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Drunks and Dragons is an award-winning actual-play, comedy podcast using Dungeons and Dragons as a framework for creating a (mostly) improvised narrative.

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Drunks and Dragons is an award-winning actual-play, comedy podcast using Dungeons and Dragons as a framework for creating a (mostly) improvised narrative.

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
3K Ratings
3K Ratings
Alexand2ia ,


I started listening to this several years ago when I was new to D&D. I liked it a lot, especially when Alludra backflipped over the fence as a bear and the cast discovered New New Found Land Land, but I didn’t have a convenient way to listen, so I only made it to episode 7. I happened to find it again on Spotify in mid-January, and now, slightly less than 3 months later, I’m finally caught up, so I’ll review. (Sorry, not sorry, Tim.) The podcast is mostly funny, but if you’re going to listen, get ready for a roller-coaster of emotions. I’ve laughed; I’ve cried; I’ve laughed so hard I cried; and I’ve cried so hard I laughed. It happens to all of us, and it will happen to you too. Don’t worry. And don’t listen to the people who look at you weird and say you’re crazy. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s normal. The cast of players that emerges from the first 30 episodes is nothing short of amazing, and they only get better once they add Nika Howard’s beautiful siren voice on episode 81. This podcast has really helped me improve my roleplaying in my own games. I’ve learned to improvise and be okay with making mistakes. I’ve learned to add to the story instead of waiting for the story to happen. Thrifty is a great DM who knows when to say yes to the players, and when to put on the conductor’s hat. Recently, in one of my own campaigns, a player picked up a cursed sword that he couldn’t put down, and my mind immediately flashed back to Thom’s cursed axe, one of my favorite moments on the show. I told the other players about it, and now some of them have started listening as well. The real life community that surrounds Geekly is miraculous. I’ve not been to GeeklyCon yet, but this year, I’ve bought my ticket and I’m going, even if I have to go alone. I’ve heard stories of people meeting their best friends there, and everyone has been so welcoming. I can’t wait!

Alexius Titus ,

Ah memories

I love this podcast - it takes me back to memories of playing with my besties in ‘83 (I think it was 2nd edition back then). Started from the slabs, now on 269 - it’s so interesting to both listen and watch on YouTube, seeing the group evolve as players and people, and the cultural/political references in the chatter is like traveling back in time. I look forward to this podcast every day!

twitchy husband's wife ,

broke into my wife's computer to leave a review...

So Drunks & Dragons has helped me through being diagnosed with cancer, laughing my way through chemo, and kept me optimistic through everything life could throw at me. Last week, I was finally able to contribute to their patreon and it felt great to be the pledge that unlocked the next reward tier.
Today, I noticed good o'l D&D was just one review away from 2,100 five star reviews on iTunes and so I borrowed my wife's laptop, logged into her iTunes, and started writing this review when I noticed a tiny, naked lady icon on her desktop... curious, I clicked to find hundreds of pictures, videos, and documents that chronicle the affairs she has been having with my best friend, brother, and father.
I'm just kidding, my wife is the best person I know and there isn't anything on her laptop that would make even the Pope blush. I just wanted to make sure that, if you read this on air, I would recognize it as my review.
The "helping me through cancer" was real and this show has done more for my mental health that years of expensive therapy. Y'all are the best and make the world a better place for so many of us. Thank you for all you do!!!!

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