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New music showcase every week featuring upfront dance and chill music!

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New music showcase every week featuring upfront dance and chill music!

    Dante - Episode 166 - Your Twisted Sugar

    Dante - Episode 166 - Your Twisted Sugar

    Dante's latest mix blooms right along with the best of colors this Spring.  The set starts off with the lightest heart full of disco dance.  Early on the elements are highlighted by real instrument sounds and all manner of voices.  Truly, a sound for any occasion.  But its the half way point where things start to change.  The music becomes entirely more spatial with fewer elements making an even larger, classy, sophisticated house soundstage.  The mix finishes on the same positive vibe; we just cant get enough.
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    MP3 ~ 320k (Napster Life)
    01  Jay Haze - Close To You02  Angelo Ferreri & Moon Rocket - Twisted03  Gina Jeanz, Mumbi Kasumba - Tropic City (Simbad Feels Right DUB)04  Soledrifter - So Lucky05  Jarred Gallo - Sugar06  Saturday Born - Hell Yeah07  Pramster  - Keepin It Straight08  Angelo Ferreri & Moon Rocket - Allright (Dub Mix)09  Flevans - Everything I See10  The Deepshakerz - Give My Soul11  Col Lawton  - Nervous12  Bonetti - Floating On The Waves (Rawdio Deepwave Remix)13  Dante - Everybody14  Discotron, Audio Jacker - Disco Booty15  Col Lawton  - Help16  Smitty & Davenport - Find Your Way feat. Kandace17  Sleazy Mcqueen; Terry Grant - Daikaya (Gilb'R Stripped Mix)18  Al Bradley - Scanned By Rhythmic Gestures19  Tigerskin - Optical20  Usio - Pamoja21  Kraak & Smaak  - Centro de Placer (Extended Mix)22  Locussolus - Next To You (Soul Clap Remix)
    #JayHaze #GinaJeanz #MumbiKasumba #Soledrifter #JarredGallo #SaturdayBorn #Pramster #AngeloFerreri #MoonRocket #Flevans #TheDeepshakerz #ColLawton #Bonetti #RawdioDeepwave #Dante #Discotron #AudioJacker #ColLawton #SmittyDavenport #Kandace #SleazyMcqueen #TerryGrant #GilbR #AlBradley #RhythmicGestures #Tigerskin #Usio #KraakSmaak #Locussolus #SoulClap #dantefilippelli #progressive #housemusic #deephouse #techhouse #usdjs

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Scott Walls - Episode 165 - The Sky is Still There

    Scott Walls - Episode 165 - The Sky is Still There

    Scott Walls brings in the new year with a message and we consider it a gift.  Talent and determination are front and center in a set full of collectible tracks.  The sound captured in Scott's set always highlight a memorable, late night, dance floor experience.  A variety of beats and vocals are further extended by lush waves of synths.  The mix goes beyond heart-warming and we hope you are just as captivated as the staff at ET.  Share and embed.
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    MP3 ~ 320k (Napster Life)
    Track List
    01  Joris Voorn - Noa (Mauro Augugliaro Unofficial Remix)
    02  LOFAB - Mekong (Alberto Hernandez (MX) Remix)
    03  Lana Del Rey - Doin Time (Patrice Baumel Remix)
    04  Nōpi feat. Shrii - Landscape Cloud
    05  Michael A - Orbis
    06  Schörmann - The Sky Is Still There (Black Space Remix)
    07  Uone feat. Antsmif - Shapes Of Desire
    08  Wolf Ear & Fassbender - Hummingbird (Arnas D Remix)
    09  Nicholas Van Orton - UAV Aliado (Original Mix)
    10  WO-CORE - Teba
    11  Two Are - But
    12  Kenan Savrun - Meliora
    13  Jordan Gill – Controversy (Cowlam Remix)
    14  MartyOn & JorgK - Red Lights (NAHS Remix)
    15  Julian Nates - Suppose
    16  Agustin Pietrocola - Sauvage (Fabri Lopez Remix)
    17  Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved (Paul Sawyer Unofficial Remix)
    #JorisVoorn #MauroAugugliaro #LOFAB #AlbertoHernandez #LanaDelRey #PatriceBaumel #Nopi #Shrii #MichaelA #Schormann #BlackSpace #Uone #Antsmif #WolfEar #Fassbender #ArnasD Remix #NicholasVanOrton #WOCORE #TwoAre #KenanSavrun #JordanGill #Cowlam #MartyOn #JorgK #NAHS #JulianNates #AgustinPietrocola #FabriLopez #Reflekt #PaulSawyer

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Sean Cusick - Subset 14 - We'll Build a Better Whirlpool

    Sean Cusick - Subset 14 - We'll Build a Better Whirlpool

    Special effort has gone into this David Bowie tribute.  Sean has mixed up a bright view of Bowie through hits and otherwise self-effacing tracks; songs presenting emotion only to be left on your lap for you reconcile.   As one old track and another reach the light of day, full respect to talent is paid with the addition of Bowie's live performances.  The mix begs you to listen as it introduces you to emotions lost in time.  It seduces you into sharing with the man in his element; performing on stage.  You can almost imagine the curtain call and the surrounding room as the whole set builds like a show.
    Track List:tba
    #classicrock #classics #audiosubset #subset #davidbowie #tribute #mixedset #raremusic

    • 3 hr 8 min
    John Kiser - Episode 164 - Much Nicer

    John Kiser - Episode 164 - Much Nicer

    This week elevate your senses and your music collection with a podcast full of textured rhythms and sound variety.  John's set is simply great.  There are different styles and directions wandering across straight and break beats.  Once this mix rounds the corner at 32 minutes or so, there is no getting off the hook.  The deep, progressive energy moves on steadily with smart transitions and well programmed track progression.  John has a knack for cherry-picking tracks at their earliest release in order to create a mix show which you simply wont hear anyplace else on the internet or night clubs for weeks to come.  It's a mix apart.  Share and embed.
    Alternate Streams:
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    FLAC ~ Highest Quality (may not play in all browsers / devices)**FLAC CUE sheet download**
    MP3 ~ 320k (Napster Life)

    01  Martin Roth - Wait For It02  Sasha & Franky Wah - It Gets Lonely Without You03  Solemn Eye - Idyll (Pole Folder Remix)04  Lil Silva, George Fitzgerald, OTHERLiiNE - One Line05  Valdovinos - Grizzly feat. Josefina Barreix06  Pezzner - Squares07  Loortex - Caged feat. Natasha Syberia08  Stelios Vassiloudis - Supermodel09  Dosem - Take Me Back10  Sasha & Franky Wah - Haunted11  Smirre - Purple (Audioglider Remix)12  Eelke Kleijn - You feat. Diana Miro (Extended Mix)13  Dosem - Pleasures14  ANMA, Aves Volare, Mango - Colours (Luke Brancaccio & Colin Bennun Remix)15  Jody Barr - Under The Rain16  Audiojack - Stellar17  Lawrence - Along The Wire (Superpitcher Remix)18  Fur Coat & Juloan Wassermann - 3.3319  Anja Schneider - Closing20  Jackarta - Deep, Dark & Purple (Tom Middleton Remix)

    #johnkiser #MartinRoth #Sasha #FrankyWah #PoleFolder #Pezzner #Dosem #ANMA #AveVolare #Mango #JodyBarr #Audiojack #FurCoat #JuloanWassermann #AnjaSchneider #Jackarta #TomMiddleton #housemusic #organichouse #progressivehouse #melodichouse #eartheater #usdjs #djmix #cdj2000nxs2

    • 1 hr 39 min
    Dante - Episode 163 -Forever Dawn

    Dante - Episode 163 -Forever Dawn

    Once again Dante is able to channel the pressures and passions of what we all sense in the world today.  This mix is a plasma transfusion of Gothic moodiness followed by intense and dark, industrial era energy.  But don't let these heavy, ominous, very dancy sounds soundscapes mislead you.  Hope and relief abound in the end and we're left with a feeling that at least one other soul shares this bittersweet and confused reality that, hopefully, is not repeated.  Sit back and take the journey with Dante and let the music lead all of us towards a better place in time.   -  John Atchley
    Alternate Streams:
    FLAC - High Quality / full montyMP3 - Less quality / less Geebees
    Track List:01  Sofi Castañon - MoonDance02  EPE - Sisters (Orda Remix)03  Futuristant - Cassidy04  Franck Roger - Stay Forever05  Philipp Ort - Fredek's Story (Inxec Remix)06  Sandro Beninati, Giusy Consoli - Blossom07  Kencast  - House Music (Uranobeat Mix)08  Orphix-Feel The Power (Club Mix)09  Bombays - Belief10  Kidnap - Silence (Extended Mix)11  Ant LaRock - With This (Extended Mix)12  Krink - Dawn13  Fairchild - Touch The Sun (Nox Vahn Revisit)14  Gux Jimenez, Noiyse Poject  - Feel The Calm15  Johan Mila & Mate 0000 - Power of Mine16  Philipp Ort - Humans Like Us (Robert Babicz Remix)17  Arco - Free Flow18  Smitty & Davenport - The Vision19  Phillipo Blake - Italian Summer20 Taig - Antidote21  Penford - Who do you Love (Deeper Instrumental Mix)
    #SofiCastañon #EPE #Orda #Futuristant #FranckRoger #Inxec #SandroBeninati #GiusyConsoli #Kencast #Uranobeat #Orphix #Bombays #Kidnap #AntLaRock #Krink #Fairchild #NoxVahn #GuxJimenez #NoiysePoject #JohanMila #Mate0000 #PhilippOrt #RobertBabicz #Arco #SmittynDavenport #PhillipoBlake #Taig #Penford #dantefilippelli #traktor

    • 1 hr 50 min
    Chris Tennant - Episode 162 - Silhouette Sky

    Chris Tennant - Episode 162 - Silhouette Sky

    A distinct harmony threads through our podcast this week.  Super satisfying, slick professional vocals, and coming in under 1.5 hours, the mix rocks.  Completely deceptive in its opening the lullaby of warmth and sound gets legs right away and truly never look back.  No easy feat for the DJ as percussion and sound programming are otherwise excited and relentless.  By the middle bits all sense of time passing is awash with deep music and sound vibration. Share and embed.
    Alternate Streams:High Quality FLACHigh Quality MP3
    Tracklist:01  Jack Lazarus - In the Mountains (Tatsama's Tamara Remix)02  Kabi (AR) & Agus Fernandez - Fénix03  Dylan Deck & Juan Ibanez - Touching the Sky (Fabri Lopez Remix)04  Ric Niels - Tartu05  Marcus Caballero - Magnetic06  Highjacks - Grid Control (Fabri Lopez & Andres Moris Remix)07  Juani Otatti - Lumiset08  Weird Sounding Dude - Embarkment09  Ultraverse - Easy B10  Kennedy One ft Shelley Harland - Calling You (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Mix)11  Hot Tuneik & Nosh & SJ - Beyond the Skies (Antrim Remix)12  Changes (AR) - Still Alive13  The Cobb & Monograph - Apogee
    #JackLazarus #Tatsama #Kabi #AgusFernandez #DylanDeck #JuanIbanez #RicNiels #MarcusCaballero #Highjacks #FabriLopez #AndresMoris #JuaniOtatti #WeirdSoundingDude #Ultraverse #KennedyOne #ShelleyHarland #NickWarren #NicolasRada #HotTuneik #NoshnSJ #Antrim #Changes #TheCobb #Monograph

    • 1 hr 13 min

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