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Welcome to the podcast of Julie Sabatino, he original wedding fashion stylist and founder of The Stylish Bride®.
On this show, Julie and D. Mercado present invaluable insight on the process of getting dressed, styled, and down the aisle. Each episode features Julie’s parceled advice and perspective for every detail of wedding day fashion so you brides can feel empowered and prepared to walk down the aisle.

Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle - The Stylish Bride Julie Sabatino

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Welcome to the podcast of Julie Sabatino, he original wedding fashion stylist and founder of The Stylish Bride®.
On this show, Julie and D. Mercado present invaluable insight on the process of getting dressed, styled, and down the aisle. Each episode features Julie’s parceled advice and perspective for every detail of wedding day fashion so you brides can feel empowered and prepared to walk down the aisle.

    75: Behind the Pages with Julie Sabatino

    75: Behind the Pages with Julie Sabatino

    Today, we are thrilled to explore the process behind Julie’s new book, Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle: Becoming a Stylish Bride, which has already achieved Amazon Best Seller status.
    Join us as we dive into the inspiration, challenges, and insights behind Julie's journey toward creating this essential guide for brides-to-be.
    Excitement About the Book ReleaseJulie and Dee are super-excited about the release of Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle: Becoming a Stylish Bride. Julie finds it quite surreal to finally have the book come to fruition after many years of anticipation and hard work.
    Overwhelming supportJulie is thrilled and humbled by the overwhelming support and pre-orders, which have surpassed all her expectations.
    Writing Process and Origin of the IdeaA publisher approached Julie several years ago to write a book, but the project did not get going. Then, about three years ago, as her business grew and she gained more knowledge, the idea of writing the book resurfaced, and Julie felt a strong desire to share her expertise and help as many women as possible.
    Encouragement and Making it HappenJulie's decision to start writing the book solidified during her morning walks with her husband, who encouraged her to take action. His support pushed her to keep going, so she began to write earnestly.
    Overcoming Her Writing ChallengesInitially, Julie struggled with self-doubt, unsure if anyone would be interested in her work. Her writing process was further complicated by her dyslexia, making spelling and editing particularly difficult. She also had to balance her desire to provide practical, actionable advice with the anxiety of ensuring her words could not get misconstrued. Addressing various body types and sizes in the bridal industry added another layer of difficulty, requiring her to be inclusive and considerate of different experiences. Despite those obstacles, Julie wanted to create a resource to empower and support brides, so she eventually employed a ghostwriter to help her complete the book.
    Including Diverse PerspectivesInclusivity was a key consideration for Julie, who revised the book to address the unique challenges petite women and other body types tend to face. Feedback from colleagues and her commitment to diversity ensured the book catered to all brides.
    The Timeline and Practical ToolsJulie wanted to ensure her book was actionable and practical, so she included a detailed timeline for fashion-related wedding preparations. She also created resource guides and a fillable timeline on her website to help brides plan effectively.
    Encouragement for BridesThe core message in the book is that brides are perfect as they are. Julie reminds brides that their partners chose them for who they are and that the wedding is about their love rather than achieving a particular look or standard.
    Giveaway AnnouncementJulie is launching an exciting giveaway on Instagram on June 5th, where listeners can win a signed copy of her book, an emergency care kit, and many other exciting goodies.
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    74: Julie's Favorite Tips from Her Bestselling Book

    74: Julie's Favorite Tips from Her Bestselling Book

    We are less than one week away from the official launch of Julie’s bestselling book, Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle, and today, she will share her favorite tips from the book. 
    Completing the book has been a long yet fulfilling journey, and Julie cannot wait to share all the knowledge she has gathered over the years.  Join us for Julie’s top tips!
    Julie’s Top TipJulie believes that feeling confident in what you are wearing and how you look will shine through in all your pictures and help you have a great time without being bogged down by insecurity.
    Understanding Your Shopping StyleYou need to know what type of shopper you are because understanding your shopping preferences will simplify the planning for your wedding dress shopping experience.
    Scheduling AppointmentsJulie recommends scheduling at least three wedding dress appointments on the first day. The first appointment is for getting your feet wet and trying different shapes. By the third appointment, you start understanding what you like. She also recommends taking a lunch break to stay energized and refreshed.
    Decision-Making StyleUnderstanding your decision-making style is crucial. All women make their decisions differently, and some may need more time to process all the information. Communicating your style to your consultant will ensure a smoother experience. Julie advises against making your final decision on the same day and suggests sleeping on it instead.
    Preparing for Dress FittingsBe prepared to try on dresses that do not fit perfectly. Most stores carry sample sizes that may not match your size, so you may need to use your imagination to visualize the final look. Being able to visualize changes is essential for avoiding frustration in those situations.
    Buying for Your Current BodyJulie advises brides to buy a dress to fit the body they have today. While losing weight or changing your body is a personal choice, buying a dress expecting those changes can add unnecessary stress. Even though most dresses can get altered, it is essential to love the dress as it is when you first see it.
    Utilizing ResourcesOur Dream Wedding Dress Quiz is there to help brides discover the perfect silhouette and style tailored to their preferences. Unlike traditional quizzes that make assumptions based on body type alone, our quiz focuses on what you love to accentuate to ensure you feel confident and beautiful on your special day. 
    Knowing Your TimelineJulie highlights the importance of following a structured but flexible timeline that includes scheduling fittings and buying dresses for bridesmaids and moms to ensure everything aligns and nothing gets overlooked.
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    73: Tips for June Brides

    73: Tips for June Brides

    June is just around the corner. So, this week, we are sharing our top tips and tricks to ensure our June brides have everything covered.
    Join us for our tried and true hints and strategies to ensure you stay ahead of the game as you prepare for your special day. We will also provide practical strategies for staying comfortable during weddings in the summer months.
    Protecting Against the Heat It is essential to prioritize sunscreen as part of your wedding preparations if your wedding is in a sunny location or a warmer climate. Harley recommends using a high-SPF sunscreen and reapplying it throughout the day. 
    Staying Cool and ComfortableJulie and Harley suggest using rechargeable mini fans and parasols to create shade and provide relief from the heat. You can even incorporate those items into the wedding decor to enhance the overall aesthetic while ensuring your guests stay comfortable. 
    Lightweight FabricsHarley advises brides to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics for their wedding attire, allowing for better airflow and comfort throughout the day.
    Managing Sweatiness Bridegrooms should have backup shirts and use sweat-absorbing powder to stay dry and comfortable. Julie highlights the importance of choosing moisture-wicking fabrics for groomsmen to reduce the likelihood of visible sweat stains. 
    Dealing with Foot Swelling Wear comfortable shoes with cushioned insoles to minimize foot fatigue and swelling. Julie recommends taking regular breaks to elevate your feet and reduce swelling. Compression socks or foot rollers will also alleviate discomfort and improve circulation, especially for those prone to foot swelling.
    Controlling Veils in Windy Conditions Julie and Harley recommend using veil weights or discreetly securing veils with hidden pins to prevent them from flying off in the wind. You can also opt for a shorter veil or secure your veil to your hair for added stability in windy conditions. Practice your veil management techniques during dress fittings to ensure a seamless experience on the wedding day. Harley advises brides to 
    Guest Comfort in Hot WeatherJulie and Harley suggest providing guests with handheld fans, refreshing beverages, and shaded seating areas to enhance their overall experience in hot outdoor ceremonies. Couples should consider the timing of outdoor ceremonies to avoid the peak heat hours and provide relief from intense sunlight. You can even include cooling elements like personalized water bottles or mini fans as wedding favors for guests attending warm-weather weddings.
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    72: A Mother/Daughter Take on Wedding Fashion

    72: A Mother/Daughter Take on Wedding Fashion

    We are thrilled to welcome a truly special guest today! 
    In celebration of Mother's Day, Julie is super excited to have her mom joining her for a fun episode, where they explore a range of topics close to their hearts, from comparing their wedding experiences to sharing valuable advice on mother-daughter relationships.
    We extend a huge thank you to Julie's mom for gracing us with her delightful presence today!
    Wedding Planning Overview and Ceremony DetailsJulie and her mom reflect on the evolution of wedding planning from the 70s to modern times, discussing the shift toward more elaborate arrangements, hiring professionals, and the increasing significance of wedding details. Julie reminisces about her late afternoon wedding ceremony, highlighting its simplicity when compared with the elaborate receptions of today, and she and her mom discuss how much wedding ceremonies and receptions have changed over the decades.
    Wedding Dress Journey ChallengesJulie shares the challenges she faced during her wedding dress shopping experience in New York City, mentioning the difficulty she had finding the perfect dress without the convenience of online resources and the overwhelming choices in the bridal boutiques of today.
    Groom's Outfit IndividualityJulie's mom found a unique morning suit outfit in a magazine for her husband. She emphasizes the individuality and personal touch his outfit brought to the wedding.
    Bouquet and Veil SymbolismThe bouquet and veil are symbolic in wedding traditions. The bridal bouquet symbolizes fertility, new beginnings, and the blossoming of love. Each flower chosen may carry its symbolism, like roses for love, lilies for purity, or lavender for devotion. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the bouquet also serves as a fragrant reminder of the bride's style and the joyful atmosphere of the wedding day. The veil symbolizes modesty, purity, and the unveiling of the bride as she begins a new chapter in her life. It also signifies how the bride transitions from a single woman to a married one as she uncovers her face to reveal her commitment and love for her partner. The bouquet and veil add layers of tradition, beauty, and meaning to the wedding ceremony, making them cherished elements of bridal attire. 
    Going Away Outfit TraditionThe tradition of a going away outfit dates back to when newlywed couples would leave their wedding reception and head off on their honeymoon immediately afterward. The going away outfit was typically a stylish and comfortable ensemble for the bride, often different from her wedding gown. It symbolized the transition from the formalities of the wedding ceremony to the relaxed and intimate moments of the honeymoon. While this tradition has evolved, many couples may choose to delay their honeymoon or forego a separate outfit. The idea of a going away outfit remains a charming nod to the romantic customs of the past.
    The Evolution of the Bridesmaid Dress Over the years, bridesmaid dresses have evolved significantly in style, color, and design. From traditional floor-length gowns in pastel hues to modern and versatile options like mix-and-match styles or jumpsuits, bridesmaid attire has become more diverse and personalized. There has also been a shift toward sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, focusing more on comfort and reusability. Today, brides have a wide range of choices, allowing them to create cohesive yet unique looks for their bridal party to fit the wedding theme.
    Mother of the Bride Dress The dress for the mother of the bride should strike a balance between elegance, comfort, and suitability for the wedding theme. It may include color coordination with the bridal party, flattering silhouettes that...

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    71: All About the Mothers!

    71: All About the Mothers!

    Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, we are diving into wedding fashion for mothers.
    To help you overcome any confusion, we will cover everything related to etiquette, clarifying where to begin, explaining how to create a cohesive look, and looking at everything in between.  
    Join us for expert tips and guidance on choosing the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress while avoiding overshadowing the bride.
    Challenges for Mothers When Shopping for Wedding LooksMothers often encounter several challenges when shopping for their wedding looks. These include the need to look spectacular yet understated while coordinating with the overall vibe and color scheme and adapting to changes in their bodies postmenopause. Those factors can make it challenging to find a dress that makes them feel fantastic while being appropriate.
    The Mother's Dress                                   Julie and Dee find it rewarding to help mothers feel amazing in their chosen outfits, considering the attention and honor bestowed upon them as the event hostess. 
    Personal Experience with Finding a Mother's DressDee shares an anecdote about helping her mom find a dress for her sister's wedding. Despite initial miscommunications about color preferences, they ultimately succeeded in finding a dress that made her mom feel beautiful and comfortable. 
    Etiquette and Rules for Mothers When ShoppingTraditionally, the bride's mother should shop for her dress before the mother of the groom buys her dress. However, that can vary. Mothers should not wear white, ivory, or anything similar to avoid overshadowing the bride.  Communication is crucial to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding expectations and involvement in the dress selection. Some brides may want to see and approve the dress before their mother makes her final choice, while others may be more hands-off.
    Tips for Choosing the Perfect DressJulie and Dee share valuable tips for choosing the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress. These include not ruling out strapless dresses, considering internal dress support, deciding on a train and bustle, choosing comfortable shoes, and communicating openly about dress changes. These tips will ensure a flawless and comfortable fit.
    Addressing Specific ChallengesJulie advises mothers who struggle to find a dress that looks mature without being matronly to highlight their best features and opt for simplicity and sophistication in their dress choice. 
    A Sneak Peek into Our Next EpisodeIn the next episode, Julie will have her mom on the podcast to discuss her experience of finding a dress for Julie’s wedding. We will also offer further insights into selecting a dress for the mother of the bride.
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    70: Accessorizing Your Bridesmaids

    70: Accessorizing Your Bridesmaids

    Today, for the last episode of our bridesmaid series, we are exploring ways to accessorize your bridesmaids and extend the same option to the rest of the bridal party.
    Join us for our insightful and imaginative ideas and expert tips for accessorizing your wedding.
    Starting Point: Thinking About Accessories
    When starting to consider accessorizing, it is essential to specify what you want your bridesmaids to wear. That helps maintain uniformity and avoid a mismatched look. When you choose particular jewelry types or colors, having guidelines will ensure a cohesive appearance, especially for photos and the ceremony.
    Creative Ideas Beyond Jewelry
    Accessories also extend beyond jewelry. So consider personalized gifts that can be both sentimental and coordinated. From gloves to belts with unique details, there are various ways to add personal touches to the bridesmaids' attire while keeping the overall look cohesive.
    Getting Creative with Accessories
    Beyond traditional accessories, there are many creative avenues to explore. It may be a good idea to consider incorporating unique pieces like headbands, hair accessories, or even gloves for an adventurous touch. These elements can elevate the bridesmaids' look and add a distinct flair to the wedding ensemble.
    Shoe Choices and Personalization
    Shoes are another area where creativity can shine. While opting for comfortable shoes is essential, adding personalized touches like shoe clips or bows can enhance the look without compromising comfort. It is a subtle yet effective way to personalize the attire of each bridesmaid.
    Handbags as Functional Accessories
    Handbags may seem minor, but they can add a finishing touch to the bridesmaids' outfits. They not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to the overall fashion narrative of the wedding. Personalized or themed handbags can be memorable gifts that bridesmaids can use beyond the wedding day.
    Cold Weather Considerations
    For weddings in colder months, consider accessories like pashminas, stoles, or wraps to keep bridesmaids warm and comfortable. Planning for potential weather changes will ensure everyone remains comfortable and looks their best throughout the day.
    Attention to Details: Nails, Hair, and Makeup
    Details like nail polish colors, hairstyles, and makeup are essential considerations. Providing guidelines helps bridesmaids coordinate their looks effectively, ensuring harmony with the overall theme and the bride's vision.
    Preparing for Questions and Guidance
    Anticipate questions from bridesmaids and be prepared to guide them. Establishing clear guidelines and expectations helps create a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Remember, bridesmaids want to make the bride happy. So, they are usually receptive to guidelines.
    Closing Thoughts and Openness to Questions
    After considering various aspects of wedding accessorizing, ensure that the entire look of the bridal party is cohesive and reflects the overall theme of the wedding. Stay open to questions and feedback, and remember that communication is the key to a harmonious wedding party ensemble. 
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

fromWashingtonDC ,

Knowledgeable and to the point

I’m already married but I love listening. Julie is very knowledgeable and gets right to the point discussing interesting topics in the wedding fashion industry. I learn a lot from this podcast! Thank you Julie!j

dougiewin ,

Fabulous Pod!

Julie Sabatino’s advice on “all things weddings” is always “spot-on.” Although I rarely go dress shopping, Julie’s delivery is so breezy and charming, that I invariably find myself smiling until the end of each episode. Fantastic!

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