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Podcast by El Cuerpo de Cuentos

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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Adrimac ,

Something to think about

Excellent work on the podcast. I think what I enjoy about it the most is how you incorporate the elments of daily life in your podcast instead of trying to sanitize it. This really helps a listener imagine themselves there. Also, the topics you cover are interesting to consider like how you obtain water and the food was something I didn't think about before. Keep up the good work!

fmgish ,


The Money episodes are very interesting. Love the background chickens.

Tiperez ,

Great Podcast

My name is Tomas. I'm a Dominican living in the U.S. and I really enjoy hearing about you discovering my culture through the perspective of Americans. I guess it must be because it's kind of sort of like a Yin-Yang of when I moved to the States and had to understand and adapt to American Culture. It's also pretty cool to hear about so many things that grab your attention that I suppose I had taken for granted about us Dominicans, and realizing how shocking or different they must look to foreigners.

I just have a few things to note:

1) The word you were looking for when referring to everyone pitching in money for a common goal was "Serrucho". Which literally translates to "Saw" as in the tool. Why do we call it that? I have no idea.

2) There is what Dominicans would call a "Typical Dominican Outfit" or "Traje Típico". But it's not so "Typical". You won't see people walking down the street wearing it. But it's worn by performers during cultural festivals. Just google "Traje Tipico Dominicano" if you want to get a sense of what it looks like.

3) As far as restaurants, it took me a second to realize that you're actually right. There isn't that many (if any) in remote "Campo" locations. Particularly, in "la zona fronteriza". This becomes less true as you go towards the North and East areas of the country, with towns and cities like Puerto Plata, Santiago, Moca, La Vega, San Pedro de Macoris, La Romana, Higüey and obviously Santo Domingo having a lot of restaurant options. Not aimed for tourists, but for regular dominicans.

4) Just as a side note. Rep. Dom. has huge variation when it comes to economic and social status. The boundaries between classes vary by a lot from place to place. I grew up in a Middle Class family in San Pedro de Macoris. There, motoconchos were usually considered to be very poor, and teachers would constantly complain and protest about how underpaid they were. That is, because, just like in the States, cost of living would be much higher in more developed towns. I'm not saying that your observations are not true, they are completely accurate in remote campo communities, but just keep in mind that the "averages" do vary a lot from one place to the other and that the same "rules" are not applicable throughout the whole country.

Anyway, like I said: Love the Podcast. Great work, and keep them coming!

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