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Melissa Johnson, female entrepreneur and mom of 5, takes a weekly deep dive into the problems and issues facing other women business owners. In this podcast you will be ENCOURAGED to keep moving forward, receive EDUCATION to help run your business effectively and efficiently, and feel EMPOWERED to kick ass and inspire others!

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Melissa Johnson, female entrepreneur and mom of 5, takes a weekly deep dive into the problems and issues facing other women business owners. In this podcast you will be ENCOURAGED to keep moving forward, receive EDUCATION to help run your business effectively and efficiently, and feel EMPOWERED to kick ass and inspire others!

    HAPPY HOUR! Finding Your Tribe ft. Denise Bocanegra and Marissa Rodriguez

    HAPPY HOUR! Finding Your Tribe ft. Denise Bocanegra and Marissa Rodriguez

    Denise Bocanegra's Bio

    Denise has established herself in the industry as a powerful advocate for my clients in both residential and commercial real estate. As her client base has grown, she is now growing a team to provide our incredible level of fiduciary service to even more clients! Originally from San Antonio she is definitely a market expert. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, her mother is also a Real Estate agent, she has been around this industry a long time. She truly finds joy in helping others achieve their goals in homeownership. Expanding her business into commercial real estate is also something she is working on.

    Marissa Rodriguez Bio

    She was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas by two hardworking and selfless parents. She is the oldest of four children. Her parents worked hard so that my siblings and I could have better than they did. Could have the opportunities that they did not and there was nothing that we lacked. I did not come from a wealthy or well-connected family, but I do have a strong and loving family. They taught me to have an unwavering faith in God at a very young age and he and I have been friends ever since. My faith in God has pulled me through many challenging times in my life. From completing college while pregnant, graduating from law school, divorce, and recently fighting cancer. I am blessed to have been surrounded by strong Latina women since birth. My mother, aunts, and grandmothers paved the way before me. My grandmother told me that I am just like her because we have the blood of a lion running through our veins. Each time I fall, I get back up and enjoy giving life a run for its money. I am a happy and proud mother of a smart and beautiful 15-year-old daughter. I am a cancer survivor, the only Hispanic attorney in the firm that I work for, on the board of directors for a nonprofit and a true believer that God blesses us so that we may be a blessing to others. I have an unquenchable desire for knowledge and learning. Every day is a blessing and I still feel as if I am just getting started. I am excited to see what more this life has for me.

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    Hiring and Training Your Team ft. Christine Spence

    Hiring and Training Your Team ft. Christine Spence

    Christina grew up in Europe and moved to the United States to attend college.  She obtained a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA in High Technology Marketing & MIS from Rensselaer Polytechnic, both of which served her well in her 20+ year Telecommunications & Technology Marketing career.  Recruited by large corporations like AT&T/Concert and GTE/Verizon, Christina gained diverse experience in Sales, Marketing, Global Product Management and new Enterprise Business Development.    Responsible for a $1 Billion global P&L and for continuous innovations, Christina managed and grew Verizon’s second largest product portfolio from ideation to business case and funding, to implementation and lifecycle mgmt. She feels privileged to have recruited and led a tremendous team of seasoned professionals who grew revenues and Verizon’s presence to 120+ countries around the globe.    Over the last 3+ years, she and her husband, James, have grown a full-service REI company and an awesome multinational team that drives results hard and has fun together!  James & Christina are part of key nationwide investor circles like Investor Fuel, Flipnerd and Investor Machine which help grow their knowledge and energize their REI mindset.  Christina’s tenacity and focus are on acquisitions and on building all aspects of a successful REI business.  Outside of work, she enjoys mentoring young professionals, helping those in need, volunteering at church, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family & friends.

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    The 5 Rules of Marketing ft. Sarah Hosman

    The 5 Rules of Marketing ft. Sarah Hosman

    Sarah Hosman is a seasoned Client Journey Guide and is known as the Business Mom for her Rules For Business You Didn't Know Your Mom Taught You.

    She, and her husband Clint, own LongShip Systems, where they specialize in helping business owners Define, Design, and Build their client journey from Marketing to Sales to Fulfillment and EVERYTHING in between.

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    How to Find and Leverage Private Money ft. Alex Breshears

    How to Find and Leverage Private Money ft. Alex Breshears

    Alex Breshears is a private money lender, educator, limited partner in multi-familysyndication and community builder who partners with real estate investors, syndicators, and military spouses to grow their financial independence, knowledge, and professional network. Alex started a private lending company, Infinite Road Investments, in April of 2020, funding 1st lien and 2nd lien positions for residential property in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. She also started an educational Facebook group called Private Lending Lessons which offers weekly educational lessons, daily posts for discussion, and opportunities to network with other investors about  private lending, and various projects that may need funding. Alex is passionate  about financial education and independence for female investors Alex has  worked as a hard money loan broker and a conventional mortgage broker for  several years. She is currently a chemistry professor, teaching for a four year  school online and leading biweekly educational series about real estate  investing in her Facebook group. She is a limited partner for 16 units in  Newport News, VA.

    LinkedIn Profile:


    Facebook Group Link:

    Private Lending Lessons






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    Core Values and Culture ft. Susan Harper

    Core Values and Culture ft. Susan Harper

    Susan Harper is a partner and business coach for Sharper Business Solutions. Susan worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 20 years managing teams and integrating systems and processes on a daily basis. Her attention to detail and analytical mind provide crucial insights into the nuances of day-to-day operations of a business. Known by many as “The Process Mapping Queen", Susan has the incredible ability to take complicated issues and break them down into simple, actionable steps.

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    Understanding the CEO Mindset ft. Misty Flanagan

    Understanding the CEO Mindset ft. Misty Flanagan

    Misty Flanagan is a full-time real estate investor and REI & Mindset Coach for women real estate investors.  She is Co-Founder and Head of Human Resources and Marketing of Elevated Development, LLC, Co-Founder of Guideway Investment Partners, LLC, Co-Founder of Level Up Remodeling, LLC, Co-Founder of HER Mindset Matters REI Group, and Co-Founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investor Alliance (WREIA).   All companies are Houston based but Misty has coached women all over the country.  Misty has experience in new construction, development, wholesaling, flips, rentals, and private money lending.

    Misty is from a small town in Nebraska but always had dreams to leave her small town and live in the “big city”.  She moved from Nebraska to Los Angeles, CA one month after graduating high school and has never looked back.  Misty graduated from Cal-State Fullerton in 2009 with a degree in Communications, with an emphasis in Public Relations and Marketing.  She worked as a Human Resources Manager and Business Specialist for Kiewit, Fortune 500 General Contractor, before joining her boyfriend of 17+ years, Jason Hassenstab, in the journey to build their own company in Texas.  She began investing in real estate in 2016 in Austin, TX.  Her and Jason moved to Houston, TX in 2017 where both currently reside and are active in the residential and commercial space as well as a private lender.  Misty is a member of the Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) of Texas, Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), and Commercial Real Estate Millennial Misses (CREMM).

    Misty’s passions are helping people (sellers and other investors build their businesses) and building teams.  She is lucky enough to get to accomplish both while building her businesses in real estate and that is her true “Why?”.  The last 5 years have been the hardest 5 years of her life, but they have also been the most amazing 5 years of her life.  She has accomplished and overcome things she never thought she could ever do.  Misty came from very humble beginnings and had to work very hard for everything she wanted, even at a very young age, but this has prepared her for the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship without her even knowing it until now.  She credits much of her journey and constant perseverance to her coaches and mentors and of course the incredible support and work ethic of her mother and stepfather and partner in life and business, Jason.

    Although the last 5 years may feel like an eternity some days (lol), Misty knows this is only the beginning and can’t wait to see where these businesses in real estate and coaching take her next.  She welcomes anyone with the same drive and determination to join in her journey and has always said doing it alone is not possible and simply no fun, so she is beyond excited to share her story with anyone interested and would love to hear the stories of others to see how to unite and take over this crazy world of real estate together!

    Favorite Quote: “Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” – Tony Robbins

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

srsevier ,

Great podcast!!

Melissa is one of the best hosts and all her episodes are loaded with tons of knowledge not only for beginners but also for experienced investors as well. If you are looking for top notch guests, content, and ideas, look no further than this show. Incredible value, thank you!

peals ,

Beautifully Delivered

So needed!!! Love everything about this podcast and it’s courageous and amazing host! Melissa is someone you need to have by your side!!! Or at least in your EarPods!

Natslie S ,

Melissa’s uplifting interviews with lady entrepreneurs

Thank you Melissa for creating this great podcast. I love the ladies you have featured here and their success stories. I especially like Dixie Decker’s student housing episode!

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