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Deglutition talk with Ianessa A. Humbert and Alicia K. Vose

Down the Hatch - The Swallowing Podcast Down the Hatch - The Swallowing Podcast

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Deglutition talk with Ianessa A. Humbert and Alicia K. Vose

    Experience Dependent Plasticity in Dysphagia Management

    Experience Dependent Plasticity in Dysphagia Management

    Do you decide which patients will have swallowing therapy or modified diets? Are you aware of your role in modifying Experience Dependent Plasticity as a clinician managing swallowing impairments? In this episode of Down the Hatch (Swallowing Podcast), co-hosts Ianessa Humbert and Alicia Vose continue the Swallowing Neurophysiology Series and discuss Experience Dependent Plasticity in dysphagia management with Dr. Phoebe Macrae. Access the full text manuscript about EDP in Dysphagia Management here (authors Macrae and Humbert 2013): https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40141-013-0025-y

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    Swallowing Neural Control: 101

    Swallowing Neural Control: 101

    Back by popular demand, Down the Hatch’s Swallowing Physiology Series is now focused on neural control! In our Swallowing NEUROPhysiology Series, hosts Drs. Ianessa Humbert and Alicia Vose focus on concepts related to the central nervous system, not just because it controls swallowing, but also because it is among the most poorly understood and highly requested topics among those who aim to learn more about swallowing. In this installment, we move beyond the peripheral nervous system (cranial nerves) and introduce concepts that include cranial nerve nuclei and central pattern generators within the brainstem that are essential to swallowing.
    Full links to papers:



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    COVID Era and SLP dysphagia practice

    COVID Era and SLP dysphagia practice

    The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has drastically changed health care practice around the world. Many medical speech language pathologists are uncertain about how and whether to continue managing patients with swallowing impairments (dysphagia), and if so... whom? In this episode of Down the Hatch, special guests with expertise in swallowing research and clinical practice discuss questions that center around whether SLPs are essential practitioners at this critical time.

    Links to sources referenced can be found here:










    CMS recommendations:

    AAOHNS's statement as of 3/26:

    CDC on minimization of transmission within different settings:

    Ventilation and PPE usage with aerosol transmission:

    High-risk patient factors for severe illness from COVID-19:


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    Re-release: Dysphagia Documentation Dilemma

    Re-release: Dysphagia Documentation Dilemma

    There were some issues with the original release of this eposide, so this is a re-release:
    Original description: It happens every time. A particular question is posed by one member of an audience of speech language pathologists who treat dysphagia. The question is cautious with a hint of frustration: How do I deal with inadequate modified barium swallow study reports from other speech language pathologists? In this Down the Hatch #9 (Swallowing Podcast), Alicia Vose and I discuss dysphagia documentation dilemmas for the evaluating clinicians who conduct modified barium swallow studies and write reports and for the treating clinicians who rely on the reports from evaluating clinicians to guide the treatment plan for patients in their care. SLP clinician experts Michele Singer and Nicole Roth weigh in to add immediate clinical relevance to this critical, and somewhat controversial, clinical topic.

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    The field of Speech Language Pathology is 95% white female. As a result, efforts to increase diversity in this discipline have been ongoing, yet somewhat unsuccessful. It is possible that issues surrounding the whiteness of SLPs could be better explored with open conversations about this matter. Is it a problem? Would more diversity improve patient care or training the next generation? Guests Jessica Forbes, MS, CCC-SLP and Anu Subramanian, Ph.D., CCC-SLP join hosts Alicia Vose and Ianessa Humbert in raucous, candid, controversial, and sometimes explicit, banter about being a white, brown, or other SLP in the field of Speech Language Pathology.

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    Response to the Give Hope Podcast

    Response to the Give Hope Podcast

    “I just listened to your DTH podcast with Jim. In my humble opinion I think this podcast should be required listening for every SLP student and every SLP everywhere who deals with dysphagia….”

    “To expose what has become a very comfortable lie in exchange for the integrity and power of the truth is likely the greatest kindness one human can offer to another… As a direct result, I will do better”

    “Hi I just listened to Jim share his story. My heart was broken…”

    “Honestly, this podcast really spoke to me and motivated me to push…”

    These are the sincere responses to the DO BETTER message that has been pushed in the Down the Hatch Swallowing Podcast and that has been emerging among SLPs in swallowing. In this episode, Ed Bice, Alicia and Ianessa Humbert continue discussing the system that influenced Jim’s experience in dysphagia management. It’s a wild, honest, passionate conversation.
    Recommendation: Listen with your adult beverage of choice!

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4.5 out of 5
95 Ratings

95 Ratings

Msataluri ,

Great podcast!

This podcast is very educational as well as entertaining. They bring in great guests that bring a unique perspective to swallowing. As a graduate student new to the field, I would really appreciate posted show notes after each podcast so we can all make sure we don’t miss a reference/any information! Thank you!

estellashaw ,

love this podcast

The best dysphagia podcast.



I was disappointed that home health not addressed/represented on COVID19 program on 3/30/20. Other than performing a questionnaire screen prior to visit, we have minimal PPE, are going from house to house with variable environments as well as seeing some very fragile patients.....

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