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A journey through Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield’s deep experience with cutting edge technology for no-cut facelifts and other procedures. Known as Austin’s natural plastic surgeon, Dr. Whitfield brings you the true stories of actual plastic surgery patients, navigates through their surgical and non-surgical treatment options, then reveals their chosen path forward and the results they achieved. Dr. Rob is a board certified plastic surgeon and Austin’s Natural Choice for plastic surgery, laser and energy treatments, and aesthetics.

Dr. Rob's Solutions for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Treatments Dr. Robert Whitfield, MD

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A journey through Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield’s deep experience with cutting edge technology for no-cut facelifts and other procedures. Known as Austin’s natural plastic surgeon, Dr. Whitfield brings you the true stories of actual plastic surgery patients, navigates through their surgical and non-surgical treatment options, then reveals their chosen path forward and the results they achieved. Dr. Rob is a board certified plastic surgeon and Austin’s Natural Choice for plastic surgery, laser and energy treatments, and aesthetics.

    Episode 16: Cutting-Edge Techniques: How Fat Transfers and Stem Cells Are Changing Lives

    Episode 16: Cutting-Edge Techniques: How Fat Transfers and Stem Cells Are Changing Lives

    Over the years, stem cells have gained significant attention for their remarkable ability to transform into various cell types, presenting immense potential for regenerative medicine and treatment for a wide range of diseases. This growing interest has been driven by a series of groundbreaking discoveries and significant advancements in stem cell research. In the context of breast implants and breast implant illness, stem cells offer promising solutions for tissue regeneration and recovery, providing new hope for those seeking alternative treatments.

    Whether you're curious about the science behind stem cells or considering a procedure involving fat transfer, this episode is packed with valuable insights to guide you on your journey to better health and wellness. Let’s explore more about how stem cells are transforming the medical field, providing new avenues for treatment and recovery. We'll dive into valuable insights and the latest advancements, helping you understand the incredible potential of stem cells and their benefits.

    Fat transfer surgery for breast augmentation and reconstruction

    I’ve recently attended several notable conferences where I gained valuable insights and innovations that I’m eager to integrate into our clinic. Some of these advancements include the incorporation of more lymphatic massage techniques, the introduction of NanoVi technology to improve protein folding and recovery, and the use of H-Wave therapy to further enhance lymphatic drainage and aid in patient recovery.

    For today, however, let’s focus on fat transfers. Drawing from my extensive experience with fat transfers, a technique I’ve refined over many years, I explain that fat transfers are effective because they use the patient’s own tissue, making them autologous and thus free from the risks associated with donor tissues, such as genetic mismatches.

    Fat transfers are versatile, as adipose-derived stem cells can differentiate into fat cells, bone cells, or cartilage, providing a range of benefits. My initial interest in this technique stemmed from a personal desire to regenerate cartilage in my knees after multiple surgeries, leading to a deep understanding of the procedure’s potential.

    With extensive experience in sarcoma reconstruction, I can confidently say that fat transfers are safe when performed correctly. It's essential not to transfer fat to areas with existing tumors or sarcomas, as these mesenchymal regions could complicate the procedure.

    For breast augmentation and reconstruction, fat transfers have been effective for many years, and I have conducted numerous procedures since 2005. Successful outcomes depend on transferring a mixture of adipocytes, vascular cells, and adipose-derived stem cells. This technique requires precise placement of fat in specific areas to avoid complications and ensure proper integration with the surrounding tissue.

    There were early safety concerns regarding fat transfers for cosmetic purposes, such as buttock augmentation, due to technical issues when the procedure first gained popularity in South America and Miami. However, with advancements in techniques and improved safety measures, fat transfers for both buttock and breast augmentation have become reliable and effective procedures.

    Fat transfer for breast implant illness, including stem cells and healing

    When the skin gets really tense, you'll notice a condition called "peau d'orange," where the surface of the skin starts to look like the surface of an orange. This indicates too much pressure and that expansion should stop. Unlike implants, which can hold their shape and maintain more volume, fat cannot be continuously added. The amount of fat that can be added depends on the initial condition of the skin. For younger clients with tight skin, multiple sessions may be needed to gradually increase volume.

    In cases where I remove implants that have been in place for a long time, often after weight changes, pregnancie

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    Episode 15: Unveiling the Hidden Impact of Oral Health & Systemic Well-being with Dr. Kelly Blodgett

    Episode 15: Unveiling the Hidden Impact of Oral Health & Systemic Well-being with Dr. Kelly Blodgett

    Oral health isn't just about having a nice smile; it's essential for our overall health, impacting different areas of our well-being. Similarly, when considering breast implants, it's crucial to recognize that their impact extends beyond cosmetic enhancement, potentially affecting overall health. Understanding the interplay between oral health and systemic health is vital for making informed decisions about medical interventions and ensuring holistic well-being.

    Embark on a journey through the world of holistic health and dental care with insights from Dr. Kelly Blodgett – a biologic dentist from Portland, Oregon. In today’s episode, we discuss the intricate connection between oral and overall health, the impact of environmental factors, and the importance of informed decision-making for optimal well-being.

    Oral health and gut microbiome, with a focus on root canals and biofilms

    I deeply resonate with the principles Dr. Blodgett upholds, especially regarding oral health practices, particularly in patients with conditions like breast implant illness. Many patients are on a journey to rid their bodies of foreign substances that could potentially trigger inflammation, and biologic dentistry offers valuable insights and techniques to support them along this path.

    While it's widely acknowledged in both the dental and medical communities that gum disease is a significant issue, the attention it receives sometimes overshadows other potential sources of inflammation. Dr. Blodgett has observed the risk associated with root canals. The process of performing a root canal effectively creates a dead organ within the body by removing the tooth's blood supply. What's concerning is that the porous nature of the dentin surface allows microbes to infiltrate and thrive within these teeth, essentially turning them into chronic sources of toxicity. Over the years, Dr. Blodgett has seen remarkable improvements in patients' overall health following the removal of these dead teeth.

    We've integrated PCR testing of scar capsules into our practice which examines DNA fragments and this approach has yielded great results. Dr. Blodgett highlights the significance of understanding biofilm formation, particularly concerning teeth that no longer have a blood supply due to procedures like root canals. In an upcoming series based on 900 consecutive samples, we found that approximately 30 to 34% exhibited biofilm colonization, consisting of various microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and mycobacteria.

    This microbial presence within the roots suggests a significant deviation from what's considered normal. Despite efforts to ensure quality testing by sending samples to a research-based laboratory specializing in PCR testing, there remain limitations in detecting microscopic processes through macroscopic examinations like CT scans, MRIs, or regular X-rays.

    Furthermore, Dr. Blodgett emphasizes the interconnectedness of oral health with overall well-being, noting how disruptions in the oral microbiome can contribute to various systemic problems. Issues such as poor digestion, irregular bowel movements, and compromised nutrient absorption can stem from an imbalanced microbiome, impacting the body's ability to heal and function optimally.

    Oral health and hygiene, including protein intake and its impact on teeth

    Maintaining normal digestive processes is crucial for overall health, as it impacts our gut microbiome and downstream health outcomes. The intricate relationship between oral health and the gut microbiome is fascinating insofar as oral health isn't just about aesthetics or chewing food; it's integral to proper digestion and nutrient absorption. For instance, missing teeth can hinder the chewing process, affecting how well we break down food and utilize nutrients.
    Managing the oral microbiome thus involves navigating various factors that can impact it. Common practices, like consuming acidic beverages or having multiple metal fillings, can

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    Episode 14: A Taste of Austin's Healthy Dining Scene: The Well's Story with Nicole Pfromm

    Episode 14: A Taste of Austin's Healthy Dining Scene: The Well's Story with Nicole Pfromm

    The significance of maintaining a healthy diet extends beyond mere physical nourishment; it impacts every aspect of one's life, from energy levels to mood and overall quality of life. By reducing the intake of processed foods high in sugars, unhealthy fats, and additives, individuals can lower their risk of developing these health issues and improve their overall longevity.

    Join us as Nicole delves into the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and prioritizing nutritious food choices. From the meticulous sourcing of high-quality ingredients to the preparation of dishes free from harmful additives, Nicole demonstrates how The Well embodies a commitment to promoting health from the inside out with a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of food.

    Healthy Eating and Gluten-Free Options in a Restaurant Setting

    Nicole had always been immersed in the service industry, growing up in her family's long-standing restaurant business, yet initially uncertain about making it her lifelong career. However, she found herself deeply drawn to the daily interactions, the sense of community, and the joy of being around people. It was this passion for connection that fueled her desire to create something truly unique in the dining landscape.

    The inspiration behind their restaurant concept stemmed from a simple yet profound question: Why should people have to choose between eating well and dining out? She thought it didn't make sense that eating out often meant giving up healthy options. So, they decided to create a restaurant where people could enjoy dining out without compromising on nutritious food.

    Collaborating with a renowned nutrition consultant named Liv, they embarked on a journey to redefine the standards of restaurant dining. Liv's expertise guided them in curating a menu that not only prioritized nutrient density but also celebrated bold flavors and vibrant ingredients. Together, they meticulously crafted dishes that combined healthfulness with culinary excellence, setting a new benchmark for their brand.

    They also teamed up with designers to make sure the restaurant felt inviting and lively, breaking away from the typical look of health-focused places. They wanted it to be a spot where people could come for anything, whether it's grabbing a smoothie after a workout or celebrating a special occasion, and feel comfortable. Through their dedication to quality, community, and holistic well-being, they aimed to redefine the very essence of dining out, one nourishing meal at a time.

    Discovering the Healthy and Delicious Menu of The Well

    Personally, I’ve been avoiding gluten because I’m gluten-sensitive. As for my family, it has already been almost a decade of eating gluten-free. And yet, we still struggle to find real gluten-free food amidst all the processed "gluten-free" products. Thankfully, I discovered The Well during a late meeting at another restaurant nearby. Intrigued by its promise of health-conscious dining, I quickly became a regular, even gifting my patients with cards to enjoy meals there.

    The Well’s menu philosophy was simple: stick to the basics and focus on real, whole foods. Free from gluten, dairy, soy, seed oils, GMOs, and refined sugars, their dishes were carefully crafted to prioritize quality and nutrition. Also, they prioritize sourcing their ingredients organically to ensure that their patrons are not exposed to potentially harmful pesticides. And so, they specifically avoid using non-organic versions of the produce items listed on the Dirty Dozen list as compiled by the Environmental Working Group, which identifies produce items with the highest pesticide contamination levels.

    One of the standout items for me at The Well is undoubtedly the bone broth, and it's not just because of its exceptional taste. This hearty broth has earned its place as a favorite among patrons, thanks to its unique preparation method and undeniable quality. Made from high-quality bones, carefully sel

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    Episode 12: Beyond the Surface: Collagen in Recovery and Rejuvenation Treatments

    Episode 12: Beyond the Surface: Collagen in Recovery and Rejuvenation Treatments

    Collagen supplementation has undergone significant advancements and improvements over the years. The growing popularity of collagen is attributable to a deeper understanding of its diverse benefits beyond just skin aesthetics. Furthermore, refined processing techniques have given rise to hydrolyzed collagen, which ensures efficient absorption and utilization of collagen by the body, maximizing its potential benefits.

    This episode highlights the benefits of collagen and provides a comprehensive understanding to shed light on how collagen, especially in its hydrolyzed form, can be a transformative addition to one's wellness routine.

    Collagen Supplements for Skin Health

    Throughout my experiences treating complex patients, the idea of administering collagen never crossed my mind due to its substantial molecular size - scientifically measured at 300,000 Daltons. This size renders it challenging for the skin or gastrointestinal tracts to effectively absorb.
    I frequently get asked about the benefits of taking collagen, its different types, supporting studies, duration for observable results, recommended dosages for skin health enhancement, and whether collagen can substitute a healthy diet and skincare routine. Furthermore, people seek insights into brand recommendations, potential risks associated with collagen intake, and the impact of lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking habits, and sun exposure on collagen effectiveness. These inquiries highlight the importance of taking into account various considerations, given the various factors influencing collagen absorption.

    Collagen Supplementation and Absorption

    When faced with the question of collagen utilization, my immediate consideration revolves around how to introduce collagen into the system for optimal absorption effectively. In my holistic recovery program, I prioritize the use of perfect, pre-broken-down amino acids known for their easy absorption. While collagen supplementation is part of the routine, it isn't the primary focus.
    The most bioavailable form for the body is hydrolyzed collagen, where it's broken down into smaller peptides; more manageable chains of amino acids. Once hydrolyzed, these smaller chains of amino acids enable the body to absorb and utilize the collagen more effectively. This enhanced absorbability is a key factor in maximizing the potential benefits of collagen supplementation.

    Hydrolyzed collagen is available in various forms like powder, capsules, or liquid, enhancing its usability. This variety not only accommodates individual preferences but also offers convenience in incorporating collagen supplementation into one's daily routine. The flexibility and convenience of hydrolyzed collagen make it a top choice for people who want an effective and convenient way to boost their collagen intake.

    Always remember to pair collagen intake with sufficient vitamin C. Collagen, a vital structural protein, requires vitamin C for proper formation and maintenance. That being said, the body's ability to produce and utilize collagen is compromised without an adequate supply of vitamin C.

    Holistic Approach to Cosmetic Treatments

    Individual digestive health plays a crucial role in various health concerns. Dealing extensively with patients, including those with breast implant illness and those seeking specific cosmetic outcomes, such as body contouring or facial rejuvenation, I guide them through my strategic holistic accelerated recovery program.
    The key is to establish a level playing field by understanding factors like genetics, toxicity, gut microbiome, food sensitivities, and hormone balance. This comprehensive approach enables me to create personalized treatment plans for concerns like facial rejuvenation, breast or body contouring, or skin tightening.

    Collagen Use in Recovery and Rejuvenation Treatments

    In my recovery program, I avoid making collagen a primary protein source during recovery due to its large molecular size since I pers

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    Episode 11: Change How Your Face Ages Forever - Part 2

    Episode 11: Change How Your Face Ages Forever - Part 2

    As individuals increasingly prioritize safety, precision, and personalized care in their aesthetic journeys, microneedling remains reliable in its commitment to providing a secure and impactful path toward radiant and revitalized skin. Beyond its proven safety profile, microneedling's allure is further accentuated by its adaptability.

    Embark on an insightful journey with me in today's episode, where we delve deeper into the transformative ways through which you can redefine the aging process of your face for lasting results. This is an invitation to discover comprehensive approaches that can fundamentally change the trajectory of how your face ages over time.

    Energy-based micro-needling for skin treatment

    A minimally invasive procedure that I find effective in changing how your face ages forever is micro-needling. It involves creating small punctures in the skin using needles, stimulating a healing response that leads to increased collagen production and overall skin improvement. I've found great satisfaction in employing microneedling for external-to-internal skin treatment.

    I've integrated microneedling into various cases, addressing skin concerns across the body and achieving positive outcomes. In fact, in my practice, I specifically use bipolar microneedling with the InMode platform, originally known as Fractora.

    The InMode devices evolved to include Morpheus8 microneedling, which, when combined with FaceTite, forms a comprehensive procedure called Embrace RF. The versatility of Morpheus8 allows for depth adjustments, ranging from 1 to 4 millimeters, with newer devices even reaching up to 8 millimeters for broader applications on the body.

    In our office, we often use topical anesthetics in conjunction with specialized products to enhance the comfort of the procedure. For more intensive treatments, local anesthesia can be applied to the face, depending on the individualized treatment plan developed for each patient.

    Non-invasive skin tightening treatments using RF technology

    The Smart procedures, which I’ve found to be highly effective, focus on reducing lower abdominal thickness through liposculpture, complemented by BodyTite and Morpheus8 microneedling for exceptional results. You can check the transformative outcomes without visible scarring in our before and after posted on our website gallery: https://www.drrobertwhitfield.com/

    Microneedling serves to build collagen in the skin, combined with products that stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. Morpheus8 covers depths of one to four millimeters, while our body product extends to one to eight millimeters for deeper tissue tightening. Embrace RF, briefly mentioned, incorporates FaceTite for comprehensive treatment.

    I've utilized these technologies across various areas, performing AccuTite on the face, FaceTite on the jawline and neck, and BodyTite on the arms, abdomen, flanks, and eyes. The tools vary in size based on the body part or area being treated, achieving 1 to 2-centimeter tightening. Also, the bipolar radiofrequency technology is incorporated with skin sensors in each device tip to ensure both external and internal skin protection from excessive heat.

    Other minimally invasive options prioritizing safety

    As someone who prioritizes safety, I’m particularly drawn to minimally invasive treatments. That’s why I've embraced a new concept called micro-coring which is an FDA-approved device that utilizes a hollowed-out microneedle with a 0.5-millimeter diameter to create a pattern akin to a laser, removing a percentage of tissue in a calculated manner. With around 26,000 cores, this tool, done under local anesthesia in-office, proves powerful, effectively addressing facial and neck concerns.

    Transitioning from non-invasive to minimally invasive, I've also explored a technique called MyEllevate. This minimally invasive option, performed through small openings out of sight, tightens glandular and neck tissue while refining the jawli

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    Episode 10: Change How Your Face Ages Forever - Part 1

    Episode 10: Change How Your Face Ages Forever - Part 1

    Facial aging is a holistic and inevitable process influenced by numerous interconnected elements and factors. It's not merely the passage of time that dictates how our appearance changes; rather, it's the intricate interplay of many elements. It encompasses the bones, muscles, fat, and, of course, the skin.

    While we can’t stop the time to avoid how our faces change, we can certainly influence how our faces age. In this episode, we dive deep into the interplay of genetics, skincare treatments, and lifestyle, providing a roadmap for those who seek to take charge of their aging process.

    The foundation of the aging process

    When it comes to the topic of changing how your face ages, there are several key factors to consider before even delving into the realm of skincare as well as aspects beyond our control. These elements are the foundation of our aging process.

    It's surprising how little attention we give to the role of bones in the aging process, but the truth is that our bones also undergo resorption, a natural thinning process. Genetics plays a significant role in determining how much resorption an individual may experience, and this can even impact their susceptibility to conditions like osteoporosis.

    Another often overlooked aspect is the role of muscle in facial aging. While it's not a frequently discussed topic, muscle changes, especially around the eyes, can play a significant role in the aging process. In some cases, muscles may have hypertrophy, which can contribute to the overall transformation of one's appearance. So, when it comes to changing how our face ages forever, it's essential to consider these factors that extend far beyond just skincare products and routines.

    Expressive facial expressions also lead to more lines, muscular hypertrophy in the jaw, and the loss of specific fat compartments in the face, resulting in deflation and puffy eyes. Skin changes are thus prominent, manifesting as lines, wrinkles, folds, and sagging. In addressing these concerns, treatments like HydraFacial can temporarily enhance turgor/rigidity and fluid retention in the skin, providing a smoother and tighter appearance for special occasions.

    Genetics, diet, and supplements for skin health and overall wellness

    I would like to emphasize genetics in your skincare plans, particularly concerning detox pathways, hormone metabolism, and sleep. Understanding your genetic predispositions can be a game-changer in tailoring a personalized approach to facial aging. It allows you to make more informed decisions and select treatments and products that align with your unique genetic makeup, enabling a more effective and sustainable way to alter the course of how your face ages.

    I also recommend using air filters and avoiding plastic for drinking to ensure skin health and overall wellness. When it comes to diet, make sure to cut out gluten, dairy, processed foods, and unnatural sugars to enhance overall wellness before any procedure.

    Additionally, when setting up a skincare routine, ensure that the skincare products suit your specific needs, which may include ingredients for reducing pigmentation, increasing collagen production, or targeting fat reduction. By incorporating these tailored skincare products into your routine, you're not only proactively addressing the aging process but also investing in the long-term health and vibrancy of your skin.

    Treatments to improve skin health

    Skin care plays a crucial role in tightening the skin and promoting collagen synthesis. Having the right cleanser and moisturizer tailored to one's skin type is essential, as is using sun protection, which are basic principles of skincare. I utilize products like elastin and my personal line of products is designed to stimulate collagen production. Daily use of these products can help improve skin tightness, so make sure to grab yours now!

    The muscular blocking agents that we use assist in reducing the appearance of fine lines. These agents ar

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4.9 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

hannoel99 ,

Super helpful breast implant illness info

I’ve always been flat chested and have considered a breast augmentation. Listening to this podcast has given me an incredibly detailed education on the risks of breast implants. Dr. Whitfield does a fabulous job laying out the facts about breast implant illness without using bias or scare tactics. Brilliant surgeon all around!

LRayBoogs ,

Breast Implant Illness Genius

Excellent information!! Thank you for sharing your expertise I’m telling all my friends with brain fog and breast implants.

axisofeva76 ,

Very helpful breast implant illness resource

Dr. Rob is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeons out there and knows more about BII and breast surgery than any doctor I’ve heard on this controversial topic. I have learned more about the science of BII from this podcast than any other source and wish I had found it much sooner.

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