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Dragon Age Podcast is a biweekly podcast covering the dragon age community, mods, and anything dragon age.

Dragon Age Podcast Matthew Ekenstedt, David Lambert

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Dragon Age Podcast is a biweekly podcast covering the dragon age community, mods, and anything dragon age.

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4.1 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

adamhogseth ,

What happened to Tara?

I enjoy listening to discussion about DA:O and wish there was a similar podcast for NWN. I would have given it five stars in this review but the discussions have been a little dry as of late with Tara's absence. She brought an interesting and quick witted dynamic to the banter that is lacking a bit.

brigantine ,

Really? Has potential but needs new hosts!

I just found this podcast a week ago. I downloaded all the old ones and started from the beginning. I made it through three or four of them before I stopped and started skipping around. I figured there was no new DA stuff out so they were talking about other stuff until new info came out. They never really ended up talking about DA. If 1/4 of any given show had DA info on it I would be surprised. Then the new one was released "oh look, a cookie' and I figured new DA-II talk finally. Well they talked about it but the host did not like the game so he pretty much talked over anyone if they complimented it. I mean when you just start screaming about how this is the worst game ever you loose any and all credibility. The show has potential but the main host needs to go!

djmikemoore ,


I really like Dragon Age. It's probably my favorite game. I love finding news online about it. I would love it if I loved your podcast but I don't. I'm not one of those gamers who comment with vitriol just because I don't like something, but there are several disappointing factors to your podcast.

I've listened to several full episodes and enjoyed some of the things you do, but I always have to quit listening after awhile because it just gets on my nerves. Right now, I started listening to your latest podcast which was 1/22 and I'm like 30 minutes in and NOTHING has even been mentioned about Dragon Age AT ALL yet, except for introducing the PodCast as "THE Dragon Age Podcast." Come on guys...1/3 of your podcast in and you haven't even gotten to the point of the cast yet? If you want to tell us about yourselves, post it online in a blog or in a forum or whatever, but please don't waste my time talking about ancillary uninteresting information.

I think your podcast has potential, but right now it's just sloppy, unfocused work. It's like watching a newscast where the anchors banter but don't tell you ANY news till after the first commercial break. I want to like you, but I don't. Please take these criticisms seriously and work at fixing this. Good luck guys!

Update: 40 minutes in now. 40 minutes left. STILL no Dragon Age. Absolutely Astounding.

Last Update: 48 minutes in: Ok now you start talking about Dragon Age. But wait, there's only 33 minutes left! Come on!

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