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A bunch of idiots, drinking and talking about conspiracies.

Drunk Theory drunktheory

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A bunch of idiots, drinking and talking about conspiracies.

    Polybius, Hitmen, and Dark Web Games

    Polybius, Hitmen, and Dark Web Games

    This week we're joined by John Brooks from the 1999 Podcast talking about the myth of Polybius, as well as some other wild internet mysteries. Cicada 3301 and the Lake City Quiet Pills are on the agenda, folks! And they are BONKERS.

    We got sidetracked and planned our 50th episode extravaganza, so listen up for details on that!

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    You can find John on Twitter @ProbablyRealJB and be sure to check out his podcast!

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Gorillas, Hand Jobs, and Incompetent Junkies

    Gorillas, Hand Jobs, and Incompetent Junkies

    Join us this week as we talk all about Money! We've got monkeys, masks and airports lined up for some of the most outrageous cash-involving stories you've ever heard!

    Listen all the way through for details on our upcoming East Coast Tour, our inevitable trip to The Big Fish Town in Alabama, and Fyre Fest 2.0.

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    Theater Tugs and Contract Thugs

    Theater Tugs and Contract Thugs

    Happy Rex Manning Day! We're bringing you some 90s nostalgia in the form of public nudity and unpronounceable names this week! Learn about Florida's seedy Adult Theater business and why Prince was once known as "not Prince anymore" but is now Prince again.

    Hear about The Podcast Bracket Challenge going on right now, courtesy of That Damn Podcast.

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    • 42 min
    3 Culkins Total

    3 Culkins Total

    This week we're talking about Nutty Astronauts and Black Metal Bad Boys!

    Ryan eats some Taco Bell and Kelli gets confused about the Culkin Family.

    Bruce Springsteen's butt makes an appearance and Mat joins in with some banter.

    Promos by Weird Distractions Podcast and Good F**king Brands.


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    • 46 min
    Paranormal Cornflake Queen

    Paranormal Cornflake Queen

    Join us this week as we discuss Cereal, the Dodleston Messages, and the Queen! We learned that some cereal is gross, the Queen is definitely alive, and we're still on the fence about time travel.

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    • 51 min
    Juicy Mormons!

    Juicy Mormons!

    This week we're discussing Literary Conspiracies! Join us as we talk about The Necronomicon, OJ Simpson, and Joseph Smith.

    We got drunk, y'all.... so, we struggled to get through this one.

    If you're having a good time, leave us a review! Check out www.drunktheory.com to learn stuff, or whatever.

    If you're in Atlanta, GA Feb 25th - 27th, we'll be at Days of the Dead.. so stop by and say Hey!

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    • 57 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
53 Ratings

53 Ratings


Wildly funny

Larger than life personalities and a ton of fun discussion! It can be a bit crass, but that’s hardly ever a bad thing. The chemistry and dynamics are all fantastic!

twasnt ,

Check out this great pod

This is a great listen. Despite there being a unifying topic each week, you're still going to get a broad swath of fun information each week. Really great group dynamic, too. All in all, a blast to listen to.

team CourtNate and Anna Banana ,

This podcast is a DRUNK THRILL

I am a former drinker, but I enjoy this podcast. Listening to this brings me way back to my party days where I had a few too many mad dog 20/20s and steel reserves (I was BROKE, okay?!) and got all profound on people (really probably was the only one who understood a word I said but whatever) I remember the drunken deep dives I took on conspiracy YouTube back in 2009 and this podcast took me back. Also oddly took me back to the time I worked at Cheddars when I was 18. Also, I love how they don’t worry about what anyone thinks, they just have a nice conversation over drinks. Thank you for this truly wonderful gem.

<3 your friends at A Nefarious Nightmare Pod

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