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Elder and Wiser is about having conversations that inspire creative aging as a path to purpose and meaning in our second act of life.

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Elder and Wiser is about having conversations that inspire creative aging as a path to purpose and meaning in our second act of life.



    This is the introductory episode to Elder&Wiser hosted by Betsy Heeney that answers the question, why this podcast now?
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    Why Elder and Wiser?

    Why Elder and Wiser?


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    Jennifer Parde: Trust Your Voice

    Jennifer Parde: Trust Your Voice

    Are you ready to listen to that creative yearning inside of you to explore new avenues of self expression?  It is never too late to open up and get those creative juices flowing and uncover our own hidden talents and desires.  In today’s episode Creativity expert Jennifer Parde, a singer/songwriter and meditation teacher shares advice from her own experience to take steps to welcome our yearnings back home and invite our fears to have a seat!  Our conversation is filled with laughter, good sense and sprinkles of ancient wisdom that I hope juices you up for your own creative discoveries.
    To learn more about Jennifer Parde go to:http://www.jenniferparde.com/
    To learn more about meditation go to :https://beherenownetwork.com/category/ethan-nichtern/
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    • 30 min
    Gina Pierleoni: Creative Connections Matter

    Gina Pierleoni: Creative Connections Matter

    Do you get bored?  Are you someone who thinks you don't have a creative bone in your body?  My guest is Gina Pierleoni and she is here to tell you that EVERYBODY is creative!  Gina is known as a multi media artist but she is with out a doubt the most articulate person that I have met on the subject of creative connections. Our conversation ranges from working through creative blocks to allowing your adult self to play like a child.  I have included a bonus cheat sheet for those of you who want some steps to jumpstart your own creative connections!
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    Emily Harmon: Rewire Not Retire

    Emily Harmon: Rewire Not Retire

    Dreaming about retirement so you can quit work?!  Well, not so fast!  Many people see retirement as a means to finally do the work they long to do once their day job is over.  Rewire not Retire is becoming the mantra of many aging boomers as we move into the next phase of our lives.  Betsy interviews Emily Harmon who calls her retirement from a 38 year career with the US Navy a "Graduation".  Today's story is about how one person planned and prepared herself for the next act to become a business and lifestyle coach, consultant and podcaster.  Emily's dream for retirement is to take her passion for helping people transform obstacles into personal power. Included in today's show is a 5 Tips Cheatsheet  to jumpstart your own Rewire Not Retire game plan - click here: https://www.elderandwiser.org/episode-04-rewire-not-retire
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    • 50 min
    Susan Weiss-Bohlen: Feed Your Body Mind & Spirit

    Susan Weiss-Bohlen: Feed Your Body Mind & Spirit

    Today's guest is Susan Weiss-Bohlen  the author of the bestselling book, Ayurveda Beginner's Guide.  Our conversation is about food as medicine and the nourishment it brings to our body mind and spirit.  Susan is a successful entrepreneur who made a name for herself as a metaphysical bookstore owner, then later in life pursued her love of Ayurveda and now is an Ayurveda expert .  She  is working on her second book, teaches cooking classes, leads tours to India and cohorts of ayurveda study groups.
    Get your download of Susan's Ayurvedic Tip Sheet at my website
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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

USNA 1985 ,

Awesome Topics and Discussion

I met Betsy just as she was working on launching this podcast. She worked hard on in and it shows.The interviews are insightful and the editing is great! Betsy does it all herself. I look forward to all of the interviews to come.

Thanks for sharing your gifts with us Betsy!

Jsroche ,

Understanding “The Process”


I’ve spent so much of my life looking for my spot. I read obsessively, studied constantly, and sought my fixed place & purpose.

I’ve written and couldn’t find my great american novel: shot thousands of photos, and never came near National Geographic.
My ten thumbs forbade any progress in musical instruments.

Somewhere in my 50’s I came to understand that my curiosity has made of me, no classic artist, but a culmination of all my travels and explorations. And, I am both content in being a continually evolving me and passing the essence of that to others...


3 buoys ,

Supportive + a Great Resource

Wow! Thank you Betsy for this great resource, full of tools to help me live an intentional life! Your manner leaves me feeling supported and ready to handle my days!!!

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