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Drink Spin Run: The RPG Talkshow Podcast Donn Stroud/Adam Muszkiewicz

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4.5 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

quiet_john ,

The best

I miss this podcast. The conversations always had a great blend of thought provoking and casual. Ranging from osr, indie music and beer and anything else as I comes up.

Stinky the One Eyed Ogre ,

Surprisingly thought provoking

On the surface, yes they do talk about beer, music, and RPGs, but they always have great guests and interesting (often in depth) discussions about important topics in the gaming community.

If you are one of those "roleplaying gamers" that only plays one game system, don't like reading, don't like finding new music, and don't enjoy a thought provoking discussions... this is not the podcast for you.


Huy Duc Tran ,

Great guests, fun time, but too little prep. They mean well.

Let me get out of the way that this podcast is good. They consistently get stellar guests and their drink-spin-run format is fun. Unfortunately, their low-prep nature just doesn't lend itself well to diving deep on any topics with their guests to merit a second hour of recording. They quickly lose steam during this segment, coming armed with only 1-3 questions, and fill the rest up with filler comments on why their guests were brought on the show, noting how they're just soaking things in, or a drunken rant. The self-driving guests lend to better shows in general because of this, but when they are more passenger-like, Adam and Don need to cut the conversation short or do more research to direct the conversations to the topics people want to know about. Use the guests and ask them about the work!

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