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This podcast features in depth discussion and analysis of the latest in education with various experts in the field.

Educational discussion with MyEdExpert founder Suzy Pepper Rollins Suzy Pepper Rollins - MyEdExpert

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This podcast features in depth discussion and analysis of the latest in education with various experts in the field.

    Ep 44 – Making School a Nicer Place

    Ep 44 – Making School a Nicer Place

    Making School a Nicer Place

    A Conversation with Jeff Kubiak

    Jeff Kubiak is out to make school a nicer, kinder place.  An elementary teacher-turned-principal, Jeff didn't just struggle in school - he hated the place.  One teacher turned him around...and he's still thanking her. What a pleasure this podcast guest is! He believes that school (and the world) can be changed by "random drops of kindness."  Jeff has written a children's book, aptly called, One Drop of Kindness.  Jeff has an inspiring story – from a kid who hated school to trying to make school the best place possible for all kids.  An inspiring guy; a refreshing podcast.

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    Encore Presentation – Stations in the Fast Lane!

    Encore Presentation – Stations in the Fast Lane!

    Stations in the Fast Lane! 

    By Suzy Pepper Rollins

    Stations can be one of the most impactful instructional frameworks for student-centered learning.  Student autonomy, creative thinking, vocabulary development, student engagement– the potential benefits can be almost awe-inspiring.  But stations can also be a bit misleading.  Students APPEAR to be digging in on the task, but are they really understanding what they are doing? How much are they relying on one another? Crafting truly successful station rotation lessons can be daunting.  This podcast spells out the benefits of station teaching, the biggest question to answer, and “Watch Outs!”  Plus, some tips on implementation issues that can develop, such as student accountability and classroom management tips. 

    If you teach social studies, here’s a free station rotation lesson ready to go on the branches of government.  This is for deep in the unit, close to assessment time.  This is one of the lessons Suzy uses to model stations during professional development. Includes: card game, error analysis, sort, and agree/disagree. 



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    Ep 43 – What it Feels Like to Have ADHD

    Ep 43 – What it Feels Like to Have ADHD

    What it Feels Like to Have ADHD

    A Conversation with Kevin J. Roberts

    What’s it like to have ADHD? Consider some of the traits: difficulty staying on task, distractibility, trouble sitting still, and poor organizational skills.  Now, let’s place these students in a school setting in which success largely depends on being able to: sit in a desk, pay attention, be organized, and stay on task.  Our podcast guest this week knows a lot about the topic.  Kevin J. Roberts has penned numerous books on ADHD and Cyber Addiction.  He also has ADHD and works as a coach for fellow ADHDers.  Next-day pointers for supporting this group of kids and the importance of seeing their strengths. (They are often budding entrepreneurs!) Urgent information for all of us, because this is a group in need of urgent TLC. Kevin talks about what’s highlighted across research: these students’ self-esteem can take a pounding over the school years. A charismatic guy who’s, well, super-smart, Kevin even breaks into song about the ADHD brain – don’t want to miss that!    

    • “Is ADHD A Gift?” Quick-read article by Kevin

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    Ep 42 – The Teenage Brain & How a “Fist Bump” Might Just Help

    Ep 42 – The Teenage Brain & How a “Fist Bump” Might Just Help

    The Teenage Brain & How a “Fist Bump” Might Just Help

    A Conversation with Terence Houlihan

    As a classroom teacher and school counselor, Terence Houlihan became fascinated with the teenage brain.  This unique time in their lives is one of great change – how can we help them survive…better yet, thrive during this time?  Terence shares some fascinating research, such as how the teenage brain often misreads facial expressions, resulting in defensiveness. Plus, some amazing science about what the sleep-deprived teenage brain looks like – yikes! From their heightened self-awareness to hormonal changes to brain differences, this information is so essential in working with teenagers.  But the most interesting:  there’s actually research on the “fist bump” …didn’t see that coming!   

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    Ep 41 – Got Stress? The Zen Teacher is On Call…

    Ep 41 – Got Stress? The Zen Teacher is On Call…

    Got Stress? The Zen Teacher is On Call…

    A Conversation with Dan Tricarico

    A teacher for over 25 years, Dan Tricarico loves his work, even views his classroom as a sanctuary of sorts.  Teachers like Dan are passionate people.  He, like most of us, chose this career to positively impact the world.  Think about it.  All the students in our classrooms have their own “stories” as Dan calls them.  They’ve got their stuff to deal with – family drama, pressure from grades, hurt feelings from a friend. We have our stuff – the car needs tires, stacks of papers to mark. Now, pile on innumerable tests, pacing guides, meetings, and even school safety. Dan’s two books and his professional development arose from his own experiences with work-related stress.  This inspiring educator provides us with pragmatic strategies that help us stay relaxed, focused, and in the moment with our kids.  Because teachers need to take care of themselves in order to take care of students.  To keep the passion alive, a little self-care if needed…and Dan’s the perfect person to help us take a little weight off our shoulders.  

    Yippee!  Dan has just posted “Zen Teacher Activity Worksheets.” Self-Care is a Click Away: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/dtricarico/

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    Ep 40 – What Would Captain Kirk Do? Leadership Lessons from Star Trek

    Ep 40 – What Would Captain Kirk Do? Leadership Lessons from Star Trek

    What Would Captain Kirk Do? Leadership Lessons from Star Trek

    A Conversation with Jon Wennstrom

    Jon Wennstrom is a talented, experienced school leader; in fact, he was the 2018 Michigan PTA Principal of the Year.  Wisdom, perspective, and a passion for the work is what he brings to the podcast this week.  As a kid, Jon watched Star Trek with his dad. He observed philosophies of leadership in Captain Kirk, and he uses some of those today in his presentations on effective school leadership. From letting experts do their jobs to getting out of your comfort zone to utilizing technology, Jon’s humble guidance has something for every leader and educator.  In addition, he takes on some of the myths of leadership, such as “It’s all about me.”  Watch for his surprising answer about what he worries about at night.  Plus, Jon brings next day strategies for creating a positive school culture…like “Bust-a-Move Contests.”  This is an inspiring 30 minutes that will lift your day! 

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4.9 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

MB2012a ,

Informative and actionable!

I have had the privilege of being a guest on this show and love what Suzy is doing to you connect educators with informative and action of all tips for their practice. A great listen!

Monica Genta ,

Educators Need This!

I’m totally into this podcast! It is a boost that educators need to keep doing what they do best, reach kids!

Twosox21 ,

Thought provoking PD

Often times in order for teachers to have meangiunful professional development it means either taking a class, reading a book, or sitting through a presentation. The MyEd Expert podcast makes PD easy as you can listen to it while walking, sitting on the couch, or driving in your car. The advice given is practical and Suzy Pepper Rollins always does an excellent job of making sure the guests give specific takeaways that can be used in the classroom imediately. Can't wait to hear who she has on next.

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