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Are you curious about what causes the earth to shake? Do you know how to stay safe? Join us to learn about earthquake science and safety. We'll also share stories from historical earthquake events and discuss notable quakes that happened recently.

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Are you curious about what causes the earth to shake? Do you know how to stay safe? Join us to learn about earthquake science and safety. We'll also share stories from historical earthquake events and discuss notable quakes that happened recently.

    Drop, Cover, Hold On!

    Drop, Cover, Hold On!

    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn how to protect yourself in an earthquake!
    When the shaking starts, what should you do? We use a bit of humor to help you remember that Drop, Cover and Hold On reduces your chance of injury in an earthquake. We also dispel some common myths about earthquake safety. We hope you enjoy. Stay safe!
    Links for more learning:
    Drop, Cover, Hold On | Shakeout.org
    If You're Near a Sturdy Desk or Table
    If There's NO Sturdy Desk or Table
    If You're in Bed
    If You Have a Mobility Disability
    LA Story earthquake scene

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    A Trip Down Market Street

    A Trip Down Market Street

    Linda and Sequoya travel through time to April 14, 1906 and visit San Francisco. They ride a cable car down Market Street and see a bustling, prosperous city. Next, they travel forward four days and witness the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. The devastating M7.9 quake and the fire that followed took 3,000 lives and destroyed 80% of the city. It also marked the dawn of modern scientific earthquake research in the United States.
    If you’re curious to learn more, explore the links below.
    A trip down Market Street before the fire
    A Trip Down Market Street, 1906 - 4k, Colorized, 60fps
    Rediscovered film takes a trip through San Francisco in ruins
    San Francisco earthquake and fire, April 18, 1906
    The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
    Devastation of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
    1906 San Francisco earthquake
    Elastic rebound with Single Block Model
    Elastic Rebound Talk
    Earthquake Intensity—What controls the shaking you feel?
    Mercalli Intensity Scale Explained
    New Map Reveals Ships Buried Below San Francisco
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    Trailer: Earthquake!

    Trailer: Earthquake!

    Coming soon, a new podcast about earthquake science and safety. Are you curious about what causes the earth to shake? Do you know how to stay safe when it does? Join us to learn the answers to these questions and more. We'll also share interesting stories about historical earthquakes and discuss notable quakes that happened recently. 

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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

GayleELIZ58 ,


I’m thrilled I finally decided to Upgrade to Premium . For as serious a subject Earthquakes are to ALL of us … adding these Podcasts with some humor added in just the right places - Truly takes the “ EDGE” out of the severity of what could and has happened. Not just historical tragedies … also the more recent Quakes . Especially with the obvious in their increase Worldwide … hopefully everyone reading this Is also aware of how our Suns increased activity and with Earth Facing CME’s - truly affects and effects what happens on our Great Mother Earth. As we continue to Ride the Waves of light. ☀️🌊☀️Ashe transmutes and transforms the abuses of truly at minimum … say five hundred years ago -began to receive as mankind continued to take , take take …. Without regard to what all of these …..advances we called them
Actually did to Our Beautiful Planet Mother Earth …. We ALL need to be praying , sending healing light and unconditional love to her - with all respect to everyone’s Religion , Faith Spirituality …
Surely you can find it within your heart , soul and religious literature , it’s what we are to be doing daily and always.

Especially in these unprecedented times! We are on our way into witnessing Our Ascension into 5D is well on its way. It is NOT the end of life on Earth. It is the End of the disrespect and ignorance as a people , we’ve done. There will be Heaven on Earth. 🌟 🌎 🌟

Where we will live in harmony together as humans … respecting on another and protecting and rejuvenating our Beautiful Mother Earth and one another

I know this is “ just “ a review on an Earthquake Reporting site and now with the addition of Podcasts and much more interstices interaction- I couldn’t help but to share .

Absolutely thank you for being here for us , for all of the past years … and especially NOW
☮️ 🌍☯️

JackieCandelaria ,

ENTERTAINING and so informative!!

This podcast was such a delight! The hosts were informative and had incredible voices. I can’t wait for the next episode to drop!

julespoch ,

Interesting facts

Give it a listen and you’ll learn something new! 🤩

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