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A podcast about discovering the magic and exploring the elements of community. Host Lucas Root talks with community leaders about what makers their community thrive and bring value to both the leaders and their members.

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A podcast about discovering the magic and exploring the elements of community. Host Lucas Root talks with community leaders about what makers their community thrive and bring value to both the leaders and their members.

    Discover How to Create a Supportive Community for Healers

    Discover How to Create a Supportive Community for Healers

    Delanea Davis is disrupting the healing community, making waves with her mission to provide a supportive space for healers and their journey of personal enrichment. Tune in as she shares how it all began on an episode of the Elements of Community podcast!
    Delanea Davis has provided her community with a remarkable gift - the power of connection. Community "Healing for Healers" is a living example of how just one person can impact the lives of many.
    By hosting meetings every third Sunday, Delanea creates an experience where members come together to share and heal. Attendees bring dishes to share before participating in a light meditation which is followed by intuitive messages that are given by a chosen member each time in four minutes.
    In creating this safe and sacred space, Delanea enables individuals to feel comfortable being vulnerable, giving, and loving - reflective of her own inspiration when writing her first book about runes; she described Freya as being “gorgeous” but also “mighty” - embodying both love and power simultaneously. 
    The extent of Community Healing's potential is seen through its people who, when unified in their healing efforts, create remarkable results like hospital stays ending days earlier than expected without any discernible explanation as to why. It is because of Davis' vision that this community is what it is today; an empowering reminder that collective energy brings about extraordinary change.
    Other subjects we covered on the show:Delanea shared how even those aged 16 can be considered elders in this circle due to their wisdom beyond their years – making it possible for them to become part of this council too!She also shared some interesting things happening in her business and how she called on crafty moms to help her out with the production demands.Then, Delanea explained how her Council of Elders uses force multipliers in their private group chat for specific needs such as healing or abundance.Lastly, we discussed what ancestral trauma is all about, and gave some ways for this kind of trauma to be healed.
    AND MORE TOPICS COVERED IN THE FULL INTERVIEW!!! You can check that out and subscribe at https://pbp.li/eoc31.
    If you want to know more about Delanea Davis, you may reach out to her at:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/delanead/

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    The Richness of Life is People, Not Wealth

    The Richness of Life is People, Not Wealth

    Penny Power is an entrepreneur and community builder who has been working in the tech sector since 1983. She believes that technology has disconnected us from our human needs, leading to increased loneliness and mental health issues. For this reason, she has dedicated her life to community building and authoring books on the subject – including Business is Personal – which was published in 1998.
    In this episode of Elements of Community Podcast, I interview Penny Power about community building and social media. Penny believes that the term "community" is often misused to describe groups that aren't actually communities; community building takes servant leadership and it can be difficult for companies to create a real community if they are only doing it for their own gain. Penny believes that it's everyone's responsibility to make other people feel seen, noticed, and connected in order to build a successful community.
    Penny's own community project – Business Is Personal 100 – works on creating meaningful connections between members of the community. The project encourages members to take initiative by setting goals for each other as well as offering support through monthly 90-minute drop-in Masterminds. This type of community growth allows individuals within the group to rise together, rather than focusing solely on one person’s success at the expense of others.
    Penny recognizes that not all businesses succeed when it comes to community building, but she emphasizes the importance of social capital over financial capital in order for businesses to thrive; connecting with real people is key! Above all else, Penny advises people that despite any adversity that may come their way, taking control of your life and focusing on what matters most will bring you happiness in the end.
    Listeners interested in learning more about community building should tune into this episode of Elements Of Community Podcast featuring Penny Power: an entrepreneur who believes that business should be personal! Learn how Penny has found success through adversity when facing extreme challenges, as well as her tips for connecting with real people while developing long-lasting relationships and fostering growth within a community.
    Other subjects we covered on the show:How she and her husband built the world's first social network.How they went from being multi-millionaires to having to start over.What servant leadership really is and how it helps build community and social capital.How it’s society's responsibility to make every member feel connected and noticed.And much more.
    If you want to know more about Penny Power, you may reach out to her at:
    Website: https://PennyPower.co.ukLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pennypower/Instagram: @PennyFPower

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    How Community Redefines Adulthood and Infertility Strategies

    How Community Redefines Adulthood and Infertility Strategies

    In Episode 29 of The Elements of Community Podcast, Lucas Root invites listeners to explore the concept of community and adulthood through an unconventional lens. Root suggests that physical maturity is not the primary indicator of adulthood in humans; rather, it is skills mastery. He goes on to explain that community has a greater role to play when it comes to human development than other animals, and he proposes five key skills that define adulthood: complex communication, fluid leadership, teamwork, strategy, and coaching.
    Root then dives into how community plays a part in the four times a woman's life when she is or can be infertile: childhood (when men and women share it), peak athlete phase (where fertility is turned off by choice), pregnancy (where fertility is naturally switched off) and menopause (when fertility is turned off forever). He explains that each point has its own story and strategy behind it which can only be understood if looked at through a lens of community as one of humanity's basic needs. This narrative aims to explain why humans have such a long period before they become fertile compared to other animals and how society's approach towards menopause is misguided - instead of woman losing her status in society, it should be seen as women entering their best years where they can serve their community at their fullest potential. 
    Overall, Root argues that community is essential to understanding human biology. To illustrate this point further, he draws attention to elder pillars in the community who can help shed light on this subject - specifically women. As part of his mission for 2021, Root hopes to create 50 episodes featuring these pillars as guests on his show where they can discuss concepts like adulthood, the strategy of infertility in women, and understanding community as a whole. 
    Root encourages listeners to engage with him help him find elder women who are Pilars of their communities. You can nominate an elder woman with the form located here. If you're interested in learning about how the five elements of community form our basic understandings of adulthood, infertility, leadership, and especially the power of women then this podcast episode is definitely worth tuning into!
    Other subjects we covered on the show:Lucas has proposed a framework for what it means to be an adult human, which is not necessarily based on age.How physical maturity does not define adulthood in humans, but rather skills maturity does and the five skills that define adulthood include: complex communication, fluid leadership, teamwork, strategy, & coaching.Lucas discusses how the four times in a woman's life when she is or can be infertile are actually a strategic aspect of community. Those times are: childhood (when men and women share it), peak athlete phase (where fertility is turned off by choice), pregnancy (where fertility is naturally switched off) and menopause (when fertility is turned off forever). Lucas, the show host, is grateful to all those who showed up throughout the season one journey - listeners & guests alike - as they look forward to season two, which will focus on stories around relationships that we call cherish: the relationship of the Grandmother to their community.
    AND MORE TOPICS COVERED IN THE FULL INTERVIEW!!! You can check that out and subscribe at https://pbp.li/eoc29.
    If you know an elder woman who is a pillar of her commynity that you think should be i9nterview in season 2 of Element of community, you may sponsor her using the form below:

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    From Monk to Film Maker to Builder of Communities

    From Monk to Film Maker to Builder of Communities

    In the 28th episode of the Elements of Community podcast, host Lucas Root interviews Pedram Shojai, author of eight books, a senior student of Kung Fu, and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who left medicine to write books and make films.
    During the episode, Pedram shares insight on his community-building practices and what it takes to self-improvement in meaningful ways. He talks about how consumers have been duped by people in the self-improvement industry by “douchebags” (a term he uses to describe people who are trying to get your attention in order to extract something from you). To avoid falling into their traps, Pedram advocates for a practice of mindfulness and meditation as a way to become aware of the harmful tendency to stay in an “avoidance of pain” loop and shorten that loop so we can improve more quickly.
    Pedram further believes self-improvement is the key to helping the world in a meaningful way – this is what drives him to keep improving himself and building community. In his communities, he has established ground rules and a common narrative framework for members to share their goals and experiences related with personal development, spiritual growth, emotional healing, or physical health. As community leader he ultimately wants his community to be self-governing instead of relying on him. He also shares his thoughts on how power can corrupt even the best of us because it is easy for us to become extraction oriented instead of wanting to help others.
    In this episode, Lucas and Pedram further discuss how having a common language within a community creates efficiencies that elevate conversations from surface-level discussions toward more complex ideas and discussions.
    This conversation will give you profound insights into community-building strategies, and mindful practices, as well as why it is important not only to focus on our own selfish goals but to help others in meaningful ways. Tune in now to hear how a former monk builds community in our modern world!
    Other subjects we covered on the show:We talked about how self-improvement helps the world in a meaningful way, and how this drives him to keep building communities.Pedram shares how he created a community with ground rules and a common narrative framework.He also shares his thoughts on how power can corrupt even the best of us, and urges people to stay focused on what is important to them.Pedram talks about his community project called Gut Check, which is all about the microbiome.Lastly, we discussed the power of having a common language inside of a community because of the efficiencies it creates and how it up-levels our ability to have a complex conversation.
    If you want to know more about Pedram Shojai, you may reach out to him at:
    https://www.bpossible.com https://www.instagram.com/bpossible_wellness/https://www.facebook.com/bpossibleofficial/https://twitter.com/bPOSSIBLEMediahttps://www.linkedin.com/company/bpossible/
    Pedram Personal:

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    From Actor, Coach & Filmmaker to Builder of Global Communities

    From Actor, Coach & Filmmaker to Builder of Global Communities

    Barry has been in the film and TV industry for more than 25 years, and he's seen firsthand how those who are successful use community to create transformation. That's why he's now focused on building a community of people who are oriented towards making positive change in the world. He named this community Dreaming For A Living, and it's become a place where people from all walks of life can come together to celebrate being alive and learn from each other.
    The members of this community are very clear about what they don't want, as well as, forming a vision for what kind of community they do want. Those who don't fit in energetically or focus-wise, self-sort out, leaving room for those who share their values to find kinship within the group.
    For Barry, the value or currency of his events is not turning attendees into clients, but rather forming relationships with like-minded professionals. He has likened his own life to that of a filmmaker who films the same story over and over until he gets it right - only with different characters and settings. From this insight he realized that if he was going to be successful at creating meaningful change in the world, he needed a supportive community around him that would help him stay focused and motivated throughout his journey.
    When Barry went back home to Australia last year with his parents, it made him realize something - when you're alone in an unfamiliar place, your best bet is to look online for kindred spirits. This epiphany pushed him to create a relaxed networking event upon returning home to Los Angeles, one where attendees could connect casually without having to talk business. The point of the Dreaming for a Living mixer was simply to relax, get to know each other on an individual level and have some fun along the way!
    As Barry continued developing this amazing online community full of purpose-driven change-makers from all around the globe. He made sure, however, not to lose sight of his own core values as an effective leader, responsibility for one's actions, and celebrating successes big or small. It is also important for him that work remains enjoyable so members don't get discouraged too easily along their journey.
    With all these pieces coming together perfectly into place, Barry couldn't be more thrilled about how far this global network has come in such a short amount of time since its inception! Now people from all over can access inspiring courses, retreats and public speaking engagements through this awesome platform to make meaningful changes in their lives as well as those around them!
    Join Barry by listening to his interview on Elements of Community as he dives deep into everything we've been talking about here - Dreaming For A Living - because you won't want to miss out on such an incredible story!
    Other subjects we covered on the show:We talked about how the people who are most successful use community to create transformation.We chatted for a bit on how the best communities are very clear on what they don't want to work towards creating what they want their community to be.Lastly, we discussed about how common language and kinship are what makes a community.And much more!
    If you want to know more about Paul Barry, you may reach out to him at:
    Website: www.DreamingForALiving.com

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    The #1 Way To Transform Yourself & Your Community

    The #1 Way To Transform Yourself & Your Community

    Tune into Episode 26 of the Elements of Community podcast to explore how connection with others can unlock a whole new perspective for you. Join Sanyika on his inspiring journey from east coast roots to a life-changing walkabout to Los Angeles where he uncovered what true identity, purpose, and community means for him. As an ode to this exploration he launched "All In Man," providing men all over the world with newfound strength to step up and be the men their communities need!
    Sanyika is an inspiring leader who knows words have immense power and encourages their intentional use to build strong relationships within families, communities, and the world. He dedicates himself to helping men become better leaders so they can be a positive force for good in life's journey - understanding individual needs while cultivating meaningful connection among all people in your community.
    Growing up without a father, Sanyika knows firsthand the importance of having strong male role models in our lives - even if they're not your biological father. Despite his own challenges and lacking connection to his dad, he chose to rise above it all by showing leadership as an example for others.
    His powerful story encourages us all to take action no matter our circumstances and to be present both personally and professionally in order to become better versions of ourselves and make lasting positive contributions within families and communities around the world.
    Prepare to be motivated, energized and inspired! Sanyika brings the heath in this episode, and along the way you will discover some of his secrets to becoming a better leader and an influential man in your community. If you're ready to take your relationships to the next level by understating the power of language, then take the time to listen to this episode today!
    Other subjects we covered on the show:We talked about how most people don't want to enter into a conversation when they're asked how they're doing because they don't want to share their problems - and how this affects their ability to lead.We also talked about how the body is constantly making chemical cocktails we call emotions and how we should be interacting with them.We even had a disagreement about whether or not technology has not outpaced our ability to do good. Tune in for this... it’s a good conversation.We discussed what love feels like. It’s being seen and heard with care. To extend this love to others, we must first see and hear them ourselves.We also talked about how leadership is not about being on top of a hierarchy, but rather understanding the individual needs of people in a group.
    If you want to know more about Sanyika "The Firestarter" Street, you may reach out to him at:
    Website: https://theallinceo.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theallinceo/

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Carla Jo Howard ,

A Podcast All About Building Community? YES PLEASE!!

I love this new podcast!!! Building strong communities brings soooo many benefits!!! Listen in to learn the ahhhmazing things people are doing to build connected neighborhoods offline and online.

If you crave more connection and love to be part of communities that make a difference, add this podcast to your listening list!!!

Case Bradford ,


Great conversations on cultivating community through many different perspectives. Sparked my mind thinking about new ideas

HrdRckCafe27 ,

Community is at the Heart of Humanity and thus is Integral to Success in Business

Lucas Root’s Element’s of Community Podcast is taking the complicated subject of community and breaking it down into readily reusable pieces that anyone can take up and build with.

I loved the conversation he and I had on our episode and love the clarity that he’s bringing into the world on a subject that is so important to us as humans and so important that businesses that do business with humans ;)

If you’’re looking to build your own tribe, your own community or looking to strengthen a community you’re already a part - give Element’ of Community a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

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