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You can travel at your age, level, status, and interest. Wherever you are in your journey through life, take a minute to consider where you want to travel and our tips will help you get there and our mistakes will make you smile, knowing you got this! Dr Mary Travelbest wrote "5 Steps to Solo Travel", and knows what you need to get going, one woman at a time.

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You can travel at your age, level, status, and interest. Wherever you are in your journey through life, take a minute to consider where you want to travel and our tips will help you get there and our mistakes will make you smile, knowing you got this! Dr Mary Travelbest wrote "5 Steps to Solo Travel", and knows what you need to get going, one woman at a time.

    Rotorua, New Zealand

    Rotorua, New Zealand

    Today’s Destination is: Rotorua, New Zealand
    Today’s Lesson Learned- Losing my reading glasses
    Travel Advice:  Maps offline can help you find your way solo.
    FAQ: Annie asks Dr. Travelbest; I’m so worried about traveling alone. I must build my confidence to go on a trip, even with another person. If I was to go alone, What would be the biggest concern for solo travel safety?
    Answer: Annie, you should be aware but not worry unnecessarily. Travel at the step you feel comfortable.
    You will be safer in many ways if you follow specific simple guidelines.
    Always ask for help before you go solo when you need it. Others want to help you out. I’ve made a quick list here for you to follow.
     5  Quick Safety Answers for Solo Travel Safety
    Stay Connected. ...Keep Others Apprised of Your Itinerary. ...
    Stash Money, Credit Cards, and Passport in Separate Places. ...
    Ensure Your Lodgings Are Safe. ...
    Stay Healthy. ...
    Pray for a safe trip.

    Today’s destination: Rotorua, New Zealand
    If you like discussing the climate, you will want to learn about geothermal, including geysers and mud pools.
    One place to explore is on the North Island of New Zealand, in a small town called Rotorua. It’s a volcanic wonder space with unique geothermal attractions and landscapes. There are rare flora, fauna, and history of the Maori. The region has one of the world’s most active geothermal fields. Five minutes from the city, you will see a geyser called Pohutu. This erupts to a height of 100 feet and does it up to 20 times per day. You can’t escape the smell of sulfur, the clouds of steam, and the volcanic bubbling.
    Besides this fantastic spectacle, what else is there worth seeing? Visit the shopping markets in the central city and then the free thermal reserve, which features beautiful public gardens, bubbling mud pools, colorful hot lakes, and free thermal foot pools.
    Then consider a bike ride past four major geothermal attractions on the Thermal bike trail.  Stop along the way for a dip in a natural hot river. 
    Visit a Maori village where the people live amongst the geothermal activity and use the boiling water for cooking, bathing, and warming their homes. I watched a dance of the Maori warriors and was entertained by the cultural experience. I recommend it.
    Depending on the weather, you can float in a thermally heated public swimming pool or one of many luxurious thermal spas.
    Today’s Lesson Learned-  Losing my reading glasses.
    I lost my reading glasses and struggled with not having great vision. I was struggling with seeing the small print on my phone.
    Don’t lose your glasses; if you do, have a spare pair handy
    If you wear contacts, bring your eyeglasses as a backup when traveling.
    Today’s Travel Advice-Maps offline can help you find your way solo. Free.
    Check out the map dot me app, where you don’t need to have data, just GPS.
    It will help you route yourself, even without an online connection.
    They have offline maps of the whole world.
    Search and discover travel maps, tourist guides, and navigation offline.
    they have a web version, too.
    Maps.me works with no Wi-Fi or cellular internet and is free. All it needs is your phone's GPS! It gets its data from OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is an app you can download to your phone.
    Find attractions, monuments, churches, viewpoints, museums, businesses, hairdressers, dentists, and cafes.
    They have 140 million customers in 190 countries
    and 1.5 million app store reviews and are based in Switzerland.

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    Best of Lake Arrowhead, California

    Best of Lake Arrowhead, California

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    Dr. Mary Travelbest - Special Episode On Packing Tips

    Dr. Mary Travelbest - Special Episode On Packing Tips

    In this episode: FAQ is: Packing questions? What are the most popular ones? 
    They are mostly related to overpacking issues.
    How many suitcases should I bring?
    You can carry as few as possible and only one load. 
    My goal is to bring half of what I thought I needed. Fill the suitcase with things to give away, then fill it up again with things you buy along your trip.
    What do people forget to bring on vacations?
    The first item is bathroom things like makeup, toothbrush, comb, and accessories.
    These can be purchased at your destination.
    Eyeglasses may be more difficult to find. Contacts are difficult to make up, so keep your prescription to order them.
    Underwear and some clothing items are reasonably easy to purchase when on the road. 
    What are your packing tips?
     I’d love to hear them. Here are some ideas about common things forgotten.
    Did you need to remember something important? Remember the movie Home Alone? They forgot one of their kids when they went to Europe for Christmas. At least I have not done that one! Could you tell me about your travel packing mistakes?
    Today’s Packing Mistake- There are so many times I have forgotten things on my trips. The main ones are: I forgot the tent poles, left the luggage at home twice, and left the charger plugged in at the hotel. Should I continue?
    Today’s Travel Packing Advice-Lists and checklists:
    My friend Cathy has a checklist for her travels. Every time she plans a trip, she reviews that before heading out the door. She reviews it when she’s putting the suitcase together, making final preparations, and before leaving her apartment. Get a checklist or make one for yourself. Packing will never get any easier until you have a routine that includes the checklist.

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    Best of Frigliana, Spain

    Best of Frigliana, Spain

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    Sturgis, South Dakota

    Sturgis, South Dakota

    Sturgis, South Dakota
    It may be winter now, but the summer will follow and you want to plan your next travel experience. Listen to the FAQ, the destination, the lesson learned and the travel tip.

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    Little Rock, Arkansas

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    This is Dr Mary Travelbest:
    FAQ is: What about immunizations other than Covid? Where can I go for good medical advice?
    Today’s Destination is: Little Rock, Arkansas
    Today’s Mistake- Taking too much luggage
    Travel Advice: Tips for Wildlife Watching: photos and using binoculars
    FAQ:  Do I need other immunizations besides Covid, such as Typhoid fever immunization?
    Answer: Are you traveling to countries that are known for having diseases? Find out. This makes a big difference when solo, especially in Steps 4 and 5 travel.
    RSV, Covid, Flu? Triple whammy.
    Typhoid is bad in what countries?
    Hepatitis is bad. Malaria is where?
    Tetanus shots? Every ten years?
    Ask your doctor. What immunizations do you need? Get your official International Certificate of Immunization that contains a record of your vaccinations and immunizations for you to keep with your passport.
    There are at least 10 recommended immunizations you may need.
    Go to a health seminar for travelers, and search for the best ones. You will likely be paying out of pocket for all of the services, including immunizations, so choose wisely. In most cases, health insurance does not cover these visits, generally speaking.
    Today’s destination: Little Rock, Arkansas
    200,000 people live here. It’s a step one or two trip, in the 5 Steps to Solo Travel.
    Best time to visit is the summer, even though it’s muggy hot. Long days and short nights make for some fun in the sun, shade, and breezes along the river. The hospitality is wonderful in Arkansas.
    Clinton Presidential Museum is one of the highlights of downtown.
    Indians influenced the river and are honored at Riverfront Park. Carve time to enjoy this park, free and easy to navigate.
    If you’re coming from the east, it’s an easy drive from Memphis, Tennessee. 
    Bright parts:
    Greenery is abundant here.
    Plenty of water is available for walks on the paths, along the shore, and exploring solo as a Step 1 or Step 2 traveler.
    Riverfront park has concerts, events, and plenty to entertain and amuse.
    Check the calendar when you are visiting.
    There’s plenty to do here, just find what makes you tick.
    zoo, river, parks, museums, and history, including a lof of Arkansas history.
    Don’t forget to sample some of the local home-style cooking and local favorite dishes.
    Do pack the bug repellent and watch for poison ivy.
    Today’s Mistake-  Too much luggage
    Today’s Travel Advice-Tips for Wildlife Discovery: photo tips and using binoculars
    First: Wildlife Watching Tips: Your car serves as a good “blind” for watching wildlife, protecting you and the animals from one another. Pull all the way off the road, turn off the motor and the lights. Keep young children and pets quiet and inside the car. Don’t trespass on private property and, when in the national park or national forest, observe posted signs. 
    Next: Photo Tips: Use a telephoto lens and tripod. Respect the safety and welfare of your subject, aiming for photos of calm, dignified, unstressed animals. Morning and afternoon lights are best, with the sun at your back. If you don’t have a telephoto lens, show the animal in its natural surroundings rather than trying to move in too close. You could lose the shot altogether by spooking the subject. 
    Last: Binocular Tips: First find the subject with the unaided eye and, bringing the eyepieces just under your eyes, sight the subject over the tips of the eyepieces. Slowly bring the binoculars to your eyes and focus. I like binocs that are small and compact. What do you like?
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4.8 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

DuffSix ,

Simple Travel Advice is the BEST Advice!

What i ❤️ most about Dr Mary Travelbest is the simplicity and plain-speak tips and ideas. Part of the beauty of travel is the adventure, the art, the history and the exposure to different folks and culture. The more i travel the more i am reminded that we’re more alike each other than different. Thank you, Dr Travelbest, for the great advice and confidence- building for solo travel. It’s enriching !

nick00008 ,

What’s keeping you away from travel?

You have always wanted to travel. Now you can, but something keeps you from going. Move past that by getting help here. Dr. Travelbest says how, where and why to go, with tips and even her lessons learned. Take this with you, so you never are alone.

ismael_santiago ,

Best women-oriented travel podcast!

I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast! I look forward to listening to some more, as well as listening to a few more of the Midwest!

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