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Duh moments, we all have them! Join Benzy & Wilx each week and let's talk them through together!

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Duh moments, we all have them! Join Benzy & Wilx each week and let's talk them through together!

    Episode 38: Personality Types

    Episode 38: Personality Types

    Hello listeners! This week, were really glad to introduce yet another special guest! Benzy's big sister Bibi joins us today as we talk about something kinda hokey, yet really really interesting: personality types!

    There are so many iterations of different personality tests: some rely on horoscopes, others on things like shape preference, or the Four Temperaments, Love Languages, the list goes on. In this episode, we focus on the more common Myers-Briggs type of test.

    We took ours for free on www.16personalities.com which helped by providing a pretty insightful report on our personalities, based on different areas of our lives.

    Tune in and see what of the 16 Personalities Benzy, Bibi, and Wilx are, and then take the test yourself!

    Tell us: were your results surprising? Expected? Just a bunch of baloney?! We wanna know!

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    Episode 37: Summer Bucket List

    Episode 37: Summer Bucket List

    Hey all!

    This week, we have a little challenge for you:
    We all have bucket lists that we want to accomplish within our lifetimes, or maybe before a certain age or life event.

    But summer is pretty much upon us, and this week, Wilx and Benzy set their eyes on their summer bucket lists!

    Living in Orlando has its perks: we have access to plenty of different beaches on either shore, springs, rivers, and lakes, and of course, the multiple theme parks we love visiting!

    Tune in to hear what our summer goals are; from the fun and frivolous to the goal-centered, "adulting" type.

    What do you have planned for the summer? Is there room to challenge yourself to add five unusual summer events you always say you'll try, and never get a chance to?

    As always, don't forget to rate and review us on the platform of your choice, and comment your Summer Bucket List picks on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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    Episode 36: Redefining Us- A Simulcast With Millennial Mondays

    Episode 36: Redefining Us- A Simulcast With Millennial Mondays

    We at Duhmericana have really grown fond of the podcast community we’re a part of, and a lot of this community-building comes from meeting some really cool podcasters and entrepreneurs who are paving their own paths in media and entertainment.

    One such group we had the pleasure of connecting with are Kayla and Jiselle, the girls over at Millennial Mondays podcast. A fledging endeavor that’s already made great headway, Millennial Mondays chats with us about what got them podcasting, their personal bond and how it’s evolved through the years, and what it means to be a millennial in 2017. We found that there can oftentimes be an unfairly negative connotation to that word, often associated with laziness! But millennials simply have forged a new path in their career, personal lives, and the ways they view and interact with the world.

    Tune in and get to know them, and us, a little deeper! When today’s millennials become tomorrow’s old-timers, what legacy will we leave? What exactly defines a millennial?

    You can also get to know the girls by checking them out through the following sources:

    Website: www.millennialmondays.com
    Instagram: Millennial.Mondays
    Apple iTunes: millennial Mondays

    Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to Duhmericana podcast on the iTunes and Google Play app, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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    Episode 35: Top Five

    Episode 35: Top Five

    This week on Duhmericana, Wilx is joined by her husband Leo (editor of the show) to give their list of the top 5 Podcast shows to listen to. They also share some insight as to how their interests in podcasts started, and the origin of this show.

    Wilx’s Top 5:

    1. Serial
    2. This American Life
    3. The Bill Simmons Podcast
    4. Sword and Scale
    5. Watch what Crappens

    Leo’s Top 5:

    1. ATP - Accidental Tech Podcast
    2. The Talk Show with John Gruber
    3. 99 Percent Invisible
    4. The Bill Simmons Podcast
    5. The brilliant Idiots

    Leo’s Noteworthy shows:
    1. Revisionist history
    2. The Observatory (design observer)
    3. Design Matters

    Show Notes:
    DR Stickers App -
    Leo’s Design/Art Instagram account

    Thanks as always for tuning in! It would mean the word for us you you took a moment to leave us a rating and review on iTunes.

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    Episode 34: Streaming Killed the Cable Star

    Episode 34: Streaming Killed the Cable Star

    Netflix and chill. Binge watching. Spoiler alert. All phrases that 15 years ago, meant little to nothing to us as consumers of entertainment.

    Nowadays, however, who DOESN’T have Netflix? A better question might be “who doesn’t have cable anymore?” The dawn of movie and tv show streaming has all but killed cable… Or so it feels, anyway.

    On this episode we discuss our Netflix obsession as a generation, and whether cable has a shot of making it past this coming decade without going the way of the horse and buggy. Could generational gaps and differences save cable, since very young and much older consumers typically prefer the ease of use offered by cable companies? Could live events like the Grammys, the Super Bowl, etc. cause people to remain faithful to their live television? Is cable’s monopoly on internet access in general likely to keep them afloat?

    Tune in and don’t forget to drop us a line about your own opinion on this topic.

    As always, rating and reviewing our podcast on your apps helps us tremendously, and we appreciate it even more!

    Also, remember episode 29 with Jen and Sam? Well they've put together an amazing video describing the campaign for their even more amazing movie project. Check out the link below and give them a follow!


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    Episode 33: Who Really Killed Hannah Baker

    Episode 33: Who Really Killed Hannah Baker

    Hey Duhmericana Listeners,

    This week, we embark on a topic that has been buzzing all over the web this past month: “Welcome to your tape.” Netflix released a 13-part series titled “13 Reasons Why,” based off the book of the same title by Jay Asher, released in 2007. Please be warned: this blog post and subsequent podcast episode deals with certain triggers regarding teen suicide and mental health.

    Wilx read the book when it was released, and Netflix picking up the series brought it once again to the forefront of current conversations. The show deals with the suicide of teen Hannah Baker, who recorded and delivered 13 tapes dedicated to people she felt contributed to her reasons for committing suicide. The story is narrated from the perspective of her close friend and romantic interest Clay Jensen. Though the show was intended to bring to light the topic of teen suicide and mental health (an intention also expressed by singer and actress Selena Gomez, Executive Producer), we can’t help but wonder if this might have been a misguided attempt that causes more harm than good.

    We grapple with the sentiment that it brings it to light, yet does so in a twisted sort of revenge fantasy that doesn’t succinctly depict that Hannah Baker, or anyone who commits suicide with revenge in mind, will never get the comeuppance intended. Does 13 Reasons Why glamorize teen suicide? Ultimately, it’s still using it as a form of entertainment and ultimately, profit.

    What do you think? Did you read the book and/or watch the series? What redeeming qualities can be found in a show of this kind? Sound off below!

    As always, please don’t forget to rate and review. You have no idea how much it truly means to us!


    We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.
    Please call 1-800-273-8255.

    #13reasonswhy #suicide #supportpoc #girltalk #youngadult #netflix #hannahbaker #clayandhannah #bullying #mentalhealth #depression #mentalillness #highschool #popculture #entertainment #teendrama #teenagers #friendships #relationships #cyberbullying #help #seesomethingsaysomething

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10 Ratings

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