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The Embrace Grace Podcast is a way for people around the world that is happening with Embrace Grace ministries. This program is hosted by Amy Ford and consists of candid in-studio recordings, audio blogs from the road and spontaneous guest from around the world (or around the house and office.)

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The Embrace Grace Podcast is a way for people around the world that is happening with Embrace Grace ministries. This program is hosted by Amy Ford and consists of candid in-studio recordings, audio blogs from the road and spontaneous guest from around the world (or around the house and office.)

    Me Too with Witlee Ethan

    Me Too with Witlee Ethan

    In the last four years alone she has witnessed and experienced how corrupt our judicial system is, when she became a victim of police-perpetrated violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who is a law enforcement officer. In the middle of the night she had to escape to another state for her safety and has been forced to live in hiding ever since. Including having to take various safety precautions because the government continues to protect him by operating under the “Blue Code of Silence“. Though the more her story is told and heard, the more power she takes back from him and the sooner she can safely come out of hiding.
    October 23rd will mark 1,500 days of her living in hiding. Though despite her circumstances  she has tried to make the best out of her unfathomable situation. She has since gone back to school to further her education. Majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology, so she can better help other victims and survivors like herself. She recently graduated in May 2017.
    Because of all that she has endured through out her life, it has helped her to realize that her true calling is to be an Inspirational Speaker so she can educate and spread awareness on these issues, while being an advocate for others who have faced similar traumas like herself. The injustices she has faced have given her the passion and perseverance to fight every day for other survivors voices to be heard, while never forgetting the victims whose voices have forever been silenced through murder. Her story and all that she has suffered at the hands of others is not in vain, God is making beauty from ashes.
    Today she speaks on all the issues mentioned above and travels through out the country using her story to inspire others to “make a difference one day, one life at a time”. Her story is having an impact garnering followers and attention both nationally and internationally. She has been published by six organizations/media outlets within the last seven months. Her story is both versatile and applicable to any audience and platform.
    Witlee Ethan is not just a survivor, but more importantly a warrior for others, standing up in the fight against violence and injustice. Her story is one of hope, forgiveness, healing, redemption, unwavering faith, and God’s grace. Which is the message she wants to share with others! She will be the first one to tell you, that it is through her faith alone that she has survived, and because of her relationship with Jesus Christ, she is thriving and she wants to help others to do the same!

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    Hope Wins with Alexis Trujillo

    Hope Wins with Alexis Trujillo

    Join Amy as she chats with Alexis about a new ministry the Trujillo's have launched - Hope Wins. Their mission is to walk alongside families who have experienced the loss of a child and provide care and comfort when they need it most.
    Alexis story of loss and courage is inspiring to all who listen! 

    • 27 min
    You Can't Make Me with Lindsay Huckins

    You Can't Make Me with Lindsay Huckins

    Join Amy as she chats with her friend Lindsay Huckins about overcoming fear of man and the disapproval of others and how we can face our fears so that they lose their power over us. Lindsay, mom of 5 kids and blogger, shares how God is working in her heart on WHO she is and how to have confidence! 
    You can follow Lindsay and her awesome blog here. 

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    When Blood Matters with Dana Sellars

    When Blood Matters with Dana Sellars

    For most of Dana Sellars’ life, feelings of rejection lingered in her heart, intensifying at some times and allowing her reprieve at others. But she could never shake the feeling of being unwanted or the fear of not belonging. As an adult, an off-the-cuff conversation with her parents revealed a shocking truth that would lead her down a path of discovery and healing. This captivating and encouraging book details what family truly means, how to look past old hurts and forward into new possibilities, and what happens when we choose to face difficult circumstances with a spirit of reconciliation, redemption, and reunion.
    Join Amy as she chats with her friend Dana about her new book, When Blood Matters: How I Unearthed the Root of Rejection and Discovered what Family Really Means. 
    You can purchase Dana's book today on Amazon here!

    • 28 min
    Wired for Freedom with Sarah Elson

    Wired for Freedom with Sarah Elson

    We are WIRED FOR FREEDOM and Sarah's story reminds us so clearly how God has placed His spirit inside of us so we can walk in authority and victory! We love overcomer stories and Sarah is one of our favorites!
    For 13 years Sarah battled self-injury. Labeled as a “good Christian girl,” she still felt worthless, ugly, crazy and alone. One night, she SHARED HER STORY with a young girl and her life was forever CHANGED. This girl shared the same struggle — she WASN'T ALONE! God began to heal and EMPOWER Sarah through her testimony, but it wasn’t enough for her to stop hurting myself. She needed an outlet.
    Learning to crochet helped her develop patience with herself. Not long after, she discovered using wire as art and embarked on her JOURNEY with Wired for Freedom. Naturally, she used herself as a model for her jewelry creations and soon started receiving custom orders. She began to find VALUE in herself but often thought of quitting. As her gift developed, she went for it, and Wired for Freedom (wf) was created. As a designer, she has an outlet for self-expression through the creation of custom pieces, which also allows customers the same experience. Though once terrified to share her story, she now does so nearly every day. Today, she thanks GOD for setting her FREE and continues to use hdf hands to CREATE instead of destroy. She has learned that through her story and art, she can help others become WIRED FOR FREEDOM. 
    To shop Sarah's Etsy shop, click here!
    ** Stay tuned for an Embrace Grace exclusive line coming soon! 

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    Being the Best You with Kathy Boyle

    Being the Best You with Kathy Boyle

    Have you ever felt stuck in life and feel like you are wandering without any mission or purpose in your life? 
    Join Amy as she chats with her friend Kathy Boyle on a new dream idea that has recently become a reality - U University and a Personal Development Center. They want to see the world flourish in every area of their lives, both personally and professionally. They help individuals uncover their true Identity, Purpose, and Passion, which allows them to be the very best in all that they do; as well as seek to accomplish.
    Tune in to hear how you can connect to their program - from anywhere in the nation! www.pdcnow.com 

    • 26 min

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4.8 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

KaylahTullos ,

Embrace Grace

I am an embrace grace alumni, truly touched by the ministry. I am also going through Embrace Life- God has proven himself faithful and the perfect Father in my life for me and my daughter. Amy Ford does an amazing job of finding and talking about amazing ministries and inspirational testimonies that will move you to grow closer to God and closer to people. God is so good! And life is so good! Listen to the podcast and you can hear about the work God is doing in the lives others and he will touch your life too! Love it Amy, thank you for all you do!

dpolla8 ,

Love Embrace Grace!

Love this ministry and love this podcast!

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