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Let's talk about entrepreneurship from an honest perspective. Building company culture, mentoring, empowering teams, change management, product creation, and startup power is my passion. Market saturation, rising advertising costs, consumer lethargy, head trash and failure talk is the enemy. My approach is simple, let’s talk through it. No fluff, no frills, just real talk...and that’s how I built my products, company culture, brand….and companies. Choose who you want to be and OWN IT, BOSS IT, BELIEVE IT.

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Let's talk about entrepreneurship from an honest perspective. Building company culture, mentoring, empowering teams, change management, product creation, and startup power is my passion. Market saturation, rising advertising costs, consumer lethargy, head trash and failure talk is the enemy. My approach is simple, let’s talk through it. No fluff, no frills, just real talk...and that’s how I built my products, company culture, brand….and companies. Choose who you want to be and OWN IT, BOSS IT, BELIEVE IT.



    I speak to Nicole Tamarin, artist, instructor and entrepreneur, about the business of art and the art of business.
    Trade shows and doing your homework to research the industryTruly understanding the marketArtists get to a point where they should work on art and not business, ie. working with an agentCollaborationsThe business of licensingProducts are also a service industryTeaching art and teaching to the individual. Her amazing journey started with her French teacher."...every student has their special mark to make on the world."

    One of my favorite topics we discuss is constructive criticism. It's all about the communication and timing when giving feedback to an artist. Pointers should be given with tact and purpose at the appropriate points in a project.

    Plus, I have heard this many times from successful entrepreneurs, that their journey is seen as an instant success from others. Often, it is not instant, it was a slow and steady process, so it can be maintained. This is often not seen by the average onlooker, but known to the entrepreneur.
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    About Nicole:
    Nicole is a left-brained creative who's practicality tends to win over passion until the one day it didn't.  She had a true lightbulb moment where she could see so clearly where she was meant to be and how she was meant to get there which ultimately allowed her to push play on this artistic career that she will forever be grateful for.  Nicole creates traditional watercolor art designed for use by the stationery, gift, and home décor markets.  Her work is sold at retailers nationally on products such as quilting fabric, hard and soft home items, wall art and seasonal décor, as well as internationally on her first love, greeting cards, which she has been fortunate enough to have published over 500 designs including three signature lines.

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    Founder of News Generation, Susan Apgood and I speak about defining media relations in today's environment. 
    How can businesses pitch themselves to perspective agenciesSelecting clients to work withContent is key, but at what cost will it take to be found in an ever changing landscapeTV and Radio still hold major clout with consumersEarning media placementPress releases, pitches and press kits and how pages full of information have turned into snippetsFinancial literacy is key to understanding the bigger picture, success, growth and acquisitionGrit is the word of the year"Grit makes you better on those bad days" and they often "...define bad days as learning experiences."
    We also discuss being a Professor in business at American University's Kogod School of Business. Susan brings real world experience to the classroom, and students bring her new perspectives with fresh eyes. The combination is what ignites a classroom full of inquiry and knowledge.

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    About Susan:
    When she was 27 years old, Susan founded the media relations firm News Generation. Now, more than 23 years later, Susan and her team are going strong - helping everyday to get clients' news out to those who need to hear it. She teaches Business at American University and is a mentor for women business owners. News Generation is a media relations firm specializing in getting your message heard in news programming on television and radio. They earn media placements for your organization - whether it's an association, non-profit, government agency, or corporation.

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    This episode if full of inspiration as I talk with Melanie Griffin, Founder of Spread Your Sunshine.  From inspirational products to resources, Spread Your Sunshine is here to brighten the world. As an attorney and entrepreneur, Melanie and I converse about many topics including:
    GratitudeAuthenticityWith only 24 hours in a day, what is an entrepreneur to doGoal setting and accountability partnersMentorshipIt is OK to stay in your 9 - 5 and have a side hustleRecovering from perfectionismFailure is going to happen, embrace itSnippets of advice like: 
    Do one thing, do it well, finish it, and then move on to the next project. A more difficult concept for serial multitaskers and entrepreneurs with "racing minds."Failure and success are muscles, how have you flexed yours?Looking to start a business? Many of us get stuck on what is that business. Think about what you love to do or are passionate about, and then try to monetize. By looking through a different lens, clarity can be found. "Spread Your Sunshine builds confidence through inspirational keynote speaking, small business consulting, celebratory products, and a soon-to-be-launched podcast and social media show. All of their products and services mentor and cheer the community on in abandoning perfection and the fear of “failure” to tackle big challenges and create the change we wish to see in the world."
    Melanie's Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    Spread Your Sunshine Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 
    About Melanie:
    Melanie Griffin is a Business Litigation and Employment Law Attorney at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick who is a Past President of the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers and The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division and the President-Elect of the Hillsborough Association for Women Lawyers. She has been recognized by Super Lawyers the past 11 consecutive years and Best Lawyers in America the past 5 consecutive years.  As a result of her leadership, she has received numerous accolades and awards, including The Florida Bar Most Productive Young Lawyer Award, Tampa Bay Business Journal BusinessWoman of the Year, Angie Joseph Excellence in Mentorship Award, The Florida Bar YLD Outstanding Woman Lawyer of Achievement Award, The Florida Bar Solo & Small Firm Section Mentor of the Year Award, and the Florida State University College of Law Alumni Association Service Award.  

    In 2017, she founded Spread Your Sunshine to effect positive change through mentorship and building confidence in others. An inspirational speaker in high demand, Melanie has appeared on national and international stages, including for Fortune 500 companies, one of The Big Four, the ALFA International Client Seminar, the US/Canada KNOW Women Summit, Women Empower X Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., the American Bar Association, the New York Bar Association, The Florida Bar, and the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

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    Nicole Dillon has over 10 years of experience in the event management and marketing world, Nicole has worked with companies from the Guggenheim Museum, FUJFILM, WebMD, to startups and tech brands.
    In 2013 she decided to start Women Who Brunch, a community for women to learn and connect with each other over arguably the best meal of the week... brunch!
    While seeing a need for more women empowerment, she combined her event and marketing skills and now has a community of over 10,000 across the U.S.

    We talk about:
    reinventing networkingbuilding small communities for women enrichment & empowermentcollaboration over competitionstrategies for social media: show up consistently, provide resources, keep your audience engagedgrow your email marketing list, because social media is not foreverpodcasts are the new blogsthe power of icebreakers and storytellingFOMOPeople want to be inspired and connected, and building a community contributes to help others achieve their goals.
    Nicole has hosted speakers for brunch from companies like Google, GM, TIME Inc, to Authors and Youtube Celebrities; in addition to interviewing women entrepreneurs for her podcast the 'Brunch and Learn Podcast'.

    Links:  Website, Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter,  Brunch & Learn Podcast

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    Jennifer Kipphut has been a bartender, a Coppertone sample girl, a child protective investigator, a social worker and a management consultant.  At 39,  she finally figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up and now she is a personal trainer and nutrition coach.   We talk about three f words: fear, failure and fortitude.  Keep in mind, "people who accomplish the most in life are the ones who fail the most."

    Health and wellness has always been a part of her life in one way or another.  She truly loves the role she plays in her clients' lives.  She loves seeing their transformations, and she is not talking about body composition,  she loves watching their confidence grow as they find their own inner athlete!  As a personal and small group trainer,  she specializes in working primarily with women who are interested in embracing their bodies and building physical strength and mental fortitude. Her goal is to make personal training and fitness accessible to everyone. Exercise just isn't about movement it's about testing your limits and breaking down the wall of "cant's." This isn't about vanity, this is about confidence and growing.

    We talk taking risks, knowing when to move on, extending grace, and about her philanthropic involvement with rare blood disorders.  We all have this fight in us, and Jen gets us motivated to keep on fighting.

    Links: Website/Facebook, Jen's Fundraising Page

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    As a commercial photographer and product stylist, Shay’s clients span the globe (brands like Sugarfina, Pure Fiji, Truffle bags and Simplified Planner to name a few). But she is most well known for inadvertently kickstarting the "styled stock" industry with the creation of the SC Stockshop in 2013 which supplied beautiful stock imagery tailored specifically to female business owners. Today, powerhouse female entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo, Jenna Kutcher and thousands of others know and love her Social Squares Membership where she puts her years of work as a commercial stylist and photographer into a monthly subscription that supplies elevated brand imagery + visual marketing education for female-owned online brands. 

    Thinking about starting a product or service: reach out to friends, family, connections and loose connections to get feedback. Because feedback is everything! I talk to Shay about her journey of starting a company, a membership and maintaining a fabulous work-life balance. She saw an opportunity to help small businesses and she seized it!

    We talk about these wonderful concepts to help your business:
    customers/clients have pain points and your company can help alleviate themmembership churnputting in as much effort on retaining as attaining new customersunderstand  the customer journey - how your membership product will get them where they want and need to be, essentially paint a picture of how your company will help them reach their goalshow work can "swell" to fill the time and avoid that by working smarter and more efficientachieving flexibility with work time and maintaining a healthy personal life, while still running a successful and demanding businessthe 16 hour work weekhow to 80/20 your businessfind your nichealways find creative ways to stay connected to your customer, especially in the memberships businesssocial media is "renting" but newsletters are "owning"always ask yourself "does this scale?"A favorite quote from the episode "some great ideas are born out of the limitations that you have in your business."

    Links: Weekly Instagram Action Plan + 10 free SS images
    How to Double Your Income By Working Less (80/20 Guide)
    Social Squares Styled Stock Membership: www.socialsquares.com
    @socialsquares on Instagram // @shaycochrane on Instagram

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5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

atett ,

I love this podcast!

I highly recommend this podcast, it’s both inspirational and motivational! The interviews are so insightful and interesting. I can’t stop listening! Looking forward to more new episodes.

Little Spirt Rat ,

Love it!

Love these podcasts! Allison is “real” and a super savvy business woman.

JenReilly ,

Really joyful

I’m so enjoying how positive and refreshing this show is- it doesn’t have a jaded bone in its poppy music and friendly host. Allison is super fun and energized & it’s just clear she gets things done- all the things!

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