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Astrologer and Earth Mystic Tami Brunk's monthly and weekly astrology forecasts and interviews to awaken your inner Earth Sky Woman. She who helps us bridge the chasm between the Age of Forgetfulness and the Age of Remembering. These episodes weave together the worlds of soul and spirit, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, modern and indigenous, ancestors and descendants. Interviews will include practical tools and visionary insight from world-changers creating the new economic ecosystems, spiritual technologies, bioregional communities, permaculture and ecovillage systems, regenerative enterprises, and more.

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Astrologer and Earth Mystic Tami Brunk's monthly and weekly astrology forecasts and interviews to awaken your inner Earth Sky Woman. She who helps us bridge the chasm between the Age of Forgetfulness and the Age of Remembering. These episodes weave together the worlds of soul and spirit, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, modern and indigenous, ancestors and descendants. Interviews will include practical tools and visionary insight from world-changers creating the new economic ecosystems, spiritual technologies, bioregional communities, permaculture and ecovillage systems, regenerative enterprises, and more.

    Gemini New Moon and June Astro Report

    Gemini New Moon and June Astro Report

    Dear Soul Family,
     Between the Gemini New Moon (exact this morning at 6:30 am Central), Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries (exact yesterday), and Venus' move into Taurus this past week, we're in a collective exhale with greater brightness, lightness and pleasure again, as I mentioned last podcast--the “Big Beautiful Breakthroughs" are incoming.
    The eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde, on the tail end of all the Pisces activations had us in a space where all kinds of timelines were surfacing and weaving.  All the intensity of feeling where we have been entangled in ancestry and this life connections to open and fall away like a big knot as we cultivate patience to gently loosen. 
    This Gemini New Moon sets the tone for the month and ampifies two core themes for 2022--Sacred Union and Earth Opulence.  Earth Opulence because of North Node and Uranus in Taurus and Venus in a Capricorn Cycle.
    Sacred Union because we've had Venus and Mars visibly close in the morning sky for much of the first half of the year and because of some major features now where we have Venus in Taurus (its resonant yin or feminine sign) and Mars in Aries (its resonant yang or masculine sign) at the same time. 
    This morning's Gemini New Moon was with Aldebaran (and the Sun remains with the star today).  This star marks the eye of the Bull, is one of the four Royal Stars of prophecy each marking one of the four cardinal directions and associated with an Archangel--in this case Michael.
    When the Sun (and in this case also Moon) is with Alebaran it opens a portal to ancestral memory from the Age of Taurus, specifically the period 5,000 years ago when the Sun at the Spring Equinox was with Aldebaran.  
    When we look at the symbol for the head of the Bull in the sky where Aldebaran is placed, we see horns creating the shape of the uterus--embodying the paradox of the primal masculine force of the bull as a symbol for the feminine womb.  in service to the peaceful, gylanic (balanced between masculine and feminine) cultures at this time for example the Minoan cultures of ancient Crete.
    We feel and see this beautiful Sacred Union as well in the conjunction of Mars in its resonant sign of Aries with Jupiter (primal yang or masculine essence) at the same time Venus has moved into the feminine, earthy yin sign of Taurus.
    Venus's movement into Taurus extending Taurus/Beltane season so we are in a continued phase of remembering our core connection to the fertile and life-giving lands and opportunities to continue the most primary practices of co-regulating with the Earth's rhythms and finding the deep pleasure and source energy there. 
    The Mars Jupiter conjunction in Aries last night, as well as the fact that Venus is currently moving through the Solar Plexus Gate says this--Know Who You Are.  Know what you stand for, what your particular place is in any given moment of time.  Honor what is yours to stand in--your fierce and holy yes to life. 
    Mercury stations direct on Friday, June 3 and Saturn stations retrograde on Saturday, June 4.  Mercury direct adds to the forward momentum of Aries while Saturn retrograde helps us stablize, slow down, and feel held in the container where true magic can happen. 
    Learn more about this New Moon and upcoming month by listening to my Podcast Below

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    Blood Flower Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

    Blood Flower Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

    Dear Soul Family,
    Check out tonight's Blood Flower Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse) in Scorpio beginning in its partial phase at 9:28 pm central and ending at 1:00 am. The peak is at 11:11 pm. 
     All Lunar Eclipses operate as Super Full Moons and time accelerators helping us face and heal the shadow and as this one is in Scorpio with the South Node featuring Venus with Chiron.  
    We've been feeling this one coming from a mile away, haven't we?  Oof!! If you're anything like me you might feel like crawling out of your skin.  This is just the time my dear friend Intuitive Julie Brown would say something like “you're feeling these difficult emotions right now because you are clearing them.”  Be gentle with yourself."
    I always feel something in me unlock when she says this, a part that's been fightning, struggling, locked up tight and in deep contraction.  To recognize there is a process at work that is ultimately working toward my wholeness and peacefulness and inner congruence is a great relief.  And when I feel that relief suddenly my heart opens. 
    And ultimately that is the benefit of shadow work.  Our hearts open to meet ourselves, others and our lives with more softness, more presence, more grace. 
    So if you've been feeling exhausted, heavy, low on energy and just wanting to nap all day it's no wonder.  If you've felt out of sorts, cranky or like there's a pressure cooker living inside your guts you're not alone.  Know you are in a process of being “cooked” from the inside out with all of the pressure and intensity helping you become more of a well seasoned and delicious human.
    I love the work of psychological activist David Bedrick and recently came upon his wonderful description of Shadow Work as follows: 
    "A person tells me they're too judgmental. 
    I hear a person ready to become more discerning, to have clear opinions, or who feels inferior and needs to be lifted up.
    A person tells me they're a procrastinator.
    I hear a person who is trying to do something that is somehow not right for them. 
    Or a person who is ruled by an unfriendly type of discipline, an inner criticism, whose self-love won't let them proceed under that inner tyranny.
    A person tells me "I STILL haven't resolved my trauma, attachment issues, dependencies."
    I hear a person needing to be closer to their humanity and the humanity of others. 
    Or a person who needs a more forgiving attitude towards themselves. (Perhaps that even helps the road to their healing become more pure and clear.)
    A person tells me they need to learn to trust. I hear a person who is not quite at home in being closed, having boundaries, or simply needs to listen more closely to their own counsel and heart.
    A person tells me that they can't RELEASE their anger. I hear a person who has an unfriendly relationship with a kind of power that rises up in them.  A person needing support to not only deeply feel their anger but to embody it, express it and enjoy the way it feels. (by the way, that smooths out anger, making it more able to do its job and not unwisely injure).
    When I hear the voice of the divine singing in my ear, it says, "Listen carefully to the complaints people make about themselves. When they are mixed with comparison, critical self-evaluation, even self-hatred, slow down and bring some grace and love to what they malign, marginalize and push away. 
    Don't support the creation of more shadow. Help them come home to themselves - the magnificent self they already are.

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    Happy Taurus Solar Eclipse

    Happy Taurus Solar Eclipse

    Happy Taurus Solar Eclipse!  
    We've entered the two-week Eclipse Cauldron with the Taurus Solar Eclipse (Super New Moon) exact today at 3:28 pm central on the heels of Pluto Retrograde, with Venus meeting Jupiter today in late Pisces, in the Beltane Cross Quarter Window of High Magic.  Exact Solar Beltane is Thursday, May 5.
    May features astrology that will blow your mind with three planets retrograde (Pluto, Mercury, then Saturn) a major Eclipse Window opening with the Solar Eclipse today and closing with a Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse May 15/16, a shift from the Morning Sky stellium of Pisces (Jupiter, Venus and Mars) into Aries--with Jupiter entering the sign for the first time in 12 years.
    Today's Eclipse with Uranus and Venus at the Heart Chakra is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces.   We're at the tail end of this big Pisces portal where prayer and the dreamtime have been our keys to making it through.
    Keep it simple today, tend to your body and daily rhythms.  Less words, more presence.  Listen to the intelligence of your body.  Feel where the Earth and you are wanting to connect and go there.  Create spaces to release whatever grief, sorrow of loss you have been feeling in this Pisces Portal. 
    The energies of today are potentially ecstatic and revolutionary.  Energy wants to be moved through, old stuck blockage wants to be cleared.  Let the mind rest, it cannot help you today.  The body, the heart, and the soul want to be fully expressed today, to be in charge.  Trust the wisdom of your body, and this Earth body.
    Venus at the Heart Chakra Gate This Month
    On Wednesday, April 27 the Moon activated the Venus Chakra Gate, and this theme is felt for the entire month.   I keep getting this little love note when I drink yogi tea saying “Uncage Your Heart, Let it Be Wild.”  
    You may feel there is an “old me” and “new me” wanting to emerge, and experienced a confusing shuttering between the two.  Over the past months and weeks this back and forth might make you and those you love a bit crazy.  However,  our “new” and “old” selves are actually closer in frequency now and there is a mysterious blending, an integration happening. 
    It can be gentle. We can shift from what might has felt like violence, or turbulence within ourselves into a field of greater peace and coherence.  That is what heart medicine offers to us.  It is the healing balm bringing an underlying state of wellness and wholeness and ease to this otherwise quite dynamic month. 
    This back and forth is happening in our most intimate relationships as well, where a third possibility for a “new relationship” is being birthed as we move back and forth between old patterns that may appear at times quite toxic yet can actually ease up and be loosened more now. 
    I would go so far as to say this dynamic is also happening between each of us personally and our relationship with the Earth, and our species as a whole and its relationship to our home planet. 
     You might feel the deep tangles in our relationships with beloveds and family members and some very deep places of pain, shame and embarassment--the shadow has been rising to the surface with Pluto retrograde. 
    We have been in a place of surrender with all the Pisces medicine and prayer has been our most powerful medicine.  Ask what is not for the highest and greatest of all involved to be dissolved and cleared fully and completely.
     Pisces to Aries Shift in May
    Over the course of the month there is a shift of Venus, Jupiter and Mars from Pisces to Aries.  Jupiter moves into Aries for the first time in 12 years on May 10.  Even with all the retrogrades and Eclipse energies it is possible find a strong yes or no in our bodies and make choices serving our full expression and con

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    Earth Day Interview with DIane Gribbin

    Earth Day Interview with DIane Gribbin

    Dear Soul Family,
    Please enjoy this heart to heart conversation I had today with Earth Sky Woman Diane Gribbin.  More and more I realize my biggest work is to “stop stopping myself,” from moving forward on my path, even when it might appear nonlinear or unfamiliar, or out of bounds of how I think it's “supposed to look," or if it involves letting go of something else that was on my agenda.
    In the past days I've also been realizing all this pressure to develop my body of work, find my way, refine my identity--well, the older I get the more this very insistent soul voice is saying to me--it's not about you anymore.  You have nothing to prove.  Get out of the way to become a true Channel for Gaia. 
    So this morning I followed the inspiration I had to to interview Diane Gribbin, Founder of HeartWood Healing Arts Ecowellness Centre & "LET LOVE WIN!" global movement & community.  I was recently introduced to her as part of the beautiful community I've been gathering with through my Star Sisters Jaime Lee and Maria Zeta. 
    What I've been longing for lately is to be steeped in conversation with people who are bridging the worlds of Earth Care and Human Care.  I feel increasingly less at home purely working in the conversation of astrology, just as years ago I became disenchanted by the secular approaches to ecology and earth care. 
    I felt so deeply replenished by this conversation with Diane, who models a rare coherence, embodiment and great love in her approach to caring for the Earth, addressing climate change, and gathering a community of “Wild Hearted Women” to address Earth Care and Self Care. 
    Check out our conversation and how to enroll in her free event:  5-Day Heroine's Journey Challenge to LET LOVE WIN! beginning TOMORROW. 
    REPLAY IS HERE ON MY NEW EARTH SKY WOMAN YOUTUBE! I don't even have my new logo yet but I couldn't wait, Earth Day is Tomorrow! 

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    Happy Pink Libra Full Moon and Two Week Report!

    Happy Pink Libra Full Moon and Two Week Report!

    Happy Pink Libra Full Moon, Ostara, Easter, Passover, still Ramadan, almost Earth Day!
    Today's Full Moon is ALMOST a sidenote when you consider all the surrounding astrology.
     The Libra Pink Full Moon with Priestess Star Spica was exact today at 1:55 pm square Pluto.  Spica, long associated with the Divine Feminine,  has connections specifically with the Goddess Brigid, as shared recently by Daniel Giamario, originator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm,  from a time when the Full Moon closest to Spica was visible near Imbolc, Brigid's holiday.
    The Pluto effect is amplified as the Sun Square Pluto transit can be felt through the coming week AND Pluto stations retrograde next week, so it is close to the earth and felt palpably. 
    We're definitely feeling the Underworld energetics of needing to face the shadow, lean into what frightens or otherwise provokes strong feeling in us, and from this direct confrontation gain the gifts of wholeness, strength, and coherence. 
    Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces with Venus and Mars
    Still in the window of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction last Tuesday with Mars joining the duo and Venus in Pisces Thursday (mega Pisces energy on the personal and collective levels).  The Jupiter Neptune conjunction was a once in 150 year event and will continue to be active over the coming weeks with Venus activating them at the end of the month.
    We all love the Piscean gifts of bliss, unity consciousness, compassion, healing and unconditional love.  Yet this great Piscean activation has stirred the shadows of Pisces as well. 
    Consider Pisces is always the END of a long, long cycle and before we surrender into an ocean of oneness, we may feel feel the weight of the world--the most unbearable grief, sorrow and heartsickness.
    If this has been you, overtaken by soul weariness in this past week even as astrologers everywhere were proclaiming the blessings and gifts of the transit, know you were not alone.  
    Pisces, like every sign, encompasses the full spectrum, the full range of extremes from deepest grief to most profound ecstatic bliss.It can be helpful to remember we are tiny, and the Ocean of life is vast.  
    To let ourselves experience the gift of our smallness, even as we claim our own role, our own place as dreamers of the worlds within our sphere of influence.
    And this is also the moment poised on the edge of rebirth and like Jupiter's back and forth movement between Aries and Pisces the promise is for the sun to burst out of the clouds, and a new beginning to be felt personally and collectively.
    Venus moving from Throat to Heart Chakra Gate
    Venus continues moving through the Throat Chakra Gate until April 26.  Until that time we all benefit greatly from the practice of “speaking even if our voice shakes,” in fact I would say, ESPECIALLY then.  Are we willing to tell the truth about what we know, feel and experience? 
    Even if it is unpopular? Even if we might be understood? With South Node in Scorpio, I have felt strongly (and seen it repeatedly) that the fear around revealing our “inner witch” would be amplified.  Yet it is even more essential now for us to claim and express the wisdom, feminine knowing, and magical perceptions we carry.  Our world needs our personal gnosis like never before. 
    On April 26 the Moon activates Venus at the Heart Chakra Gate and for the month following it's for us to clear, release, and unburden ourselves of the many ways we have closed our hearts to life, to love, to full presence.

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    Moon of the Great Mother Heart

    Moon of the Great Mother Heart

    Dear Soul Family,

    In this moment as Venus and Mars and Pluto are blessed with the medicine of Vesta, the we see and energize the power and potency of the Slavic Goddess Behynia, protectress of house and home in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she was erected in 1993 commemorating the countries independence.

    We align ourselves with a timeline where peace prevails, where a new story emerges, a new dream to replace the old.  We understand the dictum "as within, so without" is a literal reality, and so we extend the Great Heart of the Mother to ourselves as we see where we have been exhausting ourselves with violence and battle within.  

    We stand strong in the wisdom of our hearts, we become the "adult in the room" guarding the vulnerable layers within our field and the world about us, creating a space for healing for the wounded child within and without, yet no longer allowing this wounded self to take charge of our inner and outer realities.

    This Pisces New Moon with Jupiter opens the Heart of the Great Mother within our global community strengthening us with the power of divine love and grace pouring in from all dimensions reminding us what is ultimately true.  Saturn and Mercury are joined in Aquarius near Juno and our minds are fortified so we are able to think clearly about what truly matters.

    Even as we cultivate the practice of standing together as a community of Great Love, we focus our minds productively on our day to day tasks, becoming the capable, trustworthy, visionary stewards of the creative seeds we are nourishing and bringing alive into the New Earth Garden we are tending and guarding daily. 
    So many blessings to each and every one of you. I see you, holding the light strong in these moments of darkness.  I feel you continuing to keep alive the beauty and treasure of your true essence and gift in the world.  I hear you, speaking the words we all need to hear to bring peace, and wellbeing and calm to our world. 

    Blessings beyond blessings beyond measure to each and every one of you.  These are the times we came for.  This is our year to come alive, come together, and remake our reality, guided by the Great Mother within and without--powerful beyond measure, guardian of the Family of Life, Mender of the fragmented World Soul, Peacemaker, Magic Bringing, She Who Makes Miracles beyond our wildest imaginings.  

    With love and more love, Tami 

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20 Ratings

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