this is a WILD story time solo ep!!
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    • 2 hr 26 min
    Target Practice w/ OGEE

    Target Practice w/ OGEE

    Guys this episode is off the chain!! Let's just say OGEE was locked-and-loaded, and is back like you've never seen him before!! 🤣💨
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    #dopeasusual #podcast #storytime #ogee

    • 2 hr 47 min
    Horror Story Time

    Horror Story Time

    Get ready guys, we get into some insanely horrible stories, and crazy updates this week! You won't want to miss the Premiere, we will be picking the winner of our Ralph Barbosa Signed Poster also! SPOTIFY : ⁠https://yolalinks.com/spotify⁠ EPISODES : ⁠https://yolalinks.com/subscribe⁠ CLIPS : ⁠https://yolalinks.com/clips⁠ INSTAGRAM : ⁠https://www.instagram.com/dope_as_usual_podcast⁠ TWITTER: ⁠https://twitter.com/Dope_As_Usual⁠ TIK TOK: ⁠https://www.tiktok.com/@dope_as_usual_podcast⁠ APPAREL : ⁠http://www.dopeasusualpodcast.com⁠ YOLA IG : ⁠https://www.instagram.com/dope.as.yola/⁠ MARTY IG : ⁠https://www.instagram.com/marty_made_it⁠
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    • 2 hr 41 min

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5.0 out of 5
1.7K Ratings

1.7K Ratings

rickythejet ,

The Dopest

Marty and Thomas are the dynamic duo!

i help u and me ok :/ ,


Luv u Thomas

Joseph m Price ,

This dude

Imma watch errday

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