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An audio journey through the wonderful wild world of plants. Episodes cover modern and ancient ways wild plants have been used in human culture as food, medicine and other uses.

Eatweeds Podcast: For People Who Love Plants Robin Harford

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An audio journey through the wonderful wild world of plants. Episodes cover modern and ancient ways wild plants have been used in human culture as food, medicine and other uses.

    EP41: It’s Not Just For You Human

    EP41: It’s Not Just For You Human

    A short audio essay on sustainable harvesting and ethical wildcrafting. Spoken by Robin Harford from Eatweeds.

    • 2 min
    EP40: Plants & Colour with Flora Arbuthnott

    EP40: Plants & Colour with Flora Arbuthnott

    In this episode I talk with natural plant dye artist, Flora Arbuthnott. We discuss here fascinating with using wild plants to create beautiful art and how the practice of gathering feedsback into nurturing creativity and wellbeing.

    • 38 min
    EP39: What's That Plant

    EP39: What's That Plant

    Mark Duffell is one of Britain's foremost botanists and ecologists. We discuss... The best way for beginners to learn plant identification. Why the ecology of a plant is important to know before harvesting. Forager or pillager? Which one are you? How to overcome your fear of botany and science jargon. Why learning plant families is important. Sustainability and commercial wild food harvesting. Is there a problem? How ecology can guide us to live harmoniously with the Earth. Full show notes at eatweeds.co.uk/ep39

    • 1 hr 2 min
    EP38: Let's Talk Trespass

    EP38: Let's Talk Trespass

    Nick Hayes author of the 'Book of Trespass' discusses the reason why Right to Roam is so important to the nation's mental health and wellbeing.  Why access to the countryside helps people deepen their connection to nature so they become better stewards of the planet. We discuss the concerns landowners have over littering and damage to their property including fences, gates, livestock etc. Also covered is the criminalising of trespass and its potential impact on already marginalised communities, as well as the rest of the general public. How will it impact your life and liberty? Show notes at eatweeds.co.uk/ep38

    • 1 hr 3 min
    EP37: Sound Walks

    EP37: Sound Walks

    Emma Welton, a musician who lives locally to me discusses listening as a nature connection practice. How active listening can develop a deep empathic relationship with the natural world. The section on using sound to identify trees is very revealing. As well as creating soundscapes of botanical gardens and different habitats where plants grow. If you have followed my work for any length of time, you will know that I teach sensory engagement with plants, yet the practices I teach can be applied to the whole of the natural world. Show notes at eatweeds.co.uk/podcast

    • 1 hr 5 min
    EP36: Nettle Eater

    EP36: Nettle Eater

    Tom Hirons is a nature based poet and storyteller. In this interview we discuss his work and how as creative humans we can all express our inherent wildness through creative and magical acts. Show notes at eatweeds.co.uk/podcast

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

jaxnb ,

Favorite Foraging Podcast!

I look forward to every episode! Love the interviews, and the interviewer asks great questions and adds so much knowledge to the show. Great work!

nelly pea ,

Bring the Seed Sistas back!

I loved this episode so much. Going to whip up my own passion potion.

Rpen90 ,

Please continue this podcast!!! 2 suggestions

I've been loving the majority of the episodes and have found them so nourishing to my soul (without sounding "woo woo" as the podcast host says😅). I have been using Goethan observation as described in two of the episodes as a form of meditation and have been feeling a deeper connection with the trees I walk by on my way to work and back.

I just ran out of episodes to listen to and wish they would continue making more. It's so hard to find quality podcasts on herbalism like this one. My only complaint is that I wish that the sound quality was better especially as oftentimes the voices can be quite soft spoken. I would also like to hear more from indigenous healers from around the world being represented.

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