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Authors and health coaches Roland and Galina Denzel help you make meaningful changes, one step at a time. Even the smallest changes add up to big results!

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Authors and health coaches Roland and Galina Denzel help you make meaningful changes, one step at a time. Even the smallest changes add up to big results!

    Daan Timmers and the Paleo Expedition

    Daan Timmers and the Paleo Expedition

    Show Notes - Daan Timmers and the Paleo Expedition
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    If you're reading this in your podcast reader you can find the full show notes at  EatMoveLive52.com/Expedition
    Daan Timmers
    Lives on a historic sailing ship in the canals of downtown Amsterdam, right across from the NEMO Museum. Although, since the 2020 pandemic, she's temporarily located her family to a secret river location, deep in the forests of the Netherlands!
    Our interview with Daan:

    You are here to talk about your paleo expedition, but tell us first, what is your life like when not on expedition?
    How do you view natural movement and its place in your life as a movement educator, in your own life, as a parent?
    What are your sincere feelings about people’s interest and infatuation with the paleo diet in recent years?
    Tell us about the year you took to prepare for the expedition? What did you have to learn? How was the learning itself?
    Let’s dive in, and learn about the expedition itself: the mission, the day to day life, gathering and hunting, rest and energy, the collective space, movement….I would love to be a fly on the wall as you tell the story.
    I was really touched by you talking about the keeper of the fire. I will read a little passage you wrote about it here. Can you talk about your relationship to fire and water before and after the expedition?
    Tell me about your sense of our human activity effect on the environment - how did the expedition influence your view of our modern world?
    What was it like coming back and starting “life as usual”
    What was the effect of the expedition on your mental health, what did you learn, grow into or start to practice that you didn’t before?

    Topics include:

    Living on a historic ship in downtown Amsterdam
    Relocating to get away from the unknowns of the quarantine
    Preparing herself to live like paleo man
    Living as our ancient ancestors
    Oh no, a paleo period? Using spagnum moss instead of modern feminine hygiene products
    Foraging, hunting, and having healthy stools
    No clocks, coffee, wifi, phones, or modern addictions
    Twelve days in the woods without shoes
    Positive separation -  Time away from it all to take care of one's self

    Who is Daan Timmers?

    Daan loves being part of nature and shares this connection by homeschooling her 3 kids in nature as well as rewilding others to deepened their nature connection.
    She offers a wild range of Earth Skills like ancients crafts, sit spots, games and stories.
    With her tribe, she aims for a nomadic lifestyle roaming the water with their historical sailing boat.  She has been teaching Restorative Exercises for years for people to get connected to their bodies.
    Now she takes people outdoors to experience Ancestral Movement hands-on.
    I post my wild adventures at:
    Daan Timmers on Facebook
    Daan gaat Wild on Instagram

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    Roland & Galina

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    The Kids Are At Home (and it's quarantine)

    The Kids Are At Home (and it's quarantine)

    Show Notes - The Kids Are At Home - EatMoveLive52 Podcast
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    This special episode features special guests joining us to support families with kids at home and the extra challenges presented during the coronavirus and COVID-19 quarantine.
    So many of our listeners, family, and friends are quarantined, in lock-down, or encouraged to stay at home, often with kids. 
    While we all love our kids, many of us aren't used to being with them 24/7, much less while being expected to work from home, and with lots of stress and nowhere to go.
    We asked a few of our friends who are experts in health, movement, kids, and family to join us for open and frank discussions on how we can all do ourselves and our families proud during these trying times.
    I hope you find this special episode helpful. If you do, please share it with a friend!
    Galina and Roland
    Thank You For Listening to The EatMoveLive52 Podcast - The Kids Are At Home Edition

    The Guest List
    We’ve never quite had an episode like this, and we want to extend deep gratitude to all the guests who shared their experience and wisdom with us.

    Lisa Gillispie
    Katy Bowman
    Dr. April Graham
    Dr. Mike Valentine
    Joanna Zaremba

    We’d love for you to have ways to connect with each and every one of them!
    Lisa Gillispie
    First, we are joined by our friend and colleague Lisa Gillispie. As a trauma-informed body-worker and therapist, Lisa was the perfect co-host for this kids-at-home collaboration and we are so glad for her voice on the podcast.
    To find more about Lisa and her work, visit Columbus Mind-Body Counseling.
    Katy Bowman
    Katy Bowman is the founder of Nutritious Movement, and author of multiple books and countless articles and education products on natural movement, including the award-winning, Move Your DNA.
    You can find everything about her work and her excellent books at NutritiousMovement.com
    Doctor April Graham
    April Graham, ND is a naturopathic doctor specializing in pediatrics and fertility.
    To find more about Dr. April, you can visit at DrAprilGraham.com
    Dr. Mike Valentine
    Dr. Valentine received his Doctorate from U.C.L.A. in Education with a specialization in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology.
    Mike has served in a variety of positions as a teacher, counselor, administrator, and school psychologist at the elementary, junior high, continuation high school, high school, and university levels.
    He is the author of How to Deal with Discipline Problems in the Schools: A Practical Guide for Educators and How to Deal with Difficult Discipline Problems: A Family-Systems Approach.
    He was a national and international consultant on school discipline issues and has helped turn around many out of control inner-city schools. One of these schools went from being one of the worst schools in New York to a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School Of Excellence.
    You can shoot Dr. Mike an email at drmichaelvalentine@hotmail.com
    Joanna Zaremba
    Joanna Zaremba is a movement teacher and coach, who specializes in play! We hope her ideas inspire you as much as they did us and you hop in and take a class with her!
    To take Joanna's online play class with your kids you can visit her Core to Coeur Page.
    You can find out more about her ColoradoMindfulMama.com
    Galina and Roland Denzel
    You probably know us, but just in case, we are authors, health coaches, and movement teachers.
    One is a nutritionist and the other a trauma therapist. You'll have to figure out which is which 😉
    You can find the free, special resources we talked about here or at the link below.
    Free resources to help you in difficult times

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    Healthy Van Life with Petra Fisher

    Healthy Van Life with Petra Fisher

    Show Notes - Healthy Van Life with Petra Fisher
    For full podcast notes and links for this episode click here or the picture and link below:

    Show Notes at EatMoveLive52.com/Petra
    Petra Fisher Bio
    Petra was certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist by Nutritious Movement in January 2013 and has completed over 200 hours of additional continuing education training from Nutritious Movement since that time.
    She is a teacher trainer for Nutritious Movement, and an instructor for the international Move Your DNA workshop program.
    She was certified to teach MovNat Level 1 in October, 2018. and certified as a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist in March, 2019.
    She lives and works as a full-time traveler since August 2018, camping, moving and exploring the world with her partner Chris in their 2003 Toyota 4Runner, Sophie. 
    Prior to her career as a movement coach, Petra was a practicing Ontario lawyer, graduating with a JD from the University of Toronto in 2004. 
    Topics Discussed

    A little about how the three of us met initially and how we have loved you ever since :)
    You live an active personal and professional life people “can see” on social media - as if it’s the most natural thing you’ve always done! Tell us a bit about how you went from working a normal day job that most people dream of, to living the movement rich life you live now?
    What was your initial motivation to start studying movement and how has it changed over time?
    How do you personally see the roles of a structured movement practice or exercise vs the role of environment in health?
    Tell us a bit about your van life journey - your inspiration, how you did it and what have you experienced and learned so far?
    How has this experience changed your body and how you feel? Are you able to feel the difference in circadian rhythms or quality of movement, digestion, stress, or any other measurable aspect of life?
    How has your “adventure” shown up mentally: do you feel an effect on your self-efficacy, or self-confidence, or ability to work with more flow and less pressure? How has it been for you and your partner? You work with people who are working on improving their quality of movement daily. What are some modern challenges you see everyone share and what would be a few steps you think everyone can take to remedy them?
    Both you and us are so passionate about healthy eating! What have you found has been a new baseline of organizing your meals and how does traveling in different countries, climates and local diets affect you?
    What is something you are working on right now that people should know about? How can they follow you?

    Petra Fisher - Episode Links and Resources

    Petra Fisher Movement
    Petra Fisher on Facebook
    Petra Fisher on Instagram
    Get Petra's Joints For Life program, and save with the coupon code CARS52.
    Get Joints for Life here 
    Be sure to use CARS52 at checkout to save.

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    Roland & Galina

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    Amy Kubal, The Trend Free RD

    Amy Kubal, The Trend Free RD

    We've been fans of Amy Kubal's humor and common sense nutrition for years, so when she said yes to joining us, we were (and still are) thrilled!

    Show Notes - Nutrition Myths & Realities with Trend Free RD Amy Kubal
    For full podcast notes and links for this episode click here or the picture and link below:

    Show Notes at EatMoveLive52.com/Amy

    Want to work with Amy, Galina, and Roland?
    That's right, we got so excited about our conversations that the three of us are going to kick off 2020 by working together.
    We've got a trend free, real food, and totally fun new project that we know you'll love, and we'll be announcing the detail in the new few days.
    If you want to kick off the new year, make huge progress, and lasting change, then sign up right here to be notified and be the first to know!
    Yes, I want to be the first to know!
    Roland, Galina, and Amy
    Now, onto the show...

    Show Notes - Trend Free Nutrition with Amy Kubal, RD
    Amy Kubal MS, RDN  is a Registered Dietitian who is well-versed in working with Paleo, autoimmune, ketogenic, digestive and kidney health, performance, eating disorder, and figure/bodybuilding diet/nutrition plans.
    She has served as a consultant dietitian for Robb Wolf, The Paleo Mom, Training Bible Coaching, and several Crossfit gyms.
    Amy also works independently with a wide range of diets, health conditions, athlete types, and ages.
    Topics Discussed

    Galina asked me how we met, and it’s been so long that I don’t remember. I had a really long commute in the olden days and suddenly, I used to listen to every paleo, real food, and low carb podcast I could find. It might have been through Robb Wolf’s podcast. Were you working with Robb Wolf at the beginning?
    When we started working with nutrition clients we were pretty focused on a paleo-style diet, which is how I learned about you. How has your relationship with the paleo diet changed over time?
    I’ve always seen you as a voice-of-reason when it comes to nutrition. Even on the Robb Wolf show you weren’t particularly dogmatic on paleo.
    Do you have core principles that you think are important for a good healthy diet? What about for weight loss?
    Is it okay if we talk about keto? When is keto the right diet?
    The Atkins diet got a lot of pushback from the paleo community so why is keto getting a pass?
    Carnivore? We have a friend doing it keto style because she had a hard time controlling her blood sugar on other diets (even keto with a few veggies here and there). What’s going on here? Is the carnivore diet good for certain people?
    Every year paleo-style diets get slammed as unhealthy by lists like the US News and World Reports diet rankings. Meanwhile, low-fat, low salt, and plant-based diets with less evidence of effectiveness and wholesomeness do better. What’s going on there?
    What’s your take on vegan diets for health? Can a vegan thrive? What are some signs that a vegan diet is not serving you well?
    You recently posted about problems that certain people have on a higher protein diet? Why and when can a high protein diet be a problem?
    They’ll take my cheese when they scrape it from my warm, greasy fingers. Let’s talk about that cheese article - https://www.facebook.com/wirlwindamy/posts/10158904451086040
    how does the public (or a health coach) make decisions about what to eat or not to eat when there’s so much nonsense floating around? Coffee good, coffee bad. Red meat bad, red meat not bad enough to say it’s bad? Doctors and personal trainers are still telling people to eat egg whites. How does one stay informed?
    Tell us about your style when you work with clients? What type of clients are your specialty and what do you do that’s different?
    How can people find you and work with you?

    The TrendFreeRD with Amy Kubal - Episode Links and Resources

    Amy Kubal's website - TrendFreeRD.com
    Amy on Instagram - Instagram.com/TheTrendFreeRD
    Amy Kubal on Facebook - Amy Kubal, RD
    Signup for news on the Amy, Galin

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Busting Myths in Physical Therapy with Susan McLaughlin

    Busting Myths in Physical Therapy with Susan McLaughlin

    We recently had physical therapist Susan McLaughlin on the EatMoveLive52 Podcast to bust some myths and help us to better understand the role of the autonomic nervous system in chronic pain, tension, and discomfort. 
    Show Notes - Busting Myths in Physical Therapy with Susan McLaughlin
    For full podcast notes, links, and your free handout for this episode click here or the link below:
    Show Notes at EatMoveLive52.com/Susan

    Show Notes at EatMoveLive52.com/Susan
    Susan McLaughlin
    Susan McLaughlin is a physical therapist specializing in men’s and women’s pelvic health.
    Her private practice is in Salt Lak City, Utah, but she also has a wealth of information online, where some of you may have already met her.

    “I have been practicing physical therapy since 2001. In 2012I transitioned away from the major medical healthcare system to a holistic and eclectic collection of skills, all of which fit under the title of my business name: ALIGN Integration | Movement.
    As a practitioner I meet each client with the empathy and compassion that I, too, have sat deeply imbedded in the suffering of pain, and have been able to transform my body, mind, and spirit to get out of it.”

    Topics Discussed

    Could you tell us about your inspiration and inner guidance to practice Physical Therapy the way you do?
    What have you added to your eclectic practice that you never thought you would use as a therapist?
    Have you seen a change in the kind of complaints and conditions people come to you with over the years? For example, do you see more chronic pain?
    What’s the role of the nervous system and trauma in your practice? How do you educate patients and what resources do you give them if they are in chronic pain? Why do you think the medical profession has not been able to support those patients well so far?
    How do you help patients start to feel and deem themselves as a whole and not broken?
    What in your own journey with pain was key for your own healing and recovery?
    Let’s address some common myths in physical therapy and movement; let’s start with sucking in or bracing your abs, not locking your knees, keeping a flat back when standing or exercising, or needing to wear a small heel on your shoe?
    If someone has been in pain for a long time and watching all of those “precautions” for movement, what could be some undesired side effects?
    If you could design an ideal movement and therapy program for someone in pain, what would it absolutely include? What is something that you would never include?
    Where can people find more about you or work with you?

    Susan McLaughlin Episode Links and Resources

    Susan's Website - AlignForHealth.com
    Join Susan on Facebook
    Download "Gentle Regulation Exercises for Times of Tension and Discomfort"
    We've created a download just for you to help you regulate during times of tension and discomfort. 
    Click Here For Your Free Podcast Listeners Download
    Thank you for listening!
    Our podcast theme music is "Protofunk" by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com. Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.
    Talk soon,
    Roland & Galina

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    The Nutrient-Dense Path to Good Health and Autoimmune Wellness

    The Nutrient-Dense Path to Good Health and Autoimmune Wellness

    Show Notes and Podcast Listener Links
    For all show notes, links, and downloads, click here or the image below.

    Mickey Treskott - Author and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
    Mickey is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and author of three best-selling books, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook and The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen. She is also co-host The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast and co-teach The AIP Certified Coach Practitioner Training Program with Angie Alt.
    Her journey to the Autoimmune Protocol started as a vegan, having been diagnosed with both celiac and Hashimoto’s disease. Instead of feeling better after my diagnosis, she continued to suffer many months of deteriorating health until she made the transition to the Autoimmune Protocol, slowly reversing vitamin and mineral deficiencies and greatly improving my health.
    Today, she lives with her husband, Noah on their homestead in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, with their cat Savannah and horse Bear.
    When she’s not getting crazy in the kitchen or researching how to live better with autoimmune disease, she can be found riding horses on my family’s farm, obsessively knitting a pair of socks, or figuring out how to build a non-toxic, sustainable home.

    Topics Discussed

    Where is the autoimmune paleo community today compared to 7 years ago when your first book was published?
    What was one defining moment for you and your mindset when you went from feeling ill and worsening to turning things around and starting to feel better? Was there a spiritually or emotionally significant shift?
    What do you have to say about listening to your body? When someone is symptomatic and feels like their body is betraying them or falling apart, what’s one piece of advice you have for them to help them start seeing the body not as an enemy but as an ally?
    What research do we have today that we didn’t have in the early days of AIP? Could you talk about the IBD, Hashimotos and Psoriasis studies that you are a part of? What aspects of the recent Hashimoto’s study would you like to discuss or you find very clinically significant?
    When reintroducing what are some common symptoms that people should look for?
    What are some foods you are enjoying today that you didn’t think you would ever eat again?
    What are your personal strategies for getting variety in your diet?
    Let’s talk coffee - what do you see as a practitioner? Does it matter how high quality it is or is coffee just coffee?
    If we look at movement as a nutrient what do you think the role of movement rich lifestyle is in healing from autoimmune illness?
    How do you define healing from autoimmune illness? Is there a “free” or “remission” point?
    Can we talk sweeteners - one thing people miss so much is the sweet taste - how do you help people with having their sweets and not feeling deprived or socially isolated from family and friends? Honey, maple syrup, etc, vs industrial sweeteners?
    Chronic illness is truly a test of character and it will test us down to our very soul - what do you feel got you through the most difficult times?
    Tell us about becoming a nutrivore - what do you have to say to people who are just embarking on that journey?
    Tell us about a day in your life - what’s it like in your kitchen, and in your life as a whole? What’s on your menu as far as eating, moving and living?
    Tell us about your latest book - and it’s so sweet that it opens with a picture of your grandma? How do you feel that connection has influenced your work and path?
    A question from an RD friend: Do people with Autoimmune conditions have a more difficult time losing weight and burning fat? If so, how can you remedy the obstacle? What is of top priority - calming the immune system or losing weight?
    A question from a long time AIP follower who literally called you her goddess :) Do you ever limit carbs, I have been gaining weight on AIP? Should I treat honey like a regular sugar - I put it

    • 1 hr 6 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Lakewalkerina ,

Thoughtful, Informative and Fun

This is a great podcast to listen to if you want to find ways to make small changes in your life that can have huge effects. It’s also simply fun to listen to them. Roland and Galina provide a wonderful combination of well-researched advice/suggestions along with informative stories, analogies and great humor. They cover a lot of topics and have guests of varying backgrounds. Overall, they share their deep knowledge and personal experiences as a way to support others to find their own path to living a full and meaningful life.

carovac ,

Great topic and guest! Poor sound quality

I love hearing from Mickey Trescott and love discovering new podcasts. But the sound quality was very poor.

77Sseven77 ,

Fun and Useful

This podcast is fun, easy to listen to and useful. A great combination.

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