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89 Ratings

rozario1125 ,

Khan changes my life everyday

Thank you so much for everything that you do!

samgriff1 ,

Gross stupidity

I believe that even the most casual observer realizes that all the cost per job does not make it to the person hired for the new job or the person whose job was saved. The problem is that most of the money does end up in someone else's pocket and not the job holder's. That is self evident and requires no further explanation. i.e. It is axiomatic.
Maybe Mr. Khan was just trying to ferret out the exceptionally stupid who lack the ability to see the self evident. However; if it weren't for the ignorant and the exceptionally stupid, we might all be out of work.
On a less cynical note, maybe the problem is just gross incompetence on the part of the government as opposed to thievery on the private sectors part.

Thats the fact jack ,

This misses a major point, stimulus is not about creating jobs

This should be moved to a math topic, not an economics topic. The author neglects to mention all the economic benefits of this government spending. For example, the bridges built reduce the transportation costs of millions of Americans and will continue to do so for 100 years. The doctors paid save the lives of thousands of people that can contribute to society.
If we are to only look at the mathematical analysis, we should also show that the military spends 600 billion dollars every year and employees 2 million people. That is $300,000.00 per person employed. Thus the military is a great job paying $300,00 per employee, far more than the average civilian job. It seems that the military could do better, don't you think?
I, however, am not so naive as the author of this video. I recognize that the military does not exist simply to provide jobs; and that the stimulus did not simply provide jobs. Both offer many other benefits that an economist would account for.

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